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Why learn Lucid Dreaming

The Daily Deluge blog run by Mad Hatter, wrote a two-part article titled “Why You Need To Learn Lucid Dreaming”. Lucid Dreaming refers to the ability to know that you’re dreaming, while dreaming and the ability to take control of the events in the dream. Apparently, Lucid Dreaming can be used to improve various aspects of one’s life.

In part I, Mad Hatter explains why you need to learn lucid dreaming. Some of the benefits that he offers are: improving memory, relaxation, dream-time extension.

In part II he explains how lucid dreaming can be used to get advantages in life. Benefits of planning and organizing while dreaming, waking up with your internal clock to wake up alert, tapping into subconscious for ideas and more.

Take the time to read the articles, if your not familiar with Lucid Dreaming.





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  2. I’m working on continuing the series into two more parts. One regarding physical training and coordination and the other regarding personal relationships.