OpenSourceScience, led by Alex Tsakiris, the host of Skeptiko podcast about parapsychology, with the help of several other people have started their long-awaited experiment to determine the possibility of anomalous information being received by mediums.

You too can help this experiment at this time. Just go to this site and fill the skeptic’s survey. It goes like this (from the site):

You’ll hear from four people. Each one wishes to connect with a deceased person. You’ll match the deceased to one of four descriptions and provide reasons for your answer. You may review and change your answers before submitting your results. Remember to explain your selection.

Here’s what you know about the deceased:
– all are deceased and somehow connected to the sitters
– all are men
– each of the descriptions match one of the deceased
– three passed away younger in life; one was only 13
– two of the names, Luke and Gabriel, have been designated as younger names, but do not necessarily correspond to younger descriptions
– one name, Bill, has been designated as an older name, but does not necessarily correspond to an older description (see below)

There’s some more explanation at the site about the controls etc.

To learn more about the experiment, download episode 59 of Skeptiko from

To discuss the experiment, join the discussion at Skeptiko forum on this topic.