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Exercises to develop ESP ability – part 2

In the article ‘Developing ESP – first steps’ I’ve written about the most basic exercises to develop tactile sensations of other energy fields. I hope you’ve tried them and got the feeling. They are pretty simple. This time, I want to present a more advanced exercise which can take your ESP ability to a higher level.

In the aforementioned article I’ve asked you to feel the energy between your hands (sometimes referred to as psi-ball). Another one was to sense the edge of a table by hovering the hand above. Now, I want to present more difficult exercises of ‘hand vision’. These may take more time to master but they are definitely more interesting and challenging.

Exercise 3

This one is an advanced extension of the exercise where you had to feel energy between palms of the hand. Instead of cupping hands together and feeling the energy between the palms, do the following:

  1. Hold your left palm open but relaxed and with the right hand only point a second finger, or the second and the middle fingers together, into the palm of the left hand. Close the other fingers of the right hand into the palm in a relaxed manner. Don’t strain any muscles, not in the hands, not in the shoulders or back. Strained muscles can interfere with the flow of energy in the body.
  2. Imagine that from the pointing finger of the right hand you send a ray of energy into the left palm. Try to feel it. You can ‘help’ yourself by moving the right hand somewhat closer to the left as you imagine this. While doing this, concentrate on your feelings on the left palm. Do you feel a pressure or a tickling feeling. Maybe heat or cold. Any feeling is fine as long as you can feel it. It is personal and different with everyone.
  3. Now try to move your right hand and ‘draw’ with the pointing finger on the left hand. Can you feel the movement? Can you feel what you ‘draw’ on your hand with the ray pointing from your finger?
  4. If you can sense yourself ‘drawing’ on yourself like this, try to do it with a partner, if you have. It’s always better to this in a group. Draw with your finger on someone else’s hand. Now ask him to ‘draw’ on you.
  5. Experiment with switching hands and with the distance between the finger and the palm.
  6. Try other fingers of your hands. Which fingers do you sense better? Which hand is more sensitive. Pay attention to your feelings to better learn about yourself.

Try this and post your experience in the comments. Feel free to ask questions here as well and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Next time an even more challenging exercises.

Good luck in your training.





  1. I remember when I was a lot younger, I had the capability of reading minds, especially of the loved ones whom I really felt close to. Now I’d really like to have that power all over again.

  2. Im 26 i been havin esp ever since i was lil girl jus tryin to make it stronger

  3. Goddamn the first 2 were easy the 3rd one is a bitch

  4. I’m left handed, so I sense more of the “pokes” when my right hand draws on my left. lol XD

    • same. will try that. i always felt more power coming out of my left finger, never thought to receive with my left…

  5. I’m confused,what is this energy for? I stumbled upon this page trying to figure out the feeling in my palm. I have done all these exercises on my own with out knowing about any of this. It takes minimal effort for me to perform them and I would just like to know what the energy is actually used for?

    • various things. some people can heal others using it, others can light a fire, some simply use it to calm themselves in cases of stress

  6. when i was still a kid and until i grew up
    i can feel warm feeling within my hands
    i don’t feel anything about it or is it just i was not open to it.
    coincidentally , images in my dreams do happen
    whilst some may occur the following may not
    as much as i want to i want to develop esp.
    a law is basically a law
    law of physics can be broken since it was made through the observations of man.
    but there are bounds to it
    it doesn’t mean we can generate enough power to fly with such unknown force, it is too ridiculous.
    and if you have such power , how can you be able to repel gravity ? it’s basically playing chess without knowing rules

    • heh, you have a point. but, it could also be like playing chess, and knowing MORE rules, tricks that the opponent, (in this case gravity), didn’t know about. 😉

  7. Hi I can’t help but notice that when curious too asked if you thought it was possible to fly using energy you said no because of the laws of physics. But gravity is the weakest force is it not? Could one not be able to fly if he/she was able to disconnect himself from that energy of gravity?

    • see? i agree… as i said, the laws of physics and gravity are just that.LAWS. they CAN be broken.

      also, i finally managed to succeed in this excersize, PLZ post more.

  8. hello?
    i did this but i can barely draw and can hardly feel anything except a tingling and a *huge* weight in my finger tip.
    how can u strenghthen the ‘beam’? and plz post another excersize soon…

  9. hi peepz,
    i read the post about the body being bound to the laws of physics and i think that these laws can be broken
    eg. a bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly because his wings are too small and they don’t flap fast enough, yet they can fly quite efficiently.

    also , are there any books you reccomend? If so please tell me.

    • Read The Source Field-very interesting and informative.

  10. this is amazing when i do this exercise i feel a heat and my hands tingle also i feel a sort of “string” of energy pulling on my left hand when i move my right. please post another exercise as im trying to learn more.

  11. Wow! When I do this exercise I feel a coldness in the places where I’m pointing my finger, almost as if someone were lightly blowing on my palm. Also do you have any tips to increase the amount of energy felt went trying to feel the ball of energy between your hands? I can’t seem to feel anything…

  12. dont you think this is a little stupid? Not Especially ESP more of just air pressure

    • …air pressure between two open palms is equivalent to the rooms atmospheric pressure, meaning no it cannot be air pressure you would never feel it.

  13. Also.. does anyone have any tips on how to increase the firmness of the energy between palms? I can feel mine but it feels weak sometimes and i was wondering if such factors like one’s diet, emotional state, physical shape, or is it all just a matter of concentration? I would like to feel more of this energy (be it heat, spiritual, or magnetic). And i find it quite frustrating when it fades after successfully feeling it several times or so.

  14. um.. i’m definately feeling this, but how do we know were not just feeling the heat from our hands and fingertips? and for the table exercise; the heat between table and hand, then after sliding over we feel the lack of heat and any possible wind currents from the room around the table. unless were talking about heat energy? questionably mrs. moon seems to be implying that this is spiritual energy…

    • ….Roy?

  15. Wow It is realy cool at first i douted it, but with this excersize i new it was real. my hand literaly became so cold that i asked a friend to touch it and they agreed it was very cold yet it was quite warm when i did this evan though i felt quite warm!

  16. omg this exercise worked for me first time!
    ppl have always said my ESP level was high but i never believed them! this exercise, i felt myself drawing on my palm the first time i tried this!
    i am shocked and stunned!

  17. Hi. Try to LOVE your primary goals, plus if you don´t LOVE them you shouldn´t call them primary, only because the system does (the system is obsolete now). But don´t wory, we will change it. However, While we still live in it, you must learn to LOVE the system and all inside it, for what it makes us remember and because it is necessary to create a ´better´ one, then you will be able to call the system´s goals part of your primary ones, without giving up the others of course; and you will soon see how you will almost magically have time for everything.
    Thank you for listening and leting me serve.

  18. hey hi every1, im a student, i have problems concentrating on my primary goals, eveything else (tv,games,talking)seems interesting when i have some work to do and so i screw up the time frame,i tried something like this for the first time, what i felt was like a magnetic force separating my fingers from the palm, i push more closer n i feel the force, could any1 tel me if this is valid and how can it help me, regards….

  19. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for all this information. I think it is great to have a place where people can actually understand. I see energy and feel it, and I do reiki but it is hard to find people that can get you.
    Thank you.
    Universal love.

  20. I have a couple questions for you there Janix Moon. In your lessons it says to be relaxed, but right now I am pretty tense and stressed. I can still feel the energy almost 4-6 inches away. Could this be a good or bad thing?

    • You must know that everything IS what it IS. If someone teaches you to handle energy a certain way and you do it another and it works then it works. There are reasons we make “Rules” but those are just to “guide” us. There arent really any Rules about “how” to do things. There are rules of “action and consequence” so if you do something- you arent “wrong” for doing it a certain way- but there Are consequences for everything. Never judge yourself using terms like “right” or “wrong” that is just a lable and is not necessary. Ask yourself if it works for you or not. If you feel good about it- it IS right for you. and that same way could be TOTALLY wrong for someone else. I hope that answers your question and keep on trying new ways and ideas! dont limit yourself. Good luck.
      *Janix Moon*

      • Hi Janix! this forum was dead for quite a long time.. I thought the discussion was moved to another forum.. Anyway nice to hear from you again 🙂

        • Hey Tibbar, the discussion HAS moved but being a little less internet-savvy on how these forums work I never found it. I only came back because I got an email saying someone had left a comment for me. I really would like to know where the discussion has moved to but I dont know where to go. I’m sure it will work out eventually though! Any tips? Nice seeing you too Tibbar- hope everything’s well. 🙂
          *Janix Moon*

        • Once again, this discussion is better to be moved to the Developing Psi abilities forum at:

          Register at the forums and start discussing there. It’s a much more convinient for long discussions.


      • Hey Janix… I started to do this more an more frequently and I haven’t seen anything totally off the wall like blowing a hole in my wall, but I have noticed different things. When I concentrate for a couple hours doing this(yes I have no other life) I can feel my body getting lighter, I can feel something pulsing in between my palms, all of my hair stands almost straight up(including the hair on my head(4 1/2 inches is a lot of effing hair)), I feel like I am floating, and with enough concentration I can cut out EVERYTHING. Basically I go deaf and I can hear myself think ONLY. Anything on this that you know of?

  21. Yes, that’s much better… thanks.

  22. I think this discussion is too long for any of these forums (and is growing). What about creating a forum just for this?

    • The discussion is big for the comments section but not for forum, which is specifically designed for these kind of discussions.

      I opened the forums specifically in order to let people who visit here discuss it in a more user-friendly environment.

      Just take a look at and you’ll understand what I talk about. For some of the newer articles on the blog I don’t anymore allow commenting through the comments but only through the forums, since they are much better for leading such discussions.

      • Thank you Jacob for that info. I went to check out the area you posted… so do we just choose a thread and make our discussions there? Maybe I will be able to figure it out on my own- Ive just never used a forum before.
        Anyway, thanks for coming in and telling us about it- I think it will be alot easier because it definently has gotten bigger! Hope to find some interesting discussion around here in the future- its great! See you there Tibbar and everyone else…
        Love and Light,
        *Janix Moon*

        Ps. For anyone who is interested- I have just recently started my own blog. Its brand new so there’s not much on it now but after spending so much time on this one I decided to make one of my own. I’ll let you know what it is once I get it up and going- see you around!

      • I guess I dont really know where to go to join in with this discussion we were having. Can you help me out? Where do I look after I type in your address…
        Thanks I really appreciate everything

        *Janix Moon*

  23. Hi, you’d better take this discussion into the forum

  24. Thanx Janix Moon, I asked about hurting people
    because I thought that there might be people
    actually learning these skills to hurt other
    people, using it in negative ways. Can it be learnt with the intention of hurting others?
    I hope not.

  25. Well met Tibbar!
    Actually, I really enjoy these posts as much as you and the thought about writing a book only came in response to everyone’s questions but I think it would be hard to just write. This is better because its LIKE writing a book but its more interactive! I could write a whole LOT about each subject (as you can see) but I try to keep it down beacuse this is just a blog post. If someone gave me a subject they wanted to learn more about and their email I would send a big long email about everything I know -but only if they wrote stuff back because what you guys say makes me think too. In fact, some of this I dont even think of till you ask and then I have to ask myself and come up with something on the spot. But I do really enjoy this and I want to hear from you guys all the time. I think its great to have like-minded people to talk to and discover things with. I love writing and I love discovering new things!
    Looking forward to more excitement in the future. I would write more to you, Tibbar, but I have to go to work actually. I just couldnt wait till AFTER work to respond to your post but write again soon k? 🙂

    Namaste and Serenity, Friend.
    *Janix Moon*

  26. Wow, these comments are so quickly growing.. Janix have you thought about writing a book? 😉 no, really – I love to read your posts.. They force me to find more and more about everything we discuss here.. Thank You

  27. Thank you for your comment, ‘Curious Too’.

    First of all, its important to remember when asking questions about energy is – its all about intent. If I hold my hand over someone’s arm and I ‘intend’ to warm their skin.. that’s prob the effect I will get. But if I hold my hand over their arm, intending to “heal” a burn- that’s almost the opposite! So though the action is almost the same, the intention brings a different outcome.

    There are two reasons I’d like to talk about that are why this is so important. First, alot of people I know worry about “doing it right” and many argue that a certain way is the “wrong way”. Dont worry about it so much! If you intend a certain thing its ok if your thoughts, methods or motions you use are different from another person. A healer I knew was starting to doubt herself quite a bit becuase she was afraid if she “pulled” this way it would hurt a person or if she did not remove negative energy by “sending it into the earth’s core” that it would not be “cleansed” but just wander around causing harm or return to the person who was trying to get healed.
    The reason we say “Do this” or “dont do that” when teaching about energy is just to give it an idea or shape but really- it is what you make it. Whatever “feels” good to you-IS good.
    Second thing. so from what I just said you could probably conclude that YES, if you wanted to use a burst or pulse to do more than heal it could be used as such. But I hesitate to say that you should use energy to hurt someone. Well… not “should” but CAN. If you “Should” or not is up to you but if you CAN is what I’m talking about.
    Of course you CAN hurt someone any time you wish but it creates a blockage not only in your energy but in your body as well (I guess its redundant to say that because your energetical body is just an extention of your physical body… or should I say, the other way around) Anyway, so you can taunt, manipulate and even hurt other people with this but it just puts a dampener on your flow… creating blocks and preventing the flow of energy, light and enlightenment.

    In reality, I dont know why you asked about hurting someone with it- if you were worried you might or if you wanted to. But there’s my answer- you can but it will also hurt you.
    In fact, every time I heal someone’s headache or maybe an emotional pain- I feel better and more clear as well. 🙂

    About the flying thing. I will say No but also explain. Our bodies and minds are capable of amazing things- if we only try. But not JUST try… practice, work and SHAPE ourselves into what we want to be. The more you visualise yourself as something and the more you work at it the more you become it. However, the Physical Body does have certain limitations and is bound to the physical laws of nature. But Remember-The Spiritual Body is not bound to those same laws. If you wish to fly, why not try it in a realm that is less..burdened by such laws? Read up on “near death experiences” or NDE and “astral projection” as well. Do not believe everything you read and remember what I said about hurting others and what it does to your energy. If you seek something like this through harmful ways, you MAY acheive your goal but you will also be changed in a way that you did not wish to be. seek your goal but try to get there through ways that are enlightening and good for the spirit. Also you might want to ask yourself, Why do you want to fly or experience flight with the spiritual body? Simple Curiousity is not enough! Obviously, you want to stretch beyond your limits, maybe test yourself. But just seeing if you can is not enough either. What do you want to accomplish and How do you think it will affect or change you? I would say for myself, that I would want to travel to a spiritual level where I can learn answers to life and understand myself or others better-enlightenment and experience. You have to answer for yourself, but I know you will choose the right thing in the end.
    Peace comes from knowing yourself and chosing your own path…
    *Janix Moon*

    A quick introduction to astral project if youve never heard of it: Basically, its like this. You lie down and become comfortable. Then, using self-hypnosis you enter a state of relaxation but also awareness. With LOTS of practice, eventually you can then sit up or rise up… above your body. You will then be in your spiritual form but still connected to your body. People write about doing this or it happening to them in a NDE and travelling about- seeing and feeling and learning many things. Some people say its best to work with a partner to be safe and I will admit that it seems like it could be kind of dangerous because the link between spiritual and physical is a very special one and shouldnt be tampered with in certain ways. So be careful and again, know WHY you are doing it instead of just going blindly. For a time, I did not practice it because I felt that I was on this earth in this dimmension to learn the physical and to have this body- I did not want to leave it. Your body is a very special gift and should be treated with care. But I can become a “traveller” whenever it is necessary- I prefer using dreams though… which I guess that would make me a “seer” but I think of that title more for my husband becuase he dreams of the future sometimes. *shrugs* Anyway, thanks again for the question I really enjoyed answering it. Have fun exploring and always believe in yourself and your own amazing potential! 😉

  28. Okay, so curious said that he/she wants to emit the
    energy in small blasts/pulses. Can this energy only be used to heal people or can you actually hurt someone with
    the bursts. Can you use this energy to fly?

  29. Okay, so I read this whole thing. Is it possible to emit the energy from your palms in small bursts?

    • Well the answer to your question is …. to just about ANY question … is YES! you know why? because the mind is positively limitless and I know this for a fact. Anything you WANT to do or think about doing.. you CAN do! Has anyone here seen The Secret? watch it! some of it is silly but the main idea is just what i said- the mind is limitless! Create what you want and it’ll be true.
      so my question to you is .. why do you want to emit small bursts of energy? what do you use your ability for? I was thinking about healing or doing an energy reading on something using that technique but it didnt quite add up… so do you have some reason for wanting to do it or just curious and interested as your name states? I never did the quick burst thing myself but there’s lots of techniques you can use… like “pulling” “moving energy” “stopping energy” warming, speeding up, changing the quality of the energy and all these techniques and more are used in healing and other things.
      the most basic rule I know about energy is that the way you manipulate it is – your OWN way. no wrong or right way to do it…just feel it and if it feels right, it is! your imagination is the only limit (isnt that cool?) so go out and EXPERIMENT! talk to people! practice! my last question for today is… can anybody here SEE energy and if so, how is your experience?
      Thanks again everybody! I look forward to hearing from you again- Namaste’
      *Janix Moon*

      • Hello, actually I haven’t seen the energy yet. But I’m sure there is a technique how to develop the skill to see energy, aura, etc. Do you know about something like that?? Thank you & Namaste 🙂

        • Namaste Tibbar! Thanks for the question. 🙂
          well, the way I learned is simple but you must practice! Its always about practice because with enough dedication, you CAN do anything you want! like seeing energy.
          I found a book at my aunt’s house when I was younger- she is a light worker which means that she uses energy to clear physical and emotional problems for people. The book is called, ironically, How to See and Read the Aura. pretty straight forward- its by Ted Andrews. Great for beginners! so I picked it up and i’ll tell you what the technique is basically but you should also find some of your own books to read more ok? There’s pleanty out there..

          First exercise is to get the rods and cones in your eyes to become more sensative to color. I cut out some colored circles and did that activity when you stare at a color for a long time and then look at a white peice of paper and you can see the oppisite color floating in the air till it dissapears. So I practiced that anytime I could, at work, at home, at church, while driving. When I didnt have the colored circles I used anything that was mostly one color like a large green sign or something.
          You’ve got to practice this for a while …oh I forgot! something that helps alot- its called: Soft Focus. When you are trying to look at the circle- dont just look at it. you focus your eyes close so that it looks like the circle is on TOP of the background and then you focus far so that the background looks like its closer and the color is a “hole” -I dont know if that makes sense but thats the best I can explain. I had to practice this and couldnt do other things while trying to focus but my 10 yr old sister could do it easy.
          Next step is to use the “floating” color that you see to look AT someone to see their aura. So you stare at red until you think you got it then look at a person who is far enough away that you can see much of their body but not too far so you cant see their face or whatever. Thats just my best distance anyway- it could be different for you. so you should be seeing a floating green color from staring at red and you project it onto them by looking while the green is still there and then try to pick out movement or shape or anything of their aura. Eventually, you will be able to see the color, shape or just “light” of their aura without “cheating” using a shadow color just like I explained. I can now just do “Soft Focus” on many people I see and get some or all of their aura. but its not something thats on all the time and also remember that it can be something personal too, so be courteous. dont judge- just because you see a black aura or something doesnt mean you should give them the “evil be gone!” sign or something.
          Like I said, its probably a really good idea to get yourself a book to start out with because there is more that needs explaining that I cant say here cuz… its a whole book! thats a lot to write. Plus it gives you more info on other cool stuff that you may or may not have heard of but could help out- in Ted Andrews book anyway.. he’s got a few but I only like him for beginner stuff- after that your kind of on your own for some exploration. But I can answer any specific questions you have! Something really important to remember is that this Takes Time! Some people claim it took them months and some even years… just be patient with yourself and celebrate your successes. It probably took me about… 3 months or so? I dont remember. But I recieved little victories along the way which is what to focus on while you practice. If you seem to have no victories just remember why its important to you and imagine the possibilites you can open with this amazing ability that some people dont even dream of!
          Anyway, I hope that helps you but remember that what is here is just the bare bones- please do more research and always be sensitive to what is good and right.
          Good luck everybody and always practice- there is always more to explore and experience!
          *Janix Moon*

  30. its realy good and method is working fine.And i feel hot and sweating energy in my left hand….Thanks Sir/madam….

    • I’m really glad your having success =) by the way, I’m a madam (lol) my name IRL is rebecca. so, I know that a lot of people here have been able to “feel” the energy and thats great! its the first step. But the real question that a lot of people wonder is: what do you do with it? there’s a whole lot! ….like I said in my first comment
      so I’d like to hear if anybody has found any good uses for tapping into “energy”? I know of plenty and I use them everyday with my husband and on our two cats. so what kind of things do you guys do with this and are there any specific questions you had about it or what to do with it? I’m very curious and also excited for you! also, I never really talked to people online about this stuff.. only in person so that is also exciting too!
      Anyway… Happy hunting everybody. till then….
      *Janix Moon*

  31. *EVERYBODY!*
    hi to all, I just stumbled on this page just like many of you and I hope some of you read this. I read that many of you can do these excercises easily and want harder stuff. that is no surprise to me at all because more and more people are coming out with higher psychic ability these days.
    So… you want to know why you can do this and what more you can do? Has anybody ever heard of Reiki? Its not the one and only way but there is a lot of info you can find with just the word Reiki- google it, find a “dummies guide to reiki” or just ask someone who you think is in tune to the energies that youve been manipulating. I say reiki because even thought i _could_ explain it to you all better in my own words it would take too much time since were not face to face. so there’s something to help you better understand the subtle energies of the body.
    Next, what can you do with it- SO MUCH! everyone goes their own direction with it. Here is an example of some of the things I can do along with my husband, my art teacher at school, my reiki teacher, my father, and even my boss at work:
    *Healing with the hands, energy reading on objects, asking questions of the universe and knowing things you wouldnt know yourself, psychic communication with animals, cleansing the aura of someone next to you or far away, hypnosis and rapid eye therapy for past trauma, angel readings with or without angel cards, SEE the aura and its colors and movements, heal the earth and receive healing from the earth, visions and dreams, finding and understanding your spiritual guide- weather it be animal, angel or some other spiritual form…
    So I dont know what every one here is familiar with from this list but this isnt everything you can do- its just examples. did you know that you can have a _career_ of psychicly “reading” a room to solve crimes or read the past? I’ve met MORE than a few people who use energy in their everyday lives and business to make life a better place. This is not voo-doo or witch craft or dark magic and any one interested in such ought to look somewhere else. Energy ought to be used in healing, kind, gentle, amazing and uplifting ways- when you use it like that it increases and your ability becomes stronger and more pure- like your heart growing bigger would have the same good, uplifting feeling.
    Anyway, I hope that this helps your explorations and that you keep asking questions because LIFE is about discovering more. I should check back on this site maybe again in case you wanted to ask me something specific but since its difficult to move at any speed here on the internet as far as teaching any of this – I hope that many of you will just be inspired to go out and search more. Once you find that community of like-minded people who you can share with and learn from I hope you keep looking because, like I said, Life is for exploring and not settling just for what you have but seeing if there’s more – and the great thing is that THERE ALWAYS IS! Namaste my friends and I hope you find something that uplifts you.
    *Janix Moon*

    ps. for those who arent familiar with the term Namaste- it means roughly “The God in me recognises the God in you” and it is used in yoga salutations or as a greeting or farewell to spiritual-minded people that you want to honor.

  32. These exercises are really cool! Actually it’s worked to me since the first time I tried it so I think it’s not so difficult (or maybe I’m just more sensitive). Everytime I feel kind of a cold flow beaming from my fingertip.. Can anyone advise more? I mean new exercises and stuff.. Thanks!

  33. Hey wow, i have been doing these things since i was very young, and never knew what i was doing. Is it common that when you use this it drains your strength/ health? How do we get to the next level?

  34. It felt like my finger was actually brushing against my palm. I looked down, and it wasn’t! I was so surprised! it’s incredible, because I just found this website, and even now I can do these excercises. 🙂

  35. i can do the energy thing but have to almost touch the other hand to make it tingle. but can feel pressure between the hands when trying telekinesis but wont move with palm energy. unless we try to do this for an hour who knows what can happen.

  36. umm where is the higher level stuff i can do this with out even trying .. always have been able to do it …. what more can there be .. ive been able to see strings of energy between my hands and like move things (although i dont have much control over these) .. what can be done from there?

    • You mean very thin invisible strings???

  37. Hi,
    it’s working and it’s exciting! Thanks!

  38. please post another challenging exercise….. i want to learn more about ESP

    • O.o yes, another excercise! It’s working for me too andits very exciting. I would love to learn more!

    • Im not sure what I put in reply, i just know that i can feel energy very easily. the other day i was sitting on one end of a couch and a friend was sitting on the other end 3 feet away. I felt his energy without putting my hands up. We earlier were practing energy sharing with my hands just 3 inches above his but i noticed his energy was stronger than anyone i have ever felt before so i tried to feel his energy with my hands a foot away and I did. So as we were talking after we were done I felt his energy still very strong and I lifted my left hand and felt him, then i lifted my right and and it became stronger, he said he felt me drawing energy from him with his eyes closed. I felt him as strong 3-4 feet away as i did close up. What was that, how can i do that. I then google the words. Energy from hands and found this.