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Parapsychology articles and news


Welcome to site.

This site is established with several goals:

  • Create public interest in various aspects of parapsychology and its uses, such as consciousness research, healing mind and body and extra-sensory perception (ESP).
  • Cover trends, research publications, books and other information on the web and in the real world related to parapsychology.
  • Publish lessons for basic steps in training one’s psychic capabilities.
  • Cover various blogs and sites related to parapsychology, filter information and present it to visitors of this site.
  • Interview various people from the field

The site is mixed blog / static pages content. Blog entries are for publishing newly arrived information, either from other places on the net, or for original articles on this site.

Visitors of this site are encouraged to contribute to this site with their experience in the parapsychology fields, ESP, healing etc, by writing original articles to be published on the site, telling their stories, at least in the comments of the entries.

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