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Using psychic skills to invest in stocks

I saw today a press release from 2005 with the following info (excerpt):

… What then is it that sets successful investors from mediocre investors? One of wall streets biggest secrets when looking to invest in stocks involves using intuition. Unlike typical analytical methodologies, intuition allows you to take decision making to the next level when looking to invest in stocks by facilitating greater clarity and insight. Rather then getting caught up in emotion, overlooking valuable information or hidden investment signals, successful investors instead use intuition when looking to invest in stocks. …

Then this press release describes a very simple procedure to enhance intuition (basically, by doing a 5 minute breath relaxation), which won’t help many.

Then it tells about the poster of the press release: “A psychic medium since birth Karyn Reece is a former series 7 registered representative (stockbroker), lecturer, author and media personality who provides a variety of classes and personal consultations.”

I have 2 problems with that.

  1. If it’s possible to use psychic powers for gaining on the stock market, then why don’t we hear about it more?
  2. If it’s possible to use psychic powers for gaining on the stock market, and the author himself is psychic from birth, why does he do any consulting at all? I’d just use my skills and make an easy living on the stock market by myself.




  1. if you can predict the “timing and scope” of a crisis its pretty easy to multiply your money by tens or hundreds of times very fast using margin and leverage. If you didn’t , either you were lazy or you didn’t have enough confidence. The crisis actually started in 2007 BTW. And it is still happening by many measures… If you can just double your money every year you’re bound to make trillions in some time… I do believe in degrees of intuition, but exact predictions of the stock market or even sports competitions I see as lucky guesses

  2. Look up George Soros, one of the most successful trader in the world, who made billions in the finanacial markets. He openly talk about listening to his intuition and how his body symptoms would guide his trade decisions.

  3. Intuition is funny. Some people are intuitive about people–their health, their location, their romantic endeavors–but may be clueless about predicting the future. It’s not their forte in other words.

    On the second point of why psychics don’t invest on their own, it’s often a matter of money. To invest in something, you need money to invest. Psychics are like other people in this regard. Money may be spent on every day items of child rearing, or basic necessities leaving little to invest.

    I could have made millions for a brokerage account because I had predicted, with great accuracy, both the timing and scope of the stock market fall in 2008. I posted those predictions online about 8 months prior to the fall.

    As to why you haven’t heard of psychics working for stock brokers, I personally believe it’s difficult for them to get hired. If you list “Professional Psychic” on your resume, you’re unlikely to make it past the HR department for an interview. In the interview you might be able to lay out a track record and some percentages of success, but if you never get to an interview in the first place…

  4. In response to your questions;

    It is obvious by your use of the word “powers’ that you lack the fundamental understanding of what psychic abilities and intuition really are.

    First of all everyone has a base level of intuition / psychic abilities. Notice how these words are interchangeable? Both intuition and psychic refer to the ability to know or understand without having utilized rational decision making processes. Another words the right answer or information just comes. Most often psychic energy / intuition appear as a “gut feeling” or a “hunch.”

    Some people have stronger intuition / psychic abilities then others. It is like any other skill or talent. For example everyone can draw a stick figure but not everyone is going to draw like de Vinci. Intuition/ psychic abilities are no different.

    Some people chose to follow their “hunches” while others dismiss them only to find later that they had wished they had paid attention.

    You mention that few people know of or have heard of using psychic abilities / intuition in business or for this matter the Stock Market. On the contrary I personally know that some of the worlds most successful and prudent business people employ their own psychic/ intuitive abilities when making business decisions.

    In fact the following article was printed in the Wall Street Journal:
    “Professor John Mihalasky and his associates at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark tested hundreds of business managers for intuitive ability. They are convinced that effective, superior decision making correlates highly with intuitive ability. For one of their experiments, they chose 25 managers who had held top decision-making jobs for five years. All were from small manufacturing companies (less than $50 million in sales) to ensure that their decision making hadn’t been diffused by committees.

    The results were remarkable: Of the 25 men selected, 12 had doubled their companies’ profits in five years. Eleven of those 12 scored high on the intuitive test.

    The same correlation has been noted by other management researchers. Weston H. Agor, author of “Intuitive Management: Integrating Left and Right Brain Management Skills,” studied several thousand managers from a wide cross section of industries and companies. He found that successful managers make effective use of intuitive decision-making. Henry Mintzberg, professor of management at Montreal’s McGill University, likewise found that in unpredictable and ambiguous situations, successful managers rely on hunches to deal with problems that are “too complex for rational analysis….”

    As far as the 5 minute meditation being ineffective, how would you know? You obviously don’t use intuition / psychic abilities yourself nor do you understand the process. It is presumptuous to speak on the behalf of others.

    Obviously your question as to why I would do consulting at all when I can just rest on my laurels and pick stocks reflects a very lazy attitude. Surely a person doesn’t have to be limited to only one thing in life. Maybe you feel it is ok to scratch the surface in life but some of us really do enjoy reaching greater depths.

    • Thank you, Karyn, for you thorough response.
      “First of all everyone has a base level of intuition / psychic abilities. Notice how these words are interchangeable?”
      I agree that people in the psychic/intuintion field often refer to psychic abilities as to intuition. Yet, for the masses, the word ‘psychic’ has a different meaning.

      Everyone would acknowledge the he has intuition at some level or other but most people won’t tell that they are psychic at any level. The word “Psychic” is more assosciated with stronger, extraordinary, abilities. People would more often think of psychics like Sylvia Browne or like yourself. This is especially true of someone like yourself who presents herself in this PR “A psychic medium since birth”. Psychic medium is nothing like intuition for all people.

      I agree that intuition may be a good factor in stock trading but it only after people can master their emotions. Some unexperienced investors might think of their emotions as of intuition and emotions is known to be bad for investment.

      I might have overused the word psychic in my post. You indeed use intuition in the whole article. But the fact that you presented yourself in end for psychic medium made me interchange the words. And although you say that these words are interchangeable and so you could have used to the word “psychic abilites” yourself, you still used the word “intuintion”.

      “As far as the 5 minute meditation being ineffective, how would you know? You obviously don’t use intuition / psychic abilities yourself nor do you understand the process.”
      In fact I do know about meditation being effective, I’ve taken Silva Method courses, done meditations and do QiGong. And I’m benefiting from them all.

      I wrote that the 5-minute meditation won’t help many. In my opinion most people wouldn’t benefit much from simple 5-minute meditation for their stock trading. The problem also is that most people won’t continue doing these meditations daily and won’t see the benefits of it. I also understand that you couldn’t write a more sophisticated kind of meditation in a short PR, so I can see why you included this one.

      Regarding the WSJ’s article, they didn’t test investment skills but business management. Of course, more intuitive people would manage better, but stock market is less predictable than management in general, in my opinion.

      In fact, you took a look at site, you would know that I’m not a skeptic of psychic abilities, but on the contrary. I even presented tutorials on enhancing Extra Sensory Perception (although more tactile one, like feeling energy, in which I’m better).

      And about my second question in the article, it’s not that I really assume that a psychic would only use his abilites to invest and do nothing more. But if I wouldn’t have asked this question other people would. It’s not that I’m so ignorant but
      I just wanted to present this view, which many other skeptics (which I’m not) would definitely present.