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Increase your energy levels in 1 minute.

There exist a lot of different exercises to increase one’s energy levels. There are breathing exercises coming mostly from yoga tradition. These exercises are based on breathing in prana which is the yoga name for the life energy that chinese call Chi. Breathing exercises are good and can have a profound effect.

This article describes 2 short and simple exercises that will allow you to quickly increase your energy levels when you feel tired, either at work, in the morning or just about anytime. If you do energy healing work and your energy levels are low, these will help you prepare by collecting more energy just before the treatment.

Update: Added diagrams to describe the movements.
Update 2: I’ve added the third exercise by request, in a separate post:
Third exercise for the 1 minute increasing energy level set

Update 3: Added new images for exercise one submitted by a reader, Ulf

Exercise 1.

This exercise takes exactly 15 seconds but it can be a real life changer. It quickly rejuvenates and also helps in cleaning the meridian channels in the hands.

  1. Stand straight. Preferably remove hand watch so that it won’t interfere.
  2. Hold your right hand straight but relaxed, pointing down and a little forward with the palm facing inwards (down).
  3. Press firmly with your left palm on the back of your right palm and move it fast up until the shoulder while keeping the pressure. Roll your right hand to the right 180 degrees to make your palm face outwards (forward up) and return your left palm all the way down the fingers with the same pressure as before.
  4. This all should take about 1 second. Roll your right hand back and repeat the previous step 6 more times for a total of 7 times.
  5. Now perform the same exercises after you switched hands, rubbing the left with the right.
Exercise 1

Exercise 2.

Stand straight. Spread your feet a little. Face the palms of your hands towards each other on shoulder level with your elbows pointing downwards and near or on the body. The palms should be relaxed, slightly cupped.

Now start shaking the hands fast by bringing the palms closer together and farther apart. The movements should be fast and short. Don’t bring the palms together, make short movements of the arm, like flapping little wings. Make about 150-200 such movement. The tempo can be about 8 repetitions per second, so the whole exercise will take a little more than half a minute.

These 2 exercises performed together one after another will quickly restore your low energy levels and wake you up, if your feel tired. They also have profound positive effect on the mental state.

Exercise 2





  1. Thank you for these exercise tips! I find a brief but immense increase of hand energy after the one where you rapidly move your hands toward & away from each other. The effectiveness of that particular exercise can be summed up by the “whoa…” I heard myself utter. I felt the energy field between my hands more powerfully than ever though my hands were further apart than I’ve ever practiced at.

    I’m fairly new to this idea; my sister, a massage therapist, skipped this type of work because there was a tangible spiritual darkness in her class as the teacher and students drew upon unnamed sources. I don’t blame her, but at the same time I’ve always been curious about energy healing.

    Being a Christian since I was a child, there are certain things I’ve been careful to protect myself from because I do know there is a lot happening that we never really get a glimpse into. I remember when my family would sit down for a meal and bow our heads, holding hands as my father prayed. I would feel a flow between our linked hands, and always wanted to ask about it; but I was just a child. I was fairly introverted then, and though I wondered why no one else ever discussed the energy flow I decided if nobody spoke of it I was probably the only one who felt it. That, or there was a reason nobody talked about it.

    I’ve lived with chronic pain for years now, and I want to be involved with healing somehow. I’ve done well caring for others who are sick or recovering because I have been there and I have a great intuition when someone is in pain.

    Last night I practiced on my mother who recently had two surgeries, one on her brain. I prayed over her and concentrated on the “push” I felt in my hand, noticing how in certain areas, when my hand hovered above her, there would be more resistance to moving my hand toward that area of her body. I asked her to do the black and white breathing exercise (a good one if you don’t know it). It was a bonding and rewarding experience for both of us. We were able to key in on a few things that encouraged me, and I greatly hope I have an opportunity to develope this further if I work hard at it.

    I hope this something I can use to help people! First and foremost. My sister was always sad that, with all her gifts and ability to ease pain in others, she couldn’t cure me. I understand that well, It’s one thing affecting your own energy for the better, but having this awareness would seem to be a waste if it couldn’t be used for a greater cause.

    Anyway, all to say “thank you!” Also. Anyone need an apprentice to mentor? No? Not anyone who posted last . . . decade?


    when i first read that this could help median, i thought, wow, it will help my sleepiness in my hands. i did the first exercise and it made my hands both more tingly. therefore i thought i best not even try the second one..

  3. great stuff.. moving the energy works! and how about sitting eyes closed, breathing in and out, through the now, in and out, totally there with the breathing, and allowing the stomach to expand and following that rythm for 5 minutes.
    That also rejuvenate instantly.
    Heart to Heart with Gulabo

  4. this isnt really workin for me, am i the only one that feels stupid doin this.

  5. I tried this exercise and felt a little shiver go up my arm.

    Felt kinda cool.

    This may work for a little spark but people need more on going energy.


  6. umm hi im new to this, infact this is my first day, i have a question i donno if any of you can answer it, its about moving subjects with eyes, one dude told me the best thing to start from is the smoke, because its so light or something, is that true or any more info about it? thx

    • the kinds of practises the “dude” told you about are without true purpose.

      if you want to impress people or feed the ego’s desire to stand out from the crowd it’s best to discover what your true gifts are then follow your passion. then you won’t care whether you can move smoke with your eyes or hear your fart in a tornado. happiness comes from accepting yourself as you are, not as someone who can move objects.

      manipulating energy, objects or people to satisfy your ego’s whim is not the purpose of energy, and does not bring you to a greater understanding of your own purpose.

      i would suggest you start by exploring who you are and what you have learned about yourself from what you have experienced in your life. there is greater purpose and learning to be had there.

      good luck and much light upon you friend!

    • Hahaha!

  7. it is a good physical fitness

  8. I think these excercises are great. These are very “simple” and yes I say “simple”. I really don’t know what all the confusion is about. After trying the first exercise, I felt relaxed and had an easier time with meditation. And by the way, I do have a hard time with sleepiness sometimes and that second exercise does , in fact, work for me.

  9. These are great! Thanks for sharing them. I am going to use them daily now with my Qi Gong exercises.

  10. Uh…anything that requires that much physical movement is just like exercise, and therefore will of course increase your energy. You can just to jumpingjacks and it will be the same. : /

  11. I think coffe works fine!

  12. Don’t make it harder than it is. It is all very simple. (I do have experience in yoga and tae kwon do, so it could be easier for me to understand.)

    I tried it and it appears to have revitalized me. I hate feeling tired.


  13. Totally confused…don’t know what to do…need to see a video

  14. THANK YOU I was dragging and now feel good my co worker thanx you too!!

  15. Is this really increasing your energy, or just your perception of it?

  16. hey, this really works. A moment ago, I was slumped in my chair and ready to nap.. now I’m energized in a light and airy way (unlike a coffee buzz) THANKS JACOB!

  17. these are wonderful! thanks for sharing 🙂

    and for the record, i found your descriptions and stick figures to be clear and concise.

  18. I think I get it what you need to do is hold your left arm out up close to your hip and palm down. run your right hand up to the shoulder and then turn your palm up and run your right hand down and repeat 7 times and then do the same thing on the left side.

    The second one is just taking your arms up to shoulder height with your palms facing each other and then bring your palms closer and farther away from each other very fast. Kind of like if you had a beach ball between your hands and were pressing it together and then letting it go back to normal.

    Another great exercise is the breath of fire. just inhale and exhale through your nose very quickly for about 30 seconds to a minute. You can also do it while jumping up and down.

    Hope this helps ^_^

  19. Thought I’d try these exercises out (which weren’t hard to follow at all – give the man a break 😛 he’s sharing some cool stuff with us here! Patience and Tact that’s what life is about guys!)

    Anyways… I tried them at 1:00 am really tired… and I’m feeling really good now ha ha. Prolly should have waited for a better time to do so. As with the energy I also have a calm feeling through me… like I got a great massage or something.

    Thank you so much…this will be great in the wee morning hours when my daughter wakes early! Ha ha.

  20. I was tired and both of my arms hurt. I must have done it right, because I felt an immediate energy burst and my arms feel better. Thanks!

  21. Well that is weird, not in a bad way. I have been falling asleep all day and now with a few simple movements I am awake again. Thank you!!!!!

  22. It seems very clear to me… and i doesn´t even speak english
    Thank you Jacob, a good (and healthy) alternative to cafeine

  23. The diagrams and descriptions are not very good. Create a quick video showing it – it will be way more effective.

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  26. For all of us hearing about the energy healing and wondering what the energy is, there’s a simple exercise that can give a feeling. Many healers use their hands as life force energy (Chi) channels to give it to their patients and thus help their mind and

  27. put video to see it

    thank you

    new zero

  28. I would love to try this, but I’ve never been very good at doing exercises via description. I’m afraid I totally don’t get any of this. This needs a video. Anybody got a digital camera??

  29. I was knackered after doing them exercises.

    • Where you knackered in a good way? I mean, have you felt tired and well or tired and bad?

  30. Exercise n.1 is part of Japanese Reiki technique called Kenyoku, or dry bath.

  31. Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for this post! I found the link to your blog from I find your and Tony’s instructions pretty clear, except I have one question.

    My question is around the following statement in Excercise 1: “Hold your right hand straight but relaxed, pointing down and a little forward with the palm facing inwards (down). ”

    Does *inwards (down)* mean that my palm is facing in towards my body or down towards the ground?

    I would also be interested in learning the third excercise you mentioned. I look forward to more of your posts.

    • Dear Cindy,
      Just hold the palm naturally without any strain with the palm pointing to you when you rub the hand upwards to the shoulder. Then rotate the palm to point from you and rub with the other hand downwards from the shoulder to palm, this time on the inside of the hand.

      Hope this explains a little bit.
      It’s really very simple. I might need to rephrase the exercises, so that less people find it complicated.

      The link to the third article is in the post, look update 2. You must have missed it. It’s the next post on the blog.

      I’m happy that for now I’ve seen in 2 places on the net were people commented that they found that the exercises actually work. On is on, in the coments to the link to the article.

      • Thanks, I get it now. This really seems to work.

  32. And just to make this as absolutely simple as possible so that maybe somebody says “Ooooh!”

    Exercise one: Rub your arms.

    Right arm with your left hand. Rub from the wrist up to shoulder, flip over, rub back down. Then switch arms.

    Exercise two: Clap. Fast.

    Elbows against the sides, hands at shoulder level.

    • Tony, I liked your simple description. Except, on the second exercise it’s not clapping but more like flapping wings, short and fast movements, as fast you can.

      I’ll also write the third exercise in the next post, since you’ve asked and more people may be interested.

  33. If you feel like it sometime Jacob, it’d be interesting to hear the 3rd exercise. Curiosity, if nothing else. Glad I stumbled on this blog through by the way, quite an interesting collection of articles you’ve got here. I’ve never been too into such things, but I’m always on the lookout for something new and interesting.

  34. I’ve now added simple diagrams to describe the exercises. I hope that they are better understood now.

    • Um, no. The ms paint stick figures don’t help.. still confusing. If you don’t have a dv camera try just taking some stills?

  35. “I’ll try to add simple picture to describe the exercises but I’m not a great graphics artist. ”

    Suggestion – All that is needed really are some photos, and anyone can take those.


  36. Hello, everyone.

    I’m sorry if my instructions were a little bit unclear. It is comforting, though, that someone got them right and that’s _Tony_, so if you find his explanation better, use it. He got it right. I’ll try to add simple picture to describe the exercises but I’m not a great graphics artist.

    I am performing these short exercises myself and I find them very helpful in case I feel tired and need some push without drinking coffee.

    I was originally taught them for increasing energy levels before doing energy healing but I was also advised to perform them anytime I felt tired, like at work after lunch.

    There was also a third exercise coming with it. It’s also very short and easy, just personally I didn’t find it that helpful, but maybe it’s individual. If there’s demand I’ll add it, too.

  37. Perhaps these directions (description, listing) could be clarified (backwards) or even simplified (shortened, trimmed). I’m interested in giving them a try (use, experience) but I find it difficult (up) to do the exercises as I cannot figure out (analyze, cogitate) the exact way to do (enact, position) them (exercises, actions).

  38. Here’s my take on it. For exercise one you have your arm downward at your sides as usual, just a little bit forward in front of you. Have your palm facing downward and toward yourself. Now, put your left hand on top of your right hand, and roll it up the hand, wrist, arm, and to the shoulder.

    Now rotate your right hand in place so it faces up and away from you, just flip it over. Now with your left hand still around your shoulder, roll it back down to arm to your palm. Repeat about 7 times total, then switch arms.

    For exercise two, have your hands about at your shoulders and your elbows against your sides. Make a rapid clapping motion, stopping just short so that you don’t actually hit your hands together. About 8 claps per second, so quite fast. I think the point is that the motion will make you take several short breaths or something.

    Note that I don’t really advise any of this as I’ve no idea what I’m talking about or how safe it is, just following what I think it says.

  39. Again, this sounds really interesting and I would be greatful of this kind of advice, but I agree the instructions are a bit confusing. (Maybe because I’m tired? 🙂 ) If there are visual representations of these excerises it would help. Even simple stick figures with arrows would help me have some of an idea. Thanks

  40. Maybe I am a little daft, but I am having a hard time visualizing and executing the first exercise. Are there any visual aids availible to show the process?

    • James, you’re not daft at all. These instructions are incomplete and confusing.

      At the start of #1, where is the right hand? Held down near the hip? Held at shoulder level with the arm outstretched to the front? What’s the position of the forearm, upper arm, and elbow? What does “up until the shoulder” mean? Does the right arm move?

      • Maybe a video showing at least the hands would help.

    • pl. send visual website

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