Those of who are interested in scientific research of healing might find interest in the Journal of Science and Healing called Explore. The current issue is free and its papers can be downloaded in PDF format. The latest issue includes a paper by Dr. Dean Radin, Gail Hayssen and James Walshcalled, called Effects of Intentionally Enhanced Chocolate on Mood which shows through a double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled study that people who ate chocolate that was exposed to “good intentions” had better mood than those eating unexposed chocolate. If you want a more detailed review of the chocolate study read here.

Other papers include a study by a group of Chinese doctors on The Effect of Chinese Medicinal Herbs in Relieving Menopausal Symptoms in Ovariectomized Chinese Women. This study tested an established formula of Chinese medicinal herbs in elieving menopausal symptoms in ovariectomized women (whatever that means). What’s important is that the results showed that ” Chinese herbs may be a useful alternative treatment for ovariectomized women suffering from menopausal symptoms, who are unable or do not want to receive hormone replacement therapy (HRT).”.

Another article discusses new studies that support the therapeutic value of meditation. These are only 3 articles from a larger variety available in the current issue. Going into the archives shows that two more issues of the journal have free access. One can also subscribe to the actual paper journal for a price.

Enjoy your reading.