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Is qigong fading out in China?

My Qigong teacher has returned from Hong Kong last week after spending 3 weeks training with his Qigong Yiquan teacher. He’s been going this way to Hong Kong almost every year for many years now in order to improve his qigong skills. His teacher is now 70 years old and now for several years he’s been reducing the time he gives lessons in order to leave more time for his own training. He doesn’t have family and he dedicated his life to Qigong and Kung Fu training.

<p>My teacher reports some very remarkable abilities that his teacher has. The abilities of course come from his lifelong training. He says that kung fu master become only better and stronger with the years and he looks forward to him being 80. From his story I can understand how far is our group of westerners from his abilities. The most sad part of my teacher&#8217;s story is that no one of his master&#8217;s students in China (Hong Kong) reaches even 30% of his ability. He was speaking about how the master should see and adapt the training for each student. It seems that after he passes away (which might take 30 or more years) there&#8217;ll be no follower who&#8217;ll come close to his abilities in this specific qigong variant.</p>

<!--more--><p>I&#8217;ve also read about this in the book which I lately started to read: <a href=";tag=tradinghqcom-20&#38;linkCode=as2&#38;camp=1789&#38;creative=9325&#38;creativeASIN=0892818131">The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal</a><img src=";l=as2&#38;o=1&#38;a=0892818131" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />. In this book the author tells of <a href="">John Chang</a> who became famous after <a href="">setting a newspaper on fire</a> with his Chi energy in the <a href=";tag=tradinghqcom-20&#38;linkCode=as2&#38;camp=1789&#38;creative=9325&#38;creativeASIN=B0001I54S4">Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey</a><img src=";l=as2&#38;o=1&#38;a=B0001I54S4" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /> documentary movie. There he tells how the knowledge of kung fu was decreasing over the generations. The reason for this, as Kosta Danaos writes, is that some masters was leaving some 10% percent of their knowledge secret and so it would get lost until some great master later will rediscover it and start the process from the start. This book proves to a very interesting read and I would recommend reading it right now, even though I have not yet finished reading yet.</p>

Another reason for the disappearance of real kung fu appears to be the communist regime in China. As the result of the decision brought into chinese life by this regime the various forms of martial arts become more of an external form without its real essence, the internal power of the martial art masters.

<p>I wonder how many of the &#8220;real&#8221; masters of qigong remain today and what will be left a generation from now.</p>





  1. I have been reading much about qigong and would like to study it while living in Hong Kong. Do you have any suggestions on who to contact or what resources to use to begin practicing? I realize this posting is quite old so hopefully you will be able to respond. Thank you.

  2. I recommend Dr. David A. Palmer’s book “Qigong Fever: Body, Science and Utopia in China (Columbia University Press, 2007) The term “qigong” was actually coined by the Communist goverment which relies on atheism. Qigong worked for the communist leaders, as a cheap, reliable means of healing.

  3. Do people here get that QiGong is religion?

    • No, qigong is not a religion. It’s a practice, like yoga or kung-fu and there’s nothing religious about it.

  4. Yes the Phantom Limb “illusion” is featured in a recent issue of the New Scientist — based on the “inner ear” or proprioreception “sixth sense” of the brain. Basically if you take a vibrator and stimulate your arm tendon while reaching towards your nose the brain thinks that your hand extends PAST the nose — or something like that.

    Anyway the whole concept of resonance transduction is lost…just as is the case with Michael Corballis (someone I emailed but received no response from). He states in the Sept. 2007 issue of New Scientist that


    is the defining trait of the human mind but then makes a logical error:

    “Birdsong, for instance, is often relentlessly repetitive. But there is no evidence that non-human species can use recursion to flexibly and progressively qualify and add meaning, in the way that we humans can.”

    Sorry — but again he’s assuming birds use Western harmonics which they don’t. Not only does birdsong TRANSDUCE into ultrasound but it goes through the whole energy spectrum and resonates plant stomata — with who knows what else complicated effects.

  5. Hi: I took classes from Master Chunyi Lin for several years. He has a healing center that receives people recommended by Mayo Clinic doctors and Master Chunyi Lin heals late-term cancer very well, also deafness, paralysis, HIV positive, and many other difficult conditions.

    I healed my mom of a significant leg disability she had from smoking so now she no longer needs surgical stockings or to keep her legs elevated or to sit after an hour of standing.

    Master Chunyi Lin spent a month or so in a cave in full-lotus the whole time, without eating any food or drinking water or even sleeping.

    The way he described his practice to me and his lifestyle it’s very much like the book “Opening the Dragon Gate” — Master Chunyi Lin eats just one small meal of raw tofu and veggies a day while he fasts every Monday and he sleeps just a few hours a night, while sitting in full-lotus probably at least 4 hours a day.

    A former kung fu master, Jim Nance, became a qigong master as Master Chunyi Lin’s assistant. Jim has also been very nice to me and once did a long-distance healing on me to help further open up my 3rd Eye! It was amazing! Jim Nance trained intensively for about 10 years in spring forest qigong to become a qigong master.

    I now sit in full-lotus throughout the day and “scatter my vitality” for doing healing (I’m quoting “Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality” trans. by Charles Luk).

    I got to “immortal breathing” as described in that book — where the feet and hands breath through chi or vitality without needed to hardly breathe through the lungs or nose.

    I had gone on a 7 day “bigu” fast — no food and only half a glass of water while needing only 5 hours of sleep. It was after that time that I healed my mom but my chi was so strong that I needed further guidance to control the energy better.

    That was 7 years ago and since then I’ve literally read one scholarly book a day as intellectual defense so I could translate my experiences back into Western knowledge.

    Now I’ve returned to the first book I used “Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality” and I now realize that I hadn’t really processed the information in the book. But after so many years of training I can really relate to the detail of the practice.

    I see white light around people — especially if I do not eat much which then makes my energy channels open up faster while sitting in full-lotus.

    The main issue is transforming the food into chi since I haven’t really cut back on my diet. The food can easily clog the energy channels but then it does get transformed. The intensity of the light experience depends on how much chi you develop and since I “scatter my vitality” (chi) as soon as I make it then the intensity of my healing is mainly still just generative force (or electrochemical energy) to transform negative emotions into blissful emotions. I call this the “O at a D” because as my energy leaves through the third eye then the generative force in the lower tan tien is pulled up — through the right-brain vagus nerve, and this causes a mutual climax between the recipient of the energy and myself. The more that euphoria occurs then the stronger the heat gets and the generative force as heat then turns into electromagnetic fields or chi.

    Otherwise I can just focus my eyes on my nose to keep the chi from scattering and also point my eyes at the palms of my hands so the yang energy in my brain reflects off my hands back into the yin energy of my stomach, as I detailed in the “Yan Xin Secret” exercise.

    So that’s how my practice has been for the last year or so — I can keep my mind focused for reading one scholarly book a day and then keep my body healed and then also heal other people as well.

  6. What an abundance of information! Thank you, web-site bookmarked.

    Qigong is something i’m willing to study in the near future while continuing with Yi Quan. Very interesting to find out they are combined in some traditions. Sounds like a natural marriage to me, based on what i’ve experienced through Yi Quan.

    Now back to paperballs and Steve Roach’s “The Magnificent Void”, safe journeys to you all.

  7. This is another reply to Ryan, but actually a reply for questions on and also posted at and Thanks:

    Yes serotonin can cross the blood-brain barrier IF it is ionized — as I discovered from reading “The Tangled Wing” by a Harvard physiologist who was the mentor to Stanford’s Robert Sapolsky, with whom I’ve corresponded.

    Sapolsky, btw, is developing the next line of psychotropics — utilizing the PHA axis — Pituitary-Hypothalamus-Adrenal Axis (sometimes the order is switched around and the Pineal is thrown in for good measure).

    Amazingly my research is fuelled by finding out what the hell I’ve discovered through full-lotus yoga, the most intense training being in 2000, while taking classes from qigong master Chunyi Lin.

    Chunyi Lin teaches Mayo Clinic doctors who refer patients to Chunyi Lin since he heals late-term cancer, paralysis, deafness, and a rare lung disease that the Mayo Clinic corroborated with x-rays.

    Now then what causes the serotonin to be ionized — the ultrasound — which, contrary to popular belief — can be heard by humans — but, as the biophysics book “Magic of the Senses” by V. Droscher, details, ONLY WITHIN THE HEAD.

    Hence the “inner ear” method of listening to the source of the I-thought.

    No belief is necessary, just repeat I-I-I as an experiment of logical inquiry. In deep sleep there’s no sense of spacetime nor of the body — yet we awake the same person. Logically there must be subjective consciousness that is maintained beyond the sense of spacetime or the physical body.

    When we awake the first thought is the I-thought. Dan Zahavi has a book: Self and Alterity. Only the I-thought has no signifier and all other thoughts and images and perceptions are based on this logical sense of I — even when we dream.

    So plunge into the mind to find out who is the “I” that exists beyond deep dreamless sleep.

    Or you can wait for Dr. Roldolfo’s microchip, detailed in his neuroscience book “I of the Vortex.” Yes, just like the Jnanas, you too can have your heart-mind controlled so that your brain can be used as a quantum computer — without you having any awareness of it (permanent deep sleep state).

    The concept of I is based on the verb of “to be” which is not found in many languages! In fact the definition of God as “I Am that I Am” refers to the 4 states of reality.

    I is the waking state while AM is AUM or OHM, refering to the dream and deep sleep state.

    The 4th state is called Turiya and is represented by “that” because when formless awareness is resonated that it reflects back into the other three states:

    I Am that I Am.

    OK where’s my spinach!

    “that” is neither an image nor a word yet it creates all energy and matter and spacetime. It’s pure consciousness or formless awareness.

    So light goes into formless awareness. Ionization is a process not dependent on any one chemical — DMT or Salvia or allicin or magnesium as a photoreceptor. All these things help — peat moss is the original mercury. When birds sing in the morning the true purpose is that their song is mainly composed of ultrasound. The ultrasound heats up and ionizes the plants’ stomata or cellular walls. The stomata are then able to take in nutrients from the morning dew, created by the sun-moon-earth dynamics.

    That’s alchemy my friends. There’s harmonics of the body — the mind itself is weak so will power comes from the kidney energy which transduces the sex hormones into neurochemicals — this works via the vagus nerve.

    Amazingly the trick for males (since most of Nature is female, and the male is unnecessary) is to learn how to have a female orgasm.

    Recent research on female parapalgeics discovered that climax and orgasm is still achieved — through the vagus nerve connection with the reproductive organs. This vagus nerve goes through the stomach, up the right side of the head, just behind the ear, and then into the right side of the brain.

    Or you can repeat I-I-I which activates the left brain vagus nerve and then goes straight to the heart.

    People can see my right-brain vagus nerve pulsates as I shoot out “yang” energy through the pineal gland — through the forehead and the eyes. As the “yang” energy shoots into yin energy around me then there is space in my brain so the yin energy of the lower half of my body is sucked up into the brain, causing an INTERNAL orgasm.

    This is how a person can sit in full-lotus. Now it’s great to do external healing but for the natural resonance to feedback into the body the trick is to point the forehead toward the palms which are held in front of the stomach.

    So the yang energy of the forehead shoots down to the yin energy of the palms, (you just lower your chin a bit and hold your palms at an angle a bit) then the yang energy reflects off the palms back into the yin energy of the body.

    This is what I meant when I stated that the full-lotus is the original Klein Bottle as the “Yan Xin Secret” since this forehead-palms-stomach free energy feedback is a very ancient Tantra practice, also found in India.

    As the energy builds up then it’s focused in the central channel of the body — the original renal system that goes all the way back to bioluminescent deep ocean worms!!

    When this happens then the brain fills with light and the dead spirits or dissonant electrochemicals that had previously been feeding off your body are now exorcised — transformed into harmonized light, as sent out of the white hole in your brain.

    An Oxford Biology, JWS Pringle, argued that since memory is a function of time it’s not stored in the brain but rather as a holographic wave-function. Because of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle the location of the information is inversely proportional to the momentum of the information.

    So, ironically, to increase the powers of paranormal reality a person has to tune themselves to a deeper level of formless awareness — which is contrary to living a life based on intentional language and technology.

    As Kurt Godel states in his interview with Rudy Rucker, in Rucker’s book “Infinity and the Mind” —


    This is because the natural resonance process is based on transforming the electrochemicals which are the emotions of the body — so anger is liver, sadness is lungs, worry is pancreas, overexcitement is heart, fear is kidney.

    This are all transformed and harmonized. Of course nutrition makes a huge difference — so bananas and figs and fish all have high levels of serotonin.

    Fasting is the quickest approach but requires a strong mind. Chemistry professor Rustom Roy held a “bigu” conference about Yan Xin. The results are published in peer-reviewed, Western journals. People have gone months without losing any weight — yet eat no food.

    You can even go without water and sleep. I once went 8 to 9 days on only a half glass of water, needing only 5 hours of sleep a night. At the end I healed my mom of a very strong case of smoker’s legs — she no longer needs surgical stockings, nor has to keep her legs elevated, nor has to sit after an hour of standing. Strong electromagnetic fields not only shot out of my hands but also the third eye.

    Telepathy is just the direct conversion of electromagnetic fields from the brains of other people back into the 3rd Eye.

  8. Hi Ryan: Yes the link came up with two unnecessary additions after the “com” so just erase the “.” and slash — then you’ll get through.

    You can correspond on my blog or at or — those are the two main forums I use but I also use and

  9. Thanks for the info, Drew! Something you mentioned has a lot to do with something that recently (last night) happened with me, and I have a relatively quick question about it, but I don’t want to hijack this page. Could you please email me at to share a brief correspondence? If you don’t, that’s cool, I understand that you’re probably busy and whatnot. BTW, I clicked on your homepage link and got an Error 404…

  10. A good book on this subject is “Miracle Healing from China” by Effie P. Chow. She notes that usually the qigong master focuses on one student to replace the master and the lineage is kept going like this. So, for example, the teacher I took classes from was able to transform Jim Nance into a qigong master after ten years of training. I was able to see this transformation and talk to Jim about it a bit. He was a former Kung Fu master and had opened his third eye from that training, back in the 1960s (it was just like the Matrix slow-mo effect!). Then he began with Chunyi Lin in 1995, and become a 2nd level qigong master in 2005.

    2nd Level qigong master, as per Dr. David A. Palmer’s book, means that you can see inside a person’s body, see their blockages, and then heal their bodies. This was also the level of the “strong” healers in the Bushmen culture which represents humanity for 90% of human history (before 10,000 BCE). Usually in the Bushmen bands there also would be one strong healer who would then pass his lineage on.

    But, unlike modern culture, every man would be initiated as a “medicine man” healer in the Bushmen culture. Qigong master Effie P. Chow is a rare female master and she notes that the female masters in China get singled out as more dangerous or even more powerful! Paul Dong’s latest qigong book states that there’s a secret female master in China who is considered the most powerful of all qigong masters.

    As far as having the third eye “half open” — well what this really means is that the paranormal healing abilities are still on the “electrochemical” level (lower tan tien) — without much “electromagnetic” (middle tan tien) power. I used to have strong chi or electromagnetic healing powers and then this raised into light-information (higher tan tien) healing (for long distance powers). But my energy freaked out modern, unitiated people and myself too much so I stopped training and my channels closed up. Mantak Chia notes that this is a common problem in modern times — going too far too fast. Master Nan, Huai-chin also notes that most modern practitioners do not “stabilize” the third eye to make it fully open — before “falling back into worldliness” because of “heroic overexuberance” (using the powers that are achieved before the third eye is fully open).

    Still with the help of my teacher I was able to maintain what Gurdjieff calls a “permanent center of gravity” — meaning the third eye remains open. Even though my channels were closing he put his finger to my head and shot blissful light into the center of my brain and eversince the magnetic bliss has not gone away. I even tested it by stopping training for a couple months but it didn’t change!!

    Because of this “permanent center of gravity” in the brain, with fasting combined with qigong training the energy channels reopen really quickly and the electromagnetic power returns, shifting back into the light-information energy.

    Professor Rustom Roy’s book on Yan Xin has a fascinating story about how Yan Xin was in a car that broke down so Yan Xin looked up at a power line with the intention of transferring the power back into the car. The car immediately started smoking!! It was too much power! So Yan Xin emphasized that whatever energy he puts out is “bidirectional” in intention and he can just reverse the effect — with the car then starting.

    Such is the case with all “exceptional human functions” and the formless awareness soon teaches the practitioner to increase his understanding of what had previously been subconscious desire. Modern people go through the same body-mind training but just in a reverse manner (left-brain dominant for external transformation, not internal) so in this sense qigong remains the end goal of even modern technology, as Yan Xin teaches.

  11. I sure hope QiGong is not fading out in China. Let’s brainstorm on a way we can prevent this.

    Just so you know I’m not a qigong practitioner, and am concentrating too much on other things right now to become one. I am very interested in practicing in the future though. Very. And I LOVE all your articles on it!!!

    But yeah, hmm, how can we keep it alive? “Author”, does your teach have ~30% skills of the master, or more, or less? And, to clarify, is your teach the Springforest guy who’s master is China’s “Secret QiGong Weapon” who puts out forest fires and whatnot?

    At any rate, I think you’re doing a good job of keeping it alive, at least with us, through your great articles. But I guess we don’t have much sway in China. Not that I’m in any position at all to make decisions on this sort of thing, perhaps the Master could influence his students’ abilities, like how your teacher did that thing where your third eye is always ‘half open’. But that could be reckless and unnatural. Man, I just don’t know what to do about this, very sad.


    • Ryan, you must be mixing between my (Jacob) and drew hempel who wrote some of the bigger articles about qigong, mostly referencing to the springforest qigong.

      I learn Qigong Yiquan and my teacher doesn’t do things like third eye or something like this.

      • Ah, I see. I actually couldn’t find an author’s name anywhere on this page, that’s why I adressed you as “Author”. It’s a good thing I made all those questions for clarification, and thank you much for the clarification =).

  12. This is a great article. I think that this sad fact is in the back of many martial artists’ minds – but you have laid it out in the open, with powerful, real world examples.

    I try to push my training further than the ‘status quo’, but I fear I too will only be a fraction of those that came before me.

    Fortunately, I strongly believe that it only takes one amazing practitioner to … ‘save the day’… and raise the bar so to speak. We read about such individuals throughout martial art history.

    Thanks for this article!