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Jason looks for guidance

I’ve received an email from a guy named Jason who’s looking for a guidance. First his letter, then my response and following it his second email to me. I’m also asking everyone to help him as well, if you can. Thanks.

New to all of this

Just wondering if I should contacting you, reason is my life is about to change. Below is a personal email of recent events I have had after I meditate.

I had an awakening and the experience I saw a blueish light I felt a deep knowing as well I felt it come out of my forehead or third eye as a force of energy. I felt I could breath thru it.

When I meditate I feel a rush of energy up my spine, moving back and forth from the bottom of my back to the top of my head. Doesn’t happen all the time.

I keep having different experiences like speaking a different language in my sleep as per my wife. I get flashes of light when I close my eyes, colors, swifts of air across my body, head arms and face. I have seen beings at the end of my bed, I have been woken up to a being of light that was very small, looked like a merkaba light body (spinning) then it faded.

Extreme heat in my hands, top of my head and center of my chest, I also have dreams of flying and having wings but more like I was on the back of an angel not that I was one. I talk in my sleep in another tongue which my wife thinks it’s Egyptian. Lots of deja vu’s and able to remember dreams and know and feel that dream coming true at the present moment.

When I spoke with another holistic healer she confirmed everything for me and told me that more things are going to start to open up for me. That my energy is not from this planet that I am using this body to get around that I am going to have a bigger change happen, that I have to control my energy and my thoughts as, I can manifest things just by thinking of them, small things happen instantly and larger things around max 30 days.

I have had a couple of recent readings by other psychic’s who channelled ancient beings who told me that I come from another planet, that I am an intergalactic traveler. I am a light being who is old as dirty…lol

He gave me information on books to read, nothing I have heard of before. I was told that I am a walk-in and that I will be able to levitate objects, and my body.

The reason he said I am a walk-in is that I almost drowned when I was 3 yrs old, that I should meditate to the sound of dolphins and whales, that they are my teachers. No one on this planet can help me and that I have no reference point as nothing like this has happen yet but that I choose this time and place to present this information.

He told me I am a teacher, he kept repeating it over and over that I have ancient knowledge on how to travel thru portal holes.

That I have to teach this and get it out, that I am a great healer.

I have no idea of what this all means other than a couple of dreams and I see the numbers 11:11 a lot.

So I googled the information of what was told to me which has lead me to a lot of different sites. Sounds far out until I went to another medium for a second opinion who told me I am from another planet that I am an Angel incarnated and that I have a counsel of 12 around me.

As for why I am posting this, I am looking for help or guidance ? More on what to expect or just relax and enjoy the ride… lol

Is all this possible any suggestions would be great.

email me if you can.

Hello, Jason.

Your story is interesting.
I find from your description that although you’ve contacted several psychic mediums and they all told you that you were from other planet, yet their readings differed. I think you need to take their readings cautiously. You should definitely trust your own experiences and mostly try to understand yourself. Perhaps you should devise some tests for yourself, like try to develop some additional abilities, so that you could go in that direction and with time maybe you’ll find your purpose yourself.


I thank you for your reply and agree as all the channelers had a different reading on my energy as the progress was first not from this planet, then I wasn’t buying it at all then I waited a couple of months then I had another psychical experience that awoke me to see another person, now that person tells me I am an incarnated angel. So now I still don’t buy it so I wait another couple of months and get another awakening so I have a past life regression to find out that I am a waking… lol

So I agree, I do only believe what I feel and take very little to any channelers readings as it comes thru them by there filters.

So what is actually happening to me regardless of what is told to me but what I experience is truly really happening.

Thank you once again and yes please post all of it.





  1. Jason
    I read with interest your experiences. One of the situations which occurred indicates that you have raised Kundalini, hence the energies up and down the spine, and the energy exiting through the Ajna or third eye. This happened to me years ago, and it does open up a lot of things.

    To give you an analysis as to what you are like at the moment, you are a bit like someone who can sing and dance, but you are not yet good at it, so you need training.

    What you need is a good spiritual teacher, not a spiritualist, or a psychic, but someone who is very wise and quiet, who does not advertise, or put themselves about.

    The reason you need proper training is because it can be dangerous, working in a field in which you are not trained, so get a good esoteric basic training first. Learn the dangers, and how to protect yourself. Learn how to raise your level of consciousness properly.

    Sit down and think quietly about where you want to go, and what you want to do. If you decide to be properly trained, and want a teacher then however you meditate, ask that an opportunity will occur for you to meet a teacher, you can do this on a regular basis or only once, but as you ask think about what you are saying or thinking, send energy with the thought, because energy follows thought.

    Once you have done this, then forget it. Trust is very important here, and so is patience. When the right person comes along you will ‘know’, this is known as knowingness, it is recognition. Be sure this is who you want. The teacher will not ask you, or they shouldn’t, you will respectfully ask them, and then you have to see if you are accepted.

    Now you may have lots of intuitive and psychic abilties, but they are of no use to anyone if you are not trained. Training will give you greater power and understanding. At the moment it sounds as if you are a mass of undisciplined energy. So it is just a question of waiting I’m afraid. Incidentally I am interested in your age, please let me know. If I can be of any further help please feel free to contact me


  2. I suggest several things:

    1) Meet other people who have psychic experiences so you don’t feel like you’re the only one with these things happening.
    2) Find a good psychic by observing how they work with others before you get a reading yourself.
    3) Learn to communicate with your guides yourself.

    All of this can be done at a spiritualist church. For more information see.

    • Forgot to mention in comment#2 above:

      4) Develop your healing and other psychic abilities, and use them to help others.

  3. Jason should sit in the full-lotus because this stabilizes the body’s energy to make sure the channels are open. It’s very easy for the mind to imagine things but no one can fake the full-lotus.

    Check out government physicist Henry Stapp’s new book on quantum consciousness!!