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Buryl Paine is in need of group healing

Buryl meditating

I’ve received an email from Buril Payne. At one time I was already in contact with Buril, who invented an apparatus called Biofield Meter and wrote a book about it, called “The spin force”, (which he sent me for a review in electronic form). I haven’t yet read it thoroughly but it looks quite interesting and has a collection of scientific work by the author. Buryl holds a M.S. in physics and a Ph. D. in psychology, both from the University of Washington. Anyway, it seems that age takes its toll and he asks for a distant group healing. If you have the ability and the time, take part in this healing. Here’s the email from him:


I, Buryl Payne, am in need of a group healing for a brain dysfunction that has slowly and increasingly hindered my balance, speech, and walking. I need my body to work well for a bit longer.

So, I invite and request you and any of your friends to do a thought power remote group healing for me on Thursday, June 19th at 7 p.m. Pacific time. Also, if you want, join in on the Global Meditation Healing during these special few days. See website, under Academy for Peace Research,

For one minute, please visualize my brain working normally; normal balance, speech, walking easily, and with good coordination.

I will be sitting under a Biofield Meter, an invention of mine which measures the spin force around the body. In the past it has rotated as a result of remote healing.

Results will be posted on my website:

Positive results from this experiment will add to all the other positive results of remote healing, prayer healing, and perhaps ultimately help hundreds of thousands of people.

Thank you in advance,
Buryl Payne

P.S. You might like to check out my latest little ebook: THE QUANTUM THEORY OF LOVE at





  1. hello mr buryl i read a page on your magnetic theory is spot on in my mind its funny i read that page and it went along with what i been looking up orgone energy symetry anunaki ive been lookining up the alien king marduk i dont know if you know of victor shauberger and nikola tesla symetry ideas i want to make a egg shaped implosion device with a orgone acumulater around it and a upside down trout turbine inside pressure over comes friction the layers of steel wool and fiberglass will act like a capacitor and alow the orgone eather to samwich in betwean the waves of water because victor said water was like sheets of paper moving over eachother does this sound crazy or ok i can not figure how to bend the tornado pipes im rambaling on so i hope you get this before and do hope you the best

  2. WATER