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Gurdjieff and the Triode Amplifier

I introduce another article by dreq hempel who wrote here such articles as How Qigong or Taoist Yoga Explains Gurdjieff and The Highest Technology of All Technologies: The Yan Xin Secret

Gurdjieff and the Triode Amplifier: Your I-thought is the Pre-Amp, Taoism is the Triode Amplifier

by drew hempel, MA

Normally the mind is weak and we are controlled by our emotions, causing sickness and lack of potential free energy.

As Gurdjieff states the West relies on dualism – whereas he relies on the Law of Three. There is an exception though in the West – THE TRIODE AMPLIFIER.

To turn your mind into a triode amplifier you first need a PRE-AMP. The I-thought – without visions and without words – is the pre-amp grid which reverses and amplifies the weak current that normally exists in our brain.

80% of our brain’s energy is used for vision but when we are asleep people rely on sound to wake us. Just as Einstein used the Doppler Effect to develop his theory of relativity – so too does the phase-shift of frequency create a significant increase in amplitude.

That’s the secret of quantum chaos Brian Goodwin – a biologist who authored “Temporal Order of Cells” and is now the inspiration for digital biology at M.I.T. Basically Kirkhoff’s Law – harmonic functions – apply equally to mechanical and electrical systems.

So back to your brain – the pineal gland exists between the ears – in the center of the head. When we hold onto the I-thought we activate the pineal gland as the pre-amp grid, just like a triode tube amp.

So normally there’s ALWAYS a weak current between the inner ears – the grid of the I-thought blocks that current and then amplifies it as a reversed current – a 180 degree shift.

This is just like how pedaling a bike makes you go forward – but you can’t explain this to someone, they just have to learn how to do it. The first time I was lied to, that I remember, was when I was taught how to ride a bike. The mind or talking and seeing is cheap. We learn through experience.

Einstein liked to use bike riding as a metaphor – just keep moving so we off-set the inertia which normally makes the wheels wobble side to side. You can see this by holding a wheel at the axle and spinning it – you can’t hold it because it wobbles side to side.

So gravity is just the velocity and acceleration of the forward motion while the mass causes the inertia. Intensity of energy is actually caused by frequency, not mass as amplitude. So gravity uses logarithmic math while quantum energy uses divide and average statistics but BOTH are dualistic. The triode amp is different – it uses Gurdjieff’s Law of Three whereby the I-thought, as the Pre-Amp, harmonizes the Will and

The amplified current is the kidney energy (will), the spinning of the wheel, is the reverse breathing, activated through the I-thought.

But remember – the whole system relies on putting that PRE-AMPLIFIER or grid in place.

Gurdjieff emphasized that most Western alchemists just focused on the chemistry – what Taoists call the Jing – and therefore the energy level was just left at the emotional level.

He said the reason is because the West is too materialistic and didn’t take into account that alchemy starts with the I-thought. So will power is driven by the I-thought – the YI or intention in Taoism – reverses the desire of what our eyes see, so that the weak current between our ears now, with the pre-amp in place – the grid of the I-thought, is activated, reversed and AMPLIFIED.

Welcome to your new triode amplifier system – enjoy it’s hi-fi quality! haha.

OK so last night I was reading at Hard Times, the local anarchist cafe (for Mpls. readers). I left there at 3 a.m. or so, after shooting energy into a friend of mine who is really into Algernon Blackwood and his “cosmic horror” buddies (previously he was into Crowley). We shared garlic cloves as I recovered from that 75% discounted Easter candy at Walgreens. haha.

Anyway then I had 3 mutual climaxes with this young well-endowed female who sat across from me. Of course I was sitting in full-lotus as I do all day long.

Oh yeah I was reading Richard Feynman’s autobiography and he was the Triode Amplifier master of western science. That’s how he started his career – fixing tube amps in the depression in NYC.

What’s fascinating is that he wondered about “streamless consciousness” and so focused his mind when sleeping to see if it slowed down or just smeared into gibberish. He broke his sleep into two intervals so that he would double his dream mind yoga practice.

He figured out that it was the latter (the mind turned to gibberish) but then he also developed lucid dreaming. Finally he realized his dreams were symbolic and took advice from a Freudian analyst about it.

But Feynman stopped just when things were getting interesting: He dreamt that the back of his skull was getting soft and that an metal rod had penetrated the back of his skull.

For anyone steeped in studies of alchemy it’s clear that he had developed his astral body for spirit travel. For example the skull DOES become soft when the body is filled with electromagnetic fields – as detailed in the book “Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality” and as I experienced and as detailed by qigong master Chunyi Lin –

Feynman already was dreaming in color (DMT-pineal gland) and was young, healthy – so his emotional ethereal body was already strong. He was developing his Higher Emotional consciousness but he stopped.

Anyway Feynman just assumed that his brain was “bored” with lucid dreaming and therefore was making up new gibberish – he didn’t want to analyze it and of course Freudian psychology didn’t provide any answers.

The subconscious answer though lies in his Triode Tube Amp work – Feynman focused on one particular problem which first gave him the “genius” reputation. A radio had really strong noise – and Feynman figured out that the tube amps had to be reversed because the preamp was getting to hot to fast.

As I’ve stated the I-thought is the Pre-amp and Feynman, by relying solely on mind yoga, ALSO heated up his brain too fast, without grounding the energy in his lower tan tien of Taoist alchemy.

Gurdjieff states very clearly that the problem with the West is that the sex energy remains undeveloped – and clearly Christianity doesn’t develop the sex energy (not CONSCIOUSLY that is). Most people consider Gurdjieff a Sufi but he stated that he relied on Pythagorean teachings—the original gnostic Logos of the Bible. The Logos goes back to the time of tantra in Buddhism and in fact Gurdjieff’s teaching is most closely related to mahayana buddhism, as detailed in Professor and yoga master Nan, Huai-chin’s books (best-sellers in Asia, but unknown in the West, precisely because Nan focuses on grounding the energy in the body, instead of relying on mind yoga).

The connection between the Taoist lower tan tien – or what Gurdjieff called the Moving Center – and the Intellectual Center (the upper tan tien, the brain) is the middle tan tien or the Emotional Center (the heart). What happens is that the heart emotion is over-excitement as the alchemical transformation of sex energy – and the love energy is shot out of the eyes as love-light. That’s how tantra works—you shoot the heart energy out of the eyes, through the pineal gland, but at the same time you take in the Moving center energy from where you shot the Love energy. It’s just yin-yang or negative-postive harmonics.

As Gurdjieff states, the Moving Center is NEUTRALIZED or grounded by the sex energy and this is why it’s so important to develop the sex center. It’s detailed how Gurdjieff also practiced what I call “O at a D” – in Colin Wilson’s book The Occult.

So in Taoism the meditation practice always focuses on the lower tan tien – in order to take the electromagnetic love energy of the heart-mind – and ground it in the stomach (so that the energy doesn’t just stay at the electrochemical level of over-excitement). But this grounding also entails replacing the moving energy with the love energy – and this is why Gurdjieff always ate very little food.

That was his tantric secret. I assure you that the western diet is totally against alchemy (whether it’s lack of omega-3, too much omega-6 or sugar and salt, etc.)

Gurdjieff practiced what in Taoism is called a “modified bigu” diet.

Ramana Maharshi, for example, insists that even mind yoga, what he teaches, must rely on vegetarianism.

So anyway as the heart energy increases then the higher emotional consciousness is achieved – but only when this is grounded in the stomach – through pure logic as the source of the I-thought – will Higher Intelligence be achieved (what’s called Nirvikalpi Samadhi or the Emptiness in Taoism).

Just as Richard Feynman reversed the amp tubes so that the radio wouldn’t overheat – so too must the pre-amp, the I-thought, be reversed so that it’s stored in the stomach, thereby causing the final level of alchemy described by Gurdjieff in a chart in the end of “In Search of the Miraculous” – the heart-mind has now been completely filled with the sex energy converted into pure consciousness and, just as Ramana Maharshi achieved and Gurdjieff describes: the WILL (kidney reproductive energy of the moving center) and the I-thought are merged or united back into pure consciousness (the Number 8 person of Gurdjieff or the Level 8 consciousness of Mahayana Buddhism).

Just like Christ, Ramana Maharshi literally stopped his heart for over 10 minutes, but did so with total self-awareness, the I-thought as the Pre-Amp. This is the goal of Advaita Vedanta, the secret of the Gnostics, etc.





  1. Hello! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to look it over.
    I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
    Exceptional blog and terrific design and style.

  2. The very outcome of fantasy mixed with the every present itching. or, what Gurdjeff called the
    “pouring empty into the voyd (without arm) by a nobody believing to be quite a somebody having built up his own shacher-maker-work-shop-booth with crumbs of the crumbs of the crumbs of Gurdjieff’s table” …. or…. mixing a little bit of here and a little bit of there…. stiring …. (actually in shit as shit can be) round to sell it as one’s own soup. Sorry mate, reading a bit of Gurdjieff and understanding a bit theory of triode amps, may it be single ended or push-pull, symbolically it will remain the ever-giving in to this very itching…..

  3. Notice how this discussion by astrophysicists of gravity waves (amplitude versus frequency versus phase) quickly takes on this haughty (“we’re so much more intelligent than religious people”) angle.

    haha — if only they knew about music theory, the source of all this shit — the commutative property figures prominently at the beginning of this search for gravity waves.

    Luckily Professor H.M. Collin’s new book is going to be all about the mathematical assumptions of gravity wave science. Should be good — he got everyone pissed off when he went to town on relativity.

  4. This should get translated into Spanish by another reader of my stuff who has a blog.


    by drew hempel, MA (anti-copyright)

    People think I’m a writer but I’m a musician at heart. Also I’m not trying to “hook” anyone and I’m totally against the concept of a Western music melody “hook,” a concept which is transferred to writing. The Western “hook” is the commodity fetish. I posted on Brainsturbator that he does not understand my views yet — even though he’s posted my writing and has called me his “internet buddy.” This is sad. My views are very radical. The West is obsessed with tools — and the whole shamanic drug scene is not alchemy based on nonwestern music. Alchemy requires creating electromagnetic fields through resonance.

    So the qigong master I studied with eats only one small meal of veggies a day and fasts one day a week and he sleeps only 4 hours a night, while creating “holographic lasers” (Western term) that burn the middle of peoples’ brains — all over the world. The person I took classes from, qigong master Chunyi Lin,, heals people, after the Mayo Clinic, the top hospital in the world, can not heal them. Drugs are basically nothing to him (another student stated that Master Lin had to alchemize a deadly poison as part of his qigong training). All the conceptualizing by Western druggie-techno shamanic types is practically a total joke. The philosophy that I write about is VERY radical — and undermines even the concepts of “frequency” and “amplitude” — so it has practically nothing to do with “biophotons” or “archetypes” — etc. Obviously I may write about that stuff but the basic premise of my analysis argues that number is inherently resonating as complementary opposites:

    One plus one does not equal two.

    The most important and central point of quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami is that consciousness is phase, beyond time and space. So electrons, when entangled, are actually resonating from consciousness phase into spacetime to create “constructive interference” waves. It’s through something we can not measure. No tool resonates consciousness, not even a drug.

    Let’s put this back into music theory — where “phase-shift” and “amplitude” and “frequency” come from. I was chatting with my coworker recently about these issues — specifically how in Pythagorean harmonics C:G is 2:3 (yang or male) while G:C is 3:4 (yin or female) and C x G is 6 while G x C is 12. Normally the inversion would be the same value, as per the commutative principle, A X B = B X A, but instead it’s twice the value.

    There’s another way to analyze this difference, instead of the introduction of amplitude using commutative property based square numbers, whereby doubling the octave as frequency is turned into squaring the octave (two having the same value for doubling and squaring) — this difference can also be understood as phase-shift.


    As biophysicist Vitus B. Droscher states in his book, “Magic of the Senses:”

    “Let us draw up a fundamental vibration with its first and second harmonic overtones [2:3 and 3:4]. As Figure 68 shows, if we then shift the phase relationship, we get a totally different course of the combined curve; that is, of the pressure course [amplitude and frequency] which is apparently effective in the final analysis. When looking at both curves, one might suppose that in the two cases we should hear two sounds that are just as different. But in fact our ear does not notice any difference.” (p. 168)

    So in other words to create the second and third harmonics so that the second harmonic, 2:3, has the same value as the third harmonic, 3:4, the phase-shift is just inverted — or the sound wave just vibrates in reverse so that what was up is now down, what was a crest, is now a trough.

    Droscher sums it up:

    “In theory we had best imagine it like this: somewhere in the ear there are ‘strings’ as in a piano. When the vibrations of Figure 68 hit these, then in every case the same three ‘keys are struck’: the fundamental tone, the first harmonic, and the second harmonic.” (p. 169)

    But we can see that when we play C to G, as 2:3, on the piano, inverting G to C as 3:4 is not visually correct (2:3 plus 3:4 is more than 1). Yet clearly the first harmonic, 1:2, C to the octave C, is half of the third harmonic, G to C, 3:4, so that the reverse of the phase causes the second harmonic to sound like the third harmonic, transforming 2:3, C to G, into 3:4, G to C. Most importantly, when this conversion of phase as complementary opposites (2:3 is yang and 3:4 is yin) is put back into standard measurement of amplitude and frequency, the values are wrong, as Droscher demonstrates with his Fourier graphs.

    Almost everyone has heard about the Doppler Effect. The speed of the sound is the same but the frequency “appears” to increase because the pressure is increased for the listener — the waves bunch up. It happens when a plane flys towards you or a train comes at you. So, in fact, it’s a change in amplitude (strength of sound measured as change of time distance or velocity) instead of change in frequency (speed or time as distance) even though it sounds like a change in frequency.

    This same Doppler Effect when used for light is called a “shift” as in phase-shift — so there’s a blue-shift or red-shift in light. But technically the Doppler Effect is not a change in phase, because, again, the speed does not change, it gets compressed as time distance or amplitude. There is much confusion and debate in astronomy about whether a phase-shift of light is caused by change of amplitude as velocity or in contrast a phase-shift of light is caused by change of speed as phase (a change in the actual gravity wave as spacetime). Einstein was inspired by the Doppler Effect to state that the speed of light does not change but also gets compressed, like sound, so that for light, time as frequency appears to go faster while space gets bunched up.

    O.K. now back to the other ear perceptual illusion that Drosher identifies — in this case the amplitude does change (the strength or distance velocity of the sound wave) but instead it is caused by phase-shift — not the frequency or harmonic, but the actual change in time distance. So we get the measured change in amplitude (strength as change in distance) due to the constructive and destructive interference resonance from phase-shift (time as distance), but the frequency (pure number as harmonic ratio) has not changed.

    We are told that the visual measurement is correct — that indeed because of the change in time as distance (phase-shift speed), there is indeed a real change in amplitude (strength as velocity) even though the ear does not perceive this change.

    So in the first case, the Doppler Effect, the speed as phase (time as distance) does not change, but amplitude (distance velocity as strength) does change with the perceptual illusion that frequency (time as pure number or harmonic) changes.

    In the second case the speed (time as distance) as phase does change, but frequency (time as harmonic) does not change with the perceptual illusion that amplitude (strength as distance) does not change. The ear hears no difference in the phase shift (time as distance) of the fundamental, second and third harmonic, even though the visual time as distance measurement shows a change in amplitude.

    Let’s call this second case of perceptual “illusion,” the Hempel Effect.

    The Hempel Effect is primary to and even more important than the Doppler Effect. In actuality the Hempel Effect shows that the problem is not with the ear but with measuring time, or phase speed, as distance. Remember the central point of quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami — phase is consciousness (not time) which can not be measured.

    For example, the holographic physicist Dennis Gabor dubbed this paradox of amplitude and frequency inversions, the “Time-Frequency Uncertainty Principle” (primary to even the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle). This “time-frequency uncertainty principle” inherently limits the ability for science to model how the brain actually perceives sound — or any other perception for that matter. But Gabor was still relying on measuring time as distance, so that the higher the frequency (phase speed), the more the amplitude was spread across the energy spectrum, creating a “divide and average” uncertainty. What I’m saying is more radical — I’m stating that number itself resonates as harmonic complementary opposites (not divide and average), without a reference to speed, without the need for time as distance, so that the wave-form of complementary opposites creates the whole energy spectrum, just by practicing the harmonics — alchemy.


    So let’s return to the Doppler Effect — the bunching up of time as distance strength (amplitude) to create the illusion of change in frequency (time as distance). When amplitude (time as distance strength) is compressed usually there is a shock wave which then resonates in reverse to cancel out the first sound wave amplitude. This has been considered to be the standard for sound waves — as the sound wave spreads as time distance the amplitude decreases, even though the frequency speed is the same. But, as I’ve posted recently at, it’s now been proven with the new “macrosonic” technology that thermoacoustics enables an almost unlimited level of sound amplitude, if the “phase” or time as distance is in the geometry (spacetime) of a cone, or full-lotus tetrahedron of complementary opposites.

    The opposite contradiction to the typical measure of frequency and amplitude occurs with sonoluminescence — the creation of light from sound. In this case the speed (time as distance) of sound changes because of the change in the wave pressure medium (gas or water) creating “cavitation” — a bubble — also called vaporization. As the continued “amplitude” of the sound compresses the time as distance, then the shock wave causes the bubble to collapse, making contact with the quantum vacuum. This quantum vacuum creates synchronized energy as light, literally with the temperature of the sun. Notice that temperature (heat as time distance amplitude of particles) is not the same as quantum energy intensity because of the reliance on pressure or resonance. That’s the magic of quantum vaporization — why people can walk on hot coals — why Bushmen trance dance shamans can hold onto burning wood, why Himalayan yogis can sit in full-lotus outside all winter long without any clothes on and without food.

    It’s been documented that even some shrimp make this sonoluminescence and as I’ve posted at my blogbook,, the same synchronized pressure process is now argued for the creation of stars and galaxies — hypersonic turbulence.

    The math for these phenomenon (the Doppler Effect and the Hempel Effect) is not unified — there are singularities between the statistics and logarithms. A proper understanding of sound as pure number harmonic — the “unknown quantity” of 2/3x, (the harmonic of the Perfect Fifth), whereby the 2/3x is C to F and F to C is 4/3x — is instead not a visual unknown quantity but a sound unknown quantity. We’re measuring (with pure number of logical inference) something we hear. The “spiral of fifths” does not line up with the geometry — the harmonics are not doubled as string lengths, but are halved as complementary opposite overtones whereby C to G is 2:3 and G to C is 3:4. The Western “circle of fifths” harmonics is actually an infinite “spiral” of fifths in nonwestern music alchemy.

    The energy spectrum is created through the fifth-fourth (yang-yin) inversions, as pure number harmonic of wave-form, regardless of whether we can hear it or not — without change of time as distance strength.

    The Hempel Effect is not an “illusion.” The fact that we hear the fundamental, second and third harmonic (octave, fifth or yang and fourth or yin) as the same, regardless of the change in time as distance (phase) demonstrates that the comma of Pythagoras (the Tetrad, 1:2:3:4, as infinite spiral of fifth-fourth complementary opposites) should not be “averaged” into western tuning. The harmonics as octave, 1:2; fifth, 2:3 (yang); and fourth, 3:4 (yin) should be allowed (through nonwestern music) to continue resonating as the natural “push” and “pull” of the fourth-fifth to the octave (that doesn’t line up with a visual geometry). This practice in alchemy is the 12 “notes” of the body-mind instrument as the “small universe” scale or Taoist yoga practice called the microcosmic orbit. The Pythagorean Tetrad, 1:2:3:4 (octave, fifth, fourth), in three dimensions, is the full-lotus yoga position.

    So back to that thermoacoustic — sonoluminescence mystery — how the full-lotus yoga position enables unlimited amplitude without the cancelling out reverse shock wave (macro sonics) but also how the sound vaporization bubble creates light within and outside of the body-mind.

    The answer is the Klein Bottle — which in reality can not be visualized, regardless of its popularizers. The Klein Bottle — the ancient Oroborus — is also the Tai-chi symbol — it’s the three gunas of Indian philosophy, the Pythagorean Tetrad. It’s the same visual paradox (of amplitude, phase-shift and frequency) that Droscher publishes in his book and that I’ve now dubbed the Hempel Effect.

  5. O.K. I was chatting with my coworker last night about these issues — specifically how in Pythagorean harmonics C:G is 2:3 while G:C is 3:4, C x G is 6 while G x C is 12. Normally the inversion would be the same value, as per the commutative principle, A X B = B X A but instead it’s twice the value.

    Another way to analyze this difference, instead of the introduction of amplitude as using square numbers, whereby doubling the octave as frequency is turned to squaring the octave, since two has the same value for doubling and squaring, this difference can also be understood as phase-shift.

    As biophysicist Vitus B. Droscher states in his book: Magic of the Senses,

    “Let us draw up a fundamental vibration with its first and second harmonic overtones [2:3 and 3:4]. As Figure 68 shows, if we then shift the phase relationship, we get a totally different course of the combined curve; that is, of the pressure course [amplitude and frequency] which is apparently effective in the final analysis. When looking at both curves, one might suppose that in the two cases we should hear two sounds that are just as different. But in fact our ear does not notice any difference.” (p. 168)

    So in other words to create the second and third harmonics so that the second harmonic, 2:3, has the same value as the third harmonic, 3:4, the phase-shift is just inverted — or the sound wave just vibrates in reverse so that what was up is now down, what was a crest, is now a trough.

    Droscher puts it like this:

    “In theory we had best imagine it like this: somewherein the ear there are ‘strings’ as in a piano. When the vibrations of Figure 68 hit these, then in every case the same three ‘keys are struck’: the fundamental tone, the first harmonic, and the second harmonic.” (p. 169)

    But we can see that when we play the piano C to G, as 2:3 on the piano, inverting G to C as 3:4 is not visually correct yet clearly the first harmonic, 1:2 is half of the third harmonic, F to C, 3:4, so that the reverse of the phase causes half of the octave to sound like the third harmonic, transforming 2:3 into 3:4.

  6. Time-reversed acoustics is also a very similar concept because the nature of the signal does not need to be known beforehand, only a stationary receiver with a set of transducers is required. Below is a recent patent for time-reversed acoustics:

    Methods have been developed to increase the intensity of HIFU [ultrasound] used for therapeutic purposes. For example, U.S. Pat. No. 5,092,336 to Fink, which is incorporated herein by reference, describes a device for localization and focusing of acoustic waves in tissues. The invention is based upon a technique known as time-reversed acoustics, which is described in an article by Fink, entitled, “Time-reversed acoustics,” Scientific American, November 1999, pp. 91 97, which is also incorporated herein by reference. Essentially, a target is enclosed by an array of transducers that delivers an unfocused acoustic beam on a reflective target in a medium, for example, a site in organic tissue. Reflected signals from the target detected by ultrasound transducers in a regular array outside the patient are stored, the distribution in time and the shapes of the echo signals are time-reversed, and the reversed signals are applied to the respective transducers of the array. In most cases, the target constitutes a secondary source, which reflects or scatters a wave beam applied to it.

  7. Effects of higher-order modes and harmonics in single-bubble sonoluminescence

    Fred B. Seeley
    Physics Department, University of Alabama Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama 35899

    (Received 21 January 1998; revised 20 October 1998; accepted 21 December 1998)

    This paper presents the results of a series of experiments that was performed to study the higher-order modes and harmonics that exist within water-filled resonators during single-bubble sonoluminescence [SBSL]. These experiments demonstrated that: (1) the spatial position and the phase of the light flashes of an SBSL bubble relative to the fundamental sound field could be significantly changed by adding higher harmonics, (2) SBSL could be produced in spherical flasks at eigenfrequencies of the higher-order modes and higher harmonics of the spherical Bessel functions, j1, and j2, thus producing noncentered flashing bubbles, and (3) it is possible to produce the SBSL effect at eigenfrequencies at which the eigenmodes are degenerate. These experiments show that a rich, complex mode structure evidently exists within the water-filled resonator. The externally generated higher modes and higher harmonics influence the position, spatial stability, and phase of the light-flash characteristic of single-bubble sonoluminescence. These experiments suggest that any higher-order modes and harmonics, self-generated by the collapsing bubble, may spatially shift their position within the resonator and thus may play a significant role in destabilizing the bubble’s motion. ©1999 Acoustical Society of America.

    PII: S0001-4966(99)00204-0
    PACS: 43.35.Ei

  8. And finally we return to the secret of “reversing the tube amps” so that the I-thought pre-amp, the reversed polarity (frequency as amplitude) is now in the base of the resonance chamber. This occurs in the full-lotus position, thereby enabling amplitude to develop consistently. Or to put it in the words of modern science:,+harmonics&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=6&gl=us&client=firefox-a

  9. Here’s a comment from January, 2008, on Boing, boing about cone shaped (full-lotus) resonance chambers and energy cavitation:

    “One quote I remember from Tim Lucas came from the NPR All Things Considered piece that had originally alerted me to this technology. In that piece the technology was presented as being “the loudest sound ever generated” (though not heard, since it was generated inside the torpedo-shaped chamber). When asked what it would sound like, were it possible to be inside the chamber, Gregory Swift (at the Los Alamos National Laboratory) had replied, “If you were able to somehow find yourself inside the small resonating cavity of this device, hearing loss would be the least of your worries. Your hair would catch fire.”

    And this points to the thermoacoustic nature of what might be happening to anything that’s inside a shape that’s resonated in this manner. Lucas had done a great deal of research at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, in the Thermoacoustics Laboratory, experimenting with differently-shaped resonance chambers.

    He found that cones and torpedo shapes allowed the sound inside to be driven to resonance. Esentially like a laser, but with sound waves instead of light waves. Previously, greater amounts of energy introduced into resonance chambers had resulted in the collapse of the waves (instead of being driven to resonance), and this resulted in the energy being given off as heat (hence, thermoacoustics).

    Perhaps something like this is happening here.

  10. OK — so the below quote is, once again, confirmation of subharmonics creating a significant increase in amplitude. This also creates acoustic black holes (negative refractive index) and sonoluminescence.

    Cavitation – Google Books Result
    by F. Ronald Young – 1999 – Science
    The subharmonics have a threshold, i.e., a minimum sound pressure amplitude before they set in. This onset is connected with a strong increase in amplitude.

  11. As I’ve stated — alchemy works by sound resonance into ultrasound which then ionizes chemicals which then produce light. This process HAS been replicated in labs but the theory is still not understood.

    The study of cavitation shows that when harmonics of natural number are used there is a significant increase in amplitude or energy intensity. Consider this excerpt:

    Boosting Sonoluminescence

    Joachim Holzfuss Institut für Angewandte Physik, TU Darmstadt, Schloßgartenstr. 7, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany
    Drittes Physikalisches Institut, Bürgerstr. 42-44, 37073 Göttingen, Germany

    Publication in: Phys. Rev. Lett. 81 (1998) 1961-1964.
    Received: September 26, 1996


    Single bubble sonoluminescence has been experimentally produced through a novel approach of optimized sound excitation. A driving consisting of a first and second harmonic with selected amplitudes and relative phase results in an increase of light emission compared to sinusoidal driving. We achieved a raise of the maximum photo current of up to 300% with the two-mode sound signal. Numerical simulations of multi-mode excitation of a single bubble are compared to this result.

    PACS numbers: 78.60.Mq, 43.25.Yw, 42.65.Re, 02.60.Pn

    By focusing ultrasonic waves of high intensity into a liquid, thousands of tiny bubbles appear. This process of breakup of the liquid is called acoustic cavitation. The bubbles begin to form a fractal structure that is dynamically changing in time. They also emit a loud chaotic sound because of their forced nonlinear oscillations in the sound field [1]. The large mechanical forces on objects brought into contact with the bubbles enable the usage of cavitation in cleaning, particle destruction and chemistry. Marinesco and Trillat [2] found that a photo plate in water could be fogged by ultrasound. This multi bubble sonoluminescence (MBSL) has been analyzed by many researchers, and a great amount of knowledge has been gained [3]. The discovery of Gaitan [4] that it is possible to drive a single stable bubble in a regime, where it emits light pulses of picosecond duration [5, 6], called SBSL, has been encouraging scientists to explore the phenomenon and the associated effects with a multitude of experiments, theories and simulations. The experimental results show picosecond synchronicity [7], quasiperiodic and chaotic variability of inter-pulse times [8, 9], a black body spectrum [10] and mass transport stability [11]. The theories to explain the source of SBSL range from hotspot, bremsstrahlung [12], collision induced radiation [13] and corona discharges [14] to non-classical light[15]. Numerical simulations have been focusing on the bubble dynamics, behavior of the gas content [12, 16], properties in magnetic fields [17] and the stability of the bubble[18]. However, the final answer concerning the nature of SBSL still remains open.

  12. In closing — we have Eric J. Lerner of the American Institute of Physics, June 2004 News, reporting on new silica reverse indexed photonics, demonstrating the connecting between

    PHASE-SHIFT, FREQUENCY AND AMPLITUDE, as I detailed in my article:

    “With a positive voltage applied to the electrodes, a thin layer of charge quickly accumulates on the outer layers of the gate oxide layer that lies next to the polysilicon. A silicon-based capacitor modulates light at high speed by shifting the phase of the light, splitting the beam, and allowing the two beams to interfere with each other. This charge is sufficient to slightly change the index of refraction and shift the phase of the transmitted light. To convert a shift in phase to a modulation in amplitude only requires splitting the light into two parts, which are then interfered against each other. When the phase shift causes destructive interference, the transmitted light amplitude decreases, modulating the light.

  13. Here’s the AMES lab, DOE, press release, around the same time:

    Elaborating, Soukoulis said, “When we have a metamaterial with a negative index of refraction at 1.5 micrometers that can disperse, or separate a wave into spectral components with different wavelengths, we can tune our lasers to play a lot of games with light. We can have a wavepacket hit a slab of negative index material, appear on the right-hand side of the material and begin to flow backward before the original pulse enters the negative index medium.”
    Continuing, he explained that the pulse flowing backward also releases a forward pulse out the end of the medium, a situation that causes the pulse entering the front of the material appear to move out the back almost instantly.

    “In this way, one can argue that that the wave packet travels with velocities much higher than the velocities of light,” said Soukoulis. “This is due to the dispersion of the negative index of refraction; there is nothing wrong with Einstein’s theory of relativity.” (These effects are clearly seen in the simulations that accompany this press release. Go to: Light Movies)

  14. So the closest analogy is science is the new “space race” for metamaterials — or left-handed materials with a negative refractive index.

    These materials REVERSE the doppler effect of light by using complementary opposite materials built in concentric rings. Gold is an essential metal for this since it’s density combines both quantum and classic physics — thereby confirming it’s alchemical status. To quote Science News from 7/15/2006:

    “It’s really because of the development of metamaterials that the manufacturing of such cloaking devices could be possible,” Leonhardt says.

    Metamaterials consist of three-dimensional arrays of hoops, rods, or other shapes made of metal or other electrically conductive materials that are joined by electrical insulators, such as fiberglass.

    Whereas lenses or other optical devices made of ordinary materials bend radiation one way, metamaterials bend it the other. Although not easily explained in everyday terms, the effect stems from electromagnetic waves traveling backward once they enter metamaterials, notes Schurig.

    Electromagnetic radiation typically exerts a repulsive pressure on objects, so it should, in theory, attract metamaterials. Also, the well-known Doppler shift, in which the frequency of electromagnetic radiation from an object increases as the object approaches, is expected to reverse for metamaterials. Experiments have yet to confirm those two predictions.”

  15. So normally “intensity” of energy means the number or “frequency” of a particular particle measured as wavelength — the amplitude. But in quantum physics this is reversed so that “intensity” of energy means a higher “frequency” of a particular “wavelength.”

    In a laser there are different “frequencies” or photons of different size for both pumping the energy and emitting the energy, but if the laser as three compartments then both pumping and emitting can happen simultaneously.

    In alchemy there is also three compartments: the Intelligence Center of upper tan tien, brain; the Emotional Center or middle tan tien, heart; and the Moving Center of lower tan tien, stomach. Because frequency is defined as complimentary opposites the amplitude is now switched to intensity of energy as pressure or radiation density, not particle density. In alchemy intensity resonates throughout not only the whole wavelength spectrum of energy but also the whole density spectrum of matter. What enables this is the complementary opposite process of gathering and resolving energy through the contraction and expansion of space as the Tai-chi symbol, or the Full-lotus, tetrahedron. Since it is complementary opposites it can not be visualized — just like the Klein Bottle or Oroborus – but since the energy intensity comes from frequency, using subharmonics to create amplitude, then the intensity of energy is listened to, through logical inference of the I-thought.

  16. Here’s a new Harvard study demonstrating EXTERNAL QI successfully treating cancer:

    External Qi of Yan Xin Qigong induces G2/M arrest and apoptosis of androgen-independent prostate cancer cells by inhibiting Akt and NF-kappa B pathways
    Context Sensitive Lilnks

    Context Sensitive Lilnks
    more options
    Author(s): Yan X (Yan, Xin), Shen H (Shen, Hua), Jiang HJ (Jiang, Hongjian), Zhang CS (Zhang, Chengsheng), Hu D (Hu, Dan), Wang J (Wang, Jun), Wu XQ (Wu, Xinqi)
    Source: MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY Volume: 310 Issue: 1-2 Pages: 227-234 Published: MAR 2008
    Times Cited: 0 References: 52
    Abstract: Long-term clinical observations and ongoing studies have shown antitumor effects of external Qi of Yan Xin Qigong (YXQG-EQ) that originated from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In order to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the antitumor effects of YXQG-EQ, we investigate the effects of YXQG-EQ on growth and apoptosis in androgen-independent prostate cancer PC3 cells. We found that exposure to YXQG-EQ led to G2/M arrest associated with reduced cyclin B1 expression and apoptosis in PC3 cells. YXQG-EQ treatment inhibited constitutive and epidermal growth factor-induced Akt phosphorylation, basal and TNF-alpha-induced NF-kappa B activation, and downregulated anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 and Bcl-xL expression. In contrast, exposure to YXQG-EQ increased phosphorylation of Akt and Erk1/2 in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC), and had no cytotoxic effect on either HUVEC or peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC). These results indicate that YXQG-EQ has profound effects on growth and apoptosis of prostate cancer cells by targeting survival pathways including the Akt and NF-kappa B pathways.
    Document Type: Article
    Language: English
    Author Keywords: Akt; NF-kappa B; prostate cancer; G2; M arrest; apoptosis; external Qi of Yan Xin Qigong
    Addresses: Wu, XQ (reprint author), Harvard Univ, Sch Med, Brigham & Womens Hosp, Boston, MA 02115 USA
    Harvard Univ, Sch Med, Brigham & Womens Hosp, Boston, MA 02115 USA
    Inst Chongqing Tradit Chinese Med, Chongqing, Peoples R China
    New Med Sci Res Inst, New York, NY USA
    McMaster Univ, Hamilton, ON Canada
    Harvard Univ, Sch Med, Dana Farber Canc Inst, Boston, MA 02115 USA
    E-mail Addresses:
    IDS Number: 267SE
    ISSN: 0300-8177
    DOI: 10.1007/s11010-007-9684-2

  17. The above results were inspired by the below letter hypothesizing yin and yang as cold and hot relations to be measured with biophotons:

    Title: Yin/Yang polarization: Quantitative diagnostic evaluation using biophoton measurement from human hands and feet
    Source: The journal of alternative and complementary medicine [1075-5535] Yang yr:2006 vol:12 iss:7 pg:603 -606

  18. Phenomenon of human meridian and its time correlation based on infrared thermal imaging
    Context Sensitive Lilnks

    Context Sensitive Lilnks
    more options
    Author(s): Yang HQ (Yang Hong-Qin), Xie SS (Xie Shu-Sen), Hu XL (Hu Xiang-Long), Chen L (Chen Li), Li H (Li Hui), Lu ZK (Lu Zu-Kang)
    Source: JOURNAL OF INFRARED AND MILLIMETER WAVES Volume: 26 Issue: 5 Pages: 340-343 Published: OCT 2007
    Times Cited: 0 References: 9
    Abstract: The infrared radiant of human meridians and acupoints and its time correlation without any disturbance from outside source were investigated by using infrared thermal imaging technology. The results show that the infrared radiant course exists along meridian over human body, and its radiant intensity has time rhythms. Analyzing the temperature distribution of acupoint versus non – acupoint, we find that the heat transfer of acupoint is preferential meridian direction, while non – acupont is nearly isotropic. These facts confirm the objective existence of human meridian acupoints.
    Document Type: Article
    Language: Chinese

  19. Just to clarify the relation between chirality or classical physics and quantum physics — consider the example of the new “metamaterials” or right-handed materials which some think enable superliminal communication or in contrast a “negative refractive” light of left-hand materials which thereby creates antiphotons and white holes:

    Optical refractive index of massive particles and physical meanings of left-handed media

    Jian Qi Shena, b, 1,
    aCentre for Optical and Electromagnetic Research, State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Yuquan 310027, PR China
    bZhejiang Institute of Modern Physics and Department of Physics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, PR China
    Received 8 December 2004; revised 30 May 2005; accepted 6 June 2005. Communicated by A.R. Bishop. Available online 29 June 2005.

    In this Letter the expression for the refractive index of de Broglie wave in the presence of a potential field is obtained and based on this, the physical meanings of negative index of refraction is revealed. We demonstrate that the electromagnetic wave propagation in a left-handed medium with negative refractive index behaves just like that of antiphotons, which is required of the complex vector field theory. It is believed that the complex vector field theory is helpful in considering the wave propagation and photonic band gap structures in the left-handed medium photonic crystals with a periodicity in negative and positive indices of refraction.

  20. The amplitude is increased as the synchronized resonance of frequency, just as in quantum mechanics energy intensity is measured by frequency and not amplitude. Einstein was inspired by the Doppler Shift because the speed of sound doesn’t change, even though the frequency increases due to the phase-shift being compressed, similarly the perception of time increases as space is compressed. The difference again is the quantum mechanics relies on divide and average statistics while relativity relies on logarithmic math but BOTH use dualistic symmetry. Alchemy uses wave-form as the Law of Three — with the I-thought as the source of one, and yang as 2:3 and yin as 3:4, resonance of frequency and amplitude as the form of the formless.

    For example, today’s NY Times op-ed is about will power capacity and blood sugar, but sugar is a right-hand asymmetric molecule according to science, while all ecology (carbon-based life) is based on left-hand asymmetric molecules.

    LIGHT is polarized differently as DNA biophotons based on the asymmetric handedness of the molecule — this is called racemization in chemistry. But measuring the molecules relies on the technology used to measure — so sugar as a right-hand asymmetric molecule is based on the sugar being refined.

    Refined sugar totally messes up the DNA biophoton polarization of the pineal gland. For alchemy to work the right-brain must be activated but science relies on left-brain dominance for analysis and right-hand technology, while ecology relies on left-hand molecules and right-brain dominance.

    So, just like a telescope, light gathering ability of the body increases with the square of the diameter — so that left-hand unrefined sugars enable right-brain pineal gland activation thereby increasing the will power gathering capacity of the body (connecting the kidney Moving Center with the Intelligence Center). The Moving Center kidney energy having a squared-increase proportional diameter through the full-lotus-pineal gland ratio.

    A laser works just like the light gathering ability of a telescope except that frequency synchronization increases the energy intensity with the square of the amplitude. So left-brain logical inference or listening to the source of the I-thought (the polarized vacuum of the Pre-Amp) creates right-brain squared amplitude synchronization of light based on left-hand asymmetric molecules, thereby connecting DNA with alchemical biophotons.

  21. “Just as Einstein used the Doppler Effect to develop his theory of relativity – so too does the phase-shift of frequency create a significant increase in amplitude.”

    I’m no physicist but I’m afraid this is complete drivel. Einstein didnt use the Doppler Effect in developing his theory of relativity. The Doppler Effect doesn’t involve a phase-shift, it involves a simple change of frequency. And neither a change in frequency nor a phase-shift causes an increase in amplitude. Bye.

    • “In 1905, the most obvious example of a change in the frequency of a periodic process caused by relative velocity was the classical Doppler effect of light. (see Chapter 7) However, Einstein’s analysis of the Doppler effect of light was quite different than the classical explanation.”

      So you’re wrong on your first point.

      You’re 2nd point is based on an incorrect reading of my sentence. There’s a hyphen that separates Doppler Effect from phase-change. Sorry that you were easily confused.