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Perfect Wave Programmers review

I have written before of a new product called the “Perfect Wave Programmer” (PWP) in the post Healing Mathematics. The PWP is a product of a canadian company called New Wave Technology, which was founded by Cory Herter. If you haven’t yet read the above article, please take several minutes to get yourself introduced.

After I’ve written the aforementioned article, I’ve been in some contact with Cory and he has kindly sent me a starter kit, which includes the following content: (click on the pictures below for a larger image)

  • Five Perfect Wave Programmers
  • A pamphlet which introduces into the PWP and their benefit
  • A 10-page manual which describes the PWP in greater detail and includes some basic instructions.

Most of the content of the manual can be found on the New Wave Technology’s website.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken of the PWP starter kit:

The kit unpacked
The pamphlet
Perfect Wave Programmer

Since I’ve got the kit, I’ve only tried several little experiments with them. I tried to verify some of the more simple claims given by Cory in his book on the PWP. First I’ve tried to feel if there’s any energy emanating from them. Basically, Cory claims that PWP are energy “device”. I hovered my hand over the PWP and compared my feelings with clear air. If you want to better understand what I did, take a look at the articles: Personal experience with feeling energy with hands and Developing ESP – First steps.

My feeling was that it definitely felt differently, similarly to how I feel human energy field, that is by feeling some pressure or resistance. I have then also asked a relative of mine to see if she felt anything, and she said that she clearly felt warmth emanating from them. So far so good.

Another claim given by Cory Herter is that putting water above the PWP will charge the water with energy and the water will change its taste. Honestly, I don’t know how to verify if the water was energized or not but taste is relatively easy to compare. So one evening I filled two glasses with mineral water and put one on all 5 PWP stacked one atop the other and another one beside them on the same table. In the morning I have tasted them and also had my wife try to taste the difference. There was no difference that we could tell. Both glasses of water tasted clean.

Later I have decided to call the New Wave Technology offices and try to speak with Cory. So I did and I have had a conversation with him for about half an hour. During the conversation I’ve raised the issue of my water experiment. He asked me of the kind of water I used and the distance between the two glasses. He then told me to use tap water for the experiment and put them farther apart, since the field that the PWP creates is not so local. The tap water has bad taste in my city to begin with so the change should be more easily detected.

That’s what I did. I filled again two glasses of tap water and put one on the PWPs and another about 2 meters apart. The next morning I tasted them and asked my wife to taste as well. This time we both felt a difference,the water in the glass that was on the PWP tasted “cleaner”, with less tap water “aftertaste” and overall it felt more smooth, or silkier. For some reason my wife even thought that it wasn’t tap water at all.

Cory has also proposed to perform an experiment with cheap wine. Since I don’t have expensive wine at home, that was easy, too. I’ve filled 2 glasses of simple white wine and left them for a day. I’ve than tasted them in the evening. There was some difference I believe but it wasn’t profound and it’s hard for me to judge wine since its taste changes with every sip.

Some time later I decided to make a water test again. I’ve filled 2 ceramic cups with tap water and left them standing for more than a day. Then I’ve even called 2 of my friends so that could try it blindly, without knowing in advance which water was which. I’ve also filled a fresh cup of tap water before they arrived. Even before they’ve arrived I and my wife tasted the water and unfortunately couldn’t find any difference in the two cups that stood the day. The fresh water tasted somewhat differently but that was to be expected. My friends had the same conclusion (they though that the fresh water was the energized since it was the different one). So, this experiment failed. One interesting thing, though, was that the water on the PWP had some little bubbles in it, while the other did not have.

I have not yet verified the PWPs for their more real benefits such as energizing the body, since I can’t yet put them under my mattress because of my bed’s construction, so that’ll have to wait. I had them lying for some time by the bed, though and my wife told me that she had more dreams that she could remember during that time. Interesting, that was one of the things that Cory told me over the phone that happen when you first use them while sleeping.

So, my conclusion would have been more convincing if not for the one failed water experiment. Anyway, my feeling is that the PWP do have some unusual properties, possible positive and that by itself is a very far fetching statement, since without understanding the underlying physics of the PWP (and I confess that I don’t) it would seem very unlikely for a printed leaf of paper to have any effect whatsoever on water, wine, feeling or anything.

I will try and continue to verify the Perfect Wave Programmers by putting them to more testing.


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  1. Click on *(Homepage)* link below for a free, open-source subtle energy geometry technology. PDFs and PostScript source code are both available. URL is

    • it is good to see an enquiring mind too many people just beleive anything that is thrown at them.

      as an actual Mage who specializes in cultism and fraudulent metaphysics i can tell you with confidence that all the things you tested were subject to something called the placebo effect. if you want to truely prove or as far as i am concerned with this scam artist corey herter disprove his claims send the two glasses in for a chemical analysis.

      but regarding the placebo effect here is how it works if you beleive something can create a different feeling in your body or taste. then it will. For example if you tell me you have a headache and i claim that this tree (lets call it the great booboo tree) has healing properties that will cure your headache AND i somehow sway you to beleive it can then your headache will most likely be cured. because that is just how powerful your mind is. your own mental strength healed you and changed the taste of the water not the mystical booboo tree. or in this case some elaborately designed placemats made in a printing shop probably in china.

      also the reason there were bubbles in the water was because in all water when poured there are undissolved pockets of air and depending on the imperfection of the vessel or the type of water (carbonated for example) there will be more or less bubbles more quickly. it is a perfectly normal process called seeding.

      Always remember that Science and Spirituality are not mutually exclusive but there are people out there who are experts are manipulation and disinformation who will use thier talents for destructive purposes in this case thievery. the best way to defend against these people is to expand your knowlege base and question EVERYTHING they claim, usually they will respond by redirecting the question or providing answers that can neither be proven or disproven. this man claims that heaven is in the center of the sun and that great programmers live there. Well…until we can safely delve the depths of a giant fusion furnace we will never know will we? look for those kinds of explanations. take care and always remember Just because you question everything doesnt mean you dont have an open mind.


      • Xen, hi.

        I understand where you are coming from. And unfortunately the change in water properties is not something that is easily tested objectively.

        However the consciousness evolution effects of these geometries are real. And can be experienced by anyone working with them. As best as I can explain it, repeating geometric forms somehow alter the way that space is structured. Or facilitate certain activities in that space. Are you familiar with the work of Stanford professor William Tiller? See some of the references on the “homepage” link below this reply.

        As another example of geometries influencing consciousness, I would suggest checking out the work of Michael Katz at Gemisphere, . Therapeutic Gemstones. I believe the geometric principles are quite complementary with what types of effects are seen with 2D and 3D structures. These results are certainly NOT placebo. The only way to determine this is to do some experiments yourself, if you are open to that. Since the geometries are free this is easy to do and incurs no obligation on your part.

        Regards, William