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A boy in Nepal has been meditating for 6 months

An article in is describing a new ‘wonder’ 15-year old boy in southern Nepal who has been meditating now for 6 months straight without food, water or anything else. He’s been sitting under a pipal tree just like the historical Buddha was sitting for 49 days before reaching his enlightment.

Of course, there’s a lot of motion around this ongoing event and a lot of pilgrims from India and Nepal started to gather around the place, creating a buzz and a market.

The question that interest me most is how does he manage to live without food or water for so long. In what kind of state his mind and body are that there’s virtually no metabolism going on in his body? Where does he get the energy he needs to live?

Link to original article.

Update: There’s also an article on BBC.

Update: I have contacted a person regarding this event and received a reply.
Read the follow up post.

Another update: Another update on meditating boy in Nepal

Latest update: The nepalese meditating ‘Buddha’ boy has disappeared





  1. I see the documentary film in Discovery channel about this boy. and i am still thinking, how he can do it? while it is against all nature rules…

  2. Out natural energy source is pranayama you can live off it. Hunger thurst are just states of mind? Altho i dont know why he doesnt drink water very natural and healthy.

  3. Well i whas thinking… a person can live alot with no food if he is meditating, but not wichout water, since they say hes not drinking water, i got another solution.

    As you know your rectum absorb water, maybe hes sit on a tube that shots in water from time to time, this water gets absorbed and he dont need to drink water that way and since hes not eating theres no poop going out. He could have a tube inserted for months.

  4. Ghostbuster: “Its not possible to live with water.” What the hell does this mean? “Its” is the possessive form of it, as in “its colour” or “its smell”. The contraction “it is” is “it’s”. Secondly, I showered today and didn’t burst into flames or dissolve. I think that shows it is possible to live with water. Third, there are several carefully conducted experiments done by trained medical professionals pointing to the legitimacy of inedia (or at least merit further studies). Therese Neumann was placed under close surveillance for 15 days and had no noticeable health effects after having no food or water during that time. Prahlad Jani didn’t eat or drink for 10 days under careful surveillance with similar results. Until you can refute the evidence from real medical doctors don’t make arrogant claims.

    Anonymous: Just because you can’t meditate for any great period of time doesn’t mean that nobody can. There have been thousands of well documented cases of people meditating for considerable periods of time. On several occasions I’ve gone 75 minutes or more meditating and the longer I keep at it the more I don’t want to stop. Credible research institutions and universities have shown that Tibetan monks using a meditation technique known as Tummo are able to raise their body temperatures enough to remain completely naked outside while it’s snowing for hours and are even able to steam dry wet sheets placed on their bodies. Wim Hof (Ice Man) frequently shows the public the power of this technique through incredible feats of mental fortitude.


  5. what is he meditating about for so long?

  6. Too many people are already caught up on whether or not he has had food or water for some time. He will probably have something substantial to say when the time comes and I think it would be unwise to be too concerned with a rumor and miss the message.

  7. Dude.

    Its not possible to live with water. End of story. Not possible.

    Are you retarded?

    • Ghostbuster, in this post I have just summarized a story from a more known source. Read the *original* story for a fuller information.
      In any case, since the story seems far fetching, I have asked several people about their opinion on the story.
      Hopefully, after getting their response I’ll have a better answer and update this entry.

    • Not possible for a teenage boy to sit there for so long at this cold weather. I try to meditation and within 20 minutes my legs become totally numb. Moreover that part of world is very cold.
      Could anybody expalin ?

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    • some people will say it’s impossib;e to sit still, , stay PERFECTLY still and not yell or move or anything, WHILE SOMEONE SETS YOUR BODY ON FIRE.

      Seems so absurd..

      Yet, buddists monks did this exact feet for protest. They were in deep meditation so their body could overcome the pain.

      Anything is possible.

    • That is one theory
      (That he can not live more than a few days without water)
      I believe that he can.
      And obviously he does.