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Take part in an online survey of unusual human experiences

The Atlantic University is conducting an interesting study and asks people to participate in an online survey.

Below is the message from the researchers:

We are interested in learning more about a variety of human experiences, some of which are unusual, but are by no means uncommon in the general population. We are undertaking an online survey to explore individual differences, synesthesia (the tendency for some people to experience two senses together, e.g., colored words or numbers; tasting shapes; spatially organized calendars, etc.), and a variety of anomalous experiences (for example, extrasensory perception).

We would very much appreciate it if you would take the time to complete this online questionnaire, even if you have never experienced the things described on the questionnaire.

Please email Dr. Christine Simmonds-Moore if you have any questions about the survey.
Christine Simmonds-Moore, Ph.D.
University of West Georgia,

Updated: This survey is now closed.




One Comment

  1. hello to whom it may concern. my name is Gloria and i have gifts that is too many to count. my experiences can feel a book alone. i really do not know where to start but i think i need help. sometimes my gifts are too much to bear, to name a few i can… talk to my kids without speaking and they can hear me, i can hear and see spirits, i can dream someone dies or is killed and it comes true like earthquakes in Haiti, by the way we really need to communicate of my dream on that earthquake. i can time travel believe it or not, see into the future, see the past like relive an event with clarity. i can feel someone die as they die i can feel there feelings and if they are killed oh my God truly i feel their pain i taste blood i feel the bullets i feel the choking.. I FEEL!!!!! Now, i am being lead to grow my hair of all things. this came to me by way of a spirit(again). this spirit is guiding me to do so. now my hair is much longer than before, The spirit said “The POWER IS IN MY HAIR” so guess what? More freaking gifts!!!! my dreams now are telling me i can move objects and then a spirit told me as clear as day PSI. i didnt know what that is or was and one thing lead to another and here i am typing away. SO, PSI now!!!!