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Michael Prescott debunks super-psi

The author Michael Prescott, whose often writes on his blog on the subjects of NDE and mediumship, wrote an article that looks at the subject of super-psi. Super-psi refers to the ability of the subconscious mind to get information about people and events in past and the future somehow to give the impression that the information actually comes from the spirit world, through the medium. The idea of super-psi is a way to explain the mediumship without actually involving the spirit world, supposing that it doesn’t exist.

Prescott argues in the article that the super-psi explanation is actually much less probably than the more parsimonious explanation of actual contact with dead relatives. Here’s what the super-psi subconscious has to do to “cover-up” for a real mediumship:

Our unconscious, then, would have the ability (actually or potentially) to reach at will into other minds, regardless of how widely scattered they might be, and even if the minds in question belong to total strangers, people of whose existence we were and are consciously unaware. Moreover, our unconscious would have the ability to perceive, through clairvoyance, information unknown to any living person, peeking into hidden places without restriction and virtually instantaneously, on demand. It has even been hypothesized that the unconscious could peer back in time (retrocognition) or gaze into the future (precognition) in order to obtain additional information. And all of this extraordinary power would be deployed in the service of a charade – the illusion of communication with a specific deceased personality that has, in reality, ceased to exist. Even the medium herself would have not the slightest idea that her unconscious mind was carrying on this amazing deception on a colossal scale.

But since the evidence for anomalous information received through mediums in many cases appears to be strong, Prescott argues, then the survival of consciousness after death appears to be the only probably explanation, given that super-psi is even more improbable.

I suggest you all go and read the article and its almost 50 high-quality comments yourself.





  1. For many years I suffered from a social phobia which after a long thought process managed to overcome. The experience left me with a huge respect for the capabilities of the mind and parapsychology which has been popularised since by books such as The Brain that Changes Itself” which for me was very emotional to read.
    Being an author the whole experience moved me to write the novel “The Mind Man” which has these subjects entwined in the overall plot. Our mind is an exceptional part of our makeup with extraordinary possibilities but such a small proportion of the population utilise its powers.

    • I am curious Mr Richmond, are you aware of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and the hostility he exibited toward the concept called “quantum entanglement?” I am listening to “The Fabric of the Cosmos,” (i.e. audio book), and it is covered in the first mp3. The startling theory was later proven correct, and has profound implications.

      BTW, I had a friend who was schizophrenic, who claimed to have successfully cured that mental illness with “thought therapy.” According to him, medical professionals wanted to study his brain after death.

      As a P.S., I am being sincere, and you will find that physical theory useful if you are interested in introspection of the mind (no metaphysical theory is being proponed by me here, just science).

  2. I took a college course in the Philosophy of Parapsychology. In it, the debunked virtually every kind of parapsychological phenomena. One their rigid experiments actually did endorse a curious form of parapsychology: channeling. I remember the professior said there were two possible explainations for the results, and one of those was the super -psi theory.

    By the way, the book The Edison Gene tells of natives who were able know things the our conventional theory of knowledge would say was impossible. Me, I think we are all connected, but until you can remember that future winning lottery ticket number, then I’ll be skeptical (physician heal thyself).

    • Anyone know of a site where this type of conversation can be carried on in a thread or forum. I am in the process of developing one. However, I thirst for a community of open minded individuals who are truly looking at this from a scientific perspective yet mind wide open to possibilities we are yet to explore. Please let me know,

  3. We recently posted on our blog an article about psi. It might be a good start for someone to read before they dig into the super-psi debate.

    We believe that the vast majority of the population has had a paranormal experience, whether or not they actually believe it is so. The more people who share their experiences, the more others will be comfortable doing so and the more honest we can be with ourselves and others.