Since many of you still don’t go to the Healing and Parapsychology forums on this site, I’ve though I’d introduce some of the latest questions on the the forums and ask for you participation.

A woman asked in post Pain in palms the following:

When i think of losing one I love…I get this drawing electrical pain in my palms..and a few fingers. Has anyone experienced this and what is it?

AtxRyan asks about meditating in the morning and feeling hungry :

I’ve found that the general consensus for most types of meditation is to not do it while your body is trying to digest food. Before breakfast and at night before bed are common recommendations, as you probably know. Right when I wake up every morning I’m very hungry and i must eat. This causes a problem, obviously. Of course I could meditate later, but a morning meditation seems very important to me and is something I want to be able to do. Any recommendations? Has anyone else had to deal with this?

If you can provide some help to these people or have some questions you’d like to ask yourself, please do. We have a forum called Specific conditions help where you can ask for help on some issues you’re having.

In another forum, Home remedies, I want you to share your “grandma recipes” for various conditions. I’ve started a thread on common cold since it’s something very common and I guess every home has their own remedies for that. Please share yours with the rest of us.

There’s been an interesting discussion, titled Source of the energy, started as a question on life for energy and continued as debate between pacificwhim, a journalist doing research on energy healing methods, SkepticalBry (Bryan the skeptic), and other members.

I would also like to know your opinion on homeopathic drugs.

Please join the forums and be part of the community.