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Free tarot cards readings for forum members

Our Parapsychology forums member, WhiteTiger, will give free Tarot readings for forum member in the thread Free tarot readings in the forums.

Tiger is a retired engineer/machinist/inventor, in his mid fifties, passed the Mensa qualification test back when it took a minimum 150 to get in before they lowered the standards. He ended up years back on a quasi-shamanic path as a result of looking for answers to the weirdness that have always been present in his life.

Here’s the offer in Tiger’s words:

I answer direct, specific questions on most subjects. I prefer to have the question only, with absolutely no backstory or qualifications to it that could be “read into” for a mentalist cold reading. “Life readings” and the tired old “does my bf/gf really love me” questions are so open to simple psychological manipulations that they are useless for demonstration purposes. Same goes for the sneering skeptic questions about change in the pocket or color of my car… that isn’t tarot, that would be RV.

Ask your questions in the Tarot readings thread. Free registration to the forums is required in order to post.

On the same occasion I would ask you to check out our forums once again, we’ve got a little nice community of interesting people there. If you like philosophical and scientific discussions of psi phenomena and research, join the discussions in the Skeptiko forum. We also have sections on psi ability development, health and alternative medicine.





  1. Hey,
    Dear White Tiger,
    I am worried about my career and financial situations. I am I am 28 and still not able to settle in my career. I
    hate jobs as I cannot tolerate bossy attitude and
    office politics. My interest lies in Mind-Body Healing
    and Security. I am looking for a exprienced person who
    can help me earn a fortune by way of business b’cause i i i require lot’s of money to achive my goal’s and vision which which is healing the universe.
    the world.

  2. dear White Tiger
    may I please have a free reading. I am extremely worried about my brother. he has had a very bad experience in his married life that has badly scarred him. the worse thing is that this bad spate still continues in the form of court cases over the same family issue.
    can you tell anything about his future family life and the legal issues that are so worring him, and his chances of finding happiness in a loving family atmosphere, something that has eluded him so far.

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