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Qigong and Energy Arts Forum: Volume 2

I am hosting the second volume of the qigong and Energy arts forum.

Anmol Mehta posted the article Free Online Yoga Video – Breath of Fire Yoga Breathing Exercise
This king kong of pranayamas helps you detoxify your system, oxygenate your blood, magnify the benefits of the Kundalini Yoga exercise you are doing and generate terrific energy within. If you suffer from heat related issues or high blood pressure, you should use caution when practicing Breath of Fire.

I want to add my article Top 5 healthy relaxation techniques to the list, where you’ll learn 5 of the best relaxation techniques I know of.

This concludes the second edition of Qigong and Energy Arts Forum. You may submit your article for the next edition, to be published in a few weeks’ time.





  1. Hi

    Just stopping in to say hi to y’all as a new member.


  2. I am really surprised that there weren’t more submissions. Maybe we are somewhat ahead of the curve?

    • What do you mean by “ahead of the curve”?
      That there are not so many people interested in qigong and healing arts in general?

      • I mean that most English-speaking people do not yet know what Qigong is, or how it could benefit them.

  3. Hey Jacob,

    Thanks for hosting this forum and including my article. Also, I really like the design of your blog… very nice.