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How to bend a spoon using your mind

Update: after you finish reading this article, there are more detailed instructions and photos in the article: Spoon bending instructions and pictures.

I’m continuing the articles on spoon bending. A reader of the site wrote me about his way of bending spoons and forks with his mind. I’ve emailed him back for some clarifications and decided to post his approach here.

I’d be glad if you take the needed time and try it at home (I believe you wouldn’t be too sad if you break a spoon this way). Read below Mike’s description:

Spoon bending (I can do this). Here’s the answer:

You require a peak emotional experience; i.e. the first time you fell in love (the goose bumps of your first kiss), the time you were so scared you thought you were going to die. The wrenching feeling in your stomach before a speech. Those are peak experiences.

Now the exact experience I find works best is the AWE experienced of seeing someone bend a spoon. The more you amplify that feeling the more powerful the effect 🙂 YOU HAVE TO REALLY GET INTO IT!!! some people yell and stuff I find thats really for those that cant feel that well. For someone that helps them focus.

Next release that feeling to the spoon, wanting to share that feeling with the spoon.

You can pass this feeling to the spoon, when you do so you ask it to bend repeatedly in tone. This means you want to pass it as if you were chanting it (this has to do with the vibrational properties of the signal).

Then it bends, I’m still practicing a lot to make it much stronger. Practice makes perfect.

Oh, and start with cheap spoons that are easily bendable. Then move up to forks and thicker spoons. 😉 You can feel it being bendable when you get it right.

P.S. A PK party is easier to start at because people are excited and you will absorb some of that. Stress or any doubt will cause it not to work too.

I then asked him how one should hold the spoon and if I need to bend it with some force or not. Here’s his answer:

The part about holding the spoon isn’t important. Having a point of
contact helps you focus on the spot or the spoon or “feeling the
spoon”. Many people I’ve seen do it imagine a ball of energy above
their head and shooting into the spot in the spoon.

And helping the spoon bend in the beginning using your hands and
force is definitely the way to start. The better you get the less
force you need. Try bending a spoon just with brute strength and it
will make a for a good comparison. It will bend a lot easier when
you are able to PK it =) Don’t be afraid to use force at first its
a practice thing and the difference when you use PK is pretty
startling even when you suck. I’ve seen a 6 year old bend thick stuff
that in no way they can bend.

The energy pushing I have not practiced yet but the description was
how I was taught too. 😉

For additional exercise of psychokinesis see Jar and Pendulum psychokinesis exercises

Further discussion on spoon bending is in the forums at Spoon bending discussion.





  1. I’ve finally done it what an incredible experience

  2. A believe reading “The Law of One” may be of assistance for those seeking information regarding both spirtuality and a way to bend the spoon better.

    • hey men , pls do teach me , iam confused but very exited and interested to do such things …do guide me plssss …

  3. I’ve enjoyed watching that video and reading the post ^.^ I’m searching for telekinesis tutorials and got here.

    I’m also visiting a site with tutorials on telekinesis and where to start, for those who wanna read and learn, like most of the posters, you guyz can visit it here at

    I think this might help here in this telekinesis topic for those searching for some tutorials. Also, there are other stuffs you may be interested reading in that site aside from telekinesis. Do you guyz think levitation could be possible too? I do believed on these things ^.^

  4. ive been trying to bend and move things with my mind for a week or so but nothing happens. can someone explain a step by step to learn how?

  5. *I’ve been practising dis 5 days,but still nothing happnd,my members think me CRAZY doing dis thing….plz2…teach me how to do it…plz send me email at
    4rm Brunei*

    • 5 days????? You are sad. Takes me five seconds to bend a spoon now. First you really got to get mad at the spoon, I mean… call her names get down and dirty, spit at it if you have to, tell her in a demanding tone… BEND BITCH!! BEND YOU M…FU..BITCH! You will see results immediatly.

  6. Let me know how to do it i need to learn Pls. teach me


  7. Hello I try bend spoon but does not bend. Then spoon get red hot and burned house!

  8. I am a fifty-six year old Hollywood cameraman. In 1976, I was hired to shoot some still photos for the Whole Life Expo, a New Age Convention held at the Mayflower Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The publicist and I stopped by the day before the Expo to scout the location. The ballroom where the Expo was to be held was filled with the usual vendors’ booths, tables and chairs, a small stage, but hardly any people. The publicist recognized two of the featured guests: a red-haired man around thirty and his freckled son, who looked to be around thirteen. His jeans and T-shirt were dirty as if he had just come in from playing baseball. The publicist introduced us and said the boy could bend silverware like Uri Geller. Skeptical, I asked if the boy would mind demonstrating his skills for us so I could take some photos. They agreed and instructed me to find a spoon or fork. I walked over to a pile of hotel silverware on a nearby table and picked up a heavy, silver-plated tablespoon. We pulled some chairs into a circle and sat down. I handed the spoon to the boy. I was never farther than two feet away from the boy and I purposely did not take my eyes off of the spoon. The boy held the spoon up in front of us in his right hand and began absent-mindedly rubbing the handle just below the ladle with his thumb and forefinger. As he did so, his father was teling us stories about their son’s psycho-kinesis, including how he and his wife had found the silverware in a kitchen drawer warped and bent following a temper-tantrum by their son when he was just a toddler. The father noticed how closely and intently I was watching the spoon and suggested I didn’t have to watch so hard since his son would tell us when the spoon started to bend. Oh, yeah, sure, I thought to myself. The boy was staring off into space as he continued rubbing the spoon. After about a minute he said, “It’s starting.” As my friend and I watched, the boy held the handle lightly between his fingertips as the ladle of the spoon began slowly curling backwards. When it was at a 90 degree angle to the handle, I quickly (and rudely) snatched the spoon from the boy’s hand and tried to bend it where it had curled: I couldn’t. This was not a magic trick; it happened. I was so flabbergasted that I completely forgot to take any pictures. I don’t remember the father and son’s names but I remember they lived in Whittier, California. Would anyone have any idea who they were?

  9. Eyah… Im a natural with the mind powers, for instance i just turned off my tv by saying “turn off.”

    And i turned off my lights by just “clapping two times!”


  10. I’ve not much to say about this since i have not taken the time to bend a spoon- drawing energy from meditation- however
    I have watched a good friend of mine’s mother bend several with out force.
    She’s your typical 50ish little quiet mother- very gentle and as far as strength goes pretty weak.
    She takes a low impact wushu class a few times a week and through such had met a fellow that helped her to sharpen her meditation skills.
    My friend had shown me 3 spoons, which she had bend all by herself while dining with her meditational master- and upon seeing them i asked her to bend one infront of me.
    (i tried to bend one with brute strength first- only to make it kinda wavy– not swirled, bent over or looped in anyway- I am a drummer for a punk/ska band and play hard regularly and also am a 19 year old girl- known to be pretty strong)

    anyway, she closed her eyes, focus her breathing, cleared her mind, i assume, and then- the second she opened her eyes she gripped the tip of the spoon (bowl end) continued to hold it secure with her other and looped the darn thing like it was wet clay four times right before my eyes.

    it couldnt have been a trick.. I picked the spoon randomly.
    I tried bending the spoon at different points and using different methodes. I wasn’t able.. and she was… and this is a lady who can’t open a picke jar without help.

    I suggest that beyond meditation and the focus of energy- believers- wish to be believers and full skeptics should also take a look into quantum mechanics and physics. I’ve done a lot of reading myself but have seen a movie recently that touched upon many of the subjects i’ve studied called “what the bleep do we know”
    check it out

    • Great Movie, I acually own it. If you like that one also go check out “What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole”. This one is also very good. And of course find this movie and give this to your good friends mother. She will love it as I am sure you would too. “The illuminating Chakras”. Bending spoons is one thing and I realize now that once you bend one the rest come all to easy.

      • hi

        my name is alex i had never tried bending a spoon but i have been trying is the psi wheel i’m able to make it speen for a while i think everyone who want to learn tk should star from psi wheel you only need a
        4*4 paper
        a base
        put the needle in the bade the pointy side should ne up put the paper on top put your hand between each side and consentrade
        i hope some of you tried it out it work for me the first time and i’m improven my slef more but if you got some tip about the psi wheel not the spoon plz tell me

  11. Why would you waste your time bending spoons when you could be eating off of them? I mean come on! Cereal, rice pudding, yogurt, ice cream, soup…The list goes on forever… Well anyway, I find eating off of spoons more amazing than this…Or maybe, I could try and bend a spoon..with FOOD on it! WHILE eating it! YEAH! That would be TOTALLY amazing. My ideas are the best and you know it. I’ll bend it with my mouth. YOU’LL SEE [:<

  12. Hey well really i tried this “TRICK” many many times for many years!and not once have i ever got it!i odnt know if im doing something wrong or what but anyone PLEASE email me! or

  13. work on the psi wheel more. if you want more details my emails if you have a myspace id rather you email me on that, i check it more often.

  14. I bended it , just got the head of it to its middle , after i finished that , i started to think , actually i can do it with my hands , without thinking ! , maybe my spoon was too small and easy to bend , maybe it is my mind , cant tell , but nice job after all .. i think it is great feeling 🙂

    • It is a beautiful feeling when you can acually do it. The first time I did it, I was happy I could not contain myself. I preformed this for about 20 people the other day and had them all bend there spoons as well. They were all happy and knowing that I helped them achieve this state of happiness made me feel more worth for myself. The skeptics that can’t do this will never be able to do this. I am only interested in helping those that want to do this so they can feel just as happy as you do when you achieved this. My love and happyness to you….

      • Please email me at with instructions on how to learn to bend a spoon

      • I am also tryin’ this
        plz send me some steps on how to do this..

      • hey , very help full info BTW …ill surely try it …but i wanted to ask if a mind could really do this much why dont u guys go with it even further …i mean that clearly proofs that a human mind has enough power to change the physically matter why not train it to do most of your daily things …like picking up thing without even bending for them or tring to fail the gravitation (just a thought) ……and if it is really so does that means many of the tricks played by magicians may be for real like flying in air nd stuff like that ????? pls do reply with all the answers to my query at ..
        thnks for the post ny ways 🙂

  15. is it possible to bend a spoon with your mind only no tricks no gimmicks.

    • Yes it is. Like i said the mind is a very powerful tool you just have to know how to use the negative yet positive energy in a conservative way. The power of believing.

    • I there could u please email me hw to bend the spoons. Thnk u

  16. Spoon bending is possible. It’s the force of negative and positive energy, but using it in a conservative manner. Distraction is one yet leaving your force focused on the spoon is another. Positive is not always a good energy. It’s always good to also have some negative energy but as said before use it in a conservative manner. I did this spoon bending on April 29th 2007. I have looked for fraud pages on this and there has been several. One thing i have for everyone to read is. use your Hyperfocus (flow) in this process. Don’t get off bored distracted and let your mind loose. The mind is a very powerful tool so use it wisely.

  17. Shannan, can u email me at and teach me how you bend a spoon…?

  18. im 13 yaers old

    god, i can bend it rely good, with hands, but how do you do it with no physical force!!!! help help help help

  19. I am really interested in all the spoon bending and TK stuff, but its not working for me, im really trying my best and i feel that i am able to do it, but its just not working! i think i need some advice and help :S…i think i maybe have to go with the method of distraction because i find it difficult to meditate properly…think i need some guidance from the experts

  20. I trying do bend steel plates now.

  21. Hello again group,

    This is my second email today but just wanted to share something that I see recurring over and over on this site, AND on the PK Partys web site, too, and that is the method of “Letting Go”, and “Letting it Happen”, the AWE way of thinking, etc…

    This so called Distraction method seems to work, and I just wanted to give an analogy I read years ago in one of Henry Reeds books like “Awakening Your Psychic Powers….” which is all about Edgar Cayce and his methods of Channeling.

    Henry said that Cayce mentions to “Get out of your Own way” to let the process of Channeling start. This is a definite correlation about the method of PK and Spoon Bending “Letting Go”, and “to look elsewhere to let the spoon bend” AFTER you give the Command to BEND…..You THEN GET DISTRACTED!!! RIGHT?

    If you do a google/yahoo search for ….”get out of your own way Edgar Cayce”…………you will find much on Edger Cayces most excellent method of distracting the mind to trigger channeling……again, notice how the methods of his and OURS (PK) is simular?

    I hope the email earlier of the different EEG Brain States (Alpha, THETA, and especially Delta stirrs some interest and conversations, too. Again, the Russians discovered it 40+ years ago. Seems we as westerners want to try too hard and stay in the Beta (everyday consciousnes) state. The REAL energy for PK seems to be in RELAXING and LETTING GO, huh?

    Lots of methods, like Geller said. I just think there is common thread running through all or most of them with PK.

    What do you think?


  22. I’ve been trying to bend a spoon for 2 days,today is the third day and still nothing.But I can’t say I’m disappointed because today I foun out I can rotate stuff,light like paper and it’s a bit freaky.So how ti bend a spoon?I believe I can do it,so should I keep trying?

  23. If you really want to know how to do this, watch this video.

    • Clearly, the method in this video has nothing to do with what Shannan displayed in his video. Nobody tries to teach a stage magic trick here, especially as simple as this one.

  24. Buzz, what are you talking about?

    • There are many of ways to bend soons… some people use a distraction. Others use meditation. But I do somthing entirely different. What I do, Is I hold the spoon/fork in my hand, between my ring ,and middle fingers. I then imagine somthing peaceful, such as a calm ocean, or the clouds in the sky. I rely on those thoughts for as long as possible, keeping a steady breath, and not focusing on other things. while thinking of the happy thoughts, I imagine thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of pounds of energy crushing the spoon in my hands. the spoon bends, and success is accomplished. (PS: Be very careful, if your chakras are probibly unbalanced, you may find it painful when trying to bend the spoon. thats why it is important to drink a bottle of water, and eat a fruit, such as an apple, before attempting this technique.)ohh, and one last thing. to learn more about chakras, go to what this woman teaches is very interesting, and could come in handy for the future.
      thank you for your time,
      Uri Geller

      • Whoa…. its really Uri geller… tahts so sweeeet. ey, I tried to bend the spoon the way you did and it really works. I bent it my first try. So thakz a lot dude… oh yah, by the way, ur website is totally rad. I like the way you made the pages n stuff. well gotta go. ill make sure i tell my frends about ur awsom abilitys!!!

        • No problem, after all… we are all psychics…

        • Good Day again Uri,
          I have tryed your method and I am still having problems. Could you write me direct and explain a little more in detail this method.

          Thank you,

        • I have read your forum on your technique on bending spoons, stick with it… Everybody uses a different method. Don’t listen to those books or ebooks that say you can bend a spoon within 24 hours or so. They will not work for you, or anyone else. Like I said before, we all have different methods as to bend spoons. Since there is not anybody quite like you, and since everybody is different, the techniques very in ranges. For example; lets say that you have a twin sister, and your twin sister is exactly like you. You both try the same method.One prevails, while the other fails. See my point? What I am saying is, even though someone tells you u can, do not always believe it. Under any circumstances, under stand? just like when you told the world your method of bending… did anybody else accomplish it? No, and that is excactly my point.

        • Hello MR. Geller,

          Wow, can’t believe it’s you. I am a mid 50 year old guy that still can remember you on Johnny Carson, and was very impressed.
          It’s GREAT that you are giving tips to us want to be spoon benders and general PK interested people.
          I for one can’t seem to do it.
          Years ago I visited the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, Tx. when Helmut Schmidt was there and talked with him at length, and he even had me try his FAMOUS Ramdon Number Generator to see if I would influnce it.
          Well, I did and he said I did A VERY good job of influncing it’s moments and direction, too! Not bragging, it’s just that I have read everything form A-Z on Parapsychology, etc, and am very interested in this stuff.
          Well, I would like to talk with you more sometimes. I have read some of your books, too, and Hey, I’ve seen Kreskin in Las Vegas about a year or so ago and he was great, too. That’s a story I’ll share with you if you would like for me to email you. Lots of Laughs for ME in paticular because I have read some of his books, too and KNEW what he was doing.
          Super show, anyway!

          Well, your tips as to “Everyone uses a different method for spoon bending” are WELL taken. I also like your technique of Visualization of 1000’s of Lbs of weight, too. Visualization is Essential, as we all well know, and I’m glad you said it again.

          Hope to talk to you again,
          Las Vegas

        • PS: Just to tell you Shannan, if you are trully a believer, and you have a vivid imagination, you may just find my method of bending acceptable for you…
          Uri Geller

        • I do not usually do this, but… If you want to talk more direct, my email is I beleive that you could be truly an amazing psychic…

        • Hmmmmmm


      • HELP!!!
        I have been trying to do PK things but can’t pls help.

      • Can any one do this??

  25. Oh, hell. Dont bother with youtube or more still pictures. I will watch the video from where you earn the million dollars from James Randi. When are you planning on signing up for that? A million dollars! What WILL your excuse be for not getting it? Will it be negative energy? Always popular with your folks. Or will it be that this “gift” is too pure to prostitute for mere money? We anxiously await!

  26. If you honestly can bend a spoon then please make a video and put it on youtube or google. Even with a camera it is easy to do this trick but I want to see you “twist” it 8 times. Remote viewing or even a slight bend in a spoon is believable, but 8 times! On video, or else we will all think it is a pub trick.

    Cheers mate

  27. I’ve been trying to bend spoons for a little over a week.
    I’ve gone outside at night and stood in the very still snow. I tryed for a little over an hour then gave up. I suppose I wasn’t concentrating hard enough.

    I’ll continue to try and post back with updates.

  28. Guys for some reason I cant do it. I belive in mind over body but its just not working for me.

  29. The trick at issue here is not the magician’s trick, though
    of course there’s a lot of that around.

    The exercise is designed so people can fool themselves
    into thinking they didn’t apply enough force to bend the
    article, so it must be psychic. “And helping the spoon bend
    in the beginning using your hands and force is definitely
    the way to start,” the article says. Helping the spoon?

    • Scientifically speaking the metal turns hot when the first bend starts. Maybe the heat treats the metal and makes it looser. But I swear to you, when i do it, it feels like rubber that is a little stiff. When I bent that fork the other day I got 5 loops around, and the knots where very tight, metal against metal. People have told me that when they just try to bend it as a normal person would try, that they can bend it just a little and not like the loops I did.

      And for the skeptics, I just wish you could see this in action, better yet I wish I could teach you this and then after you can make your own judgement. I am simply just trying to show you and help you achieve this. My wife today did her first spoon after me sitting with her and coaching her. You should of seen the excitement after she was done. I am so proud of her…


      also called Telekinesis, in parapsychology, the action of mind on matter, in which objects are caused to move or change as a result of mental concentration upon them. The physical nature of psychokinetic (PK) effects contrasts with the cognitive quality of extrasensory perception (ESP), the other major grouping of parapsychological phenomena. Levitation is said to result from powers of psychokinesis; …

      • Wish skeptics could see it? I’ve done it. I just bent
        a cheap spoon “as a normal person would do.” Four
        loops, easy. Looked a lot like the video at (though the vid shows only 2 3/4
        loops the way I count).

        Psychokinesis? I bent it with my hands, same as you.

        If you still think its your psychic power and not your
        hands, you could test that. Put the spoon on a table in
        front of you. Concentrate; shout “bend bend” or
        whatever; just don’t touch it. How many loops now?

      • Hello, group,

        Lots of GREAT comments here! I just HOPE Uri Geller stays with us for a little while longer and chats again sometimes.

        Hey folks I’ve researched this stuff for about 25 years now starting with the Duke Univ. PK studies and followed it up with all sorts of books and SCIENTIC Studies Using the famous and credible EEG Brain Wave Machine hooked up to Mathew Manning, Geller, and Many others by Scientist, and Physisist (spelling?) have concluded that the LOWER Brain freequencies are REASONSIBLE for the energy associated with PK, RV, Etc…..

        If you do a simple Google/Yahoo web search using PK and Altered States and EEG and or Brain Waves, etc… you will get a wealth of info on just HOW PK in particular is triggered!

        I just have a few minutes now but there are Many web sites that talk abot the successful PK experiments observed while PK was produced in “Lower Theta, and Alpha” waves emitted from their brain.

        Now, I don’t want to sound like an expert, BUT most of these sites, Like PK Partys, and others DO seem to have a common denominator when they talk about “Letting Go”, and being UN-Conscious. Even Geller in his most recent Email to the group mentions visualizing and Imagining CALM OCEAN and the SKY, First, THEN he brings tremendous force down upon his spoon WHILE in this THETA, or Delta CALM state.

        I hope to get some chat about this type of Calm, detached Lower Frequence state that is so well talked about.

        Hay, evern the book “Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain” mentions the Russians proved that “The Delta Freequence is the Doorway to Psychic Phenomenia”. I have it on the web!!!

        HEY Geller….where You at???…Thanks again for the emails!


        • That’s cool, I like your output. I am a right brainer as far as Art and Psychic Abilities but also a left brainer as I do wensite design and coldfusion programming which involves logic. I like comments like your which dictate that the reasons we have esp are…. Theta waves and other brain power is a logical way of explaining the Psychic phenomena in all humans. Your way of putting it is in a clean and constructive format. I will do more research on this. Thank you so much for writing….


        • Hello Shannon,

          Glad you like my input. There’s LOTS on the web about this PK stuff if you do different web searches.

          I just posted another email at the bottom of the page. check it out. I’m not trying to Blow my horn, i’m just trying to discover what most of these PK methods have in common when you take them apart. Maybe well never know for sure.
          BUT there are some good ideas!

          Again, seems Scientist say Lower Brain Freequences, and this method of Distraction or Letting Go (to let the Sub-conscious WORK for you) seems to be good techniques. Cayce: Get OUT of your own way!!! for channeling.

          Just one more thought that makes these two methods work good together is that in our Conscious or Beta state we are full of fears about failure and everything else. SO when we let go like most say to do and get distracted and just empty our minds then our Subconscious can WORK for us. It doesn’t know fear (if we don’t feed it any), and it is POWERFUL, too. Scientist say that there’s STILL energy expended in these Psychic Lower freequencnes states.
          Food for thought?

          What ever happend to Geller? Hope he pops in again sometimes.


        • It’s the site owner.
          I don’t believe any of the two people signing as Uri Geller were actually him.
          Their IPs were from South Africe and from New Jersey, which makes it kinda obvious that it wasn’t the real man.

        • Hello,

          Good point about the person claiming to be Geller. I have thought about that same question, too. Lots of immitators.

          Oh Well, maybe someone needs to email his REAL web site and ask him. He did put a yahoo address in one of his posts here, too.

          The funny thing about it is that his methods ARE sound and logical on his recent posts. Geller or Not.

          Anyway, moderator, Good point. Lets see what happens next.

          Next someone will pretend to be Kreskin, or Jesus! Who knows.


      • hi i started to move aluminium on a needle (psi-wheel) and im able to twirl it a little bit ! and i want to know how to bend some spoon…? need help plzzz


        • dude, you will have to get way better before going to spoons. after the psi wheel go to giving and taking away pain.

  30. Alot of you guy’s that are skeptics a retarded you can’t explain everything in life you guy’s are more dumber then retarded people combined cause you guy’s think you can explain everything for whats happening Not!.

    • I kow what your saying. UPDATE: I did two forks the other day for 5 people at lunch, and this time I keep everything inside. I didn’t have to yell bend, and the breathing was not as intense. It was like Remembering where I go inside my head and then POP. This is done by practice..

      happy bending

    • I think that you’re mistaken in your description of skeptics. Of course, to describe an entire group of people as in either a positive or negative light will undoubtedly overlook people who don’t “fit the profile,” but I have to say that most skeptics don’t claim to “explain everything.” In fact, there’s a lot of uncertainty in science; for a great example of a skeptic who most definitely doesn’t claim to “explain everything,” see Michael Shermer’s “Why People Believe Weird Things.”

      That being said, that doesn’t prove that certain claims are true or false. There’s a lot of logical fallacies involved here, but in the end, it’s the evidence for a claim that determines its truth or falsity.

      And I don’t think that name calling is going to help….

  31. Why would you need all those methods I’mean can you just clear your head just like that and not waste your time meditating and why do you have to do 15 breaths isn’t like 5 enough or even one with just one big giant breathe and out an walla and of course I think you need to tell the other people that typed here before me that they don’t need to concentrate that hard to make the spoon or fork bend

    and since you did this do you have to breath that slow to just make an object do what you want and further more can you say bend out loud inside your mind or do you really have to shout it out of your mouth to make that happen?.

  32. Its a trick sleight of hand. You bend the spoon fork before hand and hold it in suc a way that it does not look bent, you distract the rube by talking and get them to focus on something else. Rub the spoon and pretend to reveal that its bending. If you believe someone is rally bending the spoon with their mind, wait till you see them pull a quarter from behind your ear.


  33. hmmmmmm. stupidity is everywhere.

  34. You guys are dummies for thinking this is anything other than a trick.

    If this were possible, our world would be a far different place.

    • LOL!

    • dude, im the one who posted above you. i posted that three months ago and now im levitating all sorts of crap.

  35. If you are interested in this subject, use this post to request the photos and the artical I wrote. If you need help just write me back, but reply to this post so I catch everyone. Thank you,

    Shannan Rohde

    • dear friends
      can someone write me the 1 by 1 procedure of spoon bending please

    • is it possible to get more simple directions and pics from you? ive been using micro pk and i want to learn macro pk(spoon bending) im 15 years old and have been building skill for two years now.

    • Hey Shannan

      can u send me how to do it and some pics of the spoon you bent

      i definately believe that its possible because my friend was once at a basketball court and he was really angry and accidentaly he managed to bend a basket ball hoop to about a fifteen degree angle

      and we have both been tryin ever since but i have not succeded but my friend has occasonaly bent some things but not much


  36. It’s NOT bending.

  37. After reading this blog I went to the kitchen and picked up a spoon. I was mad that I had been lied to after reading in Paul Smiths book – Reading The Enemy’s Mind that the US military had spoon bending parties!!! So I guess the power charge for me was “those lying bastards” and I looked at the spoon and said “bend you bastard”, then looked out the window and sure enough the spoon went limp and it bent around twice. I was so freaked out and didn’t hardly believe it so I grabbed a fork and went nuts. In 10 minutes I had bent up about 15 pieces including a butter knife!!!

    SO anyone that says it is a hoax is a liar!!! Remember that!

    • Awesome Orion. I think that is very beautiful. I am glad some one else finally got it as well. I am on a forum that I posted photos of me bending the spoon and you can clearly see the energy aura around me. And in the bending it’s self there are two photos of me on top of each other. I thought it was a camera flaw but I believe it was multi-dimentional. Meaning when we bend the spoon we go into a different state of mind which is 4D in nature meaning time and space. Do you not agree/ Think about the feeling when you were doing it. Right before and after the spoon. Write it down. pass on more infomation so each and everyone that has not done it yet, will. I am very happy for you. =-)

      I did a spoon at lunch with three co-workers and I had them all tell the spoon to bend and hold it before I was handed it back. After I bend it you should of seen the looks on the faces. One of them took it home for a sovienier and said 5 young strond men tryed to bend it back and all failed.

      lol that was nice hearing that….

      I have the photos if you want to see them, just e-mail me.

      • Hi Shannon. I was wondering if you could send me a picture of the spoon you bent at I don’t meen to seem skeptical, i really want to try to bend something but i read that if you are negative about it then it won’t work. I believe that if i can look at the picture of the spoon and really try to believe that it is possible then i will try to bend a spoon and who knows, maybe it will work!
        at the moment i think i lean more towards skepticism. but i want to try it to prove myself wrong:)
        Also, I was wondering if age has anything to do with how well telekinesis works. since i am only 16 i wonder if maybe i am just not old enough to really understand the “inner power” required to do something like bending a spoon with my mind!

        • I have sent you a detailed information e-mail on this with three pictures of the fourth spoon I bent. Happy bending and let me know how it works out for you.

        • Dear Shannan,
          How are you doing.I just checked your post about Bending spoons. Can you tell me the procedure.I will appreciate for your help.

        • Send me too, send me too! It sounds interesting! So, please send me too 🙂

        • plz send me to. i have always been fascinated by this and i want to do it to.

          thank you so much

      • hi, i was trying to bend a spoon but i just cant
        so please can you help me too 🙂

      • I would like to see these photos. Can you email them to me

      • hello sahana, i first time visit the site . and i don”t belive it yet. would you plz send me your photograph and tips for how to do it. many times it happens with me that my friend has taken my pencil when i am reading and i don’t know about it,so it is my concenstration or lack of awarness? plz reply

      • Hi Shannan Rohde!

        Im 17 years old and have been givin the gift of drawing.
        I think i might have pk power or something as well coz the other day i was looking at a basketball flotting in my pool. i closed my eyes and pictured it as a drawing that i would draw, and how it felt like, and what colour it was ( like if i was to draw and paint it in my mind). when i opened my eyes my hands felt realy hot. So i looked at the ball and thought of my self being right next to it and pushing it. like 3 seconds later i was able to push the ball with my mind like 15 feet away. it felt as if i was holding the ball in my hands!!! the ball was like floting to where i would push it. i haven’t bent a spoon yet but i have been practicing pushing things after noicing that i cld do that 3 months ago. just before i typed this out i pushed a pepsi bottle off my coffee table! i think its pretty cool being able to do this. oh yeah just b4 i go i would like to say that when i did that pushing thing with the basketball i have been having dreams about things that happen to me within a week. lik last week i had a dream about my self winning an award for ‘best use of colour’ in art. a week later that happened. i had a dream of my brohter being beaten up. within a week it happen to him. but the most scaryest of they all was that i had a dream of a mount blowing up. its been 4 days since that dream. im a bt scared coz i live next to a mountain! i live in new zealand, in taranaki. in taranaki there is a place called stratford. stratford is next 2 a mountain that has been quite for 500 years plus. and scienest said it would blow up in the next 50 years! anyway get back to me asap coz i think im going nuts! lol

  38. Ive been praticing for about three days, and I finally got it to bend today. The last two days I was using forks, and today I tried a spoon and it worked! Email me if you want to know how I did it!

    • Howd you do it plzz??

      • It is acually very simple, for the people that are not getting it, the trick is to un-concentrate. learn how to unfocus. Let he energy of the area help you, the trees, the people. Cause a ruckus. collective energy really helps. I tryed this yesterday night for the first time after seeing it done by Brian O’ Leary. I did Deep breathing, breathing in the universe and when I exhaled I imagined it going into my Chi area (solar Plexus) When I was excited and started to get light headed I looked at the spoon and yelled very loud, BEND!, BEND!, BEND! and then looked at something else like my grapefriut tree, when i was focused on the my grapefruites the metal of the spoon felt like rubber. the metal was hot (not real hot) and then i twisted it in about 8 knots.

        What i was doing was focusing on the grapefruits, and sub-conciously focusing on the spoon. This created un-focus.

        Give it a try and let me know if you get it and it happends. Write me and I will help each and everyone of you try to get it.

        It took me 8 seconds of meditation and BOOM. My next step is I am going to try to acually bend it with one hand. Kind of like the Matrix, when Neo was talking to one of the children before talking to the oricle.

        The people that don’t believe in it are just ignorant Materialist and they will never be able to do this.

        happy bending.

        • Dear Shannan,

          I am shahzad from Pakistan .I checked your post about Bending spoons. Can you tell me the procedure .I will be thankfull for your help. Please reply me at my yahoo ID

        • can you please just send me an easy procedure on how to bend spoon, that would be greatly appreciated.

        • hello shanna hau are you plz help mee i have onley one day ai tri too bend a spoon i can imagin the globel of energy plz help i relly want to bend a spoon help plz

        • will you please send me a tutorial or explanation pleas because I just can’t do it:(

          thanx you

          e-mail me

        • hi

          im able to twirl some psi-wheel and i want to know how to bend some spoon!…..
          need help!



        • hey shannon i do remte viewing and i dont deny the possiblilty of spoon bending at all it just there is no real evidence the way u bent the spoon in the video ne 1 can do i can and my lil bro if the spoon is really changes to rubber then do this hold handle of spoon at bottom and with out bending the handle down and then twisting just twist the bowl of the spoon 180 degrees while only holdin the bottom handle that wud be convincing and if the spoon rele changes form that wud be easy or better yet bend the bowl of the spoon pleeezzzzz post a video if u can do this on youtube that wud convince most skeptic s

        • all its doing is messing your breathing up and making you nearly blackout thats all thats why the spoon feals like rubber cause your body is losing oxygen what a joker and for the spoon it is a fake one a prop

        • I’ve tried many times…but have gotten nowhere. i tried you unfocus thing, but i can’t get the spoon/fork/ out of my concious thoughts… how can i get unfocused?

        • Think of an ocean or a sunny sky. Horse or dogs, whatever you remember as a child. Do this when you are almost charged with your breathing. Then at the moment when you feel you WILL be able to bend the spoon, think of your most pleasent thought instantly while bending the spoon.

          It will work I promise.

        • what do u mean by breathing in the universe plz clear this up. And i dont have a grapefrute tree so what should i look at can u tell me plz.

        • will u help me to bend spoons with mind power .

          i breath deeply and imagined the breath going to the solar plexus.

          do i have to concentrate on the spoon?.

          i cant really unfocus even if iam looking at a tree or any other matter iam still thinking of the spoon. is this alright

    • how’d you bend the spoon my friend, I am very interested in this?

    • I would really like to know how you did it using ONLY your mind.

      • Hand out the spoon. When you take it back turn to your side to tap it against something saying “see its a nice solid spoon.” When your turning to your side bend the spoon downwards, so its not quite a right angle, but close. When you tap it keep it moving while holding it in the middle, hiding the bend. Imediatley hold it in front of them right in front of where their nose is. If done correctley the spoon should appear to be straight still. Concentrate then slowly start to rotate the spoon towards you. The key point here is keeping the bend of the spoon at the same height the entire time you turn it. When done right it looks like the spoon visably bends!This is a very simple yet strong illusion

    • I’d really like to know how you did this. Please, tell me everything.

    • how,
      please tell me!!! email how to


    • hi miranda how did you do it?can u tell me?

    • I Wish you can help me , i’ve been trying , sometimes i feel i get closer to do it , i can telepathize very well , i can feel alot of things , but i still cant bend that thing ! still trying , i wish you canhelp me

    • hi my name is dan and i like the paranormal side of things and have always loved to learn this trick since i have been very small. I know that it is not using the ‘paranormal’ but i would still love to know how to bend a spoon. If you could tell me i would be very gratefull. Thanks.

    • how do u do it i’v been triing for 3 weeks now and its realy hard so how do u do it plz reply

    • you said that you knew how to bend the spoon.. please tell me how.

    • hey, how did you do it? I’ve been trying to figure this out forever. How long did it take? What is this energy stuff that they’re talking about and what does it feel like?

    • can u give me sum tips to make a spoon bend? i wanna learn so bad…:-(
      ill trade u sum tricks if u wnt…

    • Ive been praticing for about three days, and I finally got it to bend today. The last two days I was using forks, and today I tried a spoon and it worked! Email me if you want to know how I did it!

      So how dose it work?

    • u say that u can bend spoons with your mind…can u list some steps or posibly send a video over im not sure what i should do

    • I would Like To Know How To Do This

      i saw a show in Virginia Beach
      and i want to know

      sooo can you please tell me how!??!!

    • Mail me for how u did Plz

  39. To bend spoons is a stupid trick that all brazilians can teach you how.
    It does NOT have any connection with mind powers or what else.
    If you can speak portuguese, try this website and learn how:


    • omg i saw blackness too ahhh
      it wont work tho

    • could u plz tell me how u got black arond the spoon i would love to plz tell me i cant figure it out plz tulk to me im getting very mad talk to me soon!=(

  41. soory but it realy isnt working i have been trying it for a week but it moved barley but it didnt bend plz rhite back

    (P.S.what tyipe spoon or fork should i yous?)

  42. I use this trick to mess with people. I just use whats called misdirection and physically bend it because there is no other way to bend cutlery because if there was people would be doing other things. Everyone who does this trick is a scam artist but it does pay for beer at the bar.

    • lmao man you can be real popular doin that stuff 😉

  43. I’ve been trying methods for about 3 days now. nothing has seemed to work. probably because my mother is negative, and my brother is skeptical. hopefully I can pull something off this time, if I do i’ll letcha know :3.

    • i cant figure nothing out at all if u figure it out could u please tell me how.=)


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