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Relaxation Technique 5: Inducing alpha and theta levels using audio programs

The human brain operates at different states of consciousness and attention. The different levels differentiate by the frequency of the brain waves, as can be seen on EEG (Electroencephalography1). These are called using letter of the greek alphabet. The general agreement regarding the brainwave patterns is as follows:

  • Beta – 14Hz and higher. Alert, active state of mind. Associated with thinking and being awake.
  • Alpha – 8 to 14Hz. Relaxed state of mind. Associated with daydreaming, general relaxation.
  • Theta – 4 to 8Hz. Deeper relaxed state. Light stages of sleep. Hypnosis. Meditation.
  • Delta – below 4Hz. Deep sleep. No conscious awareness.

The alpha state was discovered to be a very healthy state of mind as it is associated with relaxed brain activity. It is also used a platform for advanced mind control techniques such as meditation, Jose Silva Method, and similar.

It is possible to induce alpha brainwave activity using special audio recordings, utilizing binaural beats2 effect to directly affect the brain and bring it to work at the desired frequency. One such recording that gives good relaxation results is Immrama Institute’s Insight Program (CD or MP3). It provides the benefits of binaural beats to reduce stress layered over the sound of falling rain, which by itself has a tranquilizing effect.

There are many other recordings available that utilize similar technology but some are said to be better than the other.

1 Electroencephalography

2 Binaural beats





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  2. I find it odd that you didn’t mention brain wave generator. Bwgen is practically the most famous binaural beats program out there. It’s also free to use.

    • Must be because these days I mostly use my Mac. Thanks for mentioning it, Mad Hatter.

    • I could really do with help in relaxing, and from what I know, inducing the Alpha Level
      is the best way to control emotions and
      to stimulate creativity.