I’ve once again found some great video resources on the internet. With all the new video services uploading videos has become easy and many personal videos arrive to the net. This time there are 2 different sets of videos that show different parapsychology abilities.

The first two are shorter videos showing someone named Rob Abbot who appears to be quite an ESP and energy manipulator.

The videos are available on a site that has lots of information on remote viewing but these videos are not about remote viewing. First videos shows Rob as he dowses a stack of cards laying upside down and tells which one of which color. He makes 51 correct guesses of 51. This has the probability chance of over 40 quadrillion to 1!!!! (40,000,000,000,000,000 :1).

The second video show Rob manipulating dowsing rods.

Go to Rob Abbot’s videos.

The other 2 videos are 2 parts of a TV program about psychic phenomena and some home made psychokinesis videos which are pretty good. The program is about an hour in length and has PK videos of Nina Kulagina, Uri Geller plus serious scientists and parapsychologists. Very much worth the time.

Parapsychology videos Part 1

Parapsychology videos Part 2