A forum user posted a question asking about using remote viewing to find lost object (on forum). Apparently, he lost one his gameboy games inside the house and now can’t find it. Do you know if Remote Viewing can be used to locate lost things?

This question comes in at a good time for me, too, since I seem to have lost my wrist watch and I’m not even sure it’s at my home. I’ve never actually learned remote viewing so I don’t know if it can be used for that but I’ve learned some dowsing and my mother-in-law, who also studied it, once found my wife’s lost jewelry, in only 2 minutes, using an L-Shaped rod to answer the questions of its location. So, I guess something is possible. See more what I wrote about Dowsing.

Also, back in Oct’ 2005, when I only started this blog I’ve already written about this subject, but mostly related to Silva Method, see: Remote viewing to find lost objects (blog)