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Quantum physics and paranormal

Amit Goswami posted on the site an article titled: Can Quantum Physics Explain the Paranormal?

In the article Amit tries to explain the readers how quantum physics can explain what classic physics can’t  – paranormal. Some understanding of quantum physics is beneficial to better understand the article and I must confess that I had hard time understanding some of the concepts.

In general he first presents a problem, where even quantum physics can’t fully explain transfer of information between quantumly linked objects over a distance and he tries to find the missing link that allows such events as telepathy take place (since they were recorded to exist in laboratory experiments).

His final conclusion is that consciousness is the missing link that allows quantum links to be maintained over time and transfer information.

Overall, another quality post from this great site.





  1. I went through a story that approximately 3 1/2 years ago I did something to my conscious state of awareness. I was using words a differnet way and for the next 3 months I had to slow down my alarm clock. The clock was at a different speed then it is now. I also ended up having to go backwards through courses of events that all hit at one time. I didn’t know what was going on and I ended up trying to find an anwser. Approximately 2 years later I asked myself if I was telepathic. Currently I’m able to exchange feelings before and after I place a post on my facebook account. It is a lot stronger if I were to send out an individual email to a person. It would end up changing my feeling which would adjust my thought. The thoughts that I Have go in fairly good order but the feeling adjusting them i’m aware of. While being aware of both at once, it ends up meaning more. I know for a fact that it doesn’t seem possible but I know i’m one of the only ones who could verify claims. I’m looking to be able to show the difference.

  2. Telepathies in the pure state do not exist, being a by-effect of system of stabilisation of a composition of restricted group of animals. At the moment of mors the participant of group sends a signal to all terms of group is enlarges an issue and cancels losses. The group closed by a feedback to become immortal. At HS the feedback is realised differently. The dying person sees favourite and close to it people (the virtual reality is faultless), all gain the information on mors and a command on organism restoration. Losses of the term of group it is cancelled by augmentation of life expectancy of addressees.
    The program disposable – everyone, gone through clinical mors get constant access to this program. It is enough to recollect any person to cure it. Motions of arms are thus urged, but are not binding, however it generates set of simulators. They are studied by the same scientists. Effect – a zero.
    Base effect – boundless exterior memory on gravitational waves.
    By-effect of exterior memory – treatment is indifferent to distance.
    Treatment by-effect – telepathy – information interchange out of distance.
    Telepathy by-effect – clairvoyance – information interchange out of time.
    In a basis – use of the modulated gravitational waves for storage and an information transfer. Gravitational waves – a variant electromagnetic, but rate of diffusion misses. Double-reduction modulation is not obvious and can be found out only casually. Once will carry also to you. Can be.

  3. One of my favorite websites,, posted an article about telepathy in identical twins. The article points to 2 experiments that took place in the last couple of years to verify telepathy.
    In both experiments the twins,