Marcel Cairo posted on the Skeptiko podcast forum a call for questions for Dr. Dean Radin.
Marcel will interview Dr. Radin on February 27th for his AfterLifeFM podcast. Below is Marcel’s message:

Hello esteemed consciousness enthusiasts.

I will be conducting an interview with Dr. Dean Radin on February 27th, 2008. You are once again invited to contribute to this interview by submitting your question to my toll-free AfterlifeFM Interview line at 1-877-372-5367. This is a voice mail system that is open and available 24/7.

Please submit your questions by Monday, February 25th.

Things to keep in my mind:

  1. Ask only one question at a time (two parts of same question is acceptable), but do not make it impossible for me to edit.
  2. Be clear, concise and conservative with time.
  3. Don’t answer your own question or try to declare your own position.
  4. Be chipper & charming. This is radio, not a morgue.
  5. You can always erase or edit by pressing # sign during/after your recorded message

Thanks for your cooperation and participation,