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Learn Remote Viewing for Free

There’s a lot of information these days about Remote Viewing. Remote viewing is defined as ability to ‘see’ or perceive information about objects (places, people, event), possibly also related to another time, without any known means of communication. In the last several years there have been reports about the US Army and CIA having remote viewing programs in the past and, possible, in the present time. Some people claimed that they have participated in the programs and opened firms that promote remote viewing study programs.

There seem to be several remote viewing types. The classical one is remote viewing done by a psychic. You can search for my other posts here that relate to remote viewing to get an example. The other group of remote viewing has to do with different techniques available for ‘non-psychics’. Of these, there are TRV (Technical Remote Viewing), CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing), SRV (Scientific remote viewing) and possibly many others.

Lately, I’ve stumbled upon the site, which promotes the Remote Viewing research, specifically the SRV. The Farsight institute is a non-profit organization devoted to RV research and promotion. As a benefit of being non-profit they provide with a free 18-hours audio course plus textbook on their site. I definitely want to take a closer look at it and start to listen to the audio course.

For more information, visit See learning and there ‘Approach 1’, which is the free course.

Have you had any experience with Remote Viewing? Comment what you think of this issue.





  1. cant say an thing, but lets give it a try

    • That’s the right attitude to have!

  2. Years ago I went on a “trip” with what I call After-Vision or AV. As far as I can tell it’s much like RV. Only I was in another life living in the distant future where money didn’t matter. There were streets made out of a glass like substance and the vehicle had no wheels and they were driven with the mind at mindblowing speeds! Houses had no windows rather the wall became transparent when one wish them to be. Food came out of the wall like on Star Trek shows. walls and floors lite up and when you left your house dissapeared it was rather odd but way cool at the same time. 🙂

  3. I am thinking of trying to learn some of this RV stuff, but Im a little skeptical. Im only a kid, just 13, but if this is real, why isn’t there so much more information out there? Why aren’t there cures to cancer and other diseases? Why don’t they use it to stop world hunger? I think this would be a really great tool if it were real, but Im just not fully convinced on the subject yet. Any information on this topic would help.

  4. what are the differences between srv and trv

  5. i dont know if any of you DO experienced this but i think ive made it just a school boy,ordinary life,ordinary boy. sometimes,when i had the chance to do it,il use it to amaze my’s so fun,you’ll have this feeling of being a “know-it-all”…i can even predict test questions in you oral exam.this is really crazy

  6. I would have to say I am skeptical with remote viewing. Don’t look down on me. Being skeptical is the best stance. The Gullible get sucked in.

    To me, it doesn’t make any sense. What would actually allow you to see far away places in this time and other times? It doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like you are relaying info from anything, you are seeing it, but how? And why would you see it, considering that we see things because of light reflecting off of objects and getting into our eyes, going through optical receptors, going down the optic nerve and getting pieced together by the brain like some sort of jigsaw puzzle. How can people detect anything remotely without using some sort of info relaying device. And notice that I used the word detect, because it covers any sense.

    Logically, remote viewing is impossible. And if it were possible. Osama would have been located by now.

    • You are only talking of what you can feel and touch? Very narrow minded, because most of what we do in our daily lives use other senses, not the one we can feel and touch and see with our eyes.

      You talk about how the optic nerve works with bouncing light off of objects, so on…

      What about the senses you use when you mother is I’ll or in danger? And you know what she might need, without talking to her personally? How narrow you are?!?!

  7. i took an online test, the results were that Remote viewing was my strongest area of power. i am interested in learning this skill. do you know any tutorials?

    • The link in this article is exactly the tutorial.

    • Where is this online test?

  8. Remote viewing is cool

  9. hi ,
    did u try this ? how was your experience? Is this all true?
    this topic sounds interesting to me.First i looked at the PSITech and was disappointed that it was costly. Thanks for giving Farsight link.


  10. There may be alot of material/information about remote viewing but but its not getting to that many people as far as I can see ( no pun intended ). I have asked many people I know and even strabgers if they have heard of RV and they just look blank.

    We have a new age book store near me called The New Age People and THEY didn’t know WHAT the heck it was. And I have not yet seen RV written about in nay of the new age newspapers distributed at these kind of stores.