The english version of the russian newspaper contains an article about psychic healers in Brazil. The famous healers in the country perform operations on patients using ordinary kitchen or pen knives but inflict no pain and don’t cause blood contamination.

Apparently, healing in Brazil was legalized around 1958 by president Kubitchek after a healer by the name of Ze Arigo healed president’s daughter by using a pen knife for cutting out a malignant tumor.

Personally, I’ve been on a public meeting with Dr. Temnikov who developed a system for healing and more, which we could call psychic (but he doesn’t). One of the effects of his system is the ability to stop blood and heals wounds quickly. In the meeting he told that a student of his, a Hungarian surgeon, performed an operation without any anesthetics just using the skills he has learned. I know several practitioners of his system and have heard some amazing first-hand stories from people I respect and have been lately a witness for a quick head pain with nausea in 10 minutes while driving a car. I intend to learn the system myself soon.

Article at about Brazilian healers.