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Bending spoons by example

A reader of the blog sent me some pictures of the result of her spoon bending attempts.
She writes the Spoon bending instructions article helped her more than the spoon bending video, both of which were done by Shannan exclusively for this site.

The reader also wrote the following:

The first one was easy, but the second one i had lost my concentration in the middle of bending the spoon.

I read the article and then I tried it. I concentrated for several minutes. I focused only on the spoon, which is hard because I am paranoid.  I rubbed the handle. Then I bent the spoon. The second time I tried i watched the video and it didn’t help as much as the article did.

As I wrote previously, if you’ve also tried to do some spoon bending and have some experience or pictures to share, please write me to We’d like to hear your stories.

If you feel the urge to comment that this proves nothing, it’s not scientific and he bent it with his hands, don’t bother. You’re right on all these accounts.

So, finally, here are the photographs as received:

Spoon bending

Spoon bending

Spoon bending

Spoon bending





  1. Thank you for showing me the way….my home is now full of twisted cutlery! It only took me 20 years, but in the grand scheme of things….

  2. I saw some videos before doing this spoon bending and I’m not really sure whether to believe it or not. Well, if people can do it then it’s interesting and pretty amazing by just using their mind and concentrating. I believe telekenesis really works for some.

    • Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after looking at some of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m definitely pleased I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back often!

  3. Bending a spoon doesn’t look easy even if it was physical. So whether it be Psychokinesis or Strength, is still impressive. I personally believe in Telekinesis/Psychokinesis so i don’t doubt that it could have been PK that did it.

    I still think most of our potential is untapped. But it’s good to see more and more people begin to look into it.

    Thank you for the read and the pics 🙂

    • I feel so much happier now I uednrsatnd all this. Thanks!

  4. I would like to say first or formost that I am very proud to see other achieve this skill, everyone can do it. I havent been on the site in a while because I have been working on my gifts for the last two years. I found out I am highly Pyrokinetic and will be doing a video very soon on this subject for Jacob. In the mean time. I am proud to see this and other people with an open mind. I am glad my instructions help and many blessings of Joy, Love, and prosperity to you….

    Shannan Rohde