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You Can’t Fake The Full-lotus! Testimony of a qigong practitioner in the context of parapsychology

Today I present second article by drew hempel to be posted on this site. This time it’s a fascinating article is about his personal experiences with Qigong and full-lotus position.

You Can’t Fake The Full-lotus! Testimony of a qigong practitioner in the context of parapsychology
by drew hempel, MA

I took classes intensively for about 6 months, starting in 1999, and then off and on for a couple years afterwards. Master Chunyi Lin told us, as I remember, that when he was in deep full-lotus meditation he levitated 9 feet up – spiraling along side a pine tree. As I remember it, also Master Chunyi Lin spent 40 days in a cave with no water and no food – sitting in full-lotus and traveling out into “heaven.” It may have been two periods of 28 days with no food and no water, sitting in full-lotus and doing spirit travel. Master Chunyi Lin has just cowritten a qigong chapter with a Mayo Clinic Dr. for a Mayo Clinic Textbook on Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, 2nd ed. (August, 2006). Master Chunyi Lin has taught qigong to the Mayo Clinic doctors as well. Master Chunyi Lin continues to teach qigong, and to constantly heal very serious conditions, like cancer. Master Chunyi Lin fasts one day a week and then eats only a small meal of vegetables and tofu, once a day, the rest of the week. He sleeps just a few hours a night.

Master Lin does things that are not even considered in western parapsychology analysis – unless you read parapsychologist George P. Hansen’s book: My understanding is that Hansen is critical of science and Hansen also thinks that no one should try to create paranormal powers in a scientific experiment. I think that George P. Hansen is very scientific but that he thinks paranormal powers, inherently, defy the scientific method. So Hansen has a radical analysis yet Hansen was a career parapsychologist in a top lab.

I would say that George P. Hansen accurately describes the wild dynamics of paranormal energy – because the foundation is consciousness beyond good and evil – beyond health, etc. The consciousness is not our thoughts nor our images but the consciousness can transform all matter and energy – and even spacetime.

Phonetic language is based on premises that violate the method in which to gain paranormal energy. That’s why I, like Gurdjieff, use nonwestern music as a model for paranormal powers. When I trained under qigong Master Chunyi Lin, as a final research project for my University of Minnesota masters degree in 2000, I had very strong electromagnetic fields transform not only my body but the people around me. That’s how “chi” works. The “shen” is developed after the “chi” opens up the body channels. The “shen” is the spirit light. Once the 3rd Eye is fully open then a person is permanently transformed so that the body can be healed quickly and also healing outside the body can occur – long distance healing using the 3rd Eye.

While doing lots of full-lotus I went into a “bigu” state whereby I did not need food, nor water. “Bigu” is also called “energy feasting.” Chemistry professor emeritus Rustom Roy held an academic conference on the “bigu” state which is well-known in China, with one resident of Beijing having gone several years in this manner. While in the full-lotus, the 3rd Eye creates water through some sort of reverse electrolysis which then flows down into the mouth. I went 8 days without food and maybe half a glass of water and never was I hungry. Near the end of my “bigu” state I needed only 5 hours of sleep a night and the electromagnetic fields around my body were very strong.

While in my “bigu” state peoples’ thoughts and emotions were picked up by the electromagnetic fields about 10 feet around my body and then shot into the middle of my brain – the 3rd Eye. People strongly reacted to these electromagnetic fields and then I healed my mom of a very bad problem – a medically diagnosed “smoker’s legs” condition. Right after I gave her the no-contact healing, she no longer needed surgical stockings, no longer needed to elevate her legs while sitting, and no longer needed to sit after an hour of standing. It was a powerful healing described by my mom as “the difference between night and day” but at the same time she could not believe that I didn’t need food nor water. Basically strong electromagnetic fields shot out of my hands, from the 3rd Eye, clearing out her blockages and then sending in harmonized energy.

So I stopped practicing qigong and began doing conceptual research – after I had completed my masters degree at the University of Minnesota in 2001. My body channels closed up a lot but then, in his class, Master Chunyi Lin shot energy into the middle of my brain so that I can now flex my pineal gland at will. I would say my 3rd Eye, the pineal gland, is “half” open. Sometimes I see yellow light auras around people and yellow light shooting out of my finger tips. When I sit in full-lotus with my eyes closed I see yellow light and sometimes green, red or violet light. I also experience precognition frequently. I want to emphasize that if the 3rd Eye is fully open then a person can sit in full-lotus, at ease, for at least 2 hours straight, as detailed in the excellent English books of Master Nan, Huai-chin, a Buddhism professor in Taiwan. You can’t fake the full-lotus!

When I was sitting in full-lotus several hours a day in 1999 I saw spirits attending the meditation retreat lecture of Master Chunyi Lin. I knew what was happening because the top meditation biography of a Thai Buddhist master describes the same instance of spirits attending a meditation lecture. Then Master Lin commented on the spirits visiting him since another student at the retreat had noticed this as well. The dead spirits do seek out spiritual masters to help them travel back into formless awareness.

I can heal myself – even if the full flu conditions set in I can completely reverse them in just a few hours of full-lotus. Using the full-lotus to keep my energy up I’ve read one scholarly book a day for the past 6 years! I have also corresponded with many professors in all different disciplines and have posted my research in various forums online. I have some health issues at the same time that I have some paranormal powers. So the two, health and sickness, are not mutually exclusive. Health and blockages are constantly changing and qigong transforms the blockages that I come into contact with.

The full-lotus position, based on nonwestern harmonics, resonates with the formless consciousness to heal all blockages and to develop paranormal powers. But to really get into the full-lotus – to sit for 2 hours straight in amazing bliss – takes a concerted effort, obviously. So there’s more simplified tai-chi steps and also “the small universe” practice to open up the body channels, as taught in Master Chunyi Lin’s qigong courses, Anyone can practice these exercises developed by Master Chunyi Lin. Since I stopped my intensive training and let my body channels close up, I have yet to really open them up again to the extent I had before. Still every day I experience euphoria and transformative energy, automatically. In other words, thanks to Master Chunyi Lin, my brain is permanently transformed and I can “flex” my 3rd Eye at will.

Nonwestern music resonance is based on complimentary opposites – just as gender relations. So qigong, modeled by nonwestern music, is really created through transforming reproductive energy or “jing” into astral or “shen” light. In this way qigong has much in common with religions but the principles of qigong are based on nonwestern harmonics – simple yet powerful practices. Reverse breathing, for example, is a main practice in qigong.

The only real “harmony” is the formless awareness or consciousness aka the “emptiness” – the formless “space” between our thoughts – from which all else resonates. The dynamic to resonate with this emptiness is “asymmetric time reversal” – this is why statistics fails in parapsychology, as detailed by George P. Hansen at Statistics, like logarithmic analysis, is still based on the one to one correspondance of phonetic letters and numbers – the commutative principle. Quantum chaos utilizes asymmetric time reversal but in quantum chaos it’s the machines that are in control! So paranormal powers are now being developed in technology – hence the new term “quasi telepathy” in quantum computing.

What remains in the Machine vs. Nature vs. Human dynamic, sometimes analyzed in parapsychology, is the always-already reality as “consciousness” or “formless awareness” beyond spacetime, defying binary systems. This timeless truth of formless awareness is the logical inference of the source of the I-thought, called Jnana and achieved through “vichara” or self-enquiry in Advaita Vedanta Indian philosophy. No belief is necessary to develop paranormal energy, just logical inference, as the top logician Kurt Godel practiced – explained in the book Infinity and the Mind by mathematician Rudy Rucker.





  1. Drew, how did you earn an MA with such terrible writing? Also, you cite two different dates for the award of your “University of Minnesota MA” 2000 and 2001. Your academic credentials are, to my mind, suspicious.

    That aside, your premise is not clear and it seems as though you have simply strung together a lot of second hand accounts from “masters” and provide nothing meaningful by way of proof. Your claims are ridiculous and physiologically impossible.

    • I find also the claim that he survived 40 days without any form of sustenance, the probability of someone surviving with A) having no mineral or chemical input would render the body’s biological functions useless. If you aren’t aware unless he (Chunyi Lin) can bind and unbind chemical compounds on a atomic scale, or control large quantities of complex organic processes, think billions of processes per second in order to sustain his life. or B) Place himself into a phased state in which his body doesn’t need said chemicals to survive, is zero.
      Evaporation and losses of chemical compounds over that time period alone would kill him (needless to mention the organ damage). And to advertise this as fact is nothing more than snake oil salesmanship.
      Attempting Bidu states and fasting are not a laughing matter as i would draw your attention to the deaths of 49-year-old Australian-born Scotland resident Verity Linn 31-year-old Munich preschool teacher Timo Degen 53-year-old Melbourne resident Lani Marcia Roslyn Morris who tried and failed to achieve that which you are peddling. People who have discipline and endurance can achieve better health through meditation. And many of the ideas contained within the teachings of ascetics are good ones.
      But you need to realize that most of what they are teaching is bad practice or was put into practice for different reasons than advertised. By all means believe in what you will, but for the love of all please apply some common sense to your views. Or others may die out of desperation.

      • My recollection is that Chunyi Lin, after I asked him for clarification, said he went two months, with minimum food and water – a few bottles of water and a few apples – nonstop in a cave in China.

        As for whether this is possible – it is obviously very dangerous and I would not recommend that Westerners try it. My understanding is that most of the other people doing the cave meditation could not last the whole time but also that the spiritual qigong master was directly supervising their progress – not from within the cave but via third eye energy.

        So I’m sure lots of Westerners have failed at this and it is unfortunate but there is a specific science to it – not a Western science, of course. Have you researched chemist professor Rustom Roy’s conference on bigu? That did result in positive confirmation of long term fasting without loss of nutrition, indicating yes, alchemical creation of chemicals. Here are some study links:

        The authors review the first clinical case study on YXLST-CR, or YXLST-bigu, a 15-day, 24-hour observation in 1987 on a 21-year-old female undergoing YXLST-bigu for several months. The participant took no food or water and conducted normal physical activities. The daily records of body weight, temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, and daily urine test results showed no abnormalities. Homeostasis was maintained during YXLST-CR. The authors also report serum leptin levels in a group of individuals undergoing YXLST-CR and a control group before and after a 24-hour water-only period. The leptin level prior to the observation for the YXLST-CR group was lower than that for the control group and remained unchanged during the observation, suggesting the possibilities of an established metabolic adaptation.

    • If you search, my masters thesis, “Epicenters of Justice” is published online, listing my advisors. I then did my final credit as self-directed qigong research which I had published as an article, “The Rotten Root,” and then after I graduated I then updated my masters thesis – that newer version was also published online.

      My claims are backed up by the “Qigong Institute” which is a database of research set up by a Harvard-trained medical doctor who researched qigong. There are several Western “hard” science qigong studies available if only you want to google the subject. The teacher I studied with had a “gold standard” science study done through the Mayo Clinic Dr. Ann Vincent who reported the “external qi” healing results as “especially impressive.”

      I know it’s a steep learning curve for people new to this subject but if you have an open mind and are not practicing willful ignorance then you can learn a lot. Also you can actually try out these qigong masters – just like people try drugs! I have posted a compilation of qigong masters demonstration telekinesis on my blog. Qigong Master Telekinesis aka psychokinesis videos – a compilation: Skeptics debunked!

      Oh I will give you the link for that “gold standard” study since you don’t seem capable or willing to google information (a minimum standard for inquiring minds!). haha.

      As for my writing style – these are informal articles written as “one-offs” on the spur of the moment for free. Writing styles vary depending on the publishing context – that should be obvious to any experienced reader. I used to be a columnist for a University newspaper serving 50,000 daily readers. Of course if I was given a stipend to write a book I would tailor the style to how the publisher or editor wanted it, assuming it was within my boundaries of writing. But I guess I am getting off-topic – I did read one scholarly book a day after I got my masters thesis – for 10 years. So writing styles really do vary, depending on whether it’s Samuel Beckett or James Joyce or Paul Samuelson, etc. haha.

  2. soooo interesting.This is the stuff iv been looking for.i knew there had to be more to humans then just average everyday life.=]

  3. very interesting article… my former ba gua teacher told me stories of the old sages having these abilities.

  4. I have leukaemia in its final stages.How can I tap into healing energy.There is no time for practice meditation.I need help now

    • I was practicing the exercises and I believe that in all these
      things–there are as three things: truth, forbearance, and
      generosity–as it is taught–but as to live it is entirely
      something else. I believe in everything from the article
      above but most of all, I believe that there are even greater
      things out there that can be possessed than just healing
      energy–for a path is not walked until the person walks
      whether any direction he wills to go in the choices he sees.
      When there is no belief and experience, there is no truth
      to be seen–when it is experienced, it is believed to be
      true and when in a struggle one looks for survival but
      ties are never broken only the physical goes away and
      so shall pain—life is not in life but non-existence. Hell
      and Heaven are entirely two different things. If it were
      that easy, that belief is the divine source will alone.

    • this email is a couple of years old and i hope someone
      told you about this sooner. but just in case.
      call spring forest qigong.
      number is on website.

  5. I couldn’t even finish reading zis article because it’s so horribly written!! Ze way it is structured is inconsistent and I’m unsure whether the writer knew exactly what point he was attempting to make half ze time!! Yeesh.

    • I found the article interesting and well written.