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Jar and Pendulum Psychokinesis exercise

A reader, Pete, has sent me the following psychokinesis exercise, including the image and the accompanying instructions. He had suggested that I post it on the site. This exercises requires a simple construction, described both in words and in the image and a dedication in order to achieve success. Pete says about 2 weeks of daily practice is needed for success. I’ve seen this exercise before but Pete’s image and instructions are really good. So, learn and practice the Jar and Pendulum exercise using the instructions below, note the warning Pete gives in the first paragraph:

There is a training exercise I started using a while back and I was wondering if you were familiar with it and if you had any pointers. Feel free to post it, however it may not be wise because of the massive headaches rookies can suffer if they push themselves.


  • An empty Jar with lid (glass or plastic just so long as its clear)
  • A sowing thread
  • Superglue
  • A sowing needle
  • A match


  1. Cut off match head and push needle through center of match so that weight is balanced
  2. Glue thread to the center of the match/needle combo and to the center of the jar lid
  3. Suspend the match/needle combo to check balance and make adjustments
  4. Replace the lid to the jar

The object of the exercise is to get the match and needle to move.
Place the Jar on a desk/table and allow for the pendulum to settle. Then without touching the desk hold your hands to either side of the jar and focus.

Jar and Pendulum psychokinesis exercises

I’ve only had minor success with the exercise. Any tips or pointers you may have would be appreciated.

In the followup mail, Pete wrote the following instructions:

I put the jar on the table/desk and allow it to sit for at least half an hour so that the pendulum ceases to swing. When performing the exercise you do not make contact with the desk or the jar. (A convenient way to solve the dilemma of the lack of necessary upper body strength to keep you arms and hands in appropriate range of positions is to hunch and let your elbows rest on your knees. Remember: no contact with the jar or the desk its sitting on).

You hold one or both hands on either side of the jar and concentrate on the pendulum. You’re supposed to visualize strands going from your hands and finger going through the jar and clinging to the needle and match ends.

Concentrate on the individual strands (I find more success when I ignore the possibility that the strands are projected energy and think of them of extensions of myself and visualize them forming into tactile objects connecting your hands to the needle and match).

Begin to slowly adjust the position of your hands and the pendulum should begin to move. This is not an instantaneous skill.

Three things to consider

  1. Practice point projection control when starting out. This means only have strands projecting from a few specific points such as your finger tips or knuckles on the inside of your palm. The first time I did this exercise I formed many strands on one hand and if I remember correctly a solid thick beam from my other, vision went blurry (seemed like a moment), then I saw that 7 min had passed by my head felt like a team of gremlins were going to work on my head and the whole jar was between 3-4 inches from where it had been. No tape recording so anything from the gap in memory is to be seen as speculation only and the headache lasted about 3 days. Hence the warning about posting this exercise and rookies practicing without preparation before hand.
  2. If you start to get any kind of headache stop the exercise immediately and refrain from any exercises that help develop psi abilities for at least two days when you’re starting out. The headache, if it dissipates, and you attempt to exert yourself too soon (this includes meditations, if you have a tendency to access psi abilities when performing them) the headache will return and I don’t know what the headache is symptomatic of.
  3. Any success at the “pendulum jar exercise” is usually followed by the ability to concentrate on small cuts and scratches just before bed and having them be gone by morning. All disappearances have only occurred to minor cuts and scratches that were younger than 2 days, often times without the slight discoloration and tightening of the skin that usually are usually left behind by such small cuts. These are by no means an often occurrence but I figured you might find them interesting.

The controlled success, if any, happens after continued practice once daily for about 2 weeks. This success is a slow horizontal rotation of the pendulum mimicking the movement of my fingertips only. I have not projected any more than 4 strands from my index and middle fingers on both my left and right hand. I have yet to be able to sustain the influence on the pendulum for longer than 10 seconds though that seems to be increasing with practice. Im sure you understand my reluctance to attempt the projection of additional strands.

May I recommend sending this exercise to those you believe to be a little more experienced before you do a general post, only because of the apparent risk presented to a beginner who potentially lacks experience and control needed. For all we know over exerting yourself on this exercise could burn out a persons ability to use psi-energies.

Pete then asks the following:

  1. Possible ways to increase endurance and strength of the strand projection
  2. Also I was wondering if you have heard of any instances of “psi” headaches and what they may be linked to
  3. Any exercise specifically designed to aid in healing abilities considering the aforementioned parallel and partial successes.

I encourage you to try Pete’s exercise, especially with all the great instruction and the visuals he provided. Write your success and failure stories, suggestions and thoughts in the comments. Thanks to Pete for sharing this with us all.

For those looking for more exercises, start at Developing ESP and continue from there.





  1. Hey I’m Dijah. I’ve been practicing on and off with he pendulum for almost a year now and I love it. I know if you believe you can do it your body will do it too. I know that the vibrations from my mind moves the pendulum. But. COrrect me if I’m wrong okay. I love the way it feels when I make the pendulum move . I was wondering if I was ready for this exercise. I could mov my pendulum counter clockwise , clockwise, back and forward , and side by side I practiced all. I love these exercises and I want to do more. I was wondering if It were possible that I put the pendulum somewhere and try to move it without touching it. I would love some feed back

  2. OMG…. it worked!!! I can really do it!
    I did the set up EXACTLY as instructed, and really prepared myself mentally and physically prior to giving it a try! I took a really LONG time to see the results, but the cross DID begin to swing banck and forth.

    BELIEVE and dont give up! YOU can do it TOO!
    Jonny “K”

  3. For the healing question, there are many ways, just use what works for you. What works for me is Shichiem Reki. I also know about Usui Reki, Tia Chi, Chigong, and Chios. They all teach healing with your mind. I am a Master Teacher of Reki, you wish to learn more I will help you, even it means pointing you away from reki. My E-mail is

    About the question on ways to get more control, in my experance, you may find it different for yourself, it’s about self-confidance. The more confident you are deep down with yourself, the better you overall resalts are going to be. In other words, anything to build confidance in yourself.

  4. I have never done this before. I do notice that when i focus, i can get a weight on my hands then form it in the other hand. I sorta played catch with them then put a string in between imy hands and threw the imaginary weight. I think i saw the string move. Was it actually air currents. Oh and the string is like what you use to turn on light bulbs and fans.

  5. For the headaches try rubbing sandalwood paste tiliak on the forehead between the eyebrows or for the more discreet. Sandalwood oil which will also contain Orris root as a fixer in a base of almond oil as carrier. Which is fine as orris root is a moon herb. And sandalwood is the natural odor of the astral body. This will help cure those type of headaches (yang headaches) and also increase your skill by bringing the heat through the forehead (brain radiation) and preventing ajna from overheating. Also try the oil on the base of the skull and the ends of the eyebrows at the temples.

  6. That sounds kind of like psi-wheels, which seem to work slightly for me too. I should try this too.

  7. Are all this experiments (Psi wheels, this experiments, spoon bending) can be done when we are sick?(fever, cold)..?Does it affect our mind.(become week or something negative)? Plese reply me, somebody..


    • These activities really begin to work when you deprive yourself of things.(Food,sleep,pleasures). I don’t know much on Telekenesis but I do know that the more you physical body becomes weak, your spirit grows stronger. If you deny yourself food your brain begins to lack fuel to function on its own and your higher stronger spiritual conscienceness begin to arise feulng your (physical conscienceness) brain. So the aswer to your question of weather or not being sick affects these experiments is yes. Weather the effects are negative or posotive are entirely up to you.

  8. please tell me how to float a ball in air using mind or bend a spoon using mind. please reply

    reply me immediately

    • Reed the instruction on how to bend spoon using mind on this website..
      It is on the left side of this page (

      I hope this help.

  9. I’ve achieved telekinesis so I know exactly how it works.

    Ultrasound can be heard only within the human head. When we focus on the highest pitch in our ears this pitch range resonates into ultrasound and by focusing the ultrasound creates intense heat.

    When we focus our mind on the stomach this ultrasound heat ionizes the blood that normally builds up in that region of the body.

    After practice the belly gets really hot, the electrochemicals then create electromagnetic fields. These electromagnetic fields, if build up through continual electrostatic generation, then can be emitted out of the body through the hands.

    The center of the hand is yang energy while the finger tips is yin energy. Yin energy is used to move and break up energy blockages. Yang energy is used to send in the harmonized energy of the healer into the body that has had the energy blockages removed.

    That’s how telekinesis works for healing and I’ve magnetized metal boxes with my hands, causing coins to cling to the side of the boxes.

    • Sounds like someone’s off his western meds.

    • Some things are ment to be a secret..


      • nothing is meant to be a secret. it’s just that people are too dumb to understand some stuff. that doesn’t mean we should try.

    • Please contact me back, i am quite intrested in all of this ,and i am just saying that i have a dirt field next to my home, i goe there once a day and meditate, and out of nowhere this excceeding annoyingly high pith appears in my head. I walk to my dad and ask him if he hears anything and he says no, any suggestions are welcome.

  10. I can’t comment on how effective this may or may not be in developing psychokinesis but there is definitely room here for non-psi processes to affect this.

    Thermal effects are distinctly possible.

    A more immediate problem is that moving your hands with your elbows on your knees can transmit forces to the floor, from there to the table legs, to the table top to the jar to the pendulum. Even a simple pendulum is a powerful amplifier of very small periodic forces.

    Is this happening here? I don’t know. To have some confidence that it isn’t (not laboratory proof, of course, just reasonable confidence) do this somewhere with a concrete slab as a floor and put some kind of shock absorber (pillows are better than nothing) between the floor and the table and between the table and the jar. Put another jar that should show no effect on the table as well.

    That doesn’t eliminate air currents nudging the jar, much less the thermal effects, but I suppose its too much to ask for a home set-up to include a vacuum bell jar. 🙂

  11. “Also I was wondering if you have heard of any instances of “psi” headaches and what they may be linked to”

    Not psi related: Do you scrunch your eyebrows together when concentrating? Could it be involuntary/unconscious muscle contractions like that?

    Psi headache but not necessarily related to this situation: A medium sensing the presence of a spirit trying to explain how they died can feel the sensations the spirit felt. If a spirit passed from a head ailment or injury that could cause a psi headache in a medium.

    “Any exercise specifically designed to aid in healing abilities considering the aforementioned parallel and partial successes.”

    How to do spiritual healing:


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