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Adam the canadian healer goes public

I have wrote back in November ‘05 about a canadian boy from the B.C. called Adam who was promoted as a strong healer. Yet, at that time, he preferred to remain more or less anonymous (well, Adam doesn’t reveal much).

Lately, though, the 19-year old healer decided to start a public career after he’s written a book and released a DVD. There’s a large article about Adam on the internet (link below). Here’s how Adam explains his healing technique:

“I’m not actually sure what it is I do. I go into this trance,” says Adam. “I don’t see anything else around me except for this person in front of me. And then I’m just changing these things, this image in front of me.”
He says he uses his hands to fix breaks in the energy flow, which allows the healing to begin.

Update: Mind Power News website hosts links to the whole show on ABC in video:
Visit: Video of ABC primetime on Adam the healer.

Interesting, Adam says that he started to get his paranormal abilities about the age of 15, when “All these strange telekinetic things [started] happening around me. Just little things like pencils flying out of my hands, erasers flying out of my hands,” as he says.

The article has also some stories of people who have been healed by him, including being healed of cancer.

Adam uses visualization (although a very strange one) and hands to heal. I know several people in my town who can heal with visualization, hands (even without touching) and on distance. I have developed some healing myself. But this guy sure knows how to do public relation.

Overall, I’m glad that some healers decide to go public about their abilities and raise these topics into the general media. My only hope is that he won’t be, in the end, be announced a hoax and fraud and, because of his high publicity, taint other real healers and the whole field of healing with bad press.

So I wish him luck.

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  1. My wife suffers really unbearable agony because of her condition diagnosed as arachnoiditis. Is ther eany way you can help us please?

    • Hello, Patrick.

      I must say that I’ve never dealt with arachnoiditis. As I understand it’s a constant pain caused by inflammation in the spine.

      Looking in the internet, I’ve not found much information on alternative treatment. Yet, this page describes a woman who cured herself of this:

      Also, although regular medicine describes this disease as not curable don’t take it for granted. Many diseases are not curable according to doctors yet often some form of alternative treatment helps.
      There are an amazing large amount of possible alternative treatment, so it can be hard to know what to choose.

      Generally, my advice would be first to consult with an experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor. TCM is especially good treating pain problems and back problems. But make sure you consult with a good one, with references and someone who treated similar problems.

      There are other forms of energy treatment that might be good, like Quantum Touch or Reiki. But a further research should be done first in order to know if and how can they help. Consult with a good chiropractor, if you have not already done this, since they treat the spine.

      There’s also the EFT, which I describe on my site. You follow the links and download the free manual which is very good. EFT is generally easy to apply and although it is mostly for emotional issues it does sometimes help with physical pain as well. I’ve already twice witnessed it taking migraine down in 10 minutes when applying on my wife and also partial tooth pain relief. You can also use it on the emotional aspect of your wife’s condition. I highly recommend EFT for its ease of use and effectiveness in some areas.

      There are some more esoteric healing techniques that you may find. Note that some healing can be done over distance, if you find a good healer.

      If I happen to learn more about this condition, I’ll contact you again.

      Hope this helps, and more importantly, don’t loose faith. Sometimes alternative medicine can do miracles when viewed from the standpoint of western medicine.

    • Something else for you to definitely try is to take a bath in Miracle II Soap & Neutralizer which helps detoxify the body so it can balance itself and thereby heal itself. It has minerals and eloptic energy all of which the body readily recognizes and uses to be healthy. Many people with Altzheimers, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Parkinsons, cancer,and on and on have found it helpful. It does not heal you, just frees up the body from toxins so your body, with its inate super abilities can heal you. Also, investigate the Migun massage bed which directly targets the spine with massage, acupuncture and accupressure principles to bring great healing to the entire body. GO: for a center near you. Their marketing is unheard of in America. You get to use the bed for 60 times to see what it can do for you!!! I use it and I know of people who have been really sick with all kinds of things having remarkable results—just by lying on this bed for 30 minutes each day. These things, which may sound radical, can only help your situation. They already have helped thousands of others. Godspeed.