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German magazine interviewed Uri Geller

The famous Uri Geller was interviewed for a german site Telepolis. The interview (in English) is quite interesting, though it touches not only Uri’s “mystical” carreer but also his help with in the Israeli Palestinian conflict, his new book “Ella”, why he lives near London and some interesting facts from his life, like his Mexican citizenship, fnding oil and a lot of stories from his work for the CIA. I really enjoyed reading this interview. Some excerpts:

…The first contact was in Mexico City, to the best of my recollection. It was a CIA agent, and he told me, “I’m a CIA agent, we want you to work.” You know, I was very excited about this because I was young, and it was like a movie for me. It was like an unbelievable experience. Wow! To work for the CIA. And then I started getting tasks. To spy on the Russian embassy, to erase floppy disks that were attached to KGB agents in diplomatic pouches…

And then in Mexico, when I found oil, the CIA said to me to come close to the Mexican President. To become friends. For many reasons I can’t tell you why. But, I remember, the Mexican President made me a secret agent for the Mexican treasury. I actually had a card, it was metal, where I was Uri Geller, secret, it doesn’t say “secret”, but it said, “special agent for the treasury department”…





  1. Wow! Uri Geller being a CIA Agent explains a lot… I guess he is still an “agent”!

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