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Sharon Neill blind psychic medium from UK helps police and others

I came upon an interesting story of a Sharon Neill, aged 42, from UK. She’s blind from birth and appears to be one of the more known psychic mediums in the UK. An article in Daily Mail describes her amazing story of discovering her psychic abilities in the childhood and their later development. Her talent seems to be mediumship, contact with the dead.

Apparently she’s been helping the UK police on several occasions of missing persons. She could see and experience what the victims saw, where and how they were killed. She would then inform the police, often helping them to discover the body or the murderer. She tells several interesting cases from her “career”, including this first one:

…Her name was Marie Payne and it was thought she had been abducted. As I listened to the reporter’s voice I felt as if a scene from a film was being projected on to a screen in my mind. As I watched, the image of a silver car appeared, followed by outhouses and derelict buildings, a forest area and a lorry or van.

The little girl’s fear swept over me as if I were in her mind sharing her emotions, and the sensation of being in unfamiliar and hostile surroundings filled me with her dread.

Visualising a place I had never been to was a shock, but to be so tuned into what seemed to be the emotions of this child was terrifying and fascinating. I remembered thinking I was able to tune into my friends’ thoughts at school, but this was different. I didn’t know the girl, yet I had never received images with such clarity…

… Once at the police station, I was asked if I was prepared to go through my story again while hooked up to a lie detector. I told them what the girl looked like and that she was very scared. I could see the man holding her and gave a description of him and the concrete, windowless building she was being held in.

“Can you give us the man’s name?” they pressed. “I can only see initials,” I replied, “C and E.”

Tragically, Marie’s body was later found in Epping Forest in an area that matched my description. A man named Colin Evans was convicted of her abduction and murder…

There are more interesting stories in the article. Sometimes it makes you really wonder what’s really going on in the world.

Another famous blind clairvoyant was Vanga Dimitrova from Bulgaria





  1. I had a 1-2-1 reading with sharon recently and I can honestly say it was a waste of time. This is the first reading i’ve ever had. I am a believer, and was excited to see her as i’ve heard people mention her before. Before my reading I googled reviews on her, nearly all of which were negative…but I wanted to see for myself. What a mistake. She had someone sit in the reading with us, this was a man she was ‘training’ he attempted to read cards, but failed miserably. She tried to take over. She told me I was going to get a payrise. This is rubbish…because i was told i wouldnt be getting a pay rise this year. Then she told me i had kids….(I dont). She said i was single…(Im married). Then she tried to rectify it by saying she thought i had kids because she can see fertility…she said i was going to have 2 kids & that i was unsure about having a baby. This is not true either. Talk about process of illimination?! i confirmed i didnt have kids and was married…and then BAMMM! she see’s fertility. How predictable?!
    Then she told me a woman had come through wanting to speak to me called ‘sarah’. She asked if i knew who sarah was. I asked if this ‘sarah’ had passed over…she said yes. I dont know any sarahs that have passed over. Another load of rubbish. At this point her assistant quickly changed the subject and she went off that topic altogether lol.
    Then she babbled on about my car. She said it was either white or silver (it is silver)…not hard to know since it was sitting in her drive. Im sure her assistant had a word in her ear tho! She said i was having problems with my car at the minute ( im not ) she said it was problems with spending too much on petrol ( i dont drive that much) . She was literally clutching at straws. There wasnt one thing she told me that was true. And anything she did tell me was trivial! Even i could have done that reading and im not psychic! My friend had a reading before me. She has been to a lot of mediums and said the same. Shes the worst shes ever had. This woman is a con. I urge anyone who is thinking about going to her to save your money. Please please pleaseee dont waste your time and dont be fooled by her disability. I got robbed blind.

  2. I had a “reading” from Sharon lastnight and it was abysmal. Couldnt have been colder if it were on ice. I wont even waste time typing the full details of the ten minute cold reading she tried to give me before announcing “I CANT DO IT”. On a good note she didnt have the cheek to charge me (i wouldnt have payed anyway) but did have over three blind stabs in the dark before admitting it. Went abit like this “i have a william here and you were very close to him” Me – “no dont now any Williams never have” Sharon – “Ok you have strong connections to a man in uniform” Me – “er NO” Sharon – “I cant do it sorry” i then made a hasty escape with purse intact. She was the worst i have ever seen :O i couldnt belive it. My wee finger is more psychic then her 🙁 wasted journey and childcare. Please dont waste your time on this joke people.

    • I had a reading today and I agree with your comment. Her other phone started ringing, she took that call and then after 6 mins I was advised “I can not help you”. I believe Sharon is working from a pro-forma and if you do not fit in this criteria well you know what comes next. She asked about work and used closed questions to confirm. I am not happy with my job and that was sort of true, however more than 50% of the population are not happy with their job so this is a no brainer to me. Then next she went onto relationships and that I was having problems in my relationship “isn’t that right” she said (closed question). I advised I am not in a relationship and immediately Sharon advised that I can not help you and to contact KGB Deals to obtain a refund. Complete CHARLATAN!!!

  3. i got a reading from sharon in dec few weeks back….wow, she told me i was engaged , we were rock solid , then looked confused saying a divorce was pending!!! thats not rite, she said, i told her i was waiting on mine coming from my ex!!! she told me he abused my mind and bdy…so very true. then told asked me why was i so sad, i said my current partnet was unwell, she told me down to the finest detail of his illness i asked her to and everything she told me was spot on…..and yes he was told yesterday it was gone sharon, it was contained…this woman has an amazing gift….dont doubt i will be seeking her advice in the future

  4. Sharon Neill is a liar, she did NOT help the Police with the Marie Payne case. On her website she states that she heard the news of her abduction on the news after Eastenders had finished. Payne went missing in March 1983, Eastenders was not aired until Feb 1985. She claims she was given a lie detector test to prove she was telling the truth about her ‘information’. Lie detectors were not used in this country until 2003.

    She claims the girl was found with her help a couple of weeks after going missing. Payne’s body was not found until 14 MONTHS after she went missing.

    With totally the wrong year, some confusion over the use of Polygraphs in the UK, and no idea of how long this poor girl was missing for, this is a complete work of fantasy from Sharon Neill in an attempt to make herself into something she isn’t.

    • in September 2005 I got a reading from her.
      She told me Bridget was there – a aunt of my mother. The message I received was the my granny(Bridget Sister)was beginning to loose her memory. She also told me not to leave my current job – I was not ready yet. She also told me my life was out of direction( true I know what she was referring to hear – Lets just say I was sleeping around)She said a man was coming into my life in about two years. She told me she saw me with a child within 3-4 years.

      It is now June 2008. My granny is fine and does not have any problems with her memory. I
      did meet someone in October 2006 – who turned out to be violent. I left him. I was moved from my job and it was terrible – new move.

      I think that the problem with reading are – who comes throught from other side Bridget was like that when she was alive. Everybody had to watch her. I wanted someone stronger and to come throught.

      I would much appreicate any advice on your readings.