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Marc’s story

A reader, Marc, wrote me the following story, asking to help him with explanation. I’m asking you to share your thoughts as well. Here’s what Marc wrote:

I was wondering if there is any documented paranormal phenomenon related to what my girlfriend has experienced.

About 6 months ago, her german shepard was in very bad health. The dog had a bad hip and was in pain every day. The last 3 weeks of the dogs life, my girlfriend started to feel extreme pain in her hip as well, to the point of limping. I thought there may have been a connection, but kept my mouth shut.

Finally, the family put the dog down. So I ask my girlfriend a few days later if she has had any pain the last few days to which she replied, No. I then explained to her what I thought.
She is a person who has had paranormal experiences in the past (ghosts and what not), some that I’ve even seen.

She also has had a very serious case of allergies and just general bad health lately, while i’ve ejoyed pretty good health. I spent my life in and out of hospitals my whole childhood and now as an adult I usually get sick a couple times each winter, but not this one.

It seems that she, almost, adopts the illnesses on those she cares about most and they become her own. It sounds pretty close to what people call a “sensitive” but not quite. What do you think.


I think that “sensitive” is not the exact wording I’d use. Generally, in this field people like these are called “empaths”. I must note that Marc’s story very much reminded me of Jackie’s story, also posted on the site at Feeling other people’s pain. In my response to her I also explained what being empathic means. Marc, you are invited to read her story and my response to her, with what other people wrote there, too.





  1. I just had another article published on this topic:

  2. Well I’m a big fan of parapsychologist Nandor Fodor, especially his book “Between Two Worlds” and his book “Mind Over Space.”

    Here’s some quotes from Fodor on ghosts (see below link) — what one would think to be a paranormal phenomenon.

    Fodor’s model is “psychic disassociation” — so that what is processed through the normal senses is repressed — and amplified to such an extent — that it can create telekinesis (literally tumors, kidney stones, stigmata, etc.) and also telepathy (the knowing of another person’s direct feelings, thoughts) and then finally healing of others, through an extension of that energy as light-information.

    The timing of this processing can either predict the future, change the past (healing) or be instantaneous.

    The “normal senses” of an individual includes the light-information that by itself is not contained in three dimensions, but is a holograph from a formless awareness — although science can not model this process.

    The process of repressing and projecting (subconsciously) can create ghosts and poltergeists — just as any other acceptable “normal” psychological phenomenon — only called “psychic disassociation.”

  3. There is no real reason to posit something paranormal here. Some people see other people (or in this case an animal) in pain and associate with that other so strongly that they actually feel it themselves. That doesn’t mean that its “all in their heads” — the pain is real and might be caused physiologically. For example in this case your girlfriend might have associated with the dog’s pain that she might have cramped up her leg muscles as people do to protect an injury or might have changed her gait and might therefore have developed problems that created pain (just as people with one leg sore sometimes get sore in the other leg because of the way they change how they walk).

    This is just normal psychology, however, not paranormal psychology. It is a way that some people process information that comes to them through their normal senses. We would only be talking about something paranormal if, for example, she developed the pain at the same time as the dog but had no conventional way of knowing that the dog was injured.

    Most people do this to some extent. In my opinion the more people who are so intimately aware of the pain and feelings around them the better off the world is. The technical term for people who don’t do it at all is “psychopath”.

  4. As I sit in full-lotus I’m able to feel the emotions of the people around me. This is hard for many to believe but the electrochemicals are communicated through the eyes mainly, triggering the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal gland axis (HPA axis) via the 3rd Eye or pineal gland.

    Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky’s book “Why Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers” is an excellent introduction to these dynamics of physiology — how stress changes our immune system. Of course he doesn’t get into the quantum chaos dynamics — how people can transmit light through their eyes. I’ve communicated with Sapolsky a few times and he’s getting more into meditation now, as well as developing new psychotropics that regulate the adrenal gland besides the brain chemicals.

    I call this phenomenon “sucking up sadness.” Last week I locked eyes with a female that I had been talking to up close, she had walked across the street. I literally sucked up her sadness — a homeless alcoholic. If you read “In Search of the Miraculous” by P.D. Ouspensky on Gurdjieff that gives a very accurate description of how most peoples’ “center of gravity” or awareness of their body is in the lower half of the body. An intellectual is a “Level III” person but still that’s limited to the left-side of the brain while the right-side of the brain achieves contact with the left-side of the cerebellum and then transformation of the electrochemicals of the main body organs.

    It’s amazing that modern people are cut off from the parasympathetic systems of their body. When the male achieves climax then his parasympathetic bliss instantly switches to the sympathetic systemic of the 4 Fs, as Sapolsky calls it: Fear, Fight, Flight and Sex. But for females the orgasm is still a mystery! haha.

    In fact once males learn to have internal orgasms then they can achieve the same intensity of bliss of climax without activating the stress hormones of the sympathetic system. After doing this for awhile the electrochemicals are ionized through thermoelectric pressure creating a magnetic field generated out of the pineal gland and focused through the eyes.

    Whenever someone has a strong emotional reaction it’s immediately picked up by the 3rd eye as an electrochemical transduction of electromagnetic information, sychronized light. Since the alchemy is based on complimentary opposites and since most people have their center of gravity in the lower half of the body, usually the emotion is one of strong attraction to the magnetic bliss of the 3rd Eye. In otherwords activation of the orgasmic bliss in other people. But any of the lower emotions like fear, anger, worry and overexcitement are transduced into the bliss of harmonized love of the heart — that shoots up to the 3rd eye — while sitting in full-lotus.

  5. In spiritual healing, occasionally the healer will experience pain similar to what the recipient is suffering from. If she felt a desire for the dog to be healed she may have given spiritual healing to the animal without realizing it.

    More information on spiritual healing can be found here:

    I experienced this phenomena once. A friend of a friend had very bad arthuritis in his knees. When I heard about it I added him to my healing list (which is a list of people I send healing to during a daily meditation). The first day I had him on the list I felt pain in both my knees. After a few days it went away. On the day he had a knee replacement surgery I felt pain in one knee on that day. The next week he had knee replacement surgery on the other knee and I felt pain in my other knee on that day as well. I was hundreds of miles away while this happend. I have never felt sympathetic pain in any other person I’ve sent healing to.