Recently there has been a promotion of a course entitles ‘Living the Field’. I have first read about it at the website.

The course is about what they call Zero Point Field, which is their another name for what I call the Universal Mind. The difference maybe is that also engulf the Zero Point Energy (ZPE) into that name. In the book they try to provide some scientific research into the issue and also instructions for healing, remote viewing and other parapsychology effects.

Overall, it seems that the course is actually a book split into 48 pieces of 16 pages, where each piece is sent over to you once in a month. So the whole course will take a whopping 4 years. In the end, you’ll end up with a large book.

The site of the course offers the first lesson for a free download. But the price of the course is high: 200 UK Pounds for UK citizens and more than that for all others. In my opinion, paying such a high price for a book spread over 4 years is too much.

The first lesson (the free one) offered little new for me, someone who’s been following latest researches over the web. You could have read some of the things there even here, on The author is a journalist, and it seems that she used material from contributing writers to collect the book. At least, this is what the first lesson looks like: short articles by different authors.

I don’t know if to recommend the book or not. Certainly I would like to read it out of curiosity, but I’m not willing to pay such a large amount of money for it.

In case you want to take a look yourself, continue to the Living The Field Website.