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How to get rid of heavy head

Does your head feel heavy sometimes? Maybe you are tired after driving or staring at TV or computermonitors?

Several years ago I’ve learned quite a simple technique that helps to alleviate the heaviness in head. It’s not a cure for any illness but it doesn’t require anything except a little time and healthy imagination. No drugs, even “alternative”, so, it won’t hurt you in anyway.

Like my advice on how to get rid of stuffy nose, which has helped hundreds or thousands of people, this will not work for everyone at all times but it’s sure worth to try. So let’s get started, because something is pushing on your head, right?

You can do it seated or standing up, but it’s better not to lie down. You’ll see why shortly.

  1. Close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling in your head.
  2. Try to imagine that the heaviness that pushes on your head is like a concrete block or like a manhole lid lying on your head and that’s why it feels so heavy – it is pushing on you with its weight.
  3. Now, visualize a construction crane and imagine it lifting the lid off your head up and away. At this moment you should feel a little alleviation of the heaviness. The head should feel a little lighter for a moment. Don’t open your eyes and don’t loose concentration.
  4. Most probably all or some of the “weight” will return very fast. So just repeat the lifting. Imagine pushing it away with your hands maybe or imagine the crane lifting it again.
  5. If it works well, after some repetitions the weight should feel lighter. You may continue with this as long as you helps, probably a couple of minutes.

Be warned though that since this is a visualization based technique it won’t help you in cases where a real physical problem such as sinusitis causes your pain in the head. It’s not a cure for any illness. The technique is just a tool that can help you deal with the feeling of a heavy head, usually because of some fatigue, physical or mental.

Of course, you should complement the technique with other things like rest, drinking water etc, which will address the underlying source of the heaviness.





  1. Great suggestion. If one can convince oneself that the pressure is being taken off, no drug can beat it.

  2. Please one suggestion on relieving a headach. If you focus on the feeling of the headach you add your energy to it. I am not a healer, but if I have a headache I will focus on the way I want to feel, not the way I not want to feel. I would maybe visualize a flower unfolding and the way my wife’s love for me feels. I undertstand why you are using this, but you are making it much harder this way.
    I am not an expert, but this is true, .. reality becomes what we believe it is and focus on. Alway, always, always focus on the things you desire, and NOT on the things you do not desire. There is a force in nature we can call attraction and love, it works in every way imagainable if we are aware of it or not. Focus on and feel that you are already healed. Sorry, just a suggestion.

    • What you said is very true, when you said that;

      ” You focus on the way you want to feel and not the way you don’t want to feel”

      “Reality is what you believed and focus on”

      “It works in every imaginable way if we are aware of it or not”

      “Focus on and believe that you are already healed”.

      This is faith in operation. Everything that man made has manual. Most houses in every civilised countries has architectural plans for the building – from inside you, create those things they were not as if they were. The buildings and the materials.You conceive,you draw the plans, then you build it. That’s faith in operation. What you build in your belly, by imagination became reality by manifestation after being built, physically.

      Definition of faith Thus ;Now Faith is the assurance (the confirmation, ” the title deed”) of the things hope for, being the proof of things we do not see and the conviction of their reality ( faith perceiving as real fact what is not reveal to the senses ie what you see, feel, touch, smell and taste.Heb 11;1

      Randy Horizon,Gods spoke of those things they were not as if they were, and bible says “IT WAS SO “Genesis 1;1-end

      Then the bible says we ARE His IMAGE and His LIKENESS (Spiritually) that is what GOD is, so we aught to speak like Him and act like Him because we are Spirit being, but NOT to be equal with HIM. Genesis 1;26-27, Gen 2;7 (the breath is the spirit of God in a man)
      When He spoke the Word, Let there be light and it was, the word was Jesus Christ. Jonh 1;1, and the Word was made flesh…. John 1;14.

      I speak to my self (My body)as I am typing this. From crown of head to the toes of my feet, I am heal in the Name above every name Jesus Christ. Every fibre of my being, every veins in my body, every organ in my body, every cells in my blood, every blood in my body,water in my body every marrow in my bones and bones, my eyes, teeth’s neck and brain be heal in the name of Jesus of Jesus.
      Isaiah 53;4-5. Rom 4;25,
      If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracle of God. I anyone ministers let him do it as with the ability which God supplies, that in all things, God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong the glory and dominion forever end ever. Amen . 1Peter 4;11
      God bless you

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