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Is James Leininger a reincarnated pilot?

A prolonged article in the Daily Mail tells the story of James Leininger, now 11, who from the age of 2 years had nightmares. His nightmares were about crashing airplane.

Investigation done by his father, Bruce Leininger, led him to believe that his son recounted a crash of a WWII pilot, James Huston, who died in 1945 after his plane took a direct hit and plunged into the water.

The story has lots of detail, in which it turns out that the boy knew the model of the plane – the Corsair, that he took off from a ship named “Natoma”, names of the pals of the pilot etc.

The nightmares began 9 years ago, when James merely turned 2 years old. Luckily for him they faded off and complete stopped at age 8. During this time the boy showed knowledge of airplanes of WWII era, the location of his death, names etc.

The story, if true and not overly exaggerated by his parents, is extremely remarkable and provides a strong case for the possibility of reincarnation or at least the ability of knowledge of one person to be passed to another.

I urge you to read this article fully, it’s captivating. I’d like to know what you think about this case. Post in comments or on the Mind-Energy forum.

Source: Reincarnated! Our son is a World War II pilot come back to life





  1. I just completed “Soul Survivor” and wonder about all the questions and doubts and even fears people have on the subject. I lived in Thailand for 10 years and reincarnation is absolutely no surprise there. In fact, it is a given. I was a Buddhist monk for 6 of those years and even had an intuitive revelation regarding my own past life. No, I wasn’t a king, I was, I believe, my paternal grandfather. So many facts of my life and my relationship with my father support this belief.

  2. Someone has written a blog article about this story, makes an interesting read.

  3. this is a interesting case it might be a case of reincarnation or the person might have come in contact with the energy of the dead pilot,however the parents should help the boy get out of this as it will be harmful to the boy in future

  4. I thought this article sounded familiar. Sure enough, here is a series of clips on YouTube about this exact case.

    Very interesting!