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Dantien and a ball in the belly

One of the most known concepts of Taoism and of Chinese medicine and of martial arts is the concept of Qi, also spelled as Chi. I suppose most of the people reading this blog are familiar with this concept. If not, simply speaking Qi is the chinese concept of the life-force energy that penetrates living and non-living things in the world. Of course, this is over simplified as there’s yin chi and yang chi and I’m not that knowledgeable in these concepts myself.

Anyway, another concept, known almost as well, is the Dantien (or Tan t’ien or Dantian). Dantien refers to the point in the body, which is considered to be the center of gravity if the body, but more importantly, it is considered to be the storage point for the Qi energy in the body. In my Qigong Yiquan lessons we’re often referring to this point as to where the Qi energy flows, so to speak. The Dantien is located in the abdomen three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel.

Several months ago one of my Yiquan co-students was in Hong Kong and visited the learning group of master of my our teacher, who is around 70 years old now. He observed the lessons and at some point the master called him and demonstrated him some of his abilities. One thing I remember that he told was that the master asked him to put fist on master’s abdomen. The student told that he could feel something like a ball inside the belly which the master was moving around, moving the fist of the student with it. He was really amazed by this feeling but I couldn’t grasp why it was so special. My teacher also referred to this ability of his master.

Yesterday I continued to read the book The Magus of Java by Kosta Danaos and I’ve read the chapter called “Yin and Yang”. In this chapter, Sifu John Chang explained to Kosta and some other students the concepts of Yin Chi and Yang Chi. He also explained about the four first levels of the Neikung training that he teaches. One of the descriptions in the chapter struck me because of what I’ve been told above. Here Kosta described the ability of one o his friends who was a Korean Master and a practitioner of neikung.

This man had a “ball” in his belly at the dantien point, a solid mass that he moved around at will. Manipulating the ball, as John had indicated, this man could pass ch’i energy into his arms and legs. One physician, upon examining him, had thought my friend had cancer when he felt the huge lump; the doctor had gone through the roof when my friend had caused the ball to dance around… “This man is at least Level Three.”

John Chang then explained that the ball is a solid lump of hardened yang qi he can tap into and use, at will.

I think I need to show this page to my teacher and ask him what his thoughts of this are. But I was totally shocked, since now I could connect this description in the book to something I’ve heard at my Yiquan training. Very interesting.





  1. I have seen John Chang’s personal videos, and he is a fake. I have even seen a fake call him out as a fake privately.

    There are so many people, trying to gain fame or personal worship with the idea of Qi, but none of them really know anything about the stuff. Qi does not involve any mind games or any concept in western science. It does not exist in the visible physical world and it cannot be seen no matter what kind of device is used. It also cannot effect anything in the world directly. If it was going to effect something in this world, it would A.) only nurture it, not burn or move it and B.) effect it on the other side first, which would have a slow effect on the physical. Qi is powerful, but there are no shortcuts and there are no exceptions. There are no shortage of fakes.

    • He’s not a fake. when the yang and yin energies are
      combined for the oneness power, the individual can use this
      power to manipulate matter according to his will, either
      using the pushing yang force or the drawing yin force.
      This oneness power is used for telekinesis, claivoyance,
      levitation and many other uses. Through continual
      stimulation of the chakras (by having consciousness in
      the centre of them in mediation, from 1st which is
      base chakra or dantien moving to second and so on up
      to seventh at the crown) they glow much brighter.
      Someone practicing for years has a huge amount of
      energy flowing through the body (it would be very dangerous to
      stay for too long in each chakra to begin with due to
      overheating and imbalance)anyway after years the aura is
      greatly brightened, a white/gold ball of infinite essence which
      can be made any size according to the will. This ball is the fruit
      of the tree of everlasting life (for christians who understand
      the meaning). Itis God’s plan for us all to be God’s at one
      with him, but of course only a small percentage will because of
      actions (sins, or karma) The ability to manipulate matter
      in either a yin or yang way by way of the power of oneness
      would be an indication that one is well on the way to Godhood.
      By the way, what comes first, 1 or 2? It is obvious that
      the mo pai meditations would move in the direction of an
      integration of the two energies into one, thereby allowing
      for control of either because they exist in one.For any who are
      wondering, I reckon there would be more than a mixing of yin
      and yang in dantien which is the base chakra. The centre of
      the sphere of life everlasting is the centre of dantien.
      This spirit ball can be made to be a metre from the body,
      2 metres around the body, the room, the city, whatever size
      you can have clear consciouness in. It can be made cool or
      hot, thereby making the body cool or hot. With intention,
      you can make the heart of another cool or hot. You can
      open a heart or close it. You can open a mind or close it.
      By going into another’s third eye, you can manipulate them.
      I once did a test, giving a 100 baht note to a waitress for
      a drink while putting into her third eye that I gave her 1000.
      She came back with 960 something baht in change, but I
      told her I only gave her 100. 2 guys were with me and saw how
      much I’d given her anyway. All sorts of things are possible.
      Psychic warfare is possible with this knowledge. The ability to
      cause physical damage by the use of visualization, having
      consciouness in a thought form is a fact. Anyway, getting too
      long, psychic warfare on a large scale wouldn’t be happening for
      hundreds of years on this planet. Interesting that john chang
      supposedly said he didn’t want to create any monsters.
      People with bad intentions and high pychic abilities would
      be satans favourite tools. I think he is still teaching,
      and I understand his caution. I am at a level whereby I can
      cause various effects and I won’t go into them to make claims,
      I can do what I do and it’s not the wind or anything else doing it.
      A big part of mo pai would be in seeing someone else do it.
      When you see, you have the belief that you can do it too.
      The more you see it, the more convinced you are, and then you can
      do it too. Without seeing another do, it takes more time for a
      result, but you have to push on with faith in yourself (a belief
      and worship of God is good) all powers come from God, the centre
      of his creation. ok, my little claim to fame is I can make a match
      flame go out by my will, no breath or word, just willpower.I let it burn then put it out before it reaches my fingerIt took about 10 goes before every match started to go out.The
      next step is to make it go out quicker, then the next is to
      relight it from the glowing ember with mind only. It must take
      place quickly before the ember gets too hot and falls off, which
      is what has been happening recently. I keep the ember glowing
      for longer, but it drops off before burning into a flame again.

      any mo pai information would be appreciated.
      email (perhaps you can tell me I got it
      wrong and we can laugh)

    • u have no idea what you are talking about! first off, to draw in chi, the nervous system is activeated and the nervous system vibrates at electrical frequencies, that can be measured. all of the chakra are located around organ “systems” that have large nerve centers and facia around them. this facia stores electrical current. and also this energy can be measured. and if you dont beleive me buy a multimeter, hold the leads get in a meditative state then direct your energy into the meter and watch the numbers rise. and it must be on the direct current setting, the body dosent produce ac current. also it must be in the milivolt range. humans dont produce large amounts of voltage. until you get on the higher levels of neikung practice. all i say is try it out for your self. what have you got to loose.

      • I agree with deity, it is as deity says. Prana or Chi will be noticeable by a tingling feeling all over and goosebumps and hairs standing up (if powerful). This already lets the practitioner know that it is flowing freely and being able to channel it

  2. Very fascinating!