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A new video of John Chang – The Magus of Java

In August 2006 I wrote about an amazing video in the post Amazing video of the power of chi. This video is an excerpt from a documentary movie called “Ring of Fire”, shot in Indonesia. During the filming, one of the crew members got some problem with his eyes and was treated by a local healer using acupuncture, but different than regularly used. Then, the healer demonstrated his powers on the crew by “shocking” them with what felt like electrical charges from his hands or abdomen. The most shocking part of the footage is where he puts a newspaper on fire, allegedly only using his Chi energy. It is very famous footage and you can see it below:

<p>A few days ago, drew hempel, who wrote some articles for this site, including <a href="!-Testimony-of-a-qigong-practitioner-in-the-context-of-parapsychology.html">You Can&#8217;t Fake The Full-lotus! Testimony of a qigong practitioner in the context of parapsychology</a>, posted in comments a link to another video of the same person, done much later by brother of the crew member above. In this new footage, the brother tells more about the story and brings 3 people with him from the US to &#8220;check&#8221; this man&#8217;s claims and see his abilities. This footage is a must see as the man performs some amazing feats under pretty controlled conditions:</p>

<p>I&#8217;ve taken some time to look up this man and it seems he&#8217;s become quite famous since his brief and chance appearance in the &#8220;Ring of Fire&#8221; documentary. His name is <strong>John Chang</strong> (or John DiJang) and he is a direct heir to an ancient lineage of sages called the <em>Mo-Pai</em>. After the &#8220;Ring of Fire&#8221; was aired in the west, many people went looking for this man. One of these people was <strong>Kosta Danaos</strong> from Greece. He found John Chang and has asked him to be his teacher. Apparently, about a hundred people came to Chang to ask to become his students but he only accepted five and Kosta was the second.</p>

<p>In 2000, Kosta Danaos published a book, called <a href=";tag=tradinghqcom-20&#38;linkCode=as2&#38;camp=1789&#38;creative=9325&#38;creativeASIN=0892818131">The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal</a><img src=";l=as2&#38;o=1&#38;a=0892818131" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /> where he tells about John Chang, his system (called <strong>neikung</strong> or <strong>Nei Kung</strong>). The book has some great reviews on Amazon and other sites and the first review on amazon is by Cynthia Sue Larson whom I interviewed for this site in May 2006 (see <a href="">Interview with Cynthia Sue Larson</a>). Cynthia is also a Top-500 reviewer on Amazon and hosts the great site <a href="">Reality Shifters</a>. Based on her review I decided to order the book from Amazon myself. This all is getting more interesting as I learn more.</p>





  1. Healthcare practices categorized as alternative may differ in their historical origin, theoretical basis, diagnostic technique, therapeutic practice and in their relationship to the medical mainstream.

  2. hallo, mohon bantuannya informasi alamat sifu John Chang . saya butuh pengobatan atas benjolan di bagian punggung saya agar dapat normal kembali.
    Terima kasih atas bantuannya.

  3. If you check out the BBC video on John Chang aka Dynamo Jack, you can hear and see that he lives in Chinatown, presumably this is the Chinatown in Surabaya. Once you are in Chinatown, Surabaya, one can ask people living in the area where JC’s lives.

    Do Let me know the exact address if you succeed in reaching the place, etc. Thanks. Cjuan

    • I need to meet him.. is Mr. Chang still a life in China town Surabaya.. Kembang Jepun..? i was lived in Surabaya too..Please what’s the exactly addressed ..?what’s his chinese name..? my right soulders till elbow..hands was hurt…… can not pick up some heavy things.

  4. teman saya dari amerika mencari john chang untuk mendapatkan pengobatan.. dia sangat berharap mendapatkan terapi dari john chang.. bisakah saya tahu dimana tempat tinggal beliau??? sangat membutuhkan bantuan
    terima kasih

  5. Here is the mopai nei kung book ?

  6. Respectively, there have been numerous cases of cancer healed in China by Dr. Guo. He posseses very similar abilities as John Chang.

    If you want to learn the practice that has enabled John Chang to display such amazing feats, you can order the book “Kunlun”…it teaches the practice of Nei Gung. It is written by former teacher, Max Christensen. I saw him do many of the same things as John Chang. He attributed it to the practice of Nei Gung. His most advanced student Kan from Japan teaches it…is doing a seminar the end of this month on Maui. Max has retired from public teaching. Simply google Max’s name or Kunlun and you can track down videos of him displaying his ability to emit and control chi. I saw him many times effect people 20-30ft away. ~Aloha

  7. For all I will let you know when I know Master John Chang address later

    • i need to be treated. i am sick and doctor asking me for operation…please tell me where does master live so tht i can get treated from him…i am very sick and i really need his address kindly send me in my email that how can i contact him. i will travel from UAE just for treatment. thank you all

  8. Hi all, sorry about the email given, it suppose to have “.my” at the back for the email, its Malaysia country code.

    So anyone know where master stay please email me at :

    Thanks 🙂

  9. I just submitted through comment in Indonesia/Malaysia language, seems like the peoples here do not know Indo language.
    Anyway I am from Penang , Malaysia, had been a Chinese medicine doctor now , I am practicing KungFu since child age till now( now 30 over years old), I also practice Qi Kong and Tai Chi but the Qi Kong belongs to the exercises Chi Gong, for so many years I couldn’t meet any one like master Chang here, maybe they are people that have such knowledge but do not want to expose their knowledge. Anyway any of you especially thoes Master Chang’s students from US, please let me know the address of master Chang offline if you know how to look for him, I would liketo meet someone that really know the art of Qi.. I know this king of Guru may have their reason not to expose their id to public but if you happen to know and like to share with me then I would very much appreciated.

    my email :


  10. One thing I want to know: where can I find these LED’s that “ignite in different colors according to the intensity of current”?
    #2 Bryan Olson on 2007-07-02 02:46 (Reply)

    Bryan, there is in the brazilian jungle LED’s that ignite diferent tones of color if 110v or 220v. But it’s jungle stuff! 😉 indiginous people stuff! 😀

    Anyway, try this at home:
    choose a finger of your right (YANG) hand. get a ruler and measure it. than sit, drop down the left hand. raise up the right hand. Open fingers. Choose a finger. put tongue @ roof of mouth. breath baby breath. think “my finger (the one you choose) is getting longer, longer… my finger is getting longer… longer… Do this for, maybe five minutes. You will feel your finger pulsing… than get the ruler again and see the result of your mind over you body. Just try. No one will known but you if this thing works or not. 😉

    this is an exercice the creator of the chikung mister drew hempel promote uses to show people how their mind can affect the body.

    chikung is a thing you will understand just trying it. I was a skeptic martial artists once. Recent I let the second “best” brazilian MMA punch me for more than 3 minutes. 😀 😀 I got no injury, no bruise at all! The guy could not believe. And I just accept the “fight” because he said he would punch and kick my younger brother if I didn’t. Quite honor these fighter have! 😀

    but… give it a try! No body needs to known! no embarrassment! maybe you will be surprised! or have a FINAL proof it’s mambojambo!


    • Mate….increased bloodflow to the finger may cause it to swell. Nothing magical about this

  11. Traditional Medicine and Pseudoscience in China: A Report of the Second CSICOP Delegation (Part 1)

    • All else is just quackery and gobbledy-gook by people playing at being doctor and making money off the credulous.
      Put up or shut up.

      Dear Cedric, first, read Drew Hempel work. Try to understand the 1:2:3:4 musical stuff, later try to dig the arquitas rotten root proof.

      second, do a little better research before go around saying CHI does not exist… the thing is like this: science DEPENDS on MACHINES to READ effects… YES!! the WRONG TOOLS the WRONG RESULT!! it’s easy to understand it, but i feel ou try to debunk that too! 😀

      randi -who never was a GREAT magician anyway- and csicop people FILTER things so they ALWAYS SEENS RIGHT and ENLIGHTEN! 😀 😀

      On the other side, see some of the links our dear post-pre-socratic Drew Hempel post above!!! and if those are not ok for you, try this one, about the infrasound proof of chi!!!!

      I known my english is bad, but, AGAIN, INFRA SOUND PROOF of CHI, again, infra sound proof of chi! :D: D

      and since we only work with TRANSVERSAL WAVES, why not search for a SCALAR WAVE effect too in near future? 😉

      And if you can’t, as RANDI and CSICOP people, PRACTICE SCIENCE BY YOURSELF, I’ll give you the same advise you gave mister hempel >”Put up (A POSITIVE DISPROOF) or shut up.”

      and pardon my REAL bad english writing, a language I don’t care much about, since the only REAL INTELLECTUAL HUMAN AMERICA gave the world, Bob Fischer, died as not american! 😀 😀

      you skeptics as SOOOO clever and funny!
      EEG and QGM

      Infrasonic Simulation of Emitted Qi from Qi-Gong Masters
      by Professor Liu Guo-long, M.D. , Ph.D. with Richard Lee Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine


      ***Emitted Qi from Qi Gong masters clearly has a strong effect on the central nervous system, not only in humans but also in animal subjects. Qi-Gong meditation and the Infratonic have similar effects. These findings are summarized below


      ***When l started this project in l976, l had serious doubts about Qi-Gong masters and emitted Qi. Now I am convinced that emitted Qi is very real and that Qi-Gong is a very valuable art. With the support of the China Government, an estimated 50 million Chinese are practicing Qi-Gong daily, and many Western hospitals have added Qi-Gong departments for patients with chronic and degenerative diseases. In addition, the China government has funded extensive scientific research into the nature of emitted Qi with the goal of advancing science and medical technology.

      ***The study of emitted Qi and infrasound, as they relate to human health and functioning, is a broad and exciting field. The use of Qi-Gong in treating chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer and hypertension in China has proven very effective. It has proven effective in accelerating healing for thousands of patients with a wide variety of diseases in Chinese hospitals. I am confident that emitted Qi, Qi-Gong meditation, and the Infratonic Qi-Gong simulator will play an increasing role in health care around the world.

  12. “It is generally known that ….”

    Known to who? Certainly not to medical science.

    “Although no double-blind
    clinical trials were found among patient studies, many had a

    Control? Huh? Either there were proper clinical trials or there were not. No hand waving please.

    Before people go off and ask silly questions like “Can Quigong cure cancer?” perhaps a more basic question would be “Can you demonstrate Quigong actually exists?”

    No anecdotes. No testamonials. No ‘personal experiences’.
    No stories of odd-ball hospitals in China somewhere.
    No second-rate parlour tricks on camcorder.

    Scientific Evidence.
    Peer-reviewed research.

    All else is just quackery and gobbledy-gook by people playing at being doctor and making money off the credulous.
    Put up or shut up.

  13. Byran Olson if you want to ignore people being forced to have mercury in their mouths as one example of how science is detrimental to health you should now consider another example that you may find more relevant. This is from Acharya S.’ Health Blog at

    A family had to fight science in order to enable their son to choose what treatment he wanted to receive. This is unfortunate that science works as an Imperial Command-Control system.

    Major Win for Alternative Medicine!
    This development is wonderful news for the advancement of medicine. While I will not claim to endorse the Hoxsey method per se or any other alternative method for the treatment of cancer, the fact remains that such a court victory, allowing a sentient individual the say over whether or not he wishes to receive debilitating mainstream cancer treatments, is extremely important, as it will assist in scientifically weeding out what works and what doesn’t. Three cheers for this brave young man and his family!

    Court pact says Va. teen can forgo chemo

    By SONJA BARISIC, Associated Press Writer (2006)

    ACCOMAC, Va. – A 16-year-old cancer patient’s legal fight ended in victory Wednesday when his family’s attorneys and social services officials reached an agreement that would allow him to forgo chemotherapy.

  14. Bryan Olson maybe you didn’t realize that Kevin Chen’s paper is also published in at least one other academic journal as well:

    Bryan Olson — if you actually read the paper you’ll find plenty of DNA analysis in relation to cancer and qigong. Below is the introduction:

    Chen, Yeung
    Qigong Therapy for Cancer in China
    Exploratory Studies of Qigong
    Therapy for Cancer in China
    Kevin Chen, PhD, MPH, and Raphael Yeung, BA

    The authors reviewed more than 50 studies of qigong ther-
    apy for cancer in China, in 3 categories: clinical studies on
    cancer patients, in vitro studies on laboratory-prepared can-
    cer cells, and in vivo studies on cancer-infected animals.
    Most of the clinical studies involved observation of cancer
    patients’ self-practice of qigong. Although no double-blind
    clinical trials were found among patient studies, many had a
    control. The qigong groups showed more improvement or
    had a better survival rate than conventional methods alone.
    In vitro studies report the inhibitory effect of qi emission on
    cancer growth, and in vivo studies find that qigong-treated
    groups have significantly reduced tumor growth or longer
    survival among cancer-infected animals. However, there is
    much room for improvement in these studies, and some re-
    quire replication to verify the findings. Qigong therapy is an
    area that is often neglected by mainstream medicine and
    research, but our review strongly suggests that qigong de-
    serves further study as a supplement to conventional cancer treatment.

  15. Hi Bryan Olson: I’m glad you’re willing to discuss these issues. The Journal that published Kevin Chen’s paper is out of Japan where research into qigong is more readily accepted. The peer-review process is always based on “consensual-reality” from cultural connections. There is no pure science and the overall effect of science is to destroy all ecological complexity on Earth! Science is Freemasonic Imperialism. There’s about 20 years left of freshwater on the planet.

    Here’s the link to Kevin Chen’s paper and note that it’s a review of all other qigong papers so the particular journal it’s pubished in is not a reflection of the diversity of analysis.

    If you want more details on my research process you can read my masters thesis linked at or you can just google “drew hempel” and you get about 700 hits.

    Ironically I have a paper going through the “referee” process right now at the MAA Monthly, the most widely read math journal in the world.

  16. Byran Olson — here’s from one of the links at the “qigong curing cancer” video link:

    Cancer Studies

    “It is generally known that qigong practice is beneficial to health and can prevent disease. However, it is less known, that qigong may be an effective way to treat various diseases, including cancer,” says Kevin Chen, Phd., a researcher at University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey. Chen reviewed more than 50 studies in the article “Exploratory Studies of Qigong Therapy for Cancer in China.” He found many cases of “complete remission” in advanced cancer patients using qigong. “Most patients achieved significant short-term improvement in their health and/or a recovery from cancer through qigong practice alone. Furthermore a large proportion of these patients became cancer-free,” he says. “The qigong groups had a better survival rate” than those receiving western treatments.. Chen describes one study of 1648 patients with various cancers carried out over 8 years at Beijing Miyun Capital Tumor Hospical “This study documented significant improvement for 32.4 percent of patientsŠ more than 500 of the cancer patients survived 5 years or longer (30 percent). This is a much better result than other tumor hospitals that have not combined qigong therapy in their treatment plans.”

    • Where Qigong had only mythology, scientific medicine discovered what caner actually is: human cells reproducing out of control due to damaged genetic material. In matters of life and death, I’d suggest going with the team that actually knows what they’re talking about.

      How would a Qigong-only hospital even know when they’re dealing with cancer? Do they have another magic trick for that? Do dead masters appear in dreams holding biopsy results?

      Drew, your method of research seems to be to believe whatever the pitchmen tell you. Popular as that method is on this site, it simply does not work. Did you check out where Kevin Chen’s paper was was published? Clever peer-review process: the Qigong guys, the Zen guys, and the biophoton guys can all approve each others’ papers and pretend to be doing science.

      In fact there are many papers in much better journals that present positive results for ineffective therapies. Contrary to popular belief, papers in highly-respected peer-reviewed scientific journals are often wrong. Fortunately some smart and dedicated people have devoted their life’s work to evaluating this kind of evidence, and good health-care practitioners listen. I think the Mayo Clinic gives alternative medicine too much credit, and I can certainly site skeptics’ sites about Qigong; setting that aside, Drew associated the Mayo Clinic’s name with Qigong, so I cited what the Mayo Clinic actually says about alternative medicine.

      Drew, the A.D.A. matter is irrelevant here, and even on your tangent you don’t know what you are talking about. There’s no gag on the scientific debate about filling material. The ethical violations were cases where dentists scared patients into thousands of dollars of work to replace existing fillings.

      No question about it: some doctors with the highly-respected Mayo Clinic work with a Qigong Master. That also means a Qigong Master works with medical doctors. Whatever your beliefs on spiritual aspects of healing, give ‘western’ medicine a chance and keep a medical doctor involved in your health-care. In many cases promptness of diagnosis and intervention is critical, so do not delay seeing your doctor, and know how to call for emergency medical response wherever you are.


  17. Here’s more details on how scientists are controlled by economic laws, not logic or evidence based on reason:,+mercury,+gag+rules,+ada&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us

    I’m just using mercury in denistry as a case study. “The Politics of Pure Science” is another excellent book on this topic.

  18. On how the ADA puts a gag rule on dentists thereby not allowing patients to know the hazards of mainstream science — — because scientists work under commercial code law.


    That is the url for details on the qigong hospital that was very effecting in curing cancer.

  20. Bryan Olson — check out this video of a cancer tumor completely disappearing in just a few minutes as 4 skilled qigong practitioners focus their energy on the patient. The location is a qigong hospital in China. The comments give links to scientific studies on how qigong is effective in treating cancer.

  21. Byran Olson — two of the Mayo Clinic doctors that work with Master Chunyi Lin are Nina Mishek and Neil Kay. But Master Chunyi Lin also has taught qigong to the doctors at the Mayo Clinic as well.

    Mayo Clinic doctor says Qigong adds to patient’s quality of life

    by Neil Kay, M.D.

    Qigong adds significantly to the quality of life of our cancer patients.

    Chunyi Lin is unique in the application of Qigong, because of his development of his own style of Qigong. This is a much simpler and yet easily applied alternative medicine for cancer patients. Since many of these patients have both motor and sensory disabilities, his approach, which is easy to learn, but still potent in its development of energies and healing properties, provide a very unusual and unique opportunity.

    Neil Kay, M.D.
    Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, Department of Medicine, Division of Hemoglobinopathy. Former Medical Director of the David Hickok Memorial Cancer Research Laboratory, Virginia Piper Cancer Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  22. Bryan I stated that Mayo Clinic doctors recommend Master Chunyi Lin — not the Mayo Clinic as their official policy! That would be silly since it’s a western hospital.

    There is a hospital in China that ONLY USES QIGONG to heal cancer.

    Of course you have to say “heal” and not “cure” if you are making such claims because corporate law claims commercial infringement against doctors. For example dentists can’t say that mercury is bad for your teeth because it’s against the business practices of the ADA.

  23. Bryan Olson — you should know about Master Chunyi Lin. He works with the Mayo Clinic doctors because he’s so effective at healing cancer. He’s really similar to Master John Chang.

    • The Mayo Clinic says: “Complementary and alternative medicine treatments for cancer won’t cure your cancer. But some might help ease the side effects that come with cancer treatment.”

      Please consider the harm you could do by pitching a Qigong ‘Master’ as “effective at healing cancer.” That notion can be harmful or fatal if swallowed. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment are critical to surviving cancer; Qigong does not diagnose and cannot treat cancer.

      Scientific study has shown some practices of folk and ritual medicine to have therapeutic effects, while pretty well debunking the associated mythology. Many doctors are open to letting various priests, shamans and ‘masters’ apply such therapies, despite the medically incorrect information patents typically receive along with treatment. As the Mayo Clinic goes on to say, “Always tell your doctor before you begin taking any complementary and alternative medicine treatments.”


      • John Chang now in Surabaya-Indonesia he not teach but only healing the sickness. Many people now interesting leaning inner power for healing and self defense and maybe you see my blog as reference too or visit

        • Hi,

          My name is Adhi I live in jakarta, i have learn qi gong for three years, but somehow i havent find the right technique yet, could you please tell me where exactly John Chang Lives in Surabaya?

          altough he is not teaching anymore, but at least I can find something useful from him

          Many Thanks

        • Dear Adhi,

          I traveled all the way from Europe to Surabaya, Indonesia, to find Master John Cheng to heal my mother. I don’t know where he lives exactly. Do you know his address?

          I appreciate any help very very much.


        • If you check out the BBC video on John Chang aka Dynamo Jack, you can hear and see that he lives in Chinatown, presumably this is the Chinatown in Surabaya. Once you are in Chinatown, Surabaya, you can ask people living in the area where JC’s lives.

          Do Let me know the exact address if you succeed in reaching the place, etc. Thanks. Cjuan

  24. The psychic backs out after the first day of testing, and here it passes for “pretty controlled conditions.”

    One thing I want to know: where can I find these LED’s that “ignite in different colors according to the intensity of current”?

    • bagus meliat bapak john chang saya tidak di sengaja saya ingin tau alamat nya bapak john chang di jawa indonesia ada kemungkinan saya mau berobat terima kasi

      • Apa Khabar, saya dari Pulau Pinang Malaysia, sejak kecil sudah main traditional KungFu di Chin Wu, sekarang kerja sambilan Sinsih, kebanyakan masa memberi rawatan Akupuntor dekat pusat percuma pusat clinic percuma. Saya memang minat KungFu dan
        Tai Chi, saya meluang kebanyakan masa untuk KungFu sungguhpun minat QiKong,
        tetapi semua exercise punya Qi Kong, rupanya tak ada orang di M’sia sejak
        kebelakangan ni you betul-betul tahu dan melatih Qi Kong yang betul.
        Kalaulah saudara tahu tempat tinggal Guru John Chang tolong email sama ni
        dari negara jiran, hasrat saya belajar Qi Gong betul untuk buat kebaikan
        seperti tambah sikit Chi semasa memberi rawatan akupuntor, Qi yang dapat
        rasa dari latihan Tai Chi rupa boleh guna tetapi tak tahu sama betul tak
        memang lah kalau ada guru yang baik, ada ilmu yang betul and bermoral boleh
        tunjuk ajar, ribuan terima kasih, email seperti bawah:

        Lai dari Pulau Pinang

        • jhon chang suk.. gue tertarik ama neikung kamu..
          n g mau belajar…tapi g juga mau belajar pengobatan akupuntur kamu… krena mukin suatu saat g mau buka klinik acuputur… ^_^
          saya tinggal di bogor…
          ini no hp saya…. 0856 9500 9596
          sy bener2 mengagumi jhon chang suk…
          umur saya 24. lahir 19-08-1986..
          semoga TUhan mempertemukan kita…
          ada jodoh ada pertemuan..

        • Salamat Datang!

          I am very much in need of healing – western doctors are woeful at treating my condition. If any of you find information on him then please let me know! (Contact me by replying here, or via bastion0700 __AT__ gmail .com)

  25. Jacob: Thanks for focusing on this. I’ve read the Magus of Java book as well. I recommend the book “Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality” trans. by Charles Luk. Also the book I mentioned in my second article, but without the specifics, is this amazon link. The qigong co-author is Mayo clinic doctor Nina Mishek:

    As far as “proof” well I discovered a secret proof for Archytas’ doubling of the cube – using asymmetric music harmonics. Math professor Joseph Mazur wants my “very valuable” information published in the most highly read math journal in the world, the MAA Monthly. Essentially Pythagorean harmonics is the key to Taoist qigong as well and what I discovered is something the mathematicians were trying to figure out but were unable to do.

    In qigong proof is based on desire because the math is music which is also desire. So we use asymmetric music harmonics (A X B does not equal B X A, thereby undermining all statistical proofs, etc.) to resonate with formless awareness and the more we resonate with formless awareness the more all our secret desires are fulfilled.

    In contrast, math relies on a “closed” system based on “deep disharmony.” So the tension of technology, created by mass squared inversely proportional to energy frequency distance, is increasing. Qigong is more of a necessity for common survival.


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