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Videos of telekinesis and other psychic phenomena

I’ve once again found some great video resources on the internet. With all the new video services uploading videos has become easy and many personal videos arrive to the net. This time there are 2 different sets of videos that show different parapsychology abilities.

The first two are shorter videos showing someone named Rob Abbot who appears to be quite an ESP and energy manipulator.

The videos are available on a site that has lots of information on remote viewing but these videos are not about remote viewing. First videos shows Rob as he dowses a stack of cards laying upside down and tells which one of which color. He makes 51 correct guesses of 51. This has the probability chance of over 40 quadrillion to 1!!!! (40,000,000,000,000,000 :1).

The second video show Rob manipulating dowsing rods.

Go to Rob Abbot’s videos.

The other 2 videos are 2 parts of a TV program about psychic phenomena and some home made psychokinesis videos which are pretty good. The program is about an hour in length and has PK videos of Nina Kulagina, Uri Geller plus serious scientists and parapsychologists. Very much worth the time.

Parapsychology videos Part 1

Parapsychology videos Part 2





  1. Ok I saw the video and it’s so obvious to everyone out there that it’s bogus. Not only is there two cuts in the first few seconds of video, but the chances of someone getting it all right? Come on exactly how stupid are we supposed to be in all of this. It’s the same trick people pull all the time, they say there are no cuts in the video but there are and no one should be able to get them all right. It’s a nightmare in math terms to be able to do that. So tell me Rob are you psychic, medium or just something else like an alien? I’ll believe you are an alien more then by chance you got all the cards right. But then again I hope your not working for a living cause you are missing your calling in life. It’s two words LAS VEGAS!!! Maybe some people might fall for your tricks there but at least it would stay in Vegas.
    Ok now on to the second video of him moving the dowsing rods. Let me ask if those are the same people are in the card video? Well you have guessed it I think they are. So if the first one is fake what are the chances the second one is? The answer is most likely those two people are moving the rods for Rob cause they just don’t seem to listen to what Rob wants them to do. Sometimes he’s telling them to stop with his mind like playing red light green light. Oh but wait rods don’t have eyes so they just keep doing there thing and he is waving his hands around. I could do the same thing with a flag in the wind. OMG am I psychic to?
    So lets recap really quick cause I write a lot. Rob forgot to account for the margin of error in the card trick. Yes it’s a trick margins of error math tells you he has to make at least one card wrong. Ok actually since I just did the math he should have had 7 cards wrong and that’s giving him the benefit of the doubt on that. Second put the rods in a glass or find a way to suspend them WITHOUT people holding on to them. If you can still make them move then you are the real deal buddy. But I don’t think he could do that. Funny how that stuff doesn’t work without people in the trick isn’t it???

    • I can’t do what he’s claiming to do but I can manipulate matter and heal and do other things. In fact I don’t think I have seen anyone who can do what I do to the psi-wheel….

      I have a series of videos on youtube that have just far too many coincidences for me to fake them. Watch this video and jump to 7m25s, watch closely and then I know you’ll want to watch the whole video. I am part of a growing group of people who are ready(or nearly ready) to share all they have learned…

  2. I don’t know if the video is real (yes, a cut of the video is visible – I am not talking about a card cut), but I am actually working on something similar, with interesting results. I use a 32-card Hungarian set (though I am planning to move to either an 52-card standard set or to a Zener set), and I am getting about 35-40% success for guessing the full suits (not just the color – there are 4 suits in the Hungarian set, just like in the standard one, but they ar all differently colored), where the expected result would be 25%. I haven’t yet done a colors-only test, but I expect 80-90% results, though likely not 100% as on this video. (Hmm… what percentage would be Randi-proof, that is, enough for passing either the preliminary or the final challenge?) So, the effect shown in the video is real, although the cut at 0:09 might cause doubts about the video itself. (Nevertheless, I still believe it to be real.)

  3. I realize this is a super-old post but I searched for your remote viewing posts and found it.

    I thought the card video would be impressive…until I noticed the very obvious cut in the video in the very beginning. He shuffles the cards, but then there is a cut, and only then does he get going. He could have memorized the whole deck before starting.

    • I’m the person in the video. There is no pause in the filming. It was continuous. If you would like, try to memorize the 52 cards in random order and see whether you can have the same accuracy. The cut in the deck was an attempt by the research PhD. He and his wife are the two people holding the dowsing rods with their eyes closed, while I moved the rods side to side. the reason he insisted on cutting the cards, was to ensure one more level of randomness in the process. Another person was filming with a video camera.