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How to protect oneself from other peoples negative energy – reader asks

A reader, Tracey Scully, has emailed me with a question about a problem that she has. Tracey appears to have strong empathy, which results in her feeling dizzy and nauseous when around some people. Tracey has agreed that I post her mail here. You can read my advice to her below her mail and if you have similar experience or have more advice, please write in the comments. Here’s her email:

Hi Jacob,

I have been growing up in a not very safe environment, a lot of anger surrounding me and confusion energy to say the least. And have always been vulnerable as a child and very lost. I have been going to counseling the last 2 month and I am becoming aware of certain things, the more truer I am becoming to myself the more aware of what’s going on inside me.

I have now come to the conclusion that I have intuitive empathy, which seems to all make sense to me now. I carry other peoples negative energy with me and do find it hard to shake off.. I am somewhat relieved though now because I have been confused for along time in the way I was feeling and that it a lot of it couldn’t be connected to me, always seemed other people around me. So i am happy to hear of this ‘condition’ (sorry not sure what to call it) and realise i have been suffering everybody’s hurts and negativities.

I have started getting into to massage therapy lately, has just seemed to come to me and am happy with doing this. But having received a facial massage from my niece a few days ago, a few seconds later i felt very dizzy and nauseous. The next day I received a massage from her again, (not aware the first time of what happened) and I felt nauseous again. When she left my house though i could feel myself becoming better, and realised it was some sort of energy.

Also when i go out socially to meet a friend which usually ends up meeting friends of friends, i feel so outa sorts and awkward, I just don’t know what to do. I make sure I have my car outside ready to escape. I feel so lost with this sometimes.

After speaking to my counsellor she sensed that i am a receiver in this life and that i do have a lot of positive energy around me. I had never heard of this before. Having knowledged myself through the net, it all makes perfect sense to me with the way of have been feeling.

My question jacob is I really don’t know what to do with this. It is involuntary receiving peoples energies to the extent that i behave exactly like them until i start coming back to myself.. I really don’t know what to do, can you please advise as I really want to live my own life and not those of others….

Kindest regards and thank you for your time Jacob,


Dear Tracey.

It does look like other people’s energies can penetrate and affect you in an undesirable way. I believe that in order for you to overcome this, you’ll need to learn several things, namely: grounding, centering and shielding. A good resource to read about all three is a tutorial called Playful Psychic. I’ve written a little about this book a year ago in article: Playful Psychic – online book on developing psychic abilities.

There is a chapter called Basic Skills and it contains the 3 above mentioned techniques. I advice you to read it since it writes exactly about your case:

Staying Centered in Crowds

With practice, you will be able to pause for a few seconds to center yourself in almost any circumstance. If you tend to be susceptible to empathic overload, staying centered in crowds will reduce the flooding. It may take practice to get good at, but will help significantly.

You may find that you have trouble staying centered around certain people. Their pushiness, their ideas, and their feelings overwhelm you. When you notice this happening, strengthen your grounding and centering. Stay as strong, stable, and calm as you can. Once you learn to shield, you may also want to add a shield around yourself. The shield will keep your energy separate from theirs, and give you more distance from them. The section on shields discusses this in more detail.

I’ve also written myself before about grounding, see Grounding exercise. It is a little different but I like its effect.

Good luck to you Tracey and keep us updated on your progress,






  1. solution–
    read my 10 July post, then 11 july post, then this post….either u cant understand wht i m saying.

    energy is more powerful thn matter,like our body made of billion is the cell of matters… energy is lighter so it move faster….ur prblm is u r getting others energy and can translate it…. to solve it u hav to control ur emotion and try to stay far from all odd neg ppl…either thy can change your brain,body,thoughts,feelings…….. be less judgmental(i kno its not good all time but u use ur judgements 4 higher things ,not daily life events)… be less connected………..understand logics….fuck spirituality….either u would be fucked by wrong conceptions- that is a bigg problem

    hav food at ur intestine,so why ur brain can get energy from inside u.try to leav neg energy space,and if u hav to go,dn never go with lake of energy or empty stomach(alchole is good,)….dont mix up wid negative thinker. and havsome meaningful life. trees r good for u.donot think your enemy either u get there massive negetiv energy….just ingnore him by producing inner peace and avoidance in yourself.actually more nehative thought u produce inside u(mey be reasonable) about them…..d more u stuck in it…u get more and more from them……..just leave all of them for your own good.dont think negativ fo doesnt mean i m saying to love them and get more fucked,just smile and let them go from ur mind……….and dont try to say all ur neg energy story to psychologist…they hardly know anything that is good 4 u…………. sleep tight,sleep refresh u.

  2. above process willnot helping u to stop takng neg energy frm other completely…rather it reduce the effect of neg energy and reduce d level of in taking neg energy……… but what to do if d neg energy is massive ( u may effected by it badly)….. and u cant calm down instantly…at ds point(i kno its not possible all time) just find a tree,touch ur forehead with d trunk of d tree and feel it(u hav power to feel other) u will hav instant peace.just dont show it to other either they think u mad…another process is keeping some leaf wid in a wet cloth and put it over ur forehead….it works,but tree is d best..

    acctually if u get inner peace u got d maximum achievement………… said previously other can access ur mind too…..they will fail to send u any neg nergy if thy find peace in ur mind…..and they will not send u neg energy and fell less interested on u.

    and try to avoid all ppl who hav neg mindset,or diseseful body, coz if u mix up wid them u will get harmed,every time they ATTACK u produce peace in u,u find thy hav lost there strength to send u any neg energy …but if u hav to mix up wid them then just convey ur smile and forgiveness to them…….try to be logical….and never try to be religious or spiritual…..better try to be kind,wonderful and tru wise ……..moral is never mask or misled ur understanding(god is not religious or spiritual,rather kind wise and visionary …. just easy) …ur ability is not spacial or spiritual…..many ppl do it without knowing it…..just solve d problem by openmind….

    mind here acting like attarcting other minds negative information(disease,emotion,even mistakes of life…)……….
    it connect through thoughts…urs or theirs…and light….(dont share same tv of them,same books,newspaper,everything they use to send there emotion and concentration)……..

    eat before u get out of ur house,office,….eat meat if u hav to work more.just rty to keep ur food at intestine when u r out of ur safe room.

    and imp one is when u r very unpeaceful…..try to change d brightness of light…..put on d light..and u find that urmind is now can controlling ur emotions(strange)…..put light off and xprement and again put it on(do it when u r in emotional conflict )….lights somhow control the working capacity of brain…..somtim we need light…somtime we want it less …. inform me your ideas and thought at my mail id
    sorry for ur problems,hop u get out of all of these things

  3. sollution(pls reply is it worked on u or not at

    read mathews noke`s post………..and if u want to get rid of all ths negative energy..its very easy,i can do it at 80% time,i m telling u tht,but why 80%? ans is i need a little more practice.

    now the process..ANS-(i m not spiritual,i hav used d logic of clues) just have your inner peace(true) & smile inside(just smile now see ur mind tuned at joy,do it now).when u r getting negative energy just dont resist or fight it,dont get panic or anxious(coz more u panic,more ur brain off its working capacity,annd u be a victim)…just let it pass throuhg u,let it go,it will pass soon(xperiment it).just dont do more u try to resist neg energy as more u stuck with it.tht d way mind works,like u want to forget ur past and it happens u cant forget it ever. if u try to forget it seems to mind that its a bad thing that produce stress(mm as ur previous relationship dt stabbed ur heart&emotions vry badly)and it make really hard to solve d problem(as pure and innocent u was in d relationship as big the problem would be(i m sorry)…)…..just let it go….let the bad things to pass….dont fight …dont relate…dnt panic…no need to meditate…..then d neg energy may effect u,…..but for very vry small time and after practicing it u find after som day tht its not almost effecting u …u r free………its d first stp….now in 2nd step u hav to kno how to calm down, at ths stage u hav to TRAIN UR MIND FOR INSTANT CALMNESS… read d rest of d knowledge later coz if u read it now then u may fail understand the whole inner meaning of it. give mind time to judge it feel it still it is not d sollutn,its d defense.copy pest it at ms word and read later to feel it more 🙂 Love u

    2nd step
    u know some ascetic ppl walk on redhot coals!! how thy do it….thy just cut there mind off there feet…its easier to do wid feet rather than mind,but how to make it wid mind??

    ANS- u hav to use some mind elements like peace(happiness widout xcitement is peace,pc dosnt mean stay stupidly movementless),and joy(nt xcitement) and eliminate some mind element like hate,strike sombody wid words, jealousy (mother of all neg emotion from wht u want to escape,just dont produce it in u 🙂 ) now the process to train d brain d inner peace—– inhale and exhale for jst two r three time,just relax,free ur body weight(in mind ) just free ur neck shoulder,exhale,relax(see whn u exl u flle wooh) jst sit in relax…….dont try to relax….now the most imp part……just smile and jst feel it….no need to try to do any meditation,it will happen autimatically,the divine joy….just smile…sooon u feell dt ur u r smiling inside(its d best part:) )……..u must be my fan wola hi hi….ok now just fell the self pleasure and feell peace autometically…..practice it more and more to train ur mind a inner peace…..later do it in train bus toilet… and if u get it just call it when u r feeling others neg enrgy….it will calm ur mind instantly..and u see tht neg energy effect hav been reduced 80% to 200%……… why 80%.cause u hv sensetive mind,and its a very good thing….u also can connect wid good minds…….

    before openig ur eyes just feel ur skins of hand leg chest any where and u wiil feel ur positv energy,electricity thrugh d skin…u feel super relax and peace

    its like sex,if u r trying sex sex sex u cant be aroused ,but see a sexxxy pic or video or grl…. u r into it…it happen automaticaly…..same thing happen wid mind….just dont try to make meditation… happens autometically when u make the situation in u……it happens when u wonder,surprised,silent..

    .actually u get negtv enrgy coz u all ppl can access others mind easily and others allso can access your thy can access there mind….the unconsciously can read wt u think about that positive or negativ for thm……..if d r neg ppl thn they throw more harm to u unconciously if tr subconcious mind found tht u r thinkin negativly about u…..they throw neg energy at u……u cant hide ur self(u r not bad)…… its a STEP that dnt think negativ abaout neg ppl… is it possible????

    just kow that they produce neg energy and so u dont xpect any thing frm thm….reduce ur xpectency… kind…and dont THINK negativ about them.try to stay away of them and there service to u. by ths way ur automatic connectn of thought wid thm will reduce…stp doing work or mixin wid them( if possible)…..

    now third step……….stay awaked when everybody is asleep..that is best time coz no thought is flowing and disturbing u…..u r fee tht time….u can think freely….just do wht u want to do wid ur mind that time…..its very imp…..see FRM 9 am to 11 am u r attacked by neg energy coz its d time when poterh humen r active(tim may differ for u).dont do mental jobs in dis time,even sex(never)…….widin ds time u try to be happy and pcfl….if possibl 4 u u can sleep

    dont use others cloths.books

    dont see tv or laptop of others….cause light energy carrys d energy massively(neg or positive)

    dont argue there bullishit logics…..jst let dm be happy wid there state of logics…..if u argue d will send neg energy….dont fight thm,dont fight fools…better stay away widout insulting thm

    dont carry wrong belief system…..but be happy…..dont think ur enemy……..better control ur mind…dont allow other to control ur emotion…….draw peace to strength ur mind…….now i m tired by writing…..forgiv me……and if u like send frnd req at facbook at

    and lastly be spiritual……and leave all negativ ppl….search truth in life rather to be some imp person at ur surrounding……

  4. When negative energy come when u in love u almost want have sex and star fight alot energy make u bad example if u fight to much people donot want see u happy

  5. Whenver I am positive it seems to attract other people being a negative mood do to this or that and I am unsure how to continue being positive without giving in to their level?

    Also why does not God create an instruction book on how to deal with being an empathic person in common lanugage? The bible was written at at time where there was a lot of langauge mis-translation causing mis-understanidngs of certain passages thus making it a confusing book.

    I hope I made sense here.

    Funny: As soon as I ended my message the site suddenly slowed down a bit. ??????

  6. To all the people who have been there, accepting negativity. Not good, tiring, depressing and extremely annoying. Shifting from one mood to another for no apparent reason. Pressured for no reason and getting clausterphobic for no reason either. Been there, hated it, completely cured now and loving life. My side of the story, I got this intuitive empathy from a christian (long story)as sort of a burden I vowed to carry and now I am transferring this to another christian, how I don’t know, but its working.
    Not saying that christians are the cause of this but rather take this as a similarity to the burden Jesus carried for all his people.(in a way). I personally hated my personality before this happened but after this incident, I realized how unique and wonderful it is to just be me.
    The above is just for my sake, don’t know how it happens for everyone.
    But good luck and hang in there, cause things will just start getting better. 9 years of this misery for me, and thank God its gone.

  7. I’m so glad that this thread is here. That I’m going crazy feeling has affected me for the past six months but as I get more and more comfortable with this awakening of the empath spirit, then I’m starting to realize that this is only the beginning of a roller coaster ride that can take my life in a world of directions.
    Mayube it’s the feeling in my gut when neighbors come home drunk. I can feel the alcohol in my stomach and im dizzy as they pass by..hey free or that I could feel the baby of the pregnant woman standing next to me kicking my stomach or just that I knew that the truck driver was about to fall asleep because I was not tired and almost fell asleep at the wheel when I passed by him. The negative stuff is not fun and there is some real bad stuff out there that is like a virus especially in music. People dont realise how much it gets into your spirit..but the bible is like a hospital in a book. Going and cleaning your body and finding your ailments and blessing them. It’s as if Jesus is literally in the good book and reaches out and gets into your spirit. If people felt what I felt when I read the bible, then they would read it everyday. Forgot the’s just wild what is out there spiritually and sometimes I wonder if people realise what they are putting out there into the world. If they knew they could be a blessing to so many or they would stop their ways because they create their own demise.

    I dont know if any of this makes sense to anyone else, but I do know that Im not crazy and this in your face new gift will help people someday.

  8. ok all i have to say to everybody that commented thank you soooo much you guys really are life savers!!!also i have a lot of the same problems as you guys. just like whenever i am at school in the morning i get pretty shaky and feel like i cant walk the right way or i feel like my legs are super weak for that moment till i get out of there.and the other day someone said i looked like i was crying and i was trying not to let it show but i just couldnt this happens to me on a daily bases even from the third grade i can remember walking to my class trying to blink or rub my eyes so it didnt look like i was crying it sucked but i thought it was from the sun or allergies but i didnt have allergies wtf. and i can definently feel when someone is looking at me thats the most annoying things to get through even when im in a car i can sense when other people are looking at me and sometimes i just dont kno how to react. also i think one of my close friend or not really that close anymore because of him trying to drain me whenever im with him i get really tired and my hands and feet get really cold and my nees feel anyways let me tell you about what happend and what i had to go through just to get where i am. ok so i used to smoke weed on the weekends and stuff cause i had my share of bad things i used to do and when ever i did it i would get shaky and i wasnt sure why? so i kept going with it like usual and i started thinking over time is this some sort of energy that i am feeling that heightens when i smoke? so then whenever i got high with my buddies i was always seeing what was happening to me and i would tell a few of them but they just wouldnt understand but i kinda didnt kno very much at the time actually nothing at the time and i was just trying to figure it out. so then a couple months later i ended up moving to my dads house at the end of summer and i finally sat down at a pc and looked up, human energy. just to see what would pop up maybe it would make sense of these things that i am feeling and i started learning a couple of things but that didnt really help cause i didnt kno what it felt like.then a couple of weeks past by and i started meditating a little bit hoping that i would learn something new. and then another couple weeks past and i started feeling it but wasnt sure if that was it or not and so i heard that you can make chi balls and stuff like that and the first thing that popped in my head was dragon ball z? haha but by that time i was at the understanding between society and still confused about this energy stuff so i was pretty lost for a while in the mix and then i was on the edge of giving up cause my step mom was always demanding me to do stuff around the house and my dad was pissed off at me all the time cause i quit the jv football team so i could reseach more about this cause i had like 1 hour of free time when i got home but my step mom was just making me do shit and my older brother was always fighting me trying to teach me about so called “respect” by spiting on my face and beating me up going crazy on my over the little est things like killing a bug with one of his pieces of paper and it was all just over whelming me and on top of that just because i was figuring out more and more about this kind of stuff and was meditating and other stuff they started to think that i was some sort of schizophrenic which really sucked cause my brother is a really popular person everywhere and he was telling a bunch of his friends just to watch me when i would get invited to hangout or go to parties and and they would all give me the shittyest feeling in the world cause i knew exactly without a doubt what they were thinking and it was just like getting not just the spot on you at all times but whenever i talked to a person that was there or sumthing they would give off a okward and just weird ass vibe and my stomach would just drop and so many things would race through my mind that i would just get too the point where i wouldnt want to talk to anybody there cause i was so uncomfortable not be able to talk anymore it was really bad and i couldnt leave usually till my brother did so i was fuckked the hole time!!!those were some of the most worst things that i had to deal after that was all done i started talking to my friend and family less and less and thats the part that made them think i was crazy cause it was like hitting the fuck you switch and just going day by day with those people that i couldnt really recognize anymore cause it used to never be like this and did not recognize who they really were. this was the point when i was just about to loose all of that confusion and i things finally started coming together all that hard work and studying it payed off thank you god!!!and so i had to leave that area of society cause they all thought i was crazy but now i actually have an understanding of the things happening around me but thats just an understanding.:( now i have to put that understanding into doing so instead of knowing that i am being attacked or kno that it is happening cause then there would be no point really besides just knowing. i need to get to the point of being able of defending myself and this is where i am now stuck again until i find a breaking piont.also i made a youtube acount and it has good info from other people about this stuff so if you want to check it out heres the link. thank you again and hope you get something out of what happened to me, peace love and harmony.

  9. i notice am very emotional n sensive person .. I feel strong energies spcially negative ones. At times I know what ppl want or if thy lien .. Also when I was a teen goin to house parties If I had a bad feeling I will leave n always was right on that ppl end up fighting or jumping sum of my friends.. When my family are hurting (sad) I feel it but I dnt knw who .. I also have dreams n it comes true .. Pks help how I can control this so it wont take over my life I feel trap I asked god to take it n it has slowly ..

    • HI,

      Not that I am a master of occult things, however there is fundamental basic behind these things. Universe is full of negative and positive energies. They manifest themselves in different environments. If you feel negative energies around you then you should invoke positive energies by prayers. Google some good info on prayer and how they work? Hope this helps.


  10. Hey i know im, an empath i was born with it Im a teenage i know some ppl that are empath i tell ppl i can trust but one of my dear friends implied i was going to hell because of it that shocked me her emotions told me that and then she is being logical about but i need to learn how to sheild it soo i can Keep from being drained out at the end of the day but yeah i know about all that in that email i do the same thing but sometimes i do get sick but if there is away to do it i want to know alteast while im at school

  11. I feel the effects of negative energy as well.Yesterday I had a fight with someone. At some point he started ponting at me and i went mad it was as if my logic took a back seat and it was as if i was having a fit trying to shake all of it off.i felt like a swarm of bees was engulfing me. I know all of these methods very well but what should i do when its directly and intentionally inflicted at me? also i feel as if i draw a lot of bad energy towards me even though i do not pass it on to others.Sometimes i even feel like a “filter”? if that makes sense. I do not want to feel like this anymore it is damaging to my well being.

  12. You are not alone, I became a sensitive through clearing out my own problems and spiritual awakening to all energy, I can feel auras around people, some people make me smile and many many make me cringe. It really seems like most people in this world are carrying along with them a lot of baggage, old emotions they never deal with and lots of negative destructive thinking. I can feel it when someone is looking at me from behind so I always try to sit where no one can stare from behind. I have my crown and third eyes open and have no idea how to close them down or shield myself, so I have to constantly cry whenever I am exposed in public and run out into nature to get better. Not very good for my health, I am going to be moving to a better place to live than the city pretty soon thankfully.

  13. I know I’m late to this discussion, but I am experiencing the same thing at work. I am in home care, and I am taking care of a woman that is extremely negative. I feel as though the life is being sucked out of me.

    Today was so bad, that I had to ask my supervisor to remove for the rest of the day, and the woman’s daughter had to leave work early yo deal with her. I made up a story that there was a family emergency in order to remove myself from the environment.

    At home, I feel her around me. At night I have problems sleeping. It’s as though she’s following me. I plan on smudging sage in my home in order to cleanse and clear my living space. I definitely need to learn to “shield” myself.

  14. I am a beauty therapist and as a part of my job I have to do a lot of massage treatments. During the treatment I am very warm as the treatment is very vigorous. But straight after I go really really cold and my hands are freezing. Somebody mentioned to me I could be picking up negative energies from my clients? could this be true? and if so how can I prevent it?

  15. palms od my hands

  16. Being that kind of person and what not I know what your talking about. These are stong energies no matter what type they are and the’ve almost driven me to the brink of suicide. People emotions are so stron that when they are pilled upon with ours they almost take control. Meditating might help but what I’ve actually found helpfull is gathering all the negative energy into the palms of my house and either releasing it, purifying it or destroying it. Also try being aroung happier people. WITH IN TIME you’ll find what works best for you! Good luck!

  17. my friends, I have a theory on what realistically you can call human mental awareness… I have developed this theory for about 4 or 5 years now, after 14 years of cultural/traditional studies of many different regions’ philosophies/theologies here it goes:

    Single Entity Intelligent Universe;
    I believe personally (and this view is shared by many different shamanic/traditions/peoples all over the world, throughout history) that the universe is a living entity..
    for simplicity/understanding i use humans as an example; mitochondria exist within the body to produce “energy”, energy is another form of thought (or visa-versa however you look at it). each different “thing” on the planet (animal, plant, mineral, misc. ect. whether animate/inanimate) has a purpose and I feel the underlying purpose is to produce thought energy. now that i’ve covered that… look at humans(animals),plants, minerals, ect. as individual nanocells that make up larger communities of cells and then micro-organizms(planets/galaxies) that make up the universe and provide it with thought energy.. now lets examine the different forms of thought energy:

    earth- solid,structured,rigid (i.e.laws,definitions,science,logic,ect.)
    water- flowing,formless,complacent (i.e.understanding,tolerance,acceptance,ect.)
    wind- chaotic,disordered,uncontrolled (i.e.anarchic,disorganization,lawless)

    If you look at this the only one of the elements seemingly unrepresented is fire, which isn’t an element at all really.. It is the universal representation or itself, It is alive (as it eats, breathes, moves, sleeps, and.. thinks.. just as any firefighter you know if you dont believe me) so, looking at this you can see the universe as an infinite flame, burning brighter and brighter, we however only see the “sub-atomic molecular level” of which is mostly empty space to us, LoL!!! the reason we and the rest of these nanoorganizms exist? to produce the thought energy that keeps the fire burning..

    now lets take science out the picture and try and use philosophical analysis. our microorganizm created “dinosaurs” (whose entire existance revolved around instinct which revolved around growth and propagation, which in turn led them to their ultimate demise through sheer size {as mammals were tiny with larger brains they relied more on emotions and a critical thinking process, they were able to survive through hiding and propagate later on developing their brains… i.e. US!}) when they passed on the torch to us it was literally instinctual death for the dominant species, and now more species use critical thinking combined with emotion than ever before. now we have overpopulated just as the dinosaurs did and we have created our own problems.. need for control and a separation/misunderstanding of the three forms of thought, leading to war,famine,and worst of all apathy. these have all exploded way out of control and now we’ve led ourselves down the same path as the previous dominant. our ages demise.. I feel the next experiment nature (our microorganism) will try is a balance of instinct and intellect.

    (those of you who disagree with me and feel we still have instincts.. we have for the most never had a concrete grasp on instinctual thinking, science assumes we have instincts, when in reality they are critical thought processes and emotional wavelengths that are commonly shared among our species (sort of self-conditioning over the years) this is NOT instinct as other species knew it, and in fact the “instincts” we feel we share with other species are actually shared thought processes and emotions.. science just refuses to see it as such due to the fact that most analysts throughtout history have wanted to think of humans as separate from the animal world)

    now that that is all clarified, what is the purpose of a dominant species? this is my most perplexing question, as most people refuse to accept themselves as a dominant species if they think symbiotically (positively), because parasitic (negative) thinkers have tried to force their theories on man’s “supremacy” or “deification of self” so as to exert control over others within the species… this is all a fallacy since we all think symbiotically/parasitically we just lean one way or the other (it is very hard to walk down the “middle-path” as taoists call it). the purpose of a “dominant” species isn’t to dominate, or to preen the world, it is to do as we have always done. we are leading to our own destruction for a very good reason, the learning process of the singe entity of the intelligent universe! once the majority of us “move on”, which isn’t to say we’ll all die per se, our energies will be recycled and reused as the dinosaurs fueled us for a great many years (bad example for a lot of you i know). the universe will only be destroyed if ALL thought ceases, and eventually it will die out. not within any micron of time we could even begin to perceive, but it will die as well.. as it is an organizm in another sense beyond our comprehension, in another world far larger than our perception can grasp. you see it’s all a circle of energy when you look at its entirety that never ends.. thats one thing science and I agree on, energy cannot be created nor destroyed it just changes form from one to another. and thats the single entity intelligent universe in a nutshell!

    now that you understand that i hope, i can explain mans mental misunderstanding of awareness (or lack thereof)
    mankind has used many different terms for the internal, innate, and intuitive abilities mankind has always possessed and developed through our (sub)conscious throughout the ages (and thank nature for subcon. otherwise we might not have the understanding and growth we have possible today, it is our greatest tool and possibly even our own salvation!)
    magic, witchcraft, mantra, meditation, psychic ability, whatever fantastical terminology humans have used to describe the mental abilities we have within our minds it’s all relatively a realistic thing and not mystical, or spiritual at all..

    (in fact “spirituality” is a misnomer of mans energy and thought energy of the universe which i covered earlier, mankind used that term and other theological terms to exert control/limitations over others/self when in reality it was just a description of the astrological process of the sun and its “birth, death, rebirth cycle” watch zeitgeist! i wont go into it here)

    mankind has only recently given a good representation of terminology to our abilities:

    telepathy-you all know this as “reading the minds of others” if you take the time to think about someone and critically analyze what theyve thought before or how theyve acted before then its very easy to see the critical analysis of others is this so-called “psychic” ability.. you’ve all know someone well enough to say or think something right before or when they said it.. thats true realistic telepathy.

    precognition-everyone laughs at this one because they really fear it for no good reason really. they think its the ability to see the future! to predict someones success or demise. in reality it is, but not in the way you think.. take any situation, study the history of cultures and others’ actions, critically analyze (in microseconds or decades) what the most likely-least likely and all the shades of grey in between and you are a precog! nothing too magical about that, just critical analysis of situations and interactions of people (instead of individuals as in telepathy)!

    psychometabolism-not too hard to explain, people think this is auto-regeneration or growing limbs or instant healing (think wolverine from x-men) but instead think of the body as a combination of organizms understand each purpose of these organizms, feel them all moving, try and exert not control but symbiosis with your body and you can regenerate at your normal human rate, or if stifled, you can cause a stasis of this healing process (doctors/healers always say the will to live determines whether or not a human will survive..) I myself have seen firsthand two monks, one who caused a papercut to heal almost instantly right before my very eyes! also, in video, i’ve seen a monk literally shut his body off and die.. because he was asked to by a scientist who wanted to understand, so for the sake of understanding and “science” he let himself die.. very sad thing to watch, really. this is uniting your thought energy throughout your body. thats all, very realistic now eh?

    psychokinesis-this ones fun! most people assume that its moving objects at a distance with “..just your mind..”-spooky voice ends there- when in reality its just uniting your thought energy with motion in the world, we’ve all felt that moment, when every motion felt right, fluid, perfect, from walking and avoiding objects to sports and that perfect rush.. then you stumble, and the constraints you place on yourself based on everyday perceptions of others pull you back into their “reality” if you acknowledge that you have your own “reality” among this organism we live on you can use true realistic telekinesis to flow through motion, although with so many outside factors involved it’s no wonder you’re scratching your head about now (im using telepathy you sillies)

    metacreativity-this one makes me laugh! parapsychologists, “psychics, and magicians” claim you can use “ectoplasm” a mysterious substance made of “non-matter” which is nothing really except a hoax a viscus goo that some people in the 1920’s used to cover themselves in (haha) to “prove” the existance of “spirits”. the only spirits i know of are jack, morgan, and popov, this is the easiest to explain but the most critical for alot of “scientists”. it’s just another term for man’s own ingenuity, our ability to pick up a stick and use it to grab ants; to see lightning make sparks make fire, and copy it; to take base components or parts of seemingly a heap of “nothing” and turn it into “something” useful. we can fly for chrissake, we can literally make our imaginations “virtually” real in a “virtual” world made of electronic energy (your computer screen is proof of that!)
    every inventor should appreciate this mental ability and understand the reality of it instantly.. to those scientists who have stepped away from invention and gone towards so-called “explanation” i say go back to creating so you can explain something you can understand.. the world needs no more explanation other than we are just parts of a whole mechanism, quit wasting your time and breath trying to measure the immeasurable! and go invent something!!!

    that’s my feeling on the whole universe, and mankind. oh, there’s one more that im still studying..

    psychoportation-man has always thought this to be the ability to traverse time/space with just thought, so far the only explanation i’ve been able to grasp.. when you die this is the term you should use. the universe recombines your old energy, hence you become one with space/time and therefore traverse it beyond the speed of any mortal comprehension.. of course to reach the destinations wherever your energy might be needed at the time, even multiple destinations, then recombinated in whatever forms necessary.

    I hope this was a learning experience for you all, as it has been/will continue to be for me, if you have any questions comments or other. feel free to email me: I love to hear other peoples reactions to this lil theory of mine(ours actually since it was my studies of history and social operations of mankind that developed/continue to develop this theory) and hopefully through dialoge and discourse i can make this as seamless as possible for digestion, i know it can be alot to take in at once. my name is Matthew, thank you for your time… =P

  18. I’ve pulled negative energies from other people before. Just once, don’t remember how, but I did it somehow. I’ve sensed people’s emotions, and I’ve sensed the presences of ghosts in my homes throughout my life as well as found messages on fogged mirrors after showering.

    Sometimes, I feel sadness from all around as though EVERYTHING around me is miserable.

    This I’m being overwhelmed by some powerful presence. Is this a sort of empathy? How can I increase my power with it, and how can I teach myself to see ghosts? Lastly, are there excercises I can do to help with concentration? I have ADHD-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-and I find it difficult to focus on anything for more than a second or so. I understand that these things require a lot of focus and if I can’t focus then I can’t do them.

  19. My girl friend can take out energy of the others people also sometimes take out my enrgy and after she cleaning it she said that it back renueved . Is this dangerous for me, is it possible. She said that she can whoever can do that she want, but she felt tired when do that. Question it is possible that.and wht is the name of that ability, and when find rticles about it. Thank you for you nswer. Luis

    • Dear Tracey,
      I am going through a lot of negative energy from people. I try to stay positive but when you are encountering too many people’s energy, stability isn’t there. I am somewhat psychic and I can also read people’s misunderstandings of me. They even assume that I have a drinking problem. They do not understand my illness. I was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and other people’s negative energy does not help me at all. I feel like two major political groups are running into me….many many people. I am just an individual caught in the middle. It is destroying me. I feel like kitty being runned over by a truck on the road. Do you have any suggestions of what I can do. I even tried to run away from home and leave permanently to a South American Country and not come back, give up my U.S. citizenship and everything I ever knew. No matter what I try with people, I am always wrong. Please protect me. Thank you. I need your prayers if you believe in them. Love, Helene Shinde