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Feeling other people’s pain – a reader submission

Several days ago I received an email from a woman, Jackie, who described her experience with feeling where other people have pain or illness when she glides her hand around the person. Her abilities are natural to her, not developed, and she has a lot of questions, since she never learned about this. Read her story and my reply to her. I hope you find it interesting and inspiring. If you have some personal stories please share them. Here it is:

If I scan my hands about 2 or 3 inches over a persons body I can feel if they have pain or even illness. I can feel the intensity of any pain. If my hand feels like it’s going to burn up then I deduce that the person has a tremendous amount of pain in that area. I can tell the shape and depth of the area.

If the person is ill and isn’t aware, I usually get goose bumps, and feel nervous, and afraid when that happens. I start to feel ill myself. My first instinct is to leave or at least stand away from that particular person. I feel that I can’t handle news like that especially if it’s a friend or even a distant acquaintance.

If the person is a friend and this feeling overtakes me just to stand next to that person I then am compelled to let whatever words flow from my mouth come out. Sometimes I leave quickly and try to calm myself down. I really try to suppress the nervousness I have during and after. I can’t get rid of the turmoil inside of me until I tell the person how I felt and what happened. Then I always feel so relieved and even smile that the message/news whatever it’s called has been passed on to the right person.

I really need to know what this is and feel that perhaps I am supposed to do more with this gift but what? I am the biggest skeptic of my own gifts..therefore I challenge myself…any ideas

respectfully Jackie C.

Below is my answer to her:

Hello, Jackie.

What you describe is known to me. Not so personally, although I do remember that when I healed migraine from my wife once, using an energy healing technique, I felt my fingers ache a little with an unusual pain, a little bit like some current was passing through them. But I know from what I’ve learned that those whose gift at feeling others people’s energy field is strong that they can feel the pain of others more vividly on themselves. The pain usually starts to feel at the fingers or the palm, depending on what you use for scanning. Then it can move up the hand and even get to the shoulder. I heard an advice lately to not let it pass above the elbow. Since you don’t heal the person while you scan (as I understand from your mail), I’d advice you the following:

If your feeling of pain rises from the palm over your wrist, first try shaking your other hand, if it’s free. Shake it like you’re trying to get something off it.
If this doesn’t help, withdraw from your scanning and go and wash your hands with water up to elbows. Washing hands with water is recommended in most (if not all) energy healing systems I’ve studied. The water removes the energy that you collect on your hands. After washing the hands you should feel them “blank”, without any pain, as it should be normally.

Again, what you describe is perfectly normal for someone with the ability to feel other people’s pain and illness. And you’re correct: it is possible to feel some illness even before the patient himself knows about it. That’s one of the greatest things of energy diagnosis.

As to the fact that you’re afraid to tell, I totally understand you. First, people might not believe. And if they do, they might not like it and actually start feeling even worse, because of fear of the disease, etc. You have to have a stronger belief in yourself first and then take the responsibility to tell others that they’re sick before they know it. If you could heal it, then it would be easier as well.

Since you are already very sensitive I’d advice you to take some kind of an energy healing course. This will help you in several ways:
First, to get used to your ability and to see that it’s normal and nothing to be afraid of. See it as a gift, actually.
Second, you can learn how to undo pain and illnesses using energy manipulation. I’ve studied such a course and although my abilities to sense don’t seem to be as good as yours, I’ve been able to help people around me and to take away pain in different situations.


Since then she also wrote me about her experience with helping her husband and taking away his pain using visualization while feeling the pain emanating from him.





  1. For many years now I will pick up the pain of others close to me, especially if I have been talking with them or thinking about them a lot. For instance, I was on IM with a person from work, and all of a sudden my neck on one side and my lower back started hurting/aching. It can happen while texting as well. Because I don’t talk about this often, most people will think you are odd. I will just out of the blue say to them can I ask you a question, is your neck or whatever it is I am feeling bothering you, they will always say yes. I can actually start then picturing them and feeling where their pain is. I can also sense a persons energy or if they are upset, I will literally tell them they have to leave the room because they are making my insides shake. How do you stop this from occurring, or protect your own energy. I learned a long time ago, how to stop seeing figures, mostly shadows and other odd things but I can’t seem to block this. My daughter now too is bothered by shadows and can’t sleep alone, she only has peaceful sleep with me. She is 13. I am just trying to see what others may have done to ‘protect’ themselves. Thank you.

  2. ok folks….I finally found some people like me. Yaya! Apparently, we all have the same type of gifts. I don’t get why our friends and family can so easily blow us off as if we are loony. However, for the most part,it looks as if most of us have learned to hide this ability in order to avoid ridicule and whatnot. I have too. No more though. I am who I am and can do what I can do. One problem though. How do I go about utilizing this gift? Rent a space and put up a sign? LOL I assume since there have been so many charlatans bilking people with false claims of miracle type of activities, that might not be the answer. Should we unite and show the world what we can do, so maybe others with this gift won’t have to go through what we have? I am so open to suggestions. I can’t just do nothing with it anymore and I don’t want to end up in a loony bin involuntarily, so now what?

  3. i need help. if i am around someone that has a illness i become ill.this is an exsample, i was living with this person… one day my heart started going crazy i went to the hospital, the hospital transported me to another hospital once there i had to have a procedure done, a cathiter heart ablation, 2 of them done one week apart. when i left home for the hospital the person i was living with was fine no known problems. i was in the hospital for 2 weeks. when i got out i went to stay somewhere else for that night, i felt very compelled to see the person whom i had been staying with, i had a hard time sleeping that night. the next day apon awakening i went to see her, i knew when i looked at her something serious was wrong, i took her to the hospital, the hospital sent her to another hospital where she had open heart surgery… she is very ill. now everytime everytime before she gets sick with something serious i get it first and im not talking about a cold. this is not a case where some one is telling me they are sick then i get sick. i am actualy getting it first . this isnt the only person whom this happend with. it happens to me all the time when i am around people who have illnesses or are about to. what is going on?

  4. I cant believe I am going to admit what I am about admit, as i usually feel like some sort of a nut case but here it goes… I take on other peoples pain or illnesses so much that I am constantly sick. My close friends and family even make jokes about it and tease me as if I have some sort of control over it (i dont),If someone enters a room I am in and says for example that they have a headache, In a very short time I will develope a busting migraine. No matter what their complaint, I will develope the same almost immediatley. Everyone slufs it off and says “It’s in my head” like I am making it up. They say this even when they are witness to unexplainable visual signs, An example of this happend at work; My co=workers have a running joke not to ever say anything about being sick in front of me or else i’ll “get it”. One day a co-worker was discussing how her little girl had an aweful night scratching her legs from several misquito bites she had gotten. The little girl would not stop scratching and was causing herlegs to bleed, As my co-worker told us this story i looked down at my arms and I had several welts (Misquito bites) that were popping up all of the sudden! I looked at the room full of co-workers and asked them if any of them had seen any misquitos in this room and they replied “no why do you ask?” I lifted my arms and showed them the welts that had just developed and they laughed and said I manifested it in my head. The co-worker that told the story of her daughters bites called me after work to inform me that when she got home her daughters bites were all gone and there was no sign of her scratch marks either, A few days later lady at church showed us her ankle all itchy and swollen with posion ivy, asked us to say a prayer for her. That night I had posion ivy on my legs even though i had not been in contact with any posion ivy that i am aware of. The lady from church said her posion ivy problem was gone the very next day. These things happen to me all the time and I am riddled with ailments that the doctors cant explain most of the time, Am I crazy? Do I mentally unconsiously make these things happen? I am glad to help or “take the pain” for the ones i love but It is taking its toll on me and everyone makes me feel like a hypocondriac or like i am sick all the time on purpose for attention or something. Most of the time I suffer in silence because I dont want them to know i am sick again. has anyone else experienced this? If so how do you cope? Is this some sort special ability that God has given me that i am supposed to be doing something with that i am missing??

  5. i would like to know how this works. i want to help my friend who is suffering from many problems. plz guide me.
    thanking you.

  6. Wondering if anyone has experienced this?
    Went to visit an acauntence tonight who was feeling depressed and had locked her self in her house. She describes her self as feeling all alone and could not stop crying. Every since i left her house i have not been able to stop crying. it has almost three hours now. I also have unexplained health problems that doctors can not figure out, and i am wondering if it is me taking other peoples pain. If it is me taking other peoples pain how do I heal myself?

    • I’m screwed, I fear. As a teenager, I was told by a psychic that I was an empath. I understood the basics, and was aware of some abilities in my older relatives. My grandmother and aunt were empaths for sure. There were bloodstoppers and such in our family way back. I started “stealing” pain at 15. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what to do with it once I had it. For some reason I stored it in my left leg. Sounds dumb. It was. I am 44 now and walk with a limp. Never had an injury to that leg. My question is, can this physical and emotional damage be reversed or am I s.o.l.? I suggest that you don’t use these abilities without doing plenty of research first

  7. I have a question, that is running on my head for quiet sometime now. So here it goes. Is it possible that you can get someones energy UNINTENTIONALLY? Am a physiotherapist- few of my friends and patients who experiences as if they lost their energy after my treatment with them and they even made a comment that I suck their energy out. In fact one of my close friend after treatment, I rushed her to a hospital due to unexplained cardiac attack like sensation.this is not only occurs once but 2-3x already or just even we are hanging around. What I sensed to myself after treatment is I dont get tired and the weird thing is I felt like I am full of energy as if have not exerted any effort and it provides me the sense of joy everytime Im treating a person..I really appreciate your help.

    • You are a psychic vampire. Check it out online. I am just figuring out that I am an empath at 44. Puts a lot in perspective. I suggest you read all you can on the subject. Good luck

  8. These all are very interesting stories. Mine is just a little different,and welcome positive feedback. When my husband hurts or feels pain I, 9 times out of 10 will have the exact pain or feeling but on directly opposite side of my body. It has went as far as him waking up with a red spot on right upper lip,and me having one on left upper lip. Is there a name for this or is this mereley a coincedence? (although, i am not much of a believer in those). Also, i relate to the lady that stated that she smells illness. I also smell illness,and disease. I work in medical profession and would be laughed out of work if I brought these subjects to any co-workers. Please, if you understand what I am experiencing please email me. Thank you so much.

  9. This and other things are the abilities of an “Empath”. It comes naturally to some and with training to others. An empath is able to feel pain, sickness, and the vibrations (energy) of the souls around it. This ability can come in handy when speaking to people and really advanced people have been known to project a “mood” onto others. I like to visualize my body being filled with white energy from its surroundings. Once you have as much as you feel comfortable, you compress it into a golfball sized sphere on your center. Once it’s nice and tight you compress your abdominal muscles and release it as fast as you can, extending it into a sphere surrounding you. Before you can try this you have to enter the state by meditation. Breathe in for ten seconds, wait three, and exhale for ten, wait for three, and inhale for ten. Empath abilities are really a blissful thing.

  10. Hey…I didn’t had any idea about this type of special ability(I suppose). But I have got so much information on this. I’d have never believed if I didn’t read this. Thanks for making me aware of this aspect too.


  11. wow,hey,i have always felt pain from others ,if i seen blood ,it hurt me so much ,when i was a kid,and i felt the time ,what was that all about ,i felt time ,thats the only way i could say it ,peeps were freaked ,when i had kids mum in law used to challange me ,i always won,a few years ago my most loved radio presenter died ,i felt it for days before ,kept saying ,did you hear how ,he said that oh god ,where would we be without our best loved presenters,that morning i was going out ,he was on 5the radio ,i paused and said to my other half ,did you hear that ,mm he said what ,it was just a croak in his voice ,but i knew ,he was leaving us ,and he did that day

  12. I have had what I call a special ability since I was a kid. If someone I was close to felt ill I would feel what they had such as sore throat, headache. The ability has only become stronger with age. Resently my husband was in a wreck and I could feel what hurt the worst in him through myself like hot spots. I can also put my hands on his head and pull a headache out like a bad energy. I get somewhat of an warm tingle feeling in my hands. I can’t make them fully go away but relieve it for a few seconds. I get these strange sick feelings sometimes and bad things happen that day or the next. Reading this blog made me not feel like such a nut.
    Thank you

  13. This is sort of for all the comments that i’ve read. There are some incredible books (mostly channeled) that can help you. The AbrahamaTEachings by Jerry&Esther Hicks, ‘Oneness’ channeled by Rasha (not so much for beginners but amazing), ‘Path of Empowerment’ by Barbara Marciniak to name a few.
    This is all ‘normal’ as we are all awakening to our more sensitive selves. But be careful what you make yourself available to. Start making a very clear intention that you want to have guidance only from sources of the light and speak it or think it with conviction. Be strong and firm with ‘energy’. Otherwise you are easy prey to lots of energy that is hanging around just waiting for an ability to enter. A lot of energy just wants to mess around a bit and confuse. Start learning about how important it is to ‘intend’ how you want your life to be for you do indeed create your own reality, all the time! (Abrahma Teachings offer great info about this for beginners as well.) You are in control. Get used to thinking that way while you are learning. Ask for help, your higher guidance, which everyone has, and learn to listen to the signs/answers. You can google about signs of intuition and how they come to you. Example could be that you hear about the same book 3 times in one day or week. The trick is to listen and act on those signs otherwise don’t bother asking. You have to get used to getting answers in many subtle ways. There is nothing wrong with any of you. There is everything right with you. But you need to start learning. There is tons of material out there. Good luck!

  14. I was wondering if anyone might have any information on people who can hear pain? As a small child i have been able to hear a certain sound in my ears when ever i am injured. the first time i noticed this i was about 6 or 7 years old and i was climbing a tree and unknowingly got into a large nest of wasps, suddenly i heard this loud noise in my ears and then came the intense pain from the stings. I always hear it before i feel it. It seems to me that the more severe the injury the more audible the noise is. another good example is when i was in shop class once and i accidentley sliced my finger wide open with a draw knife, it happened so fast that i didnt even know i cut myself, until i heard that noise in my ear real loud then i was like oh crap and looked down and then saw the blood and then felt the pain. even small injuries i hear that noise but not as loudly. there have been a few times however that i have heard that noise and started looking around at myself to find the injury but there isnt one. i wonder if i am tapping into the pain of someone around me when this happens. I told my father as a young child and he told me that it was not normal and i should not speak of it, but i am curious if anyone else has ever experienced this and what it is means or could be.

    • What does this noise sound like? Is it a ringing kind of high pitch noise? Do you feel pressure in your ears with the noise? Id love to now more. It sounds intriguing.

      • The best way i can think of to describe the sound is like someone tapping their finger tips on a table top really fast over and over non stop. if you take your fingers and kinda do it like a wave starting with your pinky finger then the ring finger then the middle finger then pointer finger and just keep rolling them in order like tapping on the table it sounds very similar to the sound i hear. i think the only difference is that when i hear it its loud and when you tap on a table its not that audible. Have you ever heard of anyone experiencing this before? i do searches to try to understand but i never find a thing. maybe its a nerve in my ear that i hear but it always comes before i injure myself. I dont feel pressure, it’s not really high pitch its low but loud and my ears do ring sometimes but not associated with this pain noise i hear. And the strange thing is that it used to only happen when i had an injury but as i get older it seems to happen sometimes when i have no injury at all, that i know of. i will hear it and be looking around like oh geeze have i cut myself accidentley somehow but when i look …nothing.

      • Also, this is not something that only happened a few times, this has been my whole life and its every time there is an injury. But it seems to happen a few seconds before there is an accident. I distinctly remember hearing it when i was in labor, even though i asked for the epidural and couldn’t really feel the pain i remember hearing this loudness in my ear as i was pushing my baby girl out of my body. I thought it was something everyone experienced until i was asking my Dad one day when i was very small why there’s a noise in my ear before i get hurt and he had no idea what i was talking about. After explaining to him how i hear pain he informed me that no one else hears pain and that i should not talk about it. If it is some kind of power to be able to predict and avoid injury id love to learn more about it and try to control it however i tried searching and have come up with nothing. there’s got to be some one else who has experienced this. i never went to a doctor…i never saw a reason to. it doesnt bother me or anything. it doesnt hurt, its not a bad noise, its kinda like a warning, like those underground electrical dog fences, the collar on the dog beeps at them when they get to close to the boundary, warning the dog that if they go any further they get a shock. except i cant really back away from the boundary. i wish there was a book on this so i can try to understand.

        • Sounds brilliant! I’ve never experienced it before, but I’m sure someone will recognize what you’re explaining, and you’ll begin to work out how you can use your special gift. In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for anyone who has similar experiences. Thanks for sharing.

        • okay cool thanks!

  15. Is there anyone out there that feels pain when there mate or lover is doing wrong

  16. I have a question, i dont think any of you have it, but it doesnt Go on the lines of it!

    As you know im a very strong christian, and im very connected with jesus, Over the summer i used to be able to see Black figures appear as if they were to try and attack me, then they dissapear, like if they were fought by angels, 1 morning i saw Jesus’s Holy ghost, i didnt get to see his face or body, but i knew i saw his White coat float infront of my bedroom,t hen goes away 15 seconds later!

    But then one Day 2-3 weeks ago, While watching TV, I felt my Heart ache, as if jesus was sending me some sort of energy, really obviously, all i asked was for 2 things last year, and i opened it somehow? :-/

    I ended up crying aswell out of no where. “now heres the interesting part”

    I kept telling my best friend, and my moms friend karen “which she is a christian aswell” about this, I kept feeling something big is happening after the summer?

    Im also able to Feel what the person is feeling, with only looking at them, and i feel the energy flow through me! dont ask me how! i just picked it up last year! While i was being teased by bullies, and Fake friends! But i figured out who those were by using my ability, so i stopped talking to them! Anytime i get the chance to use my power, i use it on a new pesron i havent met… But i do it quietly.

    Is this even possible? just standing there focusing on them? and i can feel them? I can even feel whats wrong, or if they are hurt on the inside.

    Well heres even the most weirdest part of alll, ok 2nd most weirded!

    when i was in 3rd period “world history” HS, I felt something attack me! i knew who it was, it was most likely either satan or a demon, I ended up sad and mad for no reason, took like 1-2 hours for my sadness/ pain goes away!

    And this past friday, my story was correct, this year is the year that big things are happening, im getting a new girlfriend, im a A,B honoroll student at school, and alot of the students respect me now! I cant find anything fake bout them anymore, but i can still use my power to feel the Energy of a person “wedther they are sad, angry inside, but showing happy outside,Hurt,broken heart”

    I was able to channel this girls energy yesterday, and i could tell her heart was broken, and apparently thats the one who is becoming my girlfriend… Tommorow im going to use my power to see if i can get a better reading, so i can ask her, and cheer her up!

  17. I dont know if this falls exactly in this category but for about 11 years now. Ever since 6th grade, i’ve been spuradically crying. Sometimes it would last a little while and then i’d be fine and others it could last a couple of day. Ive seen doctors and did any test imaginable to try to figure this out. They thought it could have been hormone related, menstrual cycle related. Depression related, etc.. In the back of my mind ive always felt a higher power in me but never really experienced anything out of the ordinary. Lately i had an appointment with a spiritual healer (this is where i am with the whole thing) to try to align my chakras and clear my meridians and what not. I told her about taking nursing for the seco d time now because the first time i had to quit because everytime id go ro the hosptal to do my clinicals, i’d end up being taken out of the clinical by my doctor because i would cry uncontrollably. (not feeling depressed, stressed or tired either. When i told her this she asked me if any body ever told me i might sensitive to others and all these sick people inthe hospital would make me feel this way. She told me to protect myself before going into the hospital by enveloping myself in the white light and to create a barrier to protect me. Is anyone else experiencing this and how could i learn more about this “gift” and learn how to control it and make use of it.

  18. I was looking for a way to describe how I feel inside now I am not old but am not young either and through empathizing I have let all material things go whose motives are collecting material items I have many close to me who have died and sometimes I feel like I am living in between worlds I have collected so many of other peoples pains that I kept it inside until I became very ill and am now permanently disabled with severe migraines stomach problems ulcers and more. I have hidden for the last two years because I cannot take any more inside me. I just began to come out of my shell through animal rescue from high kill shelters and while I interact with this animals they say it is like I can understand what they say and some I feel I do. I now have a house full of animals and several who try to follow me home too. I am trying to find a way to describe this pain when you see and feel too much and then dream dreams that come true or visit with those who have past some people do not see them and they do not hear sometimes I wish I did not feel. So I could be like everyone else. I can heal anybody but not myself. I tuned into reiki when I was young and took a few massage classes and thought I might be able to help others and learn how to not absorb their issues. Yet again I am deeply depressed because I cannot stop feeling so much. How I do describe this? The psychologist only make me sick to think a pill can take it all away. I dream murders I dream pain I walk with the dead yet I suffer for the living. How can I describe this, I guess Insane?

  19. I too have the ‘gift’ of touch. I’ve had it my whole life but have never been public about it. I can feel other peoples illness/injury in the form of heat. Recently my girlfriend tore her rotator cuff and tries to pass it off as a pulled muscle but it felt too acute for my liking. Turns out the injury was exactly as I had felt although I don’t have any medical training so couldn’t tell exactly what it is. I have been able to do the same to animals when I was working volunteering in a vet surgery although never really said to the vet, nerely suggested that the animal was favouring one side etc.

    It does have its uses. I can feel when my gf is ovulating which is handy although we haven’t started having kids but the neatest trick with it is that I ‘read’ people by touch as in handshakes tell me anything I need to know about their personality / demeanour especially if they are lying. The best of all is that my left hand is best for detecting. Nothing strange in that you say except for the fact that as a baby I was burned from the elbow down and have very few nerves left in that hand so the fact that its so sensitive seems to suggest something else other than physical touch.

    Last thing of note is that once I came in contact with someone of the same gift (without realising). There was a feedback loop between us that was weird to say the least. I do think its only one way traffic though as I don’t think I can heal anyone but as a CT scanner come human polygraph its still a useful gift

  20. I wonder if any of these cases relate to me, but whenever someone thats near me gets something painful happen to them, i feel it immediatley and the closer i get to the injured, the more i feel it, the farther away i get, the pain begins to fade. Weird but very true.

  21. Amazing! i have been truly fascinated the whole way through, reading these comments.
    We are all ‘psychic’ and it shows up in varying forms. Some see spirit, some hear, some feel and so on and so forth. All of you are healers, and the key to being able to dispel the ‘negative ‘ enrrgy is love and care for yourself. When you realise your perfection within you will view everyone around you with perfection. You can effortlessly move through your day consciously sending healing energy without absorbing what you take from others. For those who are new to this i suggest looking up the merkaba protection it will help you form absorbing negative energy. Crystals will also help. Always trust your intuition it is the navigation system of life. If any of you would like some further advice on protection, energy exchange, spirit connections etc please feel free to email me at
    And everything you are experiencing is perfectly normal so please do not allow yourself to think otherwise, the mind looks outside whilst the heart looks from within.


  22. Hello everyon :] I’m searching for some answers right now and I search the internet often because I don’t really know who to ask about this.

    I can’t tel if I’m just really good at playing mind games with myself or if I’m crazy, but I often think way too far ahead in situations, often preventing me from saying or doing anything at a spur of the moment. I feel like I’ve lost myself and have. A huge issue with being able to look people in their eyes without me analyzing their thought and throwing their own mind off, or vice versa. I used to be able t hld well rounded conversation with confidence and great eye contact but now I just feel the energy and its like I’m afraid to look cocky or be judged.

    It really affec,ts my life because its hard to make friends when I feel like our conversations are predictable and I’m unale to have a first reaction instead of an attitude like “I knew ud say or do that”.

    Am I just crazy?

    I also fel like I want to help others and I feel their pain and I see this All the time… its like, I internalize their pain and take it as my own, and I litraly se it being lifted off heir shoulders, HOW can I keep a barier or release this energy that I collect? I jut want to be balanced and be able to be onfident in eye contact and conversations!!!! Thank you for your time. Xo

  23. This kind of sounds like me but not quite.

    I can’t always dectect others pain, but I’ve healed my boyfriends headaches. Not really healed, more like stole it. I can’t feel it traveling through me while I make a suction cup like movement over the painful area, but when he stops hurting, I get the headache.

    Is there a way to dispell it without taking it?

  24. i think i have a different version of this… i’ve found that who ever i’m dating at the time has the ability to feel the physical pain i’m in at the moment, and vice- versa, an example of this would be: if she hit her hand on a door knob i’d feel the pain on my hand exactly where she hit her hand… and if i accidentally hurt my knee after a trip, she’d feel the pain on her knee… is this a version of empath or is this something entirely different? i’ve always had this ability ever since i was little, and it only works with the person i’m close to or dating… what is this, is it harmful or is it helpful….

  25. I also just noticed that I can feel other people’s pain at church. 1 instances
    a friend sitting next to me with dried up eyes from his contacts i could feel
    it then later he mentions it and when he went away the pain in my eyes
    stopped. While another guy at church I felt his cold and sour neck and the
    pressure on his forehead my nose started dripping and throat felt all like
    I was getting sick myself. I step outside to blow my nose and wash my
    hands and all that just suddenly went away. But another case was when
    a girl at my church fell down during a big mass of a speech about the holy
    spirit. she was the only one to fall but when she fell I also fell at the same
    time but oddly enough this wasn’t like the times I fell down during my first
    few times receiving the holy spirit in my life.
    Another time I don’t know if same gift or not one girl at my church wanted
    so badly to talk to our pastor and or the group about something i sense
    it was allot of trouble and pain. Pain I once been through myself before
    many years ago. She didn’t say anything till the next morning during
    our morning prayers about this girl. I knew it had to dealt with suicidal
    thoughts and extreme loneliness feelings and that the girl feels as if
    she should go into the circular world to confirt herself and I felt that.
    But when The girl that knew of this spoken out about the other girl’s situation.
    I was like shocked How did i know this and how did i feel this?
    Then when she spoken i fell down knowing of the other girls pain prayed and
    prayed in tongues off and on crying in deep heart and suffering of suicidal and lonely
    thoughts not my own thoughts at all but the girls and infact I knew
    who that girl was I didn’t even have to ask as the concern girl kept
    that secret identity of the person who was hurt.
    A pastor that visited my church gave me a prophesy an it was about me
    gaining allot of spiritual gifts. It seems as if it has been coming true.
    Yet I don’t know how to use them to help others at my church as their
    arrogance and ignorance knows no boundaries even when the pastor
    talks about spiritual gifts and knowing that I’m developing it from what
    the other pastor told him. I made a few mistakes trying to tell the persons
    what i feel and what not and I haven’t done it in prayer all the time but in
    some instances when I could do it during prayer time. But my fellow church
    members don’t understand what I’m going through and how I know so much
    about them and sometimes their whole lives what ever god reveals to me
    about them. Their hurts pain suffering and sometimes their worse sins that
    they keep secret from others and personal. I haven’t really told anyone of
    their worse sins directly but I hint it out someway some how eventually witch
    would only shock them completely. My pastor says I’m abusing the gift but
    yet I feel it’s his fault for not guiding me until a uproar of complaints happened.
    Infact I knew when they where talking bad about me on one night at the
    church. I wasn’t even there at all I didn’t
    even have to ask anyone. I just confronted the group members and told them
    exactly what I knew because of what I felt that night the next morning.
    They where shocked that I did know about them talking bad about me and
    everything they where talking about me about. I did tell one of them that.”
    The gifts that I have been given was prophesied By another Pastor that I’ll
    use it to help the church
    and friends but I’ll go through some hardships and challenges there on and
    there forth. I even told one of them nicely I know you was selfish as he stated
    and i know why because what’s going on in my life the change that has been
    put upon me and I’m like a child learning all this through baby steps and trying
    to find guidance upon what may lay forth upon my life. I only want to use what
    god given me to help others not to harm them. But I know that people fear
    spiritual people as because allot of them don’t truly understand the gifts of the
    holy spirit even if the pastor preaches about it he doesn’t truly understand it
    himself totally as he is also just experiencing the holy spirit himself. I do pray
    to god why theses gifts and if I have theses can I heal also? As to me
    that wont make sense and I need advice in how to go about healing others
    as I know I have a few times but I want to learn how to strengthen that so
    I may further help thoughs in my church.

  26. Something new I have discovered just recently. I have always (long time) been able to see people in color…Either dark or light. Maybe ora not sure. But my boyfriend was telling his cousin (I have never met or heard of until recently (still not met) He explained several things to her that has happen similar to this whole blog. She ask if I could look at a photo and see the good/bad around someone and I told I have never tried but will. Well low and behold I started telling her all kinds of things about her. Remember we have never met and my boyfriend has never told me anything about her until a couple days before this and then it was she is my cousin and i haven’t seen her in such a long time. A few days after I done all the readings with her she emailed us a picture of her daughters and on to several people in her family. I told her everything i got off the photos and she confirmed everything I said. Since I have done it a lot of times but now I don’t have to have a picture. It makes it easier but its not necessary. I even went to get my hair cut the beginning of this week and the man that cuts my hair was killing me inside with such a sad depressed feeling that I was literally becoming sick. I felt so overcome with a tired sad feeling that I finally just told him and first he denied it then the second time I brought it up he admitted he was overcome with exhaustion from working in the shop such long hours. We talked about a couple of other things (personal) and I could feel when he finally started lightening up. I told him that as well. I may have been able to do this the whole time but for some reason it has just been discovered (by the cousin) now its like everything is starting to manifest itself. Is that normal? And what am I suppose to do with all the info I get from people that are just around me (same room, store etc.. I pick up things) Anyone else experiencing something like this? Please share with me I love hearing your stories…

  27. I’ve been getting the same feelings for some time now and it was just now that I got curious to search it up and saw this blog.. seems like I’m not the only one..

    In my experience, when I’m near a feverish person I usually feel the fever, the dizziness, and as if staying near that person makes you feel heavy a few minutes after.. As such, hospitals sometimes sucks the energy out of me.. But when I move away from the source of sickness, I immediately feel better just as fast..

    The experiences of many here seem much more intense and I would like to know if what I’m feeling is somewhat the same albeit weaker..

    It’s not that I don’t like what I’m feeling, I’m just wondering if I can develop this more and turn it into something..

  28. I can’t heal peoples pain but I am a magnet for their emotional pain. I can feel it, sometimes almost takes me down to the bowels of dispair. I never know where it is coming from I just know I am devastated. It is only for people I know and, when this happens, I can’t stop thinking about that person. When I call them, all is revealed to me. I feel better after I talk to them and all dispair is gone. What is this? This is not my only oddity, just the most reoccuring. What should I do to understand this?

  29. I experience something similar to this, However I never touch the person. Example; A guy that works for the same company as I but in a different department passes through my department off and on everyday. I have seen this man for the last 12 years and never had any kind of feeling etc… Then one day he came through and when I looked at him I felt like I couldn’t breathe. It was like I could see and feel this guy struggling to breathe and in my mind I felt like he was being squashed from his head down and his chest up. (sorry if it sounds weird but thats the only way I know to describe it) Finally after seeing this guy for a week or so and feeling the same each time I was told that he was rushed to the Emergency Room by ambulance they thought he was having a heart attack and when the ambulance arrived they said he was struggling to breathe and his oxygen level was low. coincidence IDK… 2nd time that i actually acknowledeged the weird feeling was a girl that works for me. We were standing around talking and I finally just ask her if she has back problems. She looked at me kind of weird but I repeated myself and added for some reason I feel like she has a problem with her back. She ask me if I was a “witch” Told her of course not but she never answered me. A few days later one of my other employees was talking to me and said that the other one I had ask about the back problems was needing to leave. Said her back had been bothering her for a couple of months and she was hurting pretty bad. Now I have someone else that is also at work that I haven’t approached but I feel like a tightness in my throat when i’m around her as well as if i picture her in my mind. She has asthma but this feels more like the throat not chest. How do I tell her and what if i am wrong? Does this sound like intuition or what?

    • there is something that i always wanted to say…..for a long time to anyone but i couldnt because if i were to say something very one would say im crazy. I found out about this when i was in football in my high school years…In this particular game we had, i remember saying i wish i could intersecpt the ball and make a TD….i remeber looking at the ball and make it come to me. I know u might say hey the ball was thrown ur way but it wasnt. After that game i went some and started thinking about what happened and i consentrated so much that i said i one to move things around…since i been moving thing around with my mind no one has seen it but i aboput to make the world find out…. ps im scared what the world is going to think aout me.

      Thank you Gilbert

  30. @ #1 that happend to me when i am giving facials to my clients… i know all the pressure point by nature and where the tension is automatically… it is a gift from God!! i say people wake up and open ur eye .. becuz ur spirit is awake! 🙂 find jesus and he will show u the way i urge u to do so now!!!

    MY DISERNMENT HAS GOTTEN SO STRONG IN THE LORD TO THE POINT WHERE.. WHEN I MEET NEW PEOPLE OR GET INTO A NEW RELATIONSHIP.. GOD TELLS ME THE SECRETS OF THE PERSONS PAST….WHEN I ASK IT IS ALWAYS TRUE EVEN AFTER THEY DENY THE FIRST COUPLE OF TIMES.. THE 3RD TIME I ASKE WHEN GOD TELLS ME TO AND YES THE PERSON WAS EITHER MARRIED.. OR ON DRUGS ….. DISERNMENT.. DONT LET UR DISRNMENT BE TAINTED BY SATAN… IF GOD AINT IN IT .. U NEED TO WORRY…:) GOD WANTS TO GET SOME1S ATTENTION 2NITE… 🙂 i also hate being around negative people…i can feel what they feel to…i know why people do what they do be it good or bad…its a gift from God..(for along time, i had suffered from anxiety, untill i read charles stanley’s book when the enemy strikes… it changed my life.. i learned how to pray for my self and by the power of God in me “jesus” his”holy spirit” healed me from depression, doubt, anxiety and other things that cause people to take medication.. jesus is a healer…

    MOREOVER, I DISCOVERD THAT I WAS FEELING ANXIETY BECAUSE I HAD A STRONG DISERNMENT TO FEEL WHAT PEOPLE FELT.. AND SOMETIME I KNOW PEOPLES THOUGHTS..I KNOW WHEN SOMETHIN BAD IS GONNA HAPPEN…BUT WITH JESUS HELP I HAVE FULL CONTROL OVER IT… AND U CAN TO…)READ{Act 1:8-} 8But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.



    • I have to read that book-“When the Enemy strikes”. Yes, I believe everyone is different. My sister and I both feel things, but we were talking one day about growing up and sleeping in the dark. I talked about the green things that floated around in the room in the dark..she said “what green things?”, I said, “doesn’t everyone see those?” She let out a distint, “No!”. I was amazed, I thought that was just something that happened with the eyes at night. I had no idea.

      Yes the bible truly works. I’ve recently been seperated and started reading the bible. As I started Genesis and read on for the next hour and a half I could feel my body as it “filled” with the holy spirit. My wife saw me and she say the glow on my face–she said “what have you been doing?”..”reading the bible”, I said. People that didn’t know me, or would normally frown as they saw me when I walked by because inevitably I was carrying other people’s energy along with my own, would smile as they walked past me. Some would even do a double take because there was something really positive in me.

      AS I give massages and start to feel where the pain is in people’s body, I begin to understand that not all pain begins in the physical realm but can be a manifestation of the spirit and those that are out of alignment are also out of alignment. Maybe a little simplistic, but I just wanted to share my expereince.

      This paradoxical gift has made me question so much, but like I’ve learned what marriage is really about, sometimes I feel like these truths are revealed so that I may be able to give more focused prayer to someone that may need it. In Carolyn Myss’ book, Invisible miracles, it reads of conducting prayer and miracles on people without them knowing about. In a way, it’s sort of like being an angel on Earth. The gift isn’t that I can feel, but that I can pray for others in a very powerful way. I really feel that God wants us to be closer to Him, and that if I am able to help bridge that connection, then okay, but I just ask for the strength to be able to do what is asked of me.

      I cannot say however that I am always operating from a higher plane, and sometimes when I give massages, it friggin hurts my hands. Not because of fatigue, but the energy. I will even harness Chi prior to, if the block on the body is bad enough. Once it has been released then there is this normalcy to the body, and it will adjust back into alignment. That is not always the case but generally where there are knots, there is a pain emanating from that location–like a burn from a muscle.

      I once did a massage and felt an intense sadness from that spot. I asked her how she got that pain, and it was from a painful event and it was stored in the muscles. My next thougts go like this- if people would practice letting go of painful memories/events, then maybe they might be able to release some of what they are holding onto in their essence–they will look younger..Are tears the fountain of youth?

      It’s good to hear that I’m not alone on this one, and that it is something that is natural and not weird. Thank you Lord for your Love and for giving me the opportunity to serve you.


      • you know I am licensed massage therapist. I sometimes have got peoples pain manifesting in my body. It happens subtley at times other times its rather profound. I have to be careful and make sure I protect myself before massageing people. Its very important to wash with cold wather after each massage. I also pray to God for protection; the use of sea salt in water, put it in a spray bottle and spray the client and spray your arms and hands. To me this is the best practice. You can use the smoke of white sage or sweetgrass. Actually there are many ways to cleanse. But cold water works for me. Blessings

  31. Hello, I have had the same things happen to me. I am a christian and if ur not a christian you need to find Jesus 2day. Only he knows how he wants you to use ur gift. It is a form of disernment. Try watching benny hinn’s ministries. If ur not careful you can get in some deep trouble by allowing demons into ur spirit. It can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing.. depending on ur religious beliefs..

    Sometimes people open up their spirits to portals that lead to the demonic..Lets hope thats not u!! You cant touch everybody. if u touch a person and u are not pure in ur spirit, u will recieve an impartation of what that person has and u can be effected by the illness.. but if u are not touching them and yet u feel what they feel, this is a form of disernment… this happens to me so i get consecrated and in the the word of God(bible study) and (deep prayer) so that God can give me a revelation of why this is happening(this happened to me to day…(funny cus my hand is still hurting, but i realized i touch a co-workers right hand 2day..and after that my hand stated to hurt..but when i touched her i had a deep deep desire to pray)(not only that there was a customer that made me so depressed and weary in my spirit, and i felt like i couldnt breath. like i had TB or lung problems every time she came around me.. i had to run way from her jus to cough..)(i know god wants me to tell it so u to can know and understand what ur purpose is in life..and that is to follow jesus ..only he had the answers..

    so seek his after him and he will help u!!(he helps me all the time.)(my father and mother were pasters of a church and now its my turn to do Gods work. take up ur cross and follow Jesus)
    [Luke 9:23 (King James Version)
    23And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.
    ]…I am an esthetician so i touch people all the time.. and i know that it is the power of Jesus christ that keeps them coming back to me… I cant heal but it is the power of the holy spirit that is in me that heals people.. we are not our own. we are bought with a price..

    1 corinthians 6:20 kj version bible,Please read this bible verse! only the creator can help u. people cant… next time u feel this way again.. Start praying to jesus! and he will make it better! 🙂 with blessings, Mary

  32. Hello people. I had some strange experiences in the past and it happened again today and I am kind of wondering what is up. It doesn’t happen all the time, but on occasion it will. Maybe it happens only with those I care for, I am not sure. But, one example is that one night I was a bit sick and I had taken some medicine, but later, i started having this horrible choking type sensation and it took over 2 minutes to stop, I had trouble breathing. A while later, my best friend called and she told me that she had had the same thing happen to her around the time of my little spasm. I don’t know why, but I feel others’ pain! Today, this guy, we call him banana. He has broken his finger, and he was sitting at his desk crying in his pain. I happen to have a hopeless crush on him, not that you care… But moments later, i got this horrible sensation of pain throughout my whole body and I was in full depression mode, like dont move dont say anything at all. I was looking at him the entire time. Then I looked away and a few seconds later, i stopped and was no longer in the strange trance. *WHAT IS THIS!* 🙁 :O ??? If you know this and have similar things, email me. And if you know the answer to my little THING email me.

  33. im diff from u all i think i dont know im 19 but its something that tells me to do stuff and thats how i know about people.other people just think im nosey.for ex.i was laying on the bed when something said do so and so graduate this year ask i texted and asked to he graduate this year and he was graduating a few hours later.or it said go look at your ex fb pictures thats how i found out he was talking to this girl.or when i was in college i can look at somebody and tell if theyve been talking about me that day or is thinking something negative towards i can kinda pick it up.

  34. I have pretty much all the time the ‘ability’ to feel others pain/illness and emotion (at times.) I can also take those pains away from the sufferer I have done this countless times its something I want to do, after-wards I feel it.

    I don’t know what to do about it, I’m glad I found this site.. Perhaps someone can help me out.. I have other abilities too but they wouldn’t fit in with everything else here. I just want to know how long this is going to be happening… I get kept up all night wondering.. Feeling pain and sick etc etc all the time.

    After afew days it catches up and I crash out.. There is no one I can talk to about this cos they would all say I was insane and that it was in my head.. If anyone may have a similar experience..?

    • How do u take the pains away from others? What do u do?

  35. I sometimes wonder whats wrong with me. My body always is heated (I mean literally heated.. My hands are always warm, in bed I need cool covers or I get super hot) I feel like I am oversensitive and this lead me to here.

    My life has not been an easy one and because of that I have spent countless hours in therapy thinking there is something wrong with me. I even started my Psychology Degree knowing that I can help others because of my heightened sensitivity..I can feel others pain, their pain saddens me DEEPLY! I take on their facial expressions and sometimes their situation is felt by me for days.

    I cant stand to be around people that are negative because of the way it makes me feel inside (I know that’s wrong but my stomach gets all upset and I get headaches…its a very stressful situation) Even though it bothers me I am always willing to help until I get to that point of extreme sickness. For example:

    My girlfriend loves the attention that she receives from her being unhealthy… One day she wanted me to take her to the hospital because she claimed to have a migraine (don’t ask me how but I KNEW she wasn’t sick). By the time we got to the hospital I think I felt sicker then her (she was texting people and talking on her cell phone)I was there for hours while she “played” sick laying there in the hospital bed texting, talking on the phone and watching TV. I was sick to my stomach and was felt like I was starting to come down with a migraine! I had to leave so I went home. That may have just been a stressful situation but the thing is that I was feeling sick long before it was getting stressful.

    My last therapist told me to always follow my gut feelings because she felt that I had a good instinct when it came the the feelings. I feel sick to my stomach when I feel like someone is not genuine. Certain situations I feel just fine while in others I feel sick.

    I have such a hard time explaining it because I dont understand it… When I talked to my therapist I asked her if I was just being paranoid… She assured me that I am not and that I just had to pay attention to my instincts.

    I still question sometimes if I am just crazy or just different.
    My hands extremely hot, instincts are always right on, the sickness that I feel around negativity, extreme feelings of sadness when others are sad…

    is there something there?

    • Hi, I am really interested in what you say about “taking on facial expression”… I’ve experienced that too and seen it in a lot of people but they don’t notice it themselves.

      You may not be still on this site, but if you are I’d love to talk more about this.

  36. I first acquired my ability to feel other people’s pain when i was 13 or 14. The first time i felt someone’s pain was my girlfriend’s pain. I felt a sudden jolt of pain go through my right leg. I knew there was something hurting my girlfriend’s right leg. Every few steps my right leg would have the jolt of pain go through it. I never told anyone because they would think i was weird and would have me talk to doctors about my ability. Ever since that day when i acquired my ability to feel other people’s pain, it happens several times a day and i can’t seem to get rid of the feeling. I try meditation to calm my body down to a sense of safety, but after i meditate the pain comes back. I remember one morning when i woke up i couldn’t move the right side of my body and my left arm. I knew someone close to me was hurt and i took the responsibility to bear some of their pain. I’m still trying to figure out why i have this ability to feel other people’s pain. It’s good to know that i’m not the only one out there feeling other people’s pain.

  37. Hope you still check this because I’m really keen on what you are
    describing. email me if you still need advice or have questions.
    Also, how old were you when you developed this, and what
    was going on in your life around that time?

  38. I’ve been looking for a solution myself to not feel the negative energy and not get the sickness of the other person. So far I have not been successful in finding an effective solution. If you ever find one me and many others will be waiting. I’ll let you know if I come across anything. Oh by the way, have you tried asking one of those reiki places? Maybe they could give you the first hint as to what to do. I am thinking about looking into it. Lots of luck!

  39. i feel other people’s physical symptoms of illnesses when they are sick, i never used to have it but over the past year it has got worse and worse and now i also pick up on peoples emotions. I don’t understand why i only pick up negative energies, does anyone have an answer to this? the thing i find frustrating is that i cannot take away someone’s pain, i just feel it as they do, i’ve found i’m particularly suceptable to headaches, stomach pains and nausea. When my sister was pregnant i felt so sick all of the time and my stomach felt like it was ripping open. i would love to know if there is a way of blocking these energies so as to reduce the pain that you take on? Thank – you, i’m so relieved to find out i’m not crazy! Clemency aged 17 from England

  40. I very strongly feel people’s pain. I am grateful to be hearing from others like me. I feel like I need to go into some line of work to help people. wow!

  41. I have had some unique exsperiences. I have a strong faith in God, called to be a ministers. Over the years of couseling people and wittnessing I have many unique things happen. One there are times when I come in contact with people I feel the energy around them, wether it is negative or positive, even if it is on the phone, more than a few times i have felt when some one is really stressed out, I feel the stress as if it is blanketing me when I am beside them. There have also been rare times where I have felt some one elses pain in my body. The strangest thing is the feelings and dreams that I get when I feel like I need to really talk to some one. There have been times where I see some one everyday and one day I see them and I get this feeling that I really need to talk to them, i just know its like they stick out to me and i cant shake the feeling. There where on two occasion that I have gotten this feeling and that person passed away within days. On one occasion i had a dream that I was telling a friend that they needed to get there life striaght cause of the life style they where living, in the dream it was like I was pleading with him as if it was urgent. I did not listen to the dream like I didnt listen to the feeling I got with the other two people who passed away. So when I saw him I didnt say anything, and no less than a week later he died of an overdose. They guilt that I felt was unreal he was like a brother to me. Ever since then when i get that feeling or dream I talk to that person no matter what. It is good to know that there are other people like me with similiar gifts, I have other gifts to, I am very good at reading people, and also reading there spirits or energy just by looking at them, I have dealt with mental disordes from my child hood that I have healed from, so when I began studying psychology I learned t quick, and I am know able to tell what a person is dealing with in there mind when they talk to me, I am very thankful for the gifts I have been given, I have truly found my purpose in life.

  42. hey am a 15 year old frashmen at del valle high school here in el paso tx and i can read and feel other peoples feelings and i sumtimes dont know what i should d and sometimes i want t tell them tht i do understand nut they will just think am crayz and like i would be talikng to a person and i would tell them how they would ne feeling like i dont mean to it just comes out and they always say yea how do u noe n sumtimes i would just think of sumthimg n just say it ou tof no were and then i would happend a while latter and yea i dont noe wat i have so yes i understand

  43. i also feel sypathy pains for pepole. when i see someone on the televiton or in life get hurt i feel pain in that area of my body. but i also feel pain from animals. once i touched a really old dog and got a very sharp shocking pain in my fingers. not like a bite of some incect but a elecracal hot schok of pain. it was so intenc i pulled my hand back. two days later the dog died. i also touched one of my friends dogs, i usualy do this with my thumb pointer and middle finger, she was also old,and could feel and emence tierdness come over me. i knew she was going to die soon also. but i didnt tell my friend because she loved that dog. plus i thogh she would think i was crazy. the dog died about a week later.
    i often wonder if i am just connecting things that arnt connected or if i have a ablity to feel others pain and know things about them. what do you guys think? my mother also thinks that she is phycic. whenever i tell her these storys she becomes very happy.

  44. I’m a lil different. If i’m tired but don’t want to go
    to sleep then i can look at somebody making them tired
    and they end up going to sleep. I have back pain, extremely tense muscles from head to toe and for the last few yrs evrybody i’ve come in contact with has expirenced some kind of pain or headaches just beng around me. I’m a quite person who doesn’t start trouble just in alot of pain. I can feel other ppl’s pain but tend to ignore it cause of my own pain. Everytime i’m alone with someone they have a tendency to start telling me their problems, pain, or troubles in life as if i was sapsose to help them somehow. As much as i want to i don’t know how. Can anybody help me understand or tell me whats going on?

  45. All these are really interesting and i’ve been looking for some testimonials on what this sort of thing is. I’m not one to believe in tuition right off the bat but I think I’m experiencing something of that sort. Here’s a slight background. Another strange thing about me is that my memory is like a video but only split into different sections. Its like photographical memory but not quite. I tend to get deja vu a lot and I also have dreams that are vividly real and also come true. They are never in black and white but always in color. Lately I have been feeling like the air around me is dense and clammy along with a feeling of extreme sadness. It is strange to say but I can also tell who is a good person or not just by how the air feels around me. I tried to explain to someone what I’m feeling but they don’t understand. Any answers to this is appreciated.

    • i have lots of dreams that come true. i find most my dreams are metophoers or blatent examples of what will happen in the feuter. im not sure what it means thogh. i think its the minds intuiton. i also have de ja vu allot. it often makes me feel very strange.

    • dont know why, but you stood out in these posts…? I wish i was crazy, but there are way too many coincidences in my life.

  46. I have been following the comments on this page for quite a while now.
    I still haven’t found the answer as to how to control all this energy thing
    going on. I really do not know what to do. I’ve done some research online
    but haven’t been able to come across anything satisfying. How do you protect
    yourself from negative energy and sicknesses that you feel or sometimes get
    from others? How can you protect yourself from being depressed when you know
    something is going wrong? How can you protect yourself from all the uncomfortable
    sticky and (forgive me for saying this) yucky energy that is radiated from others in public places?

    Has anyone found a solution for this? I’d really want to know.

  47. # I dont really know where my “gift” came from, but it may have been my high interest in the unkown for so many years that has led me here, i have knocked on the door of the unkown for so long, they have now let me in, well, i hear my name being called often, i have felt my guides but havnt communicted with them on a major level, (as much as i could anyway) but if i want them there they are. I have known a psychich, who is like my mom, and my best friend, she has taught me & guided me through many difficult times in my life, she suffers with migraine & bad back, she sayd im the only one who can take her pain away (through touch, massage & conversation alone) she has been telling me for years that i was a healet/doctor or something in the past, that i have the ability to heal & that my hands do not look like they belng to my body, without being modest, my hands are really nice, anyway, about a year ago i went to a festival where i have been going every yr since the age of 7 and i had my aura done, the lady told me basicly that i ave healing powers & ppl feel better about life around me, that makes me feel so happy it is all i want to do! my senses r also incredibly strong, its like ill watch a film where something sad or very happens in it, and i feel it in my gut, if im out & see a couple hugging or kissing its like i feel it, if someone is sad/broken hearted i feel it, i feel it so hard in my stomach like the first time u fell in love, when i see or hear of something happy, i feel love & that is the only way to descirbe it, it also seems if i have experianced these emotions b4 then they hit me just as they did in the past even if only for a second. I have many self issues to deal with & im currently on a journey of healing my own soul so that i can heal others i have noticed that old friends have got back in touch & want to tell me their problems, i think its all connected also people older or younger i know feel they can tell me things, and i do my best to tell them what they want to hear at the same time as being honest & pass on my wisdom & other peoples wisdom, sometimes as previously said above, i can tell what a person is like or know things about them straight away when i meet them or sometimes when im told about them, i sometimes know if they are bad or good, the other day my lil brother popped in my head out of the blue, he was crying & i could feel it in my chest and tummy like he needed a big cuddle, i could feel his lonliness (he is 7) i could feel sad. i thought id share this for two reasons, 1 to bring comfort to those whom are confused & scared (which i am too) and two to hear some responses & experiances

    • Hayley,

      I have experiences similar to yours. I feel the sickness of those souls that I am close to. The frustration in this is that I feel sick alot of the time! I have kids so you can imagine how many days I am under the weather especially in the Winter months. I am working on a technique that I discussed with my Natural Docter that I ground myself then bring the energy from the Earths core up into my body clearing and opening my chakras and then have it come up, out and fall around my body as a filter to allow me to accept the energy that I want or need. This method is not cataloging anything as negative that comes to us since we are ALL connected. It simply recognizes it and subconsciencely takes or allows in what is beneficial. My experience shows that I do not take the pain or sickness away from my loved ones but merely share in the pain and miserybwith them. There is no need for me to do that and essentially it makes it harder for me to care for them because I feel sick and tired also. I am merits ing when I first wake to implement this. Baby steps right? We are all here to hurt, feel, grow, love and help one another. God Bless you all! Melissa

  48. i can feel how people are feeling sometimes i dont like it cos one moment i can be really happy and having fun ( my feelings ) then all of a sudden i’ll just feel the world on my shoulders and then i feel depressed ( somone ele’s feelings )… my farther and sister can read minds but i cant just yet i havent got the hang of that for myself just yet hopefully i will soong :LD

  49. I too have these feelings but now only seems to be limited to my girlfriend. there were times when we were apart and I felt something go through me, I’m not sure how to describe this sensation, but it was full body. The sensations have been mild to heavy depending on what was happening. When I would ask her what happened at a certain time, she would then tell me what had happened. This has happened numerous times. Lately I have had a feeling I have never felt before. This sensation is a suffocating feeling, and I am really afraid what will happen. Also, one other thing I have noticed with her, which doesn’t seem to happen as often is that sometimes I can describe her clothes and/or surroundings. Again this “insight” seems limited to only her at the moment. Maybe it is expanding

  50. I have something totally different from what many have posted here. My “gift” i suppose is that I can without knowing it, take someones pain away by bringing it onto me. I will take that pain with me, be it a migrain, back pain, abdominal pain, neck pain, even the most serious one up to date – arrythmic heart beats, whatever it is it comes to me and they get better. When I receive the pain then it takes a day or two for it to go completely away. I am not scarred anymore, i used to be though, I guess what I am more concerned about is to what extent can I take someone’s pain away or problem away. I have always been able to do things others would laugh at like dream things that come true, serious deja-vu like to the point where I will speak the same words that the other person is saying because I already know what they are going to say. I also get rining in my ears when something is going to happen either good bad, mostly bad.
    Anyway I thought I was a freak but I beleive that God has plans for some people and for others he has gifts. I dont understand them but oh well. I have been able to help various peopls, some without knowing them, just by knowing of them by others comments to me.
    Well if anyone has this “Gift” please let me know how you channel that energy into something positive, or at least how do you control the energy. Also how can I build resistance to certain problems so that It doesnt take that long for me to recuperate from the pain.

    • I have that same thing – I will be around someone with a painful physical condition and I will feel it right away – even through the telephone. My uncle died of cancer and when I went to see him in the hospital I felt my whole body take on the pain that he had in his inner organs. When I left the hospital I could hardly move – I just kept saying to myself
      “this isnt mine and I release it out into the earth ” imagining a cord running through me and into the earth – it took several hours but eventually it went away. Weeks later I saw my cousin and he said to me ” I dont know what
      happened when you saw my dad but hes been pain free for several weeks ”
      Then next time I went to the hospital it started to happen as soon as I entered the building…
      I dont ask for it to happen – it just does. An energy exchange occurs really fast –
      I think we just become a channel for the energy to flow and be released – yet it can cause me to be really umcomfortable and even at times makes me think Im having physical issues of my own – like Im not sure whos pain it really is???
      Makes me realize how connected we all are.
      Now I work as a paramedic and I am better able to keep the pain out of my body – but lately something is happening again and its starting to really get intense for me. Its making me look again at my healing abilities and ask for help from the higher ups…
      Jesus was a healer – I ask him for advice…

  51. im not sure why but i feel other people’s pain in the area that they have the pain but the pain i feel is worse can somebody tell me why and why it is happens to me??

  52. I’m not sure how to put this.I get wierd feelings of people I’m close to…I was sitting with my sister who had been married for 8 yrs and could never get pregnant.I told her I felt a baby kicking inside of me.We both thought I was just crazy.Later that night she took a prenancy test and was indeed pregnant.I another time woke up telling my mother I was having strange feelings I could not shake all day about my ex-husband.They found him that day taking a bad siezier by his mail box…..Just a few days ago I woke up with my face and mouth numb,my sister call a few hrs. later to tell me my brother-in-law had a stroke and was in the hospital….I also had a job as a CNA in a nursing home.I felt very ill every time I walked in there to the point I had to quit my job….Again,my daughter and I was walking in the mall.She crouched down and grabbed her stomach and said she had terrible pain.I instantly felt it to,it left her,I kept it the rest of the day…..Can some one here tell me what this is and why it happens to me?

    • Donna,
      I myself pick up on people pains I don’t know why I just do so ALL I can say is we can keep in touch with one another and try to find out together

  53. I have similar experiences to this. For the past few years, it has seemed as if I can feel people’s emotions just by them being near me. Sometimes I don’t even have to look at them, but I feel them when they walk even relatively close to me. The problem is, I only feel the emotions if they are negative.

    I’ve talked to my friends about this, but they’ve just told me that it’s just that I am very observant and I can tell how they feel by their emotions… but it’s more than that. In the past few months, it’s as if I am becoming even more aware. As if I am feeling exactly what a person is going through, if not to the extreme.

    Yesterday, I was on AIM and looked at a person’s screen name that I rarely talk to. Just by looking at their screen-name I became very angry, but in a confused way. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I sent a message to the person and asked them how their day was. They told me that their day had not been very good. They had found out that morning that a very close friend of theirs had been killed in a car accident. The feelings that I had felt were exactly as if I had lost a very close friend in a car accident.

    Today, I am still feeling these feelings. I don’t know what is happening. I am not close to the person that I talked to, and do not even know their lost friend.

    That’s how I found this site. Everything you want to know is online, lol. Anyone have any knowledge of things like this?

  54. I’m not sure if I have any “ability” or gift of some sort. But I do sometimes FEEL other people’s pain. If someone is hurt emotionally, I feel that emotional pain. I don’t tell people this, for fear they think I’m insane! Like for example, just today. My little brother was wanting my mother to sew this shirt up for him. She was asking if she can do it in the morning, because it was getting late. He kept asking, so she said, “You know what, fine I’ll stay up the whole night doing this for you, who cares if I get sleep?” and went to her room. Then all of a sudden I felt tired, cranky, unloved, and that no one cares .. and I think that’s how my mom felt at the moment. Eventually, it faded away, and my mother came out acting giddy, like nothing happened. It hurts me, and I just want to break down and cry. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it hits hard..

    • I wish I would have read that before I posted. This is similar to my experiences.

  55. I can feel energy of my friends a family when they’re anxious and nervous and sometimes I feel thier pain for instance my fiance was no where near me and I got a tooth ache and I automatically knew it was him…feeling thier energy is like a pressure on my chest it makes me nervous. I used to be able to ignore it but the more aware I become of it the harder it is to ignore.

  56. i have for sometime been looking for a way to be be more intuitive, more sensitive to the energy aaround me, reading your posts and others, mayabe i am foolish to try and develop something like this, because it is obvious you must learn how to turn it off so to speak or it can be very harmful to yourself. i hope all of you are doing well

  57. It feels good knowing that I’m not alone.
    I notice everyone’s gift is a bit different, but it’s always in the same direction.
    I have something in the same genre. I’ve had it my whole life and it’s only growing stronger. I don’t have it with strangers, only with people I get to know a bit.
    I feel their pain, I don’t feel physical pain from others just the emotional pain like a broken hart frome a girl who’s boyfriend left her, or when you have financial problems, the worries can make you feel pain in your hart.
    That’s wat I feel, so basically when people I know have hartpains or sorrows I feel it in my hart as hard as they feel the pain in their hart themselves.
    I’ve always wanted to be able to take their pain away even if it was just for a short moment, a moment they can rest, breath freely so they can forget their sorrows. That only happend once not so long ago, I was talking to someone with a lot of pain, supporting an compfort her, suddenly I felt all the pain vanishing into thin air. She told me afterwards that she felt it to, she said:

    “Thanks for the chat, there was a moment I felled good again, since half a year that was the first time I actually felt real happiness again”.

    I guess that’s the next step of development of my ability. I would like to develop this gift so that I can do this every time I can. Are there any sites that can guide me?

  58. my situation is a bit different…and is a recent occurence. my knees had been hurting for a week or so, so much that i didn’t want to walk up the stairs or go to the gym. a few days later i found out that my dad who lives 1000 mi away was on crutches bc his knee, which he’s had a few surgeries on had swolen so big that he couldn’t walk.
    the next coincidence were my “shin splints” or so i thought. a very close friend of mine had been going through a terrible ordeal, we were talking and he told me that he thinks the stress had been wearing on his legs, and that he carries his stress in his lower legs. he said that the pain had been so bad he could not sleep – it was the exact pain that i had been feeling. he also lives 1000 mi away from me. and my 3rd and most recent occurence is this bone-chilling cold that i felt for about 5 hours, i was so cold that i couldn’t move. i spoke with my best friend and she was explaining to me about how her desk was moved next to the front door of her small office. this particular day, they were moving in new equipment, and it was 30 degrees outside, so she was freezing all morning. this might not sound like a big deal, but everyone else in my office building was extrememly warm that day, and i was bundled up and could hardly move i was soooo cold. she also lives 1500 mi away.

  59. I am so happy to see this page, I also can feel
    when someone is in pain, i see this as a gift
    but also, people tell me my skin is too thin, i pick up mostly negative energy anyone can see a happy person as happy, if there are six people in
    a room, and one is sad I pick up on it right away…sometimes my first thought is its me, i did something wrong, does anyone else feel that sometimes, i want to control my sensitivity but also like to be able to read others any help would be great!

  60. I’m not sure if what I experience is anything like anyone else’s that I’ve read so far- but its like a lot of them. I can’t find people’s pain or anything like that, and i don’t get tingling fealings or burning arms. Most of the time I don’t even realize it and I think to a point I can control it. Whenever a friend has a problem, naturally I’m always there to help. A few times I’ve even said to myself- god, please let me have their pain instead. And sure enough the next day they’re as happy as can be, and I’m run down and depressed. And sometimes I don’t ask for it, but if I’m around a distressed person, I will end up going home with this wholey depressed feeling. I get back pains and the other day I experience a chest pain at random, however I do have a bad back and don’t believe that has anything to do with this, but who knows. I’m not sure what’s going on if anything, and I have a hard time sometimes getting rid of their emotions from my body, but most of all, I think I’m glad to have their sadness, rather than them.
    And on a side note, recently i seem to have a knack for pretty well predicting moments and plays in baseball games- maybe thats just coincidence tho.

  61. Hey so I can Literally feel other pain i can tell them where they hurt with out being close to them… happens to me more times then not…I also have premontions,…i woul dlike to learn more about this and dont know where to start anyone who has any suggestions let me know….and ive had a history of spirits and waking up with hand prints on me that are in inpossible places or postions to be from my own hands……

  62. it’s so reassuring to hear that other people feel the same way as me. for a while i thought that i was just crazy. I pick up on peoples emotions/pain. It freaked me out at first but my dad sat down and talked to me about a month ago and told me that it runs in my family. I can’t go into hospitals because i break down from all the emotions that i pick up, and i can’t really talk to people about it because they would never believe me. I’m also very good at reading people. when i meet someone and shake their hand i get very distinct feelings and vibes from them. I can know about them without even talking to them. for the past year or so i have been using my gift to help people with their problems and help them overcome inner conflicts they they didnt even know existed. i don’t read minds or like hear people talking to me in my head…its just like feelings that i get that i can’t explain. i understand people and i think that it is because i can actually feel what they are going through.

    about 2 weeks ago i got the worst pain in my back. I couldnt even move..(which is very rare for me because i have such a high pain tolerance) i was overwhelmed by the pain and i knew that something was wrong. about and hour later i got a call saying that one of my best friends had fallen off a cliff and died. they said that he had injuries to his back and head. i’ve never been so freaked out in my life. i dont know why i have this gift or what i am supposed to do with it. is it good? is it bad?

    • I understand what you’re going through. I have been having dreams for years and most of them would come true. Some of them are opposite and some are symbolic.Over the years i learned how to interpret most of them. Now on several different occasions i have felt the pain of loved ones. Just the other night i was at work and my right eye started hurting really bad. I asked my boss for some advil it took some of the pain away but it was still much pressure. While i was at work my kids were by my sisters house. I found out the next day my son got hit in the eye by a swing around the same time my eye started pounding and in the same eye. Now i am thinking back and are pretty sure that my assumptions along time ago about me feeling other peoples pain was real. Also reading these stories assures me also. I am going to pray for an answer or ask God to let it beknown how or what to do with this gift. I always said i had the gift of healing. If you fnd out something please let me know and if I find something i will let you know.

  63. Funny thing about the universe. Someone just emailed me today asking questions about this same topic. The question is related specifically to Reiki, but even if you do not have training, it would be ok to try the methods I have outlined. I have not looked at this site in about a month and when I do, here is a question about the same topic. tee hee
    You can read my answer on my blog
    Happy Healing,
    Bonnie Adam

  64. I feel so much better now to know that there are others who go through the same things I do. In the past I had a Sufi teacher who guided me. But she has passed away long ago… Anyway. Sometimes I would pray so hard to let God take this away from me. You probably know how it feels not touching your spouse just because he is loaded with negative energy or not sitting in a chair because you can feel that there is that contaminated energy there. Or how you feel before something bad is going to happen like an earthquake or whatever…
    I’m constantly avoiding doing my meditations… fearing this ability will increase or I won’t be abe to put up with what I see or feel. I often fealt lost. Now I just think of it this way. There are so many bad things happening in the world. And if it is going to happen there is nothing I can do. It would have happened if I was alive or not. Of course I can pray for things to be OK. But in the end no use letting it destroy me.
    But still though it effects me from time to time. Like long before something is going to happen I get all upset sometimes… my mood changes etc. But after it happens I feel a great big relief….

    In the Sufi belief if you tell people your gift will be taken away. So that is what I did. In the past I knew what illness the person or animal had. But now that has kind of gone. thanks to my big mouth. lol. But I really wish that it would completely go away or at leat not harm me. I wish I could control it.

    I think I wrote a little mumbled jumbled… but I hope you forgive me for that.

    Take care… wherever and whoever you are.

    • please respond to me:
      I have prayed that God take away my gift as well…NOW I WANT UNDERSTAND WHY I HAVE this gift. and how can I help people.I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED to know if anybody was like me.BUT I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO FIND ANYBODY .I am a Chirstian so I ASK THE CHURCH FOR HELP AND EVEN SOME OF THEM thought that I was crazy so I prayed to be just a normal saint. BUT I need answers, I have been able to help people with my gift.

  65. my thing keeps exiting on me so i have to make this short. i’m feeling weird vibes from my dad & its creeping me out. he wont stop & everytime he comes home i’m overwelmed by his energy i dont know if its good or bad. help me please.
    & i’m so glad i found this site, it explains everything im going through

  66. I have not est lately that if another human is in pain or is happy, sad, or lining and I touch then I feel the same way (not as I know what your going throw) it is a mood change…

    here are some story’s

    my friend and I where riding our bikes and my friend
    hit a rock and flow over his handle bards and broke his arm… as soon as I whet to help him I just tapped his solder and then I felt burning needle like pain in my arm that I touched him and I fall to the ground screaming in pain beside him. I felt as if my arm was broking!

    story 2

    my girl friend skipped school and whet to her friends and I sayed at school… in the middle of class I was talking to a friend when I got sick I got so sick so fast I was in tears… after a day or two my illness was over but I was sad and over a week or two I got sadder
    until I was so deprasted I was rude to my friends.. then she told me that something was bugging her and she was up set over it her friend abused her i was feeling her disguise for the peson who had done that and later bet the **** out of them but I felt so disturber so alone before she told me that..

    what is this??? What I’m a supposed with this problem or gift and can I expand on…. my power?

  67. I don’t know whether or not I have an ability similar to this, as what I’ve done – albeit seldomly – involves a mere back rub. However, when I lay my fingers on an area where there is tense muscle tissue, I can sense it immediately. Would this count for anything, or is this just some sort of masseuse intuition?

    Btw Jacob, either my web browser can’t read this page properly, or you need to adjust the border for your text. The first letter or two of every line is cut off.

    • I can’t tell for sure if it’s the same thing. You should know that yourself.
      Do you only know after you touch the muscle? If yes, than most probably it’s your professional experience coming into play.
      Maybe you also have good intuition that goes along with your professionalism.

      About the bug. Thanks, it really was a bug in IE6 (I’m using Firefox mostly). Looking it up in google I found the resolution and now it’s ok.

      • While speaking with a co-worker about this man that can light newspaper on fire with his hands, I raised the subject of detecting energy, noting that I have a minor sense for it. She said go ahead try out your technique. This time, however, I hovered my hand. Oddly enough, I was able to sense the varying degrees of tension on her back, with no direct contact.

        While I can tell from Jackie’s story that I’m not as sensitive as she is, I too am puzzled as to how I acquired this gift with little to no practice.

        Btw, I’m not an RMT. When it comes to detecting worn muscles, it’s just an intuition that I picked up. You can feel what’s best described as a knot.

        • What’s RMT, MDPrime?

          I’m gald you’re having some success with your feeling ability. You see, you only had to try this and you’ve already got some result. The problem is that most people never try.
          Way to go, MD.

        • RMT stands for Registered Massage Therapist.

        • This doesn’t always work all the time but sometimes when people go bye I feel their pain in my stomach.There was one person who went bye and he felt so empty it was AWFUL!!!! Sometimes when people go bye i get this wave like feeling going through my body and my eyes kinda roll up in the back of my head. I dont understand it! I’m not sure if it’s anything special though!

        • I feel “heat” coming from the troubled areas of the body. When I feel the heat, a picture pops into my mind. I can see the shape of the heat.
          For some reason, if I feel extreme heat, a black image pops into my mind and I believe I can see the shape of the area with pain.
          Actually; I am positive I see the image also I can tell how deep it is in the body. Anyone know what I mean?
          I’ve been giving all of this a great deal of thought. I’ve only recently, realized that I’ve been 100% correct. That amazes me.
          All these years and I never thought twice about; how often I was accurate!
          Now I BELIEVE I HAVE this gift. I still am lost about what, if anything should I do next!
          We don’t have any groups about this subject in this area. How am I going to learn? Is it meant for me to heal? If so; then why is it I have no feelings in my right hand sometimes? Why is it that I have disc problems in my back and neck? Why do I have a thyroid that goes too fast? (this is recent) Why has my eyesight rapidly gotten worse? anyone reply…pleaseee!!!

      • My name is Felecia Holmes. I too am very empath I just learning what that has ment. My body has been collecting the negativity for years and now caused me problems. I was picking up everyons negativity, and wearing it on my back. I could not figure out what was going on in my life for things would go good and then turn bad.

        I have been seeking answers for the past 6 years. Some of it had to do with karma connection of my parents. i have been trying to get this negative off of me for the past six months. My money has been blociked, my husband left me, I am a Minister and I tell you Its a different type of life. I have been asking for help to meet others who can heal and have great gifts, I also can be around someone and become them, the only differnce is that I get all their negative junk. i think I have gotten the negative coming off my back and now I have the Holy spirit removing it and I can feel blocks coming up. I also feel the blocks burst and air and sand is coming out. Its terriable.

        I am trying to stay positive for as you know I cant be negative at all. The only problem is because of the negative I was drawing negative people and circustances to me. Any solutions. Is ther anything to do about removing all this negative ASAP??? I know about butting a shield over myself at least I know now. i also ground myself, now,

        Does anyone know anything else I can do. I had this vibration on me which was really strong and boy i was even pu;;ing in entities. I had to remove them. It’s not fun. i know I am a healer and I ahve strong psysic abilities, but this learning process is not fun. Any Idea about this sand and hot air energy. Now I have the ability to feel everything in the inside of my body. I cant see it but I can feel it.

        I can read minds, and pick up others energy. Boy this traing is too much I don’t know where it is leading me. But it sure is good to talk to people who will not think I am crazy.

        I can feel cords and had to release them I had to do so much work along with the Holy Spirit I ask and he does the healing for me. Boy or Boy What will I end up being.????


        • Thank You so much! You sound like me!
          It does feel so crazy sometimes! I catch other peoples energy states 24/7. I have used EFT ( free manual on fast-acting techniques for clearing negativity) a lot and prayer a lot too:-) all peace possibilities explored! People who refuse to cry I sit next to them & in 5 minutes I’m crying and can’t explain why to tear phobic next to me!! ‘Becoming people’, I also use this very phrase, sand, chords I feel it all in my body,also many other sensations. I will be honest and say that it is only when I pray/meditate/make music every day that I get real peace; morning especially I state that I wish only the good for all of life everywhere-this seems to hold back the role of my fears taking shape in negative can make people smile just by thinking it.may divine intelligence/ smiles/ peace/ love/ etc rule here now. You are now in service to the greater community, everything you feel, you save them from feeling.Its like you are a lightening conductor- you feel the sensation of the pain in their knee as it passes from being stuck to their knee to shared with you in order to escape(heal) through your connection to divine/peace/angel are only a tool for angels to use, detatch from every moment as it comes .we have huge resposibility to keep our peace. you are already fully trained,you work mostly with the invisible unconscious parts of yourself,and you are a busy healer by what you say.get happy music or anything that can bring you back to peace moment to moment.basic stuff- balance excersise 20mins p/day drink water wet hands and face thanking for purification & you will feel it Always Give Thanks and you won’t be thrown in over your head adopt an angel/fairy of courage only deal is you are thankful & all is yours

        • if i shake hands or am around people, friends or even talk on the phone i feel pain from the person it is wearing me down i want to control it but i can,t just standing in line it is tough i have to leave this has just started happening over the last year i though it was a toxin at first but i know it is enegry me if you can under this am i weak is it hurting me i always feel it in my heart it dose not happen with everyone it never happens with little kids babys to about 8year olds i get the cry thing to

        • what is an “empath”?

        • What is an “empath”? Still learning and have analogy for most words group is familiar with.

        • if i shake hands or am around people, friends or even talk on the phone i feel pain from the person it is wearing me down i want to control it but i can,t just standing in line it is tough i have to leave this has just started happening over the last year i though it was a toxin at first but i know it is enegry me if you can under this am i weak is it hurting me i always feel it in my heart it dose not happen with everyone it never happens with little kids babys to about 8year olds i get the cry thing to


        • Hi, Ken.

          There was another post that talked about this as well with some advice. See

        • I came here looking for help myself, but I can offer a little. I asked God(in the name of Jesus Christ)for the gift of healing. Watch out for what you ask for. I, too, feel what others are feeling(usually their sickness)- things such as feet hurting, confusion in their brain, lack of energy, etc.. A further problem occurs, when they realize they feel better around you. That would mean they are drawing energy from you, especially if you notice feeling worse around them, or after they leave. At that point, you can’t get rid of them.

          I have found that stones/gems help in lessening their impact on you. Sunstone is good, as are othe protective stones. Also, stones that raise your energy level(traditional ones like phenacyte, moldavite, azeztulite, etc.) help, or you can use your abilities to feel ones that would help you. There is a whole area to study here.

          I also use quantum physics, with a personal bent, I use the affirmation, “Do not interact”. There are protective exercises for healing your aura(Joe Smith’s, “Psychic Vampires” book).

          I will continue reading this blog, as I may be able to get help for myself. I have some good knowledge about stones(albeit expensive)about stones that help with this condition.

      • i know that i have our 2 the firs 1 is that i canfeel other peoples pain the other is that i can see a glow aur light around someones head i know that it is inpoten but four what i dont know. glad to see i am not alone can you help me to understand what i have and how to devilep this gift

      • jacob im 17 ive always known when others are in emotional distress and felt it myself and kind of boure that with or for others but starting about 6 months ago i became able to feel physical pain too and then about 2 months ago i learned that if i just thought about a person while having any contact watsoever whether it be being in the same room or seeing them or talking to them on the phone or even texts or ims, i could completely take on their physical as well as emotional pain have u ever seen anything like that

      • I do not know if there are any technical terms for this or not but for a least 20 years now I have been able to smell illness on family or people that I would come in close contact with before they would even have any symptoms.
        I also experience what I can only describe as a negative warming sick feeling energy followed by a head ache. The feeling stays with me for hours sometimes even when I am no longer by that person.
        I am used to this by now of cores but am puzzled by what I experienced today. I work in a grocery store and was asked to guard one of the vomit accidents a customer’s child had spewed down several isles in the store. Though I had never even seen the child and stood far as I could away so I didn’t have to smell it, I felt the sick energy sensations so strong it was as though I was holding the child myself. I immediately thought “that child is very sick”. It has now been 6 hours since the incident and I am still experiencing, though mild, some of that sick energy. I am wondering if there are any references or books on such things. I would like to be able to help these people some how but have not been able to find anything so far.

      • Hi I was the hospital once and I felt this lady’s pain of how she felt a man who wassurposed to be helpping her hit her and it felt like he hit her on the belly and I couldent breath for 5 minutes then it supsided and I started thinking about. What had happed to me at school. Once and the man came up to me and said he raped her I’m pretty shore thats what he said abs I looked away. And he walked away what dose that mean?

    • I realized that I could feel where the pain is and the intensity of the pain by giving a back rub. That’s how I realized I had that ability.
      To cut down on the back rub time I went right to the places and started to masage the area.


      • i know exactly what you mean stella. if i touch someone or they touch me i usually can feel the same pain they do in the same exact spot they feel pain in. and if there is any sort of negative feelings or stressful feelings i feel them as well and become extremely stressed or angered as well. i have not been able to find out anything on this as of yet but i will continue to search. if anyone has any clue as to what we may be experiencing or even be able to put some sort of label to this that would be great. i’ve always had this issue, and have wondered how i might be able to harness it or even get rid of it. it just sucks to take on so much pain from others and not be able to do away with it. one day i was touched by my mom (who was having issues with her stomach), my dad (who has back and neck pain), and my friend (who just broke his arm) after being touched by them i felt sick to my stomach my back was killing me my neck was stiff as could be and i kept feeling paining shooting through my arm. i didn’t get rid of the pain until the next day but even then my neck was still bothering me a little bit. if anyone has any advice or comments please feel free to contact me at or Thanks I look forward to hearing from some of you very soon 🙂

        • iv been able to do this to i employed a lady to help clean for me one day i said to her your in pain she look,t at me and said how do you no no one can feel another person,s pain so i said to her put your arm out strait i hovered my hand over hers and by the warmth in my palm i could tell her how bad the pain was she look,t at me and said OK i believe you what do i do with this gift i don’t no can i expand it or not i have so many freaky thing happen to me i think they call them visions of further events that are going to happen it scared me growing up dident understand what was going on seeing dead people