After successful launch of the psi experiments website I’m proud to announce the launch of the second experiment.

Over 1500 people have participated in the first experiment and the results will be published during the coming two weeks, after the analysis will be complete. Yet, following constructive criticism regarding some design flaws of the first experiment, this second experiment is better designed to overcome these flaws and provide more reliable results.

Everyone is invited to participate in this second psi experiment and spread the word among your friends. The more participants, the more reliable will be the results.

I’m also glad to add a new sponsor on board. This new sponsor is Immrama Institute and they will provide their Insight CDs as prizes. Insight CD
is a powerful tool to help you explore expanded states of meditation and consciousness, achieve deeper levels of self awareness, reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve your overall mental and emotional well-being.

To those participating, if you’d like to learn some ESP I can advice you to read my articles:
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For those interested to learn more about psychic abilities I can refer to the course Developing psychic powers, which, for a reasonable price, includes three books with over 500 pages of material to develop your psychic abilities.