Alex Tsakiris, the host of the great Skeptiko podcast has opened season two of show. The first episode of the second season showed several changes form the first season but it is not clear if it will stay the same.

First thing I noted is the better production quality. Although the content of the show is the most important aspect, good production quality really benefits listeners.

The first episode a little over 20 minutes long, which is shorter than most episodes, but the reason is that it is not the regular interview episode but more like an opening show for the season, in my opinion. Alex called the episode Academic Snobbery and the Journal of Scientific Exploration and he talked about the issue of fringe science research and publication. He include audio quotes of his talks with Dr. Peter Sturrock, the editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration. Also, University of Florida animal behaviorist, Dr. Clive Wynne and University of Colorado Ethologist, Dr. Marc Bekoff.

The show has a narrative tone with hints of humor, which really gives it a bit different feel. Some people expressed negative reactions to this change in the Skeptiko forums and you are welcomed to give your opinion, after you listen to the podcast.

I really wish great second season to Alex and I’m sure the content of it will be at least as good as in 2007.