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Dancing Wu Li masters by Gary Zukav book review

I’ve finished listening to an audio version of this great book by Gary Zukav. Gary Zukav is a spirituality teacher and is author of several books, most known of which is “The Seat of the Soul” (Gary Zukav) from 1989. What I’ve read is an earlier books of his called “Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics. This was a really great experience.

The Dancing Wu Li Masters book explains the difficult matters of modern physics such as quantum mechanics and the relativity theories of Albert Einstein in plain english, for non-scientist. I actually could grasp more of the history and implications of quantum physics and relativity theory than in my modern physics classes at university.

What’s also interesting about the book is how the author connects interpretations of the cutting edge in quantum physics with the eastern philosophy. In the end, it appears, that the reality, as is it being understood from the quantum mechanics is not much different from what most eastern religions and philosophies are telling, like “everything is connected” and “everything is an illusion” and the real reality is almost beyond comprehension.

I’d highly recommend “Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics to anyone interesting in understanding the implications of quantum physics and Einstein’s relativity theories without a single equation to learn or solve. The connection to spirituality and new age is only an added benefit.

I’ll write more about the connection between Quantum Physics and current parapsychology research later.




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  1. OK well the best part of this book is emphasizing that quantum information can be accessed by superposition of sine-waves through the Schrodinger Equation. Sir Karl Popper stated that Kepler was the precursor to Schrodinger. This is true in a very deep way since the latest in quantum chaos is based on violation of the equipartition principle, the foundation for all Western science. Kepler’s secret symbol was the equilateral triangle circumscribed and inscribed by two circles. But the equilateral triangle is the Pythagorean Tetrad, Kepler’s obsession, which is the harmonic sine-waves of the ratios 1:2:3:4. In the Law of Pythagoras, which Kepler followed, 2:3=3:4 — in violation of the equipartition principle. This is a very deep model being rediscovered in noncommutative geometry, created by Alain Connes, who has stated that music theory provides the formal logic for quantum computing (in his book Triangle of Thoughts, 2001). In noncommutative geometry 1 plus 1 does not equal 2!