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Jackie asks for advice

Today I’d like to post another submission by Jackie who wrote to me before and asked advice about feeling other people’s pain about two months ago. Today, Jackie continues to tell her story and once again asks for advice. Please write in comments your advices if you believe you can help her. My advice is after her letter. Here’s what Jackie wrote:

I wrote about my ability to feel heat from gliding my hands over a persons body. I know the heat is really pain. I can feel the size and intensity of the pain. My search for knowledge is what if anything is next. Will healing be next?

When I joined this blog I didn’t have much confidence in myself or if I was gifted. I felt like I was at a threshold peeking through a door. After reading this blog daily I’ve now entered a door and now in mid-life know that I am truly gifted.

You see, many memories are coming back to me from childhood. I’ve always just been this way and it’s never been a big deal.

The most recent memories are the tools that helped me enter the door. I grew up thinking that all kids knew who was calling when the phone rang. This is before caller ID!

When the phone rang my mother would say, “jackie, who’s calling, is it a bill collector? (at age 9, my father passed and times were rough) I thought all kids did that.

Both my father and my grand-father worked for the railroad and both were engineers. The chicken farm was a business that perhaps was started because we had a great deal of acreage.

Recently like a flash a memory came back to me. I could almost hear my mother stating for the first time, “yes, Jackie, we all know you can understand and a talk with the animals, but don’t ever tell anyone.” We had not only chickens but a small variety of barn yard animals.

We did have a wild bob-cat. I was the only person that could feed it because no one else could get close enough without being clawed. The bob-cat clawed my brothers arms so badly that blood was dripping every where.

I must have been 7 or 8 years old and only recently remembered my gift with animals. I still find that a little hard to believe but my life events are starting to fall into place now.

Again around the age of 9-10 every time my mother and I went to Sunday mass I fainted. I was always carried out to an ambulance and off to the hospital I went. I thought most kids passed out in church. The priest finally told my mother that God will understand if I don’t attend mass. Being a kid I was thrilled!

I had many brain waves. I hated them because my flaming long red hair would have glue left on it after each brain wave. It hurt so much when it was time to get combed out. Doctors of all kinds did many exams. I had physical exams tests, and even spoke with psychiatrists. No one knew the cause of fainting in church.

Can you believe that now, middle of my life it’s coming back to me? My mother stressed many times for me not to tell anyone about events I knew would happen. I cried one day because I knew she was going to be in a car accident. She was and she had a minor injury but again I was told not to tell anyone that I knew it was going to happen.

Anyone gone through anything like this?

I have memories flood my brain at times yet I can still shut them out because at times all of the information that seems to be coming to me is a bit much. My life is in turmoil right now so I feel I can’t handle a great deal.

any advice??? please??

Dear Jackie, let me give you a piece of advice on the matters you wrote in this mail. It seems to me you have a lot of fear gathered in you about your abilities. Most probably this fear was “planted” into you by your mother when you were a kid. Just like you wrote above, she asked you not to tell anyone. These oppressed feelings and the fear that your mother must have felt given your extraordinary abilities have been with you all your life. And now, when your gift returns, so return your fear. I my opinion you need to do several things:

First, during a quite time alone, enter a meditative state… close your eyes and imagine your mother coming to you. In this visualization talk to her and forgive her for these fears that she put into you when you were young. Tell her that you understand her and forgive her. See how she accepts your apology and feel good about it. This seemingly simple meditation can have great relieving effect on you and will help you accept yourself as well. You might want to repeat this meditation with other people in your life who somehow need your forgiveness. It is very liberating.

Second, you need to accept this gift of yours and be happy that you have it. You can help people more easily and better than most other people. Yes, I think that healing might be a good choice for you but that’s something that you have to decide for yourself, since helping other people is not easy as well. You can find a great selection of books on healing or some healing modalities that “talk” to you. Looks like energy healing techniques might be best because of your current extra-sensory abilities. So, look for Quantum Touch, Reiki, Qi-Gong and similar techniques. I’ve written before about Quantum Touch and there are lots of instructors in the USA.

If you have a lot of emotion and fear, you might want to learn the easy to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which is truly great for letting go of unwanted emotions and fears. Read my review of EFT.

I hope this will get you started, Jackie. Let me know if you need further help and I hope some other readers will be able to help you as well.

All the best,





  1. Hey guys… I relate to some of your talents. That’s why I’m online tonight, actually, to find out if I can get a little better at whatever you want to call this. Sometimes I have streaks where I just can’t miss, you know? I know what songs going to come on the radio, I’ll be thinking about something random, and then an hour later someone talks about it. I’ll know who’s calling on the phone. I had a dream two days ago about an old boyfriend I haven’t seen in two years, and he calls out of the blue! More often I have dumb dreams like my mom buys crab at the store for dinner (she’s only done that ONCE) and lo and behold, she comes home with crab. I mean, what good does that do anyone. Still, it’s amusing.. BUT Jackie, I’ve always been sensitive to bad vibes, too. Once in church I looked at the back of someone’s head by chance, he turned all the way around to look at me, and I felt hot and my heart raced and I just knew this was not a good guy. I’ve come across people that I couldn’t stand to look in the eye either because they had a lot of sorrow inside them, or they weren’t good people. It doesn’t scare me now, like it used to. I don’t know if you believe in spiritual warfare. 😉 BTW as a catholic, I know the church…well, MY church.. does encourage healing. It IS from God, after all. I have friends who do reiki etc. I’ve gone to charismatic masses and ppl have spoken in tongues… the Holy Spirit talks in a lot of different ways.

  2. Jackie, you’re not alone in this respect. I possess some of the talents that you do, albeit not to nearly the same extent.

    For example, I have lost count of the number of times that I’ve dreamt of a flickering moment that came to pass. Whether it was about walking down some unimportant street, listening to a song while sitting on the couch or seeing my classmates debates over how to pronounce a peculiar name, I would remember things *exactly* as they came to pass. What’s even more odd is that some of these events would not actually occur for 6 months and possibly more (I can only remember so much).

    The part of your story that really has me in a tizzy is how you would faint in church. I might be able to relate, as I attended a Reiki Buddhist meeting on my university campus a couple of weeks ago.

    When the group started chanting in Japanese, I felt a surge of – how to describe this – goosebumps that covered my head, neck and both arms. The sensation gradually faded away and had dissipated beyond what I could sense about 10-15 seconds after the chanting ceased.

    Does this help you?


    • You bet, your comment does fill in a few areas. My first thought; WOW, I’m not the only one! I had forgotten too that the fainting started every time I was kneeling. The physycians said I shouldn’t kneel any more during the service. No cure! I still fainted sitting or standing.
      I love the nice kind of goose bumps! The kind I still get from a couple of high pitch sounds. There are a few other sources that cause the GOOD Goose Bumps. They make me feel like I’m being covered in a warm blanket of a rare peace. You know?
      The BAD GOOSE Bumps make me shiver! The cause of the bad ones are always from standing next to a person. Either the person has a serious illness or the person is a BAD human being. The kind that is truly evil, like a trader or murderer.
      If experienced the GOOD kind more often but in all the goose bumps haven’t happened that much throughout my life.
      Now that you mentioned it, I had the GOOD bumps quite often during church.
      Thank you so very much!

      • The “good bumps” is something I’ve experienced before too, especially in church. I always took that as a sign of God communicating with me. I never thought of it in terms of the parapsychological.

        I wonder what the church stance is on this sort of stuff. You’d think that if someone *could* develop a healing ability, it should be encouraged.

        Maybe that is a topic for somewhere else.