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Telepathic dog experiment video

Alex Tsakiris, the host of the Skeptiko podcast, selected replication of the “Dogs that know when their owners are coming home” experiment of Rupert Sheldrake, as the first one of his OpenSourceScience initiative.

Today, the project posted the first video, describing the experiment and some preliminary result.
Our forums section now also added a new forum to discuss the replication, alongside the active Skeptiko podcast forum. After seeing the video, go to the new DogsThatKnow experiment discussion forum.

He also released show #41 of the Skeptiko podcast about the experiment.




One Comment

  1. I have a greyhound and when I come home he does the samee thing. My wife will watch him and he gets up and goes by the door about 15 mins before I get there. This is at different times of the day too when he does this as well. I believe Telepathy is real. Glad to be back here and seeing all the new stuff.