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Theta Healing

The About Healing guide has posted a great article about Theta Healing. Theta healing is about consciously reaching the Theta level of brainwave activity. Theta waves exist in the brain while we sleep and can be experienced in the first moments when waking up, before fully awake.

Theta brainwaves are between 4-7 cycles per second while the more known alpha state is higher, in the 7-14 Hz range. The alpha state is the state of meditation and daydreaming and is used by the Silva Method for healing and self-improvement.

Reaching Theta state consciously is a difficult task and some think it’s impossible. Yet, experienced meditators can do this at will. Reaching Theta state allows reaching deeper levels of consciousness and control more healing and psychic abilities.

The article describes more about the possibilities of the Theta state, some stories about its use and a scientific background.

Enjoy reading The Power of Theta Brainwave to Heal.





  1. Theta Healing is a new find for me. I’m very much fascinated by the human mind and the nature by which it operates. Reading and knowing more about this lessens the skepticism I feel, and gradually, I’m beginning to accept this as a relevant form of healing for both the body and soul.

  2. Theta healing is a good technique that help in subconscious mind and that is work on four parts of body.

  3. Sometimes things that elicit strong negative reaction are in fact the way forward….stuck, negative people kick scream and resist healing and goodness and progress. Much like Kabbalah draws rage….against true freedom? Seek Love.

  4. Lol, suckers 🙂

  5. Theta Healing works better than most other types of energy work…..