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Chinese medicine lecture and acupuncture demonstration at Google

There’s a series of enrichment lectures at Google (the company) and they make them available for public viewing on YouTube. The lectures are not strictly technical and encompass a wide variety of topics with guest speakers.

The below video is of a lecture describing the basics of Oriental medicine practices, especially acupuncture and acupressure. There’s also specific attention to stress in traditional western medicine and in eastern. 

In the second part, after the description, an eastern medicine doctor applies short acupunture treratment to some of the listeners and guides through a short relaxation meditation.





  1. A good video and good quality too, but I found some of the subtitles a little out of sink with the talking . . . But a Really nice way to end the session with a meditation – it is a really effective way to manage stress. The acupuncture looked simple and effective – Thanks

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