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Interview with Miroslaw Magola the magnetic man

I’m glad to finally publish my interview with Miroslaw Magola, also called the Magnetic Man. Miroslaw possesses a unique ability to “stick” objects to parts of his body. I have already written an article about him in last October, see for an introduction Miroslav Magola the Magnetic Man. Since then I saw more references to him, including references from people skeptical of his ability. I am glad that Miroslaw has accepted my invitation to interview him. Note, that Miroslaw was born in Poland and now lives in Germany. Yet, his English is quite poor and he preferred to be interviewed over the email, since his reading and writing skills are better than his talking skill. Since most of my interviews were conducted over the email, I saw no problem with that.

Obviously, the claims of Miroslaw are quite extraordinary. There are very little people even claiming to have the ability to attach objects to them without adhesives, even rarer is when the objects are not metallic. Miroslaw himself proudly writes that he has been examined by several scientists or researchers in various fields and his website lists them. I have asked Mr. Magola, even before I sent him the question, to provide me with some references to these researchers, if which Miroslaw has sent me four contacts: Prof. Dr. Konstatin Korotkov, Dr. Alexander Imich, M.D. Dobruskin, Jack Houck. I’ve decided to check these four references for information about Magola.

Dr. Konstatin Korotkov seems to be a researcher and an inventor. He is a Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia, published over 70 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and he holds 12 patents on biophysics inventions (from his website). He seems to be researching what he calls bioelectrography, research of human’s energy field. He developed a technique known as the Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV), which should be better than Kirlian photography. I’ve sent an email to the email address at his webpage but unfortunately got no reply to this day.

Miroslaw gave me a phone number in New York for M.D. Dobruskin who seems to be related to Kirlian photography. Yet, on this phone number he was not available anymore and I couldn’t find any additional information on this person on the internet, except for some pictures where he tests Magola, on the following website (at the bottom):

Jack Houck is well known for his PK party. He also understands in metals, I think and he worked as an engineer for Boeing for many years. I wrote to Jack twice using the email supplied on his webpage but never got reply, too.

The only person who actually replied was Dr. Alexander Imich. I wrote about Dr. Imich twice here, in the articles An unusual voice mail and Dr. Alexander Imich is in financial need. I also mentioned him as one of the people reseraching Magola in my original article on the Magnetic Man. Dr. Imich is now almost 105 years old but he is still active in the world of parapsychology. So, I talked to him over the phone and he asked me to write him an email which I did. His reply was as follows:

Some years back, during an informal demonstration, I have seen various objects – metallic and non-metal – weighing probably up to 1 kg, sticking to palms and/or to the front of Miroslaw Magola’s head, and lifted by him this way from the floor.

To my knowledge, this is rather a rare human capacity of paranormal nature. Described for the first time in Russia and exhibited by Miroslaw Magola.


Alexander Imich PhD., President
Anomalous Phenomena Research Center

In another interview of Dr. Imich (July 2005) he is also asked of Magola and answers the following:

Miroslaw Magola is a Polish citizen living in Germany. Together with Dr. Barbara Koopman, we have observed a phenomena first described in Russia. Various metallic and non-metallic implements, some weighing more than a pound, sticking to his skin. Not many people are producing this, ostensibly paranormal phenomenon that, in the very inadequate parapsychological nomenclature, has to be classified as psychokinetic.

So at least there seems to be some credibility to his claims although I don’t know of any real scientific papers that were published about Mr. Magola. Neither does he know.

Miroslaw was also kind enough to send me a lot of high-quality photographs of himself. He mailed me several dozens Megabytes of photographs and other material. He was also kind enough to email me scanned pages of the interview with him in the “mysteries-magazin”. The magazine is in German and I don’t understand German that much. If anyone who understands German is willing to translate parts of all of the interview from the journal I’ll be happy to email him the pages and publish it here (if copyright allows). You’ll see some of the photographs he’s sent me below the interview.

And now to the interview itself. I allowed myself to edit his answers a bit for spelling and punctuation for the best of my ability.

Could you please describe your ability to attach objects to yourself, is it only about metal objects?

My ability is like a „magnetic power“ ( not in the physical sense ). It is holding – but of course – without glue, adhesive-tape or similar things. The ability works to all materials : metal, plastic, wood, ceramic. See link

When and how have you developed this ability in yourself? How long did it take?

In my youth I was busy with yoga and similar things in meditation. In circa 1987 I was – coming from Poland – in a German refugee-camp.
There in the kitchen for the first time I became aware, that metal objects attached to my hands . But in this time I pursued this ability
not. About 3 years later I visited my friend in the USA. I demonstrated in a circle of them my performance ; Since this time I started with
public lecture and demonstration.

Where are the limits of your ability? Like what weight can you attach?

The heaviest weight I could attach with my palm was circa 2 ½ kilogramm ( International -European – unit) for TV-RTL.

You’re mostly seen attaching objects to palm and to the forehead. Can you also stick them to other parts of the body?

That’s right . That’s because skeptical people demanded of me to elevate the thing in vertical direction. But the ability is valid also for
other parts of my body: chest, back etc. See video of sticking to

Do you have other abilities besides this one?

No, I dont have.

Some critics (or skeptics) argue that it is possible you attach these objects with suction (vacuum) in the palm of your hand. Your

This way is excluded, because I use talcum powder; in this way one cannot get a either a vacuum. I use heavy objects in my demonstrations. If it would be a vacuum, the sceptics would be able to elevate the objects, too.

Can anyone learn this ability?

I had and will have workshops; not in a close circle but publicly. It seemed that singular people began to get by “switching in their brain” a bit the ability to do so; but it is very difficult.

Have you been tested scientifically? By whom? Where can the information be found? What were the conclusions?

I sent You a list of the scientists [above], who tried to solve the secret with objective physical measurement; unfortunately I never got a
result or a for me usable conclusion. All the results are at the scientists. Full name [list at]

There’s been some information that James Randi was also interested in your ability and you refused at some point. Has he tested you? Have you tried to apply for the 1 Million dollar prize of the JREF?

The story with Mr. Randy is a curious one. At my public lectures and demonstrations in New York I invited him twice to have a close look to my ability. But he did not come or send somebody of his crew. His invitation to him would be depending first of an contract. My lawyer gave me the advise, not to sign it; because the whole examination and development would be a „never ending story“ . So we never met together. The other thing is, his comment on his page over me „We exchanged many notes about his application, which suddenly ceased when I suggested that I would dust his skin with talcum powder before such a test. Perhaps Magola is allergic to talcum powder“. (see the link). It is not correct: I never gave or sent him my application. He never told or wrote me that he wants to test me using talcum powder. I reed only these sentences on his page. I am perfectly natural ready to meet him for example in tv-channel, to demonstrate public my ability with talcum powder (See obove video).

Do you know of other people who possess similar abilities? Dr.Imich wrote me that there was a Russian person as well.

I until today met nobody with this ability. I have seen them only on youtube.

Is your ability influenced by some factors in your living style? Do you work with some kind of energy (like chi, for example)?

No , I cannot find out there will be an influence by my living style. No, there is no influence by asiatic practice or something similar. My ability needs a special concentration in my brain like „switching something in my brain“.

Can you teach this ability?

Please look at [previous answer about workshops] and the two links:

How do your family and friends accept your unusual ability?

My family and friends deal with me completely normal; they know my ability and appreciate it; but it is not our „daily“ theme. Sometimes we discuss about [questions], for example like Yours. Especially there is no ambition for curing somebody or an illness.

I think I’ve seen some information about a book on your website, could you tell more about your book, as there’s no much information there.

This book called Power of brain, Parapsychological phenomenon solve is written only in Polish language. But there exists an English information (a kind of „Preface“ ); you will find it below copied. It is indeed a real story of mine with a real happy end.

This concluded my interview with Miroslaw. My impressions are those of a very open man, willing to provide as much information as needed. He seems to want to be tested by scientists and I’m not sure why not many of them approach him. I would have liked to meet him in person and I hope one day I will.

Below, the some of the photos he sent me. I reduced them from their very large (for web) size.

If you want to read more of my interviews, click: Interviews.

To discuss Miroslaw, this interview and the ability, go to the special thread about Miroslaw Magola I created at the Parapsychology forums.

I have now talked with Miroslaw over the phone. My notes on the conversation are at Conversation with Magola

Mirosaw Magola
Mirosaw Magola
Mirosaw Magola
Mirosaw Magola
Mirosaw Magola
Mirosav Magola
Mirosav Magola
Mirosav Magola
Mirosav Magola
Mirosav Magola
Magnetic Man
Magnetic Man





  1. Why does this guy not go see the James Randi…he can get a million bucks!!

  2. really amazing ability.

  3. Truly Amazing! how little we know about our own abilities.

  4. I would be happy to provide you with a translation of the magazine article if you would like to send it to me.

  5. The bow tie kind of kills the realism of his claims (act?).

  6. Wow, he’s sticky. I’d have chosen a more interesting superpower.

  7. Well he states he practiced yoga seriously at a younger age and yoga is Asiatic so to claim that his powers are not based on Asiatic training is incredulous.

    I know exactly what he means by “switching the brain” — it’s activating the pineal gland and this then creates a magnetic force which is from ionized electrochemicals.

    Last week I shared with a coworker how a couple years ago at work I went to use a vending machine — a big metal box — and to my amazement the quarters stuck to the SIDE of the box, against gravity.

    I had been working alone on the weekends for sometime and as I pondered how the quarters were defying gravity I realized that the magnetic field was emanating from the center of my palms.

    This surprised me a bit but since I had much stronger magnetic fields from earlier yoga (qigong) practice I knew exactly what was going on. What surprised me was that the level of power had returned, since again, it depends on building up and ionizing the electrochemical energy.

    The reason the magnetic fields had been stronger was because I had been working alone and just practicing lots of qigong — without any intention of using the energy I had built up for healing, etc.

    Thanks for the interview Jacob — very fascinating.

    I should add that “magic” James Randi also attacked the qigong master I took classes from — Chunyi Lin — without Randi even knowing anything about him. When it was pointed out to Randi that Chunyi Lin had trained the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, Magic Randi just commented about how gullible people are or something to that effect. Yeah — the top medical hospital in the world can not compete with Magic Randi’s premonitions from a far. haha.

  8. The preface to his book is very interesting. I hope the remainder will be translated into English.


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