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Nei-kung telekinesis video by John Chang student

There’s a new video on You-Tube which shows the exam for a 3rd-level Nei-kung by the first westerner student of John Chang, the Magus of Java, who is teaching the Mo Pai school of kung-fu. To pass 3rd level a student must demonstrate certain telekinetic abilities by using his yin chi.

You can read more about Nei-Kung, John Chang, his amazing abilities and his school in the book The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal by Kosta Danaos, another student of his. I’ve read it and highly recommend getting it, if you’d like to read first hand account with this rare man.

The description to the following video on site tells the following:

It was just last year I found this person. He is the first Westerner to ever be admitted into the ancient school of Mo Pai. About four or five other Westerners have become students, but all have failed for one reason or another. There has never been another Westerner to have ever reached the 3rd level.

This person is currently in training to go on to the 4th level of nei-kung which is different from chi gong, despite what other alleged, pseudo authorities say.

The short segment is his testing for the 3rd level when he passed in 2000.

Notice that the boxes are against a wall, and they fall forward and not backward as if there was something blowing them backward from the front. There are two methods of either pulling them forward or pushing them backward. The distance between his hand and the boxes is over 9 feet; a tape measure is seen on the floor.

As you can see in the video, along with the Wester student is the world famous master/teacher, John Chang and his son.

I think the video speaks for itself, although the quality is quite poor, since for some reason the put the camera against a bright window, which washed out much of the detail. What do you think of this video?






  2. Does anyone know where you can receive Nei-Kung and Kundalini instruction? I already study Qi-Gong, but I feel that the teachings of Nei-Kung are being kept secret from the people. Does anyone know how to find such information? I don’t want to post my email address here.

  3. You guys know whats sad? It’s all these people that have the knowledge, and don’t share it with the rest of their kind! Seems to me that humans forgot the most important lesson that they came to learn on this planet! The lesson is : Learn to Love everyone and everything and share all your knowledge and emotions with everyone, don’t be greedy and try to keep just for you! Humans have amazing abilities that they forgot with the time because they lost themselves into the materialistic aspect of life instead of the spiritual! It’s time to CHANGE!The governments are corrupt, the so called leaders are mere puppets of shadow agencies that control everything with the basic intent of making money! The system is weak and fragile! We all are Spiritual beings that live many many times in order to learn all that is possible to us. Don’t get stuck in what humans call reality and leave like a robot! Humans lost their freedom and happiness. Look at what your governments did to the planet, the wars, the people starving and dyeing of sickness just because they don’t have money! Focus in yourself and pay attention to the voice inside you, study and learn how to get in touch with your spiritual aspect! Everyone holds what is looking for inside of them, you just have to find the best way of finding it! Now if you call yourself a master of knowledge and you consider yourself to be enlighten it’s is your duty to pass the knowledge to the younger generation so that can get free of this materialistic reality and ascend to a higher frequency and dimension on this planet! TERRA is ascending already humans will follow 😉
    Best of luck to everyone

  4. this chi power its not like calling the demons and get there power or somthing like that………………or its realy a human power who can evrey one doit im just wandering caus in islame thers no such thing and i now my religion is the rghit one go( beleive me but if theres a way to accure this power without evil or spirite things tell me

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  6. First I want to say thank you Jacob for putting this up and making it available. I certainly couldnt see that person being anybody other than John Chang/DJ.

    To J.Smith. As a student of Kundalini and QiGung, I dont want these abilities to stay secret. But most certainly they should be earned. Tho I know you will agree that nobody will develope these “techniques” without work. I believe that first one should proove themself before just being handed the secret aspects.
    and my goal from the beginning hasnt been to do the technique, but to use the technique as a bench mark for my own personal manifistation of the divine power within me.

    For the rest of you, There is MUCH that can be learned from this video. You can see his posture, and you can hear his breathing technique, and you can see the angle of his left arm going directly toward his Dantien he’s likley to be pressing on it with 2 fingers like Chang did in the ring of fire video. then you can see DJ use a hand motion with his right hand instructing the student of what to do with the other hand.

    But trying to do what he’s doing without the Nei Kung work behind it, would be like pulling the trigger of an unloaded gun. You have to build up your chi Body before you start trying to use its physical maniphestations.


    • Hi,
      HasuKumori,is there any way to contact you?
      I don’t want to post my E-mail here. Is there any other way?I want to ask you about the Kundalini practise smthng.
      As it concerns on the video I think that you have understand the external part,it seems to me that you know what you are practising.

      • Yes Chen, you can contact me. But I have no desire to post my e-mail here either. If you want to find me. Just search hard enough and I’m sure you will. I’m not hiding.


  7. Where i find a Sifu??

    I know speaking to spirits.

    I love the world and know only way forward is to heaI can heal but not so strong.

    I want to have a life in peace and help people thats all.

    I am tiered of people and ignorance and all closed hearts.

    Everybody looking for power and not love.

    I cannot get a true sincere answer of anybody.

  8. Is there anyway to learn this over the internet?

    • These skills are possible, through much work.
      I sort of prefer them to be kept hidden as it mostly gets loads of people wanting to have the same “ability” or those who just say it is nonsense.
      There are secrets, and i understand why some wish they stayed that way.
      I was shown some static/dynamic meditations and Qi Gong exercises in the 80’s, i did not train as often as i should.
      This training enabled me to almost shock other people from a distance of one foot (12″), i can say it here as nobody knows me but it means nothing that nobody believes.
      This was nothing but a side effect of my practice, i wanted to learn to heal and use energy in my Iron Palm training.
      Learning to heal is still my thing but some things should still stay hidden.
      So many want this and that and are not prepared to put the work in, so many want it now.
      Main question is, do you wish to just knock things over from a distance?
      Because if you do then just buy a catapult.


      • I have got inborn Pchysis power . I want to develop &
        sharpen other telePchyisis power .I want guidannce ?
        how and from where?

      • I’m not sure if this will reach you,

        I have come to witness many impressive energy demonstrations firsthand, most people who have learnt to channel ki or chi do it to use it as a shield to protect themselves against attacks I have yet to find a teacher that uses it / channels it to heal. On the other hand much of the healers that I have studied with don’t master ki / chi have weak or improvised training.

        I would be willing to travel anywhere to find someone that truly has learnt to channel ki to heal.

        I have practiced everything that was shown to me however I need a real teacher for the next steps.

        thank you

  9. Jacob,

    I didn’t mean to be so harsh, but being a person who, like many others that visit your site, want science to precede metaphysical claims, this post seemed counterproductive.

    I don’t know much about Master Chang, but even the pencil through the table in the other video was shot poorly with limited visibility to the entire setting.

    When I can, I will do more research on my own into his claims.

    I truly appreciate you bringing new ideas and thinking to the table.


  10. Jacob,

    Are you lowering your skeptical standards. This video is totally unacceptable as evidence of anything other than visual trickery.

    Not only are the boxes put in front of a garage window with full sunlight streaming in, the third man is completely out of the picture and we cannot see his actions at all.

    For me, this video goes straight to the trash. I’m not even sure if Victor Zammit would put it on his website, it’s that bad.

    • Hi, Marcel.

      You’re right that this video is no evidence and I wouldn’t put other video of such quality on my site. Yet, the video is not of a random person, as Master Chang is quite known since he was on the documentary film “Ring of fire” and consequently in the book “The Magus of Java”, of which I’ve written before. The previous videos were of higher quality (professional filming), so I put this video as a sequal, so to speak.
      If you tend to believe the higher quality videos of him, which I posted earlier and believe Kosta Danaos who wrote a whole book about his experience with John Chang, then you’ll tend to believe this video is real as well, since the second person can be identified as John Chang.

      If you don’t believe the other videos, then surely this one won’t convince you. I’ve not put it here to convince anyone.

    • Marcel, it does not matter whether you believe it or not. This art feeds off personal belief and development, so if you dont believe in Nei Kung, Mo Pai, Chi Kung etc, then you’ll never get it to work personally (if you ever tried).

      Dont forget that “For those who believe, no proof is necessary but for those who don’t believe, no proof will suffice”.

      So please, keep your own thoughts to yourself, no one really cares whether YOU believe it or not, it is up to them to see to it themselves.

      • Anonymous, you’re a fool, and a gullible one at that.

        And by the way, this is a message board, so my opinions, whether in agreement or dissent with your own, are perfectly acceptable here.

        • Your opinion is just that, your opinion! You and the bunch you rode in with are “not” the authorities on all these matters of chi development…fortunately! So you could illustrate a little courtesy to others who don’t share your ignorant opinion.
          You were not there at the demonstration to be able to say yea or nea. The video was done as a second thought and not for any other reason other than an account of the event for the practitioner. It just so happened to be snuck out of this persons privacy for some help he was trying to obtain.
          I might add it is always “wannabees” who talk as you do. Had you experienced this personally you would be a true believer…but sadly you missed a chance of a rare reality that you will never know about. It will take a lot more than your stupid opnion to stop things you don’t like in this world. It is people like you that make others want to show just how wrong you can be with your vast ignornace of what is out there in this world.
          But try as you do, you will never cause those that do believe to stop realizing their dreams of discovery and attainment.
          Where would this world be if you were living around the time Columbus discovered America…I can hear you now…”It never happened.”
          Continue your skeptical ways and stay where you are in life. We can count on you never getting in the way of our discovery.
          Plus, we can read you like a book. You are most certainly not a person of self-discovery, and unable to challenge yourself.
          Sure you might justify yourself with a bunch of silly notions, but in reality you’ve got nothing…but hot air.
          People like you try and give themselves unwarrented credit by finding a forum to spout their absurd opinions. The louder you yell, the more it spurs those that will go beyond their limits. You actually encourage people with your negativity.
          Too bad you can’t keep your opinions to yourself and let those who do believe find those realities in this world that you don’t believe in.
          I would guess you would have everyone stay at home playing on the Internet.
          There is a old addage Lincoln once said, “It is better to be quiet and appeared ignorant, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
          …Get a life and especially get off the Internet; join the living and see whats out there.

      • Very well said, thank you annonymus

    • Wrong. Everything in the video is true. The brain is capable of emitting electromagnetic surges when the nerve endings of your pivotal points of your body are overcharged. Your body naturally without notice uses such energy to do everything that it does. With enough concentration and understanding, you can accentuate the energy from within you to use in more than what people typically use it for. The more you use it, the more it simply becomes. Essentially in this video, the student uses such EMS’s and control the box from within itself. In other words; science. Basically, everything is vibrating at a certain frequency, and when properly attuned, one can per se; manipulate the frequency to become one with yours. Not necessarily causing deterioration but ‘allowing’ to move said object to your will. Hoped I helped:]
      The people in these videos are remarkable at what they’ve practiced and by simply showing video of such acts should incline others to realize the true potential of the human beings.

  11. Since I posted “The Last Qigong Demonstration of John Chang” ( ) I’ve discovered _two more_ of his videos, of which this is one.

    The video above is neither very entertaining nor educational, so I’m not sure why it was posted on Youtube. Surely it won’t change anyone’s (itsreal/itsfake) opinion on the matter.

    I have another interesting video of a neigong student lighting a fire with his palm, but I don’t have permission to post it.

    • Can you share the video of the nei kung student lighting paper on fire with me? If you email me, we can discuss matters that we are not aloud to discuss to the public. My email is



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