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The Secret movie will have a sequel soon

The very known movie “The Secret”, which stirred big waves across the world and in the US in particular, will have a sequel soon. Apparently, the movie will continue where “The Secret” left off and focus on an action plan. It is about half way shot already and is planned to be released in November this year. It will have a similar cast. Following is my review of the original “The Secret” movie and my thoughts about its concepts.

I’ve seen “The Secret” movie a long time ago, before it hit the US strong through Oprah’s show. I’ve watched it with several friends and I liked it. Although basically the idea (Law of Attraction) was not new to me as I’ve heard it through various sources, beginning with Brian Tracy’s motivational books through many current spiritual coaches, I still found the movie well produced and the visualizations of the process are effective, in my opinion.

Law of Attraction, as it is presented in the movie, is also called “manifestation” in modern literature and it promotes the idea that our life flows in the direction of our energized thoughts, i.e. one’s desires, reinforced through visualization and other manifestation techniques help create the reality which realizes (manifests) this original desire or goal. Creative visualization, Jose Silva’s Method and many similar techniques were developed years earlier than this movie to achieve the same goal.

The movie, though, also presents the Law of Attraction in its “negative form”, when our negative thoughts “attract” negative events in our life. Although I find it hard to attribute every negative or positive event to the Law of Attraction, I think that basically this works. Even if the mechanism of this work is not “paranormal” in any way, I believe that focusing your mind on your goals activates the brain so that it builds the plan and pays attention to the opportunities that come across the way and may help achieve the goals. It is possible that if one wouldn’t do these visualizations which focus the brain on the target, one wouldn’t have recognized the opportunity coming his way. It also makes one more optimistic and able, while being pessimistic (thinking about bad things that might happen) will not allow you to progress in the desired direction.

Of course, many people who stick to manifestation tell about amazing coincidences happening in their life after they actively engage in this process, like you can read in my story at Belief and money manifestation and I’m not sure if all of them can be attributed to simple focused awareness, as many of these cases seem to be externally driven.

I didn’t like the commercial side of the movie, though. There’s no pitching of products inside the movie, except the publicity that the cast got, but after the appearances on Oprah, the amount of press releases of people and organizations trying to piggy back on its success was enormous. Starting with people who write books against the movie, through books, sites and audio programs trying to explain one how to use the Law of Attraction and finishing with the most prominent cast members of “The Secret” selling expensive programs and trying to lure people to market these programs for affiliate fee as a form of business. All this makes me feel a little uneasy.

Have you seen the movie? What do you think of all the rush around it? What do you think of the Law of Attraction or manifestation? Post in comments below.





  1. The movie I am excited to hear about is “How Thoughts Become Things.” I read a little about it on a facebook group on the Law of Attraction. Other than that I don’t know much about it. I would be curious to know if anyone else has heard anything about it? Anyone?????

  2. If you liked The Secret and The Opus, Douglas Vermeeren is at it again with another movie, this time Bob Proctor and a few others are coming out with a new message, The Lost Message. You can find more about this movie at The website looks great but there is no real information about the content of the film.

  3. I was reading your posts here and I recently saw The Secret again and The Opus and I really liked them both. I thought they were very different in their approach to similar lessons. In the end I think The Opus was more practical but The Secret seemed to be more cutting edge in the music and filming. I highly recommend them both. I was also reading below about people’s comment of the various creators Rhonda Byrne and Douglas Vermeeren. i have never seen Rhonda Byrne live, but I have seen Douglas Vermeeren live. He is an incredible speaker. And just like the Opus he was full of great practical information. I found him to have great and useful insights far more relevant than many other speakers I have heard. He has been compared to Napoleon Hill and rightly so. His materials focus around interviews he has conducted with some of the most success people on the earth in the last decade. You can find more about him at his official website and there are also many good clips on youtube. I have heard many saw that he is the next big upcoming personal development leader and after having seen his materials I would agree.

  4. I recently saw the film The Opus and I jsut wanted to say that I really enjoyed it and felt it was a great companion piece to The Secret. I am confident that if you enjoyed The secret you will like the story and teachings of the Opus. It comes across as a timeless journey through our commitment to better ourselves. It is a story not only of grasping our personal success, but how we can bless the lives of others by giving back and creating a better world. I give this film my highest regards.

  5. The Opus is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. I just saw it and found it to be wonderful. It shares such profound and powerful information. I liked it better than many of the films to come out lately. It was quite different from The Secret but I think it was better in many ways. It is ideal for anyone looking to get to their success and get to their goals.

  6. I hear there is a new movie called The Compass that has teachers from The Secret and The Opus. I found it at

    Does anyone know anything. I looks pretty cool. Cannot wait!

  7. Another movie that seems relevant to this topic is Life in Perpetual Beta. It is a debate that arrives at some sort of ‘how to’ formula for creating a business based on purpose and passion in the web 2.0 era. Premieres at SXSW in 2009.

  8. The Opus is by far the best presonal development movie ever. For the first time we have a film that delivers instead of just playing around with abstract ideas and non sense concepts. The Opus is practical, informative, entertaining, powerful and effective. I am definitely a fan and await with eagerness to watch what Mr. Vermeeren will be doing next. He has defintiely raised the bar on what is expected in films of this kind.

  9. The film trailer for The Movie The Opus has just been released and it looks absolutely incredible. Check it out at

  10. Here’s another blog that shares awesome info about the Opus and the creator DOUGLAS VERMEEREN.

  11. I own the dvd, and have watched a couple of times now. I cannot say that my life has changed greatly since watching it, however some of the points they bring up are definitively very worthy.

    Mostly I think it is great that they are promoting positive thinking. Watching the news / current affairs and other shows, it is too easy to start thinking and talking negativity. However by doing this, you are sacrificing your happiness. Negative thinking can destroy your dreams and goals, so anything that helps promote positive thinking is good in my books.

    • I like a line from Charlotte Joko Beck’s book “Everyday Zen” that says that whether thinking negative thoughts, or positive thoughts, they are all just thoughts – and they have nothing to do with reality.

      And of course, in Zen, the idea is that it is the “attachments” to our thoughts that causes suffering.

      So, I am torn. I do believe that thinking that you “can do” is a much better and healthier way to live than thinking “you can’t.” But I do think that The Secret and all the experts are guilty of false, advertising and really cheesy used-car salesman style marketing techniques, as well as misleading information and false statements. I don’t think that should be ignored. Ever. By anyone.

      I wrote a follow-up article on my blog after seeing a Youtube video on how to be a cult leader, and there were some similarities that troubled me. It’s below if you are interested.

    • The average person receives on average 492 negative images/thoughts every day. Watching news / current affairs definitely plays a large role in that as does comments/remarks from friends, colleagues, relatives for example.

      Positive thinking and taking action can and will create results, but at the same time there are many thoughts and events that we have already recorded that keep playing within our subconscious mind that can actually sabotage the actions that we take and limit us from achieving the success that we desire out of life.

      So if we can address root cause issues that have created what are now our subconscious belief systems, then we are then able to clear the old thought patterns of the subconscious and begin to create the positive thought patterns that will project us to the success in our life that we desire without the sabotage. That’s freedom!

  12. Sure is . But I think you hit the nail on the head when you wrote “creating something in your mind.”

    It’ll take different action to get the results out of your mind and into real life.

    The mind is a good place to start though.

  13. oh – sorry – meant to put links:

    “I can’t tell you how many people see me in The Secret and tell me “I’m sitting in my living room visualizing my new life every day.” Let me let you in on another secret… you sit around and visualize and they’ll come take your furniture away! While this person may be able to think and feel their visualization in spades they’re not taking any action. It’s not going to happen.”

    Lot’s more things on the web – just do a search on google with the names of the speakers.

    But the movie DID say all you had to do was think…and it will manifest. Ack.

    • Well isnt thinking and visualising taking action? I mean its taking the time out, and putting effort into visualising and creating something in your mind, that is action.. in my book

  14. There are alot of criticisms towards the secret right now. Is there a place a person can go to to find a response from the actual secret teachers? Is that what this next movie is about?

    • Interestingly, whenever the experts defend the Secret, they tend to say that yeah – there’s more to it. You need to also “act,” not just think. You need to be in alignment, meaning you need to be ready to receive, etc. In other words, there needs to be effort and commitment – which = practice.

      And we all know what practice leads to.

      If you practice complaining, coming up with excuses and blame, you get a different outcome than if you make focusing on a desire, and taking the necessary steps towards it your practice.

      None of this is magic though. Magical maybe, but not magic.

    • Just an interesting note. I just returned from NSA in San Diego and the follow up film is indeed The Opus. It is not technically a sequel to the secret although they have at least half a dozen of the original cast members. The subject matter is approaches the law of attraction but focuses on the “What next?” I was present as each of the following speakers shot their segment for the film: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Sue Morter, Marci Shimoff, Ed Tate and several others.

      The subject of this film is how to take your vision and turn into to a workable plan and then ultimately performance. the film is scheduled for a release date in 2008. here’s the website I have to confess that I was quite inspired by my time in this filming session. Some very incredible insights by each of the speakers. I was very impressed especially with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen who shared storied of how they overcame some significant obstacles in creating the Chicken Soup empire.

  15. Perhaps you are referring to the fact that we all work in the same office? We talk alot about the secret and other films like this. Your posts intrigued us.

    • I was seeing 3 posts made in a short time from the same IP, so I assumed it was the same person impersonating. I didn’t take into account that 3 people could have the same IP because of a corporate internet connection. Sorry if I offended you all.

      I’m glad you liked my post. Thank you.

      • No Problem. Anyways, we are also curious which film you are talking about? We have the inside scoop on a film that is coming out in November that may be the one you are referring to.

  16. What are you talking about?

  17. Are we talking about the movie “Pass it On?” If so, it’s a dud. I saw it a few weeks ago and had a hard time sitting through it. If you are calling that the sequel – just forget it. The movie should have been titled “Pass on it.” There was no power or inspiration like the original secret. Why is it everyone thinks they can make a cheap imitation when something successful appears?

    • No, I was not referring to Pass it On. It’s already out anyway.
      By the way, why do you impersonate different people (Douglas, Ray, Samantha?)

  18. It’s all new age drivel. Written by con men for suckers that think they don’t have to do any work or struggle, just think postive thoughts. The fact that there are so many morons that but this BS I’m moving into the field myself. I think I’ll call my product line ‘The Ultimate Secret’ and tell how if you send me a mere 10 dollars you’ll realize your fondest desires and if you don’t why it’s because you didn’t believe enough-all your fault.

    Come on you new age bone heads. Get your head out of your nether regions and grow up.

    • I think that you raised some valid comments. I have some inside information on this film and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. There are several members of “the Secret” cast involved and they have addressed many of the concerns practical critics are talking about. You will also be pleased to know that this film is not focused on Money, Money, money. I understand that sometime in the next two weeks there will be a trailer or some other footage released on the net. Keep your eyes open. FYI some of the people involved include: Dr. John Demartini, Bob Doyle, Morris “The Miracle Man” Goodman, Marci Shimoff and others.

    • Is it true that Bill Bartmann is appearing in this film? Does anyone know?

  19. You bring up some very valid points about the movie “The Secret,” and the Law of Attraction. I started listening to Abraham, (channelled by Esther Hicks) about a dozen years ago. Esther was in the original version of “The Secret” and my friends and I have found their teaches to be extremely helpful and insightful. In fact, its the Law of Attraction which catapulted me into an incredible awakening, and resulted in a book about my spiritual journey through rock music.

    I hope the follow-up DVD doesn’t focus as much on attracting material things, because you are right, that just undermines the movie’s credibility IMHO.

    My experience has been the more I focus on understanding myself, and facing my past emotional traumas, then through my intention, I’m often brought experiences which help me heal. That to me is the beauty of the Law of Attraction. Not to be a magnet to “stuff,” but to be a magnet to insights and a deeper understanding of human consciousness.

    • The film The Opus is the sequel to the secret and it is coming out March 2008. I just saw on another Blog the cyres Cafe that the are just finishing production and that they are looking screening it in a variety of locations around the world. Someone on that blog ocmmented that they have dates set up for the Oprah Winfrey show and Larry King live on CNN. Apparently there is a lot of excitement now surrounding the film. it looks really good and I am excited to see it. Anyone else have any news?

      • The film was screened and sold in it’s preview version at the ZRII convention May 22, 2008 in Salt Lake City. Apparently, in it’s first 2 weeks, it’s already sold 2 Million copies. Many of the Secret’s trainers are in The Opus – plus a sizable piece with Bill Farley (CEO of ZRII – his next Billion-Dollar Brand) – told in story form of a boy who realizes his dream of becoming a virtuoso violinist. It was very well done and DOES focus on the ACTION part of the Law of Attraction – not just the thought part… Namaste…